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About Us SCI Research recognizes the complexity and uncertainty that often face attorneys as they prepare for trial. Through decades of litigation experience, we have learned that communication is key in effectively delivering any presentation, especially when jurors are the audience. Only once you understand your audience can you identify how and why they make decisions.

Recent Plaintiff civil litigation client testimonial: “Our team was very impressed with the data gained, both regarding attorney and witness evaluations. Knowing how the jurors leaned after each presentation was crucial in defining our trial strategy and gave us confidence as we readied for trial.�

Benefits of Litigation Research Conducting pre-trial research with mock jurors exposes both the strengths and weaknesses of a current litigation strategy in the eyes of the most important audience: the typical juror. The only constant when dealing with juries is that each juror is going to have a different view based on his/her unique life experiences. Within the same jury, one juror can be utterly unconvinced by counsel's argument, while another will wholeheartedly believe it. Our research can provide a glimpse into how an actual jury is likely to perceive those issues critical to your success.


Our Facility We offer tested and proven assistance through our litigation research services, and ensure a smooth and worry-free process, from recruiting and moderating to facility rental and hosting. We maintain the largest focus group facility in Louisiana, with three rooms configured for your use. Our traditional focus group room is set up conference style, behind one-way glass. We have two other focus group rooms that can accommodate between 20 to 50 jurors. Attorneys can observe the participants' reactions and feedback live from behind the one-way glass or on live streaming video monitors equipped with wireless headsets in our client lounge. Our professional and courteous staff coordinates all facets of your rental and hosting. Because our facility was built specifically for focus and jury groups, you do not have to worry about renting multiple rooms, coordinating and setting up audio/video equipment, or providing refreshments to your mock jurors and associates. DVD recordings are available at project’s conclusion. Transcription service is available upon request, and usually deliverable no later than a week upon conclusion.


Recruiting The MOST important thing we do is ensure your group is comprised of the right participants. Through jurisdictional research and demographic statistics, we can guarantee that the mock jurors in your survey project, focus group and/or mock trial will be of a similar makeup to those comprising your actual jury pool. Recruiting respondents is the just the first step to fielding your litigation project, but is crucial as it affects the remainder of the research. The ability to measure and evaluate the decision-making process of mock jurors who represent your venire can prove invaluable. Gaining this insight can improve your level of success, as well as help you to make informed decisions concerning voir dire and other important facets of your case.

With a properly recruited panel, you can identify a typical juror's background (i.e. education, employment, income, etc.), community knowledge and attitudes, and even uncover prejudices, all of which are critical factors in understanding your actual jury pool. After almost three decades, SCI has unparalleled expertise in recruiting individuals for qualitative research projects. Our "show" rates are far above average, contributing to our reputation as a company that performs as promised.


Litigation Project Options Case or Venue Surveys This research method is highly effective in obtaining case or community feedback from a large number of individuals in your venire. The participants are stratified in the same manner as focus groups and mock trials, and thus, percentage-wise, represent a typical jury pool. This project can be conducted at any time before trial, but can be especially helpful in the early stages of the case before discovery is complete.

Jury Focus Groups Jury Focus Groups are usually conducted after discovery is primarily complete to refine trial strategy and evaluate participants’ grasp of key issues and concepts. They generally consist of two group sessions, each with 6-8 participants, and are observed live by attorneys behind one-way glass in our client lounge.

Post Trial Juror Interviews Unless specifically prohibited by law, we conduct in-depth juror interviews to uncover the how and why of their group decisionmaking process. These intercepts can reveal evidence of misconduct for appeal, and supply invaluable material for future jury selections.

Mock Jury Trials Mock trials allow you to test every aspect of your case from start to finish, including opening statements, evidence summaries, witness testimony, closing arguments, jury instructions and deliberations.

Our team organizes and facilitates the mock trial, including recruiting representative mock jurors, creating and programming juror questionnaires and moderator discussion guide (if applicable), hosting and food service, audio/video services, and is even available to assist in preparation of trial exhibits.

These research projects offer the perfect opportunity for trial attorneys to hone their presentation skills and define those characteristics that will give them an advantage, while identifying those which may unknowingly be setting them back.

The data gathered will give your team informed insight into the minds of potential jurors, helping you to intelligently and effectively mold and refine your case presentation. Improving juror perception of crucial case aspects and witnesses can give clients the confidence necessary to be most successful at trial. 5

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SCI will organize a pre-trial litigation project to test your themes and arguments before you step foot in front of an actual jury. Let our research provide a glimpse into how an actual jury is likely to perceive those issues critical to your success. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with this information and trust you will give SCI a chance to show you what we can do; you won’t regret it!

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SCI Litigation Research Capabilities Brochure  
SCI Litigation Research Capabilities Brochure