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Volume 9 - July/August 2015

Your Source for Polled Dairy Cattle!

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JUST SOLD FOR $60,000! Online Bull Sale 1st choice bull, Red, PP x Apoll P-Red x Vekis DG NH Lisha PP-Red *Highest PP PA Worldwide*

APOLL P-RED +2297GTPI +506NM$ +1948M +50F +59P +1.88PTAT +1.41UDC +0.78FLC aAa 243615

Aikman x VG86 Lawn Boy P x VG87 Shottle back to C Continental Scarlet-Red EX95 Outstanding Milk Production & High Components Promises High Type & Quality Udders

#1 Red Sire for Milk & Protein & #1 Polled Red Sire for GTPI German Genetics International

2 #PolledPlace

+(49)4471-91740 info@ggi.de www.ggi.de

Ag-Link Genetics (570)836-6593 aglinks@aol.com www.ag-link.com

mk ~ vt vermont

Polled Holsteins

Spring is finally here in the Northeast Kingdom and Polled is blooming at mk ~ vt Polled Holsteins

Now Available...

Andersonville AltaVP P 11HO11441 +2179GTPI +484NM$ +1748M +91CFP 2 Polled FULL SISTERS at MK-VT  Andersonville Earn 1536P +1982GTPI

- Due in May to Rubicon

 Andersonville Earn 1538P +2009GTPI - Due in July to Delta Exciting Polled Heifers...

 Andersonville Ladd 1551P*RC +2190GTPI  Andersonville Shan 1648PP +1997GTPI

- Fresh 4/13 with a Polled Socrates P heifer - Shanosber x Hazelton x Ottawa - Also has pregnancies due by Powerball P - Ready to flush!  Ri-Val-Re Relief Elle P +2238GTPI  Andersonville OT 1695P +2290GTPI - Fresh 4/6 - Overtime x Red Oak x Planet x Ottawa - Champ P calves on the ground & more to come - Ready to flush!  Andersonville SS 1540P +2206GTPI  Andersonville Lmbr 1758P +2202GTPI - Due in August to Socrates P - Lumber PP x VG-87 Hill +2131GTPI - Pregnancies by Champ P - More Lumber PP & Option PP x Hill calves  Ms AlphaGen Calliope P +2279GTPI - Long P x Mogul x Larcrest Crimson EX-92 - Pregnancies by Glover P

Polled Bulls at DairyBullsOnline...

 Andersonville 241 PP-Red 542HO749

+1971GTPI +306NM$ +1120M +32CFP - Highest GTPI PP Red Bull Available!

 Andersonville SS Glover P 506HO750

+2119GTPI +470NM$ +698M +121CFP - Highest CFP Polled Bull Available!

Mark Rodgers 1966 Andersonville Rd, West Glover, VT 05875 mkvt.polled@gmail.com 802-673-2072

100% Polled Animals Including 5 Homozygous Polled Animals That Average Over +2050 GTPI!3 #PolledPlace

Sale Catalog Now Available!


TAG SALE June 18-21, 2015

Hosted by Briar Holsteins

N2552 Balls Mill Road, Monroe, WI

Polled Workshop - Saturday at lpm

Contact: Stephanie Stout 608.732.2757 polledplace@polleddairycattle.com Brian Crull 815.601.3673 crullbrian@yahoo.com Sue Crull 815.988.4007 crullsue@gmail.com

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Cover #PolledPhoto

”She's Excellent!” Longtime Holstein Association USA Classifier Roy Hetts scored his 1st Polled EX cow at Briar Holsteins. D&D Hwood Rocco Else P-Red-TW*PO was bred by Dennis Gransee, MN and is owned by Jessica Crull, WI. Her Polled Atwell Summer Yearling is being offered on the #PolledPlace Tag Sale!

4 #PolledPlace


Your Source for Polled Dairy Cattle!

#PolledPlace is an online and print publication that is published 6x/year by:

Polled Dairy Cattle

PO Box 813, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 Phone: (608) 732-2757 Fax: (608) 237-2310 Email: polledplace@polleddairycattle.com www.facebook.com/PolledDairyCattle Twitter @PolledPlace Instagram @polledplace Website: www.polleddairycattle.com EDITOR: Stephanie Stout Calling all POLLED dairy enthusiasts! To

receive a FREE online subscription, send your email to: polledplace@polleddairycattle.com. Print subscriptions in the US are $30/year, Canada $35/year and International $50/year. Polled Dairy Cattle does not always share the views expressed in #PolledPlace and is not responsible for information contained in advertisements. No part of this publication may be reproduced without consent of the publisher.


June 16-20 Nat'l Guernsey Convention Walnut Creek, OH June 17-20 Nat'l Milking Shorthorn Convention Black River Falls, WI June 18-21 #PolledPlace Tag Sale Monroe, WI June 20 Polled Workshop, Monroe, WI June 22-25 Nat'l Ayrshire Convention Lake Raystown, PA June 23-27 Nat'l Holstein Convention St. Charles, IL June 24-27 Nat'l Brown Swiss Convention Pittsburgh, PA June 24-27 Nat'l Jersey Convention East Peoria, IL July 14-16 Nat'l Red & White Convention Decorah, IA July 18 Summer for Colors Sale Elkhorn, WI August 11 USDA/CDCB Proof Evaluations August 20 Sept/Oct #PolledPlace Deadline Sept 12-17 All-American Dairy Show Harrisburg, PA Sept 29-Oct 3 World Dairy Expo Madison, WI October 20 Nov/Dec #PolledPlace Deadline December 1 USDA/CDCB Proof Evaluations

POLLED + A2A2 = Total Package!


POLLED Dominant PP Daughters at Burket-Falls

L-R: VG-85 2-02 365d 2x 27,614m 3.8% 1055f 3.1% 837p GP-84 2-04 312d 2x 22,442m 4.2% 936f 3.2% 700p GP-82 2-04 365d 2x 24,923m 4.0% 1006f 3.2% 794p GP-83 2-04 365d 2x 23,991m 4.0% 938f 2.9% 697p GP-80 2-11 344d 2x 29,228m 3.8% 1114f 3.1% 889p (2nd lact) "The Dominant PP daughters are calving and they are 'cookie cutter' consistent. They are average stature, tremendous width & strength, excellent feet & legs and terrific udders. The best group of daughters from a disposition standpoint we've ever milked!" - John Burket

Burket-Falls DOMINANT PP-Red VG-87 aAa 5136

BURKET FALLS FARM Dave Burket & Sons

1321 Polecat Rd., East Freedom, PA 16637 814-239-2260 | burketfallsfarm@aol.com www.burketfallsfarm.com

Sire: Burket-Falls Polled Pledge-P-RC EX-90 Dam: Burket-Falls Durene P-Red EX-91-2E EX-MS 4-01 365d 34,828m 4.1% 1434f 3.1% 1088p 2nd Dam: Burket Falls Dee Dee-Red EX-90 EX-MS Life: 201,989m 3.7% 7490f 3.4% 6519p Next 5 Dams: VG-EX 100% Polled Offspring! Available from Burket-Falls!


Burket-Falls Elevation Sophia EX-93-4E GMD DOM Life: 241,534 4.1% 10022 The solid foundation of our Polled program #PolledPlace 5

“Polled Holsteins: The Solution to your “Horny” Problems”

RED = P (polled) BLUE = p (horned) Watch the animated video at www.dairybullsonline.com! 6 #PolledPlace

Making Great, Great Grandma Proud!

COTTONCREST COLT ENTERTAIN-P-RC Colt P x EX-92 Advent x EX-93 x VG-86 GMD DOM x 3E-96 Krull Broker Elegance Milking 109 lbs. at 56 days fresh! Yeah, I'm pretty sure that Elegance would be She has a 5 star rating here!  Polled! mighty proud of this beautiful great, great  Red Carrier! granddaughter of hers. And, one has to wonder  Great Pedigree! what great, great grandma would have thought  Production! about this COOL POLLED GENE? She might have  Pretty!!! been just a tiny bit jealous!

Be sure to check out Lots G & H in the #PolledPlace Tag Sale Catalog! Donald & Joan Yoder & Family

602 Brent Road Barnesville, GA 30204 Phone: (478)278-2084 Email: donald@yoderfamilyfarm.com

#PolledPlace 7


by John M. Meyer Chief Executive Officer Holstein Association USA, Inc.

The Time for Polled Holsteins is Right Now

Consumers are asking for milk from Polled dairy cows...and we can give it! There is more interest in milk coming from polled Holstein cows than ever before! The catalyst for the growing interest and demand isn’t necessarily coming from dairymen but from the consumer. This heightened interest has been in my forecast for a couple of years. In March of 2014, I invited Dr. Ben Dorshorst, an assistant professor in the Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences at Virginia Tech and an expert on polled genetics, to speak to the Holstein Association’s Board of Directors and management staff during the board meeting in Brattleboro. His presentation furthered my interest and zeal for thinking broadly about the opportunities that could become available for Holstein Association members. What really sparked my desire to have Ben speak to us was the fact that two large restaurant chains and a major milk cooperative had contacted me in late 2013 asking me the same question: “How much of our milk supply could we get from polled Holstein cows?” My answer to the restaurant folks was, “probably not enough to fulfill the dairy needs of your smallest restaurant for one day.” Even so, the parties’ interest didn’t wane.

The topic of polled dairy cattle has now hit Main Street America. Fast forward to the Sunday, March 29, 2015, online edition of the Janesville Gazette Xtra from Wisconsin, where there was a front page feature article from the Associated Press, “Dairy farms asked to consider breeding nohorned cows.” The lead paragraph stated, “Food manufacturers and restaurants are taking the dairy industry by the horns on an animal welfare issue that has long bothered activists but is little known to consumers: the painful removal of budding horn tissue from calves so farm workers or other animals don’t get gored later.” The article went on to say, “Certain cows carry a dominant no-horn genetic trait, and are called polled cows. Re- "Today's consumer is highly interested search has shown it is cheaper to breed in social issues, and the polled subject is polled cattle than to dehorn cows, but getting their attention." - John M. Meyer experts say the dairy industry has been slow to expand polled genetics cream asks its suppliers to ‘support inbecause it has been focused on boost- dustry-wide efforts to promote the huing milk productivity. Yet the change mane treatment of cattle, including the may come sooner than producers ex- responsible use of polled breeding.’ pected, as some of the nation’s largest And dining chain Denny’s released food companies, such as General Mills, Nestle, and Dunkin’ brands, are asking a policy in February indicating a ‘purdairy suppliers to incorporate polled chase preference’ for milk from polled dairy cattle.” Don’t be surprised to see cattle into their herds.” other restaurants, grocery stores, and The article continued, “General Mills, food distributors adopting similar polwhich makes Häagen-Dazs ice cream icies. and Yoplait yogurt, is the latest with Those of you reading this column a new animal welfare policy that ‘supports the use of polled genetics breed- fully understand why there hasn’t ing programs to promote polled or been more widespread use of polled naturally hornless cattle, thereby elimi- Holstein genetics to date. Bottom line, at this stage, there is a lot more of what nating the need for dehorning’.” you are looking for as a breeder with Quoting from the Janesville Gazette, horned Holstein genetics than there is “The animal welfare policy of Dunkin’ in polled. brands which owns Baskin-Robbins ice

This letter was originally published in the Spring 2015 issue of Holstein Pulse and is being reprinted with the permission of Holstein Association USA, Inc.

8 #PolledPlace

continued on page 10

1st Polled Jersey Heifer!

Introducing...Westdama AussieGold Mist-P

Her Dam

Her grand-dam

Westdama Jade Kora-Imp-ET VG-88

Avonlea Rain Kora EX-93-2E

Matt Seeliger

594 Kennedy Road, Glencoe West, South Australia Phone: 01417887168 Email: westdama@westdama.com.au

#PolledPlace 9

#PolledPromoters continued from page 8 Early this morning I returned from a Dairy Industry Executive Forum which included 16 invited guests. The topic of the forum was “What does the future hold for the dairy industry?” Attendees came from the broad spectrum of the dairy industry at large. The topic that most wanted to talk to me individually about was polled Holstein genetics.

by John M. Meyer Chief Executive Officer Holstein Association USA, Inc.

One of my roles as your hired man is to have an eye on the future and analyze areas of opportunity that might be beneficial to Holstein Association members. Oftentimes in performing such due diligence, one has to look beyond today, and try to envision what the landscape might be five, 10, 20, or 50 years down the road. What impact will decisions we make today have on the Holstein breed and Association members 15 or 50 years from now?

material it needs to fulfill future demands for milk from polled dairy cattle.

I ask myself, “What percent of the black Holstein calves born in 2020 will be polled? What percent of the U.S. Holstein herd will be polled in 2030?”

As you can see, there is demand for milk from polled Holsteins. The Holstein Association USA is in a far better position to take the lead on this matter than any other organization. We have the critical mass of members and cows to work with. At the Association level, we could provide leadership, education, and organization to make high-quality, wholesome, tasty, Holstein milk available to consumers.

In this column, my intent is to advise all of you of the consumer interest in milk from polled Holsteins. Rest assured, I understand the concept of using genetics to appeal to food consumers’ demands is non-traditional. However, for those of you who are interested in polled Registered Holsteins®, I see strong potential for a good return on your investment.

Perhaps the most important question we need to answer now is, “What role, if any, do you want your Holstein Association to play in the future of polled Holsteins?” As I see it, if we do not take a leadership role in this area, we stand the risk of not keeping up with the future demands of the industry at both the farm and consumer level.

At this juncture, some of you might want to consider making a concerted commitment to tap the genetic pool of polled Holsteins available to you. The primary measure of performance for any dairy breed is competitive, profitable milk production and a sound genetic base to sustain this production. Holsteins are the only breed of cattle that has the sheer numbers and genetic

What’s the future of Polled Holsteins? As I consider what dairymen might be looking for in their dairy cattle 15 years from now, and what consumers might be looking for in the dairy products they consume, I believe polled Holsteins fit in the picture.

Certainly, not all of you reading this are, or will be, interested in milking a herd made up of entirely polled Holsteins. As I have said many times before, one of the great things about being in the Holstein business is that we have the diversified genetics that allow you to be the best in class in any dairy market you want to be in.

Please let me know if these thoughts have piqued your curiosity. If this is something you would like your Holstein Association to take a leadership role in, contact me at your convenience. As always, I look forward to visiting with you.

This letter was originally published in the Spring 2015 issue of Holstein Pulse and is being reprinted with the permission of Holstein Association USA, Inc.

10 #PolledPlace

Polled Red Cows

Briar Mitey Ariana P-Red VG-85 Forest-Lawn R Patty P-Red GP-83 Briar Magna Marta P-Red GP-81 Briar MT Sweetheart P-Red NC

Polled Offerings!

Polled RC Cows

Briar Mitey Mattie P-RC GP-83 Sandman Ladd Pedals P-RC GP-81 Briar Alchemy Sparkle P-RC GP-80

Polled Heifers

Briar Lou Deidra P-Red 5/13 Briar Lou Terra P-Red 5/13 B&BGenetics Lmcar Race P 10/13 Briar Relief Jamaica P-RC 3/14 Briar Atwell Electric P-Red 6/14 Briar Relief Kandu P-RC 7/14 Briar Shotgun Safari Rae P-RC 7/14 Briar Shotgun Piston P-Red 9/14 Briar Relief Simone P-Red 10/14 Briar Shotgun Mercy P-Red 1/15 Briar Eraser Spicey P-RC 2/15 Briar Redstar Bunny P-Red 4/15

Brian & Sue Crull and family

Ri-Val-Re L Sweety P-Red EX-90

Several POLLED daughters & grand-daughters offered from one of our POLLED foundation cows from the Ricecrest Terry Tory EX-93 GMD DOM family!



TAG SALE June 18-21, 2015

Hosted by Briar Holsteins, Monroe, WI

N2552 Balls Mill Road, Monroe, WI 53566 Polled Workshop - Saturday at lpm Contact: Brian: 815-601-3673  Sue: 815-988-4007 Stephanie Stout 608.732.2757 polledplace@polleddairycattle.com crullbrian@yahoo.com  crullsue@gmail.com Brian Crull 815.601.3673 crullbrian@yahoo.com Sue Crull 815.988.4007 crullsue@gmail.com #PolledPlace www.facebook.com/BriarHolsteins



Breeder Perspectives on POLLED This magazine was developed for those passionate about Polled! In the #PolledPanel feature of #PolledPlace, breeders have the opportunity to share their perspective on Polled. Thank you to these breeders for sharing their Polled story and views on the future of Polled in their respective breeds! What is your breeding philosophy for polled? My goal when breeding for polled is to maintain high type, good production, deep cow families and realizing that I may have to use black and white genetics to create outcross bloodlines, but still trying to keep an emphasis on red and red carrier.

POLLED HOLSTEINS Austin Ream Pineybrook Holsteins Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA

What cow family did you start breeding polled into? The first family we used polled bulls with was on an EX-90 Debonair X EX-93 Advent from Pineybrook Regiment Cindy-Red EX-93. The two main families that I am working with now are MD-Valleyvue PP Kala PP-Red-ET and CS-Redvue Candy P-Red-ET. Kala PP, sired by Golden PP, is currently the #9 Homozygous Polled Red female in the world and traces back to the Roxys. Candy P is a red polled Sympatico that is a Roxy descendant as well. What polled bulls are represented in your herd? Currently, we have daughters by Lawn Boy P, Ladd P, Golden PP and Left P. Background of your farm /location people involved etc. Our family farm is located in Somerset, Pennsylvania. We milk approximately 200 Holsteins and 75% of the herd is red or red carrier. We farm nearly 1,000 acres of corn and hay which is utilized on the dairy. The people involved in our operation includes my father, my uncle and myself along with family help and part time employees. How long have you been breeding for polled and what inspired you to start? I've always had an interest in polled genetics, but there was not a good selection of good polled type bulls until as of late and the thought of not having to dehorn my calves played a large rule in pursuing polled genetics. Also, a prominent breeder, Calvin Schrock of MD-Valleyvue provided me with the opportunity to buy into some premier polled genetics.

MD-Valleyvue LB Kara P-Red-ET VG-87 VG-MS Ocean PP Embryos from Kara's grand-dtr, MD-Valleyvue PP Kala PP-Red-ET will be offered on the #PolledPlace Tag Sale!

12 #PolledPlace

What polled bulls are you currently using? I am using Ocean PP, Lets Deal P, Dominant PP, Apoll P, Ladd P, Colt P, AltaCasual P, Kad P and Piranha-P. What are your thoughts on the availability of polled bulls? My thoughts are that the selection has drastically improved, the type has also come a long way, but the availability for the high genomic young sires is not there yet. What would you like to see available in the future? I would like to see a larger selection of high type red polled bulls. Where do you see the future of polled in your breed. I see polled making a large impact in my breed as well as my herd and the goal in mind is to have a 100% red and polled herd.

Check out these embryo lots from Pineybrook! Kala PP's embryos will make 100% PP calves!

MD-Valleyvue Gold Candy-ET-RC EX-92-2E EX-MS Lets Deal P Embryos from Candy's grand-dtr, CS-Redvue Candy P-Red-ET will be offered on the #PolledPlace Tag Sale!

#PolledPlace 13

Polled Genetics. If cows could, they'd vote with their feet!

POLLED JERSEYS Unlock Your Potential!

Taughboyne Jerseys ~ Victoria, Australia ~ taughboyne@bigpond.com

Why use these medieval looking devices when you can BREED POLLED ? It's safe and fast !

We enjoyed not having to dehorn this calf and we know she enjoyed not having to be dehorned!

Lemajru Dairy Farm LLC

Charles & Julie Nelkie  Michael & Abigail O-Farrell 1595 W. State Road, West Branch, MI 48661 Phone: 989-345-2255 Email: lemajru@gmail.com Find us on Facebook!

We have POLLED BULLS for sale - give us a call!

14 #PolledPlace


Dymentholm Sunview Scoby-ET-RC Planet Silk Daughter and one of the Top Red Carrier Cows Will be flushed to AltaCasual P & others this summer! Ms Supreme La Bambi P-ET Polled Bombero tracing back to Debutante Rae & the Roxys Inquiries welcome! Embryos will be available!

Schoene Kuh Dairy

Staci Sexton 61588 County Road 2  PO Box 203  Millville, MN Phone: 651-564-0857  Email: schonekuhdairy@gmail.com

Perhaps the sweetest wine yet APRIL-DAY M REISLING P ET RC; VG-85; EX-MS 2-06 3x 357d 32,070m 4.0% 1285f 2.9% 929p 3-08 3x 104d 12,522m 3.8% 478f 2.8% 352p, inc. 3 sons in AI; 6 daughters carrying AI/embryo contracts Magna REISLING P RC is one of the latest powerhouse cows from the Ruby WINE family. REISLING is milking over 140#/day and is a direct daughter of Shottle VERDEJO (EX-90), who also is fresh again. REISLING

Grab your own vintage; two of REISLING’s best daughters sell in June.

Cattle photos by Nick Sarbacker

APRDAY-F A ROLLE PP ET A homozygous polled America P daughter of REISLING, born Nov. 26 and tested in at +2160 GTPI – making her one of the highest homozygous polled heifers in the breed, and no Lawn Boy in her pedigree. ROLLE PP sells June 18-21 in the #Polled Place Tag Sale. AprilDay MS CHARMONT P; +2516 GTPI sired by Megasire. Born Jan. 30, CHARMONT is the highest Lawn Boy-free polled pedigree in April 2015. She sells June 24th in the 2015 National Holstein Convention Sale.


#PolledPlace 15 Contact information:

Ed Peck


E: adredcows@gmail.com

• Facebook: April-Day

Polled Offerings

To the #PolledPlace Tag Sale... HARTFORD KINGBOY BLAZE-P-RC*PO Born: 12/8/2014 +1969PTPI - Will be genomic tested by sale time! Kingboy x GP-80 Colt P x VG-86 Advent x EX-92-4E DOM Jolt consigned by Lenkaitis Holsteins BRIAR MAGNA HOTZY-P-RED-TW*PO - Due 11/28 to Champ P-RC*PC +2224GTPI 2-01 2x 227d 11,285m 4.1% 466f 3.0% 339p inc. Arron Doon West Port Magna P-RC*PC x Briar Jet Holly-Red-ET VG-85-3Y VG-MS Next 4 Dams: VG-86 VG-MS, VG-85, VG-89 CAN, EX CAN Also Offering Her Halogen Daughter - MAN-LEN HALOGEN LITE P-RC*PC +1931GTPI +284NM$ consigned by Manannah-Valley & Lenkaitis Holsteins HARMONY-CORNERS KANDI KANE P-RC*PO VG-88 EX-93-MS - Due 12/31 to 241 PP-Red +1971GTPI 3-00 2x 311d 21,170m 3.6% 764f 3.4% 716p 4-01 2x 83d 7,216m 3.3% 235f 3.1% 221p inc. Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red*PO x Harmony-Corners Kotton-TW-RC VG-85-2Y VG-MS Next Dam: EX-90 consigned by Manannah-Valley & Lenkaitis Holsteins LENKAITIS C POINTSETTIA P-RED*PC Born: 10/30/2012 Due 8/17 to All Day-RC +2400GTPI Colt P x VG-85 Future P x VG-88 Lo-Nox P consigned by Lenkaitis Holsteins

Inquiries Welcome Come as a visitor... ...Leave as a Friend!

16 #PolledPlace

John & Julie Schmitz Bernie & Aggie Schmitz

58253 360th St. Eden Valley, MN 55329 jjjjjs@meltel.net | (320) 420-2432

Like us on Facebook!

The Lenkaitis Family

6N411 Corron Rd. St. Charles, IL 60175 Andy (630) 200-8617 | Albert, Sr. (630) 377-0454 Email: lenkaitis.holsteins@gmail.com www.lenkaitisholsteins.com

Homozygous Polled To the #PolledPlace Tag Sale...

SANDMAN PIXIE DUST PP-RED +1969GTPI +228NM$ Sire: Mr Ansly Addiction-P-Red-ET*PC Dam: Sandman LD Pebbles P-Red-ET*PO GP-82-2Y (right) 2-02 2x 117d 6,263m 4.0% 252f 3.2% 199p inc. 2nd Dam: Mi-Ro-Ze Potter Pebbles-ET-RC EX-90-2E EX-MS 4-07 2x 34,420m 3.3% 1152f 2.8% 968p Lifetime: 123,320m 3.3% 4122f 2.8% 717p 3rd Dam: Mi-Ro-Ze Rudolph Murphy-RC VG-87 GMD DOM Lifetime: 209,820m 3.4% 7106f 2.9% 6096p 4th Dam: Mi-Ro-Ze Rubytom Metro-RC EX-90 GMD Lifetime: 176,630m 3.7% 6572f 3.3% 5811p

Pixie Dust PP will be at the #PolledPlace Tag Sale hosted by Briar Holsteins N2552 Balls Mill Rd. Monroe, WI

Pixie Dust PP's Dam: SANDMAN LD PEBBLES P-RED-ET*PO GP-82-2Y 2-02 2x 117d 6,263m 4.0% 252f 3.2% 199p inc. Due in January to Lets Deal P-RC*PO +2328GTPI Supersire x Absolute

Pixie Dust PP & Pebbles P are both owned with Stephanie Stout

Inquiries Welcome Come as a visitor... ...Leave as a Friend!

John & Julie Schmitz Bernie & Aggie Schmitz

58253 360th St. Eden Valley, MN 55329 jjjjjs@meltel.net | (320) 420-2432

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#PolledPlace 17


Focus on POLLED sale highlights

Polled Sale Consignments

#PolledPlace Tag Sale


June 18-21 - Monroe, Wisconsin


Sale catalog included with this issue! View updates closer to sale time at: www.polleddairycattle.com

D-R-A August EX-96-4E DOM


Dam: Brite-Side Rdmn Reva-Red EX-90-2E  POLLED POWERBALL P SELLS! +2516GTPI +659NM$ Polled Powerball P x Bush-Bros Freddie 4169 VG-85-2Y  HOMOZYGOUS POLLED SELLS! +2315 PP Homerun sells from an Earnhardt x 8 gen VG-EX from the Rudy Missys!

Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92-3E GMD DOM Golden-Oaks Perk Rae P-Red EX-90

& many more great cow families! National Holstein Convention Sale June 24 - St. Charles, Illinois

West Port Arron Doon Mit P-Red VG-85

 RED CARRIER COLT 45 P SELLS! Dam is Canyon-Breeze AF Arlett-ET EX91 EX-MS DOM, then EX-95-2E with over 41,000M with 3 more EX dams.

Summer for Colors Sale

July 18 - Elkhorn, Wisconsin



Yursden Kite Caramac-Red EX-92 POLLED 3/15 Addiction P sells from All-American Red & White Caramac.

KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-3E DOM

18 #PolledPlace

Dam: April-Day M Reisling P-RC VG-85 EX-MS - See their ad on page 15!

Send your Polled sale highlights to: polledplace@polleddairycattle.com

Homozygous Polled Bulls, A2A2, JH1F, JH2F

Available Now from Covington Jerseys! 100% Polled calves with the A2 Gene Charity Multi-Rose Credibull COMET PP-ET

+400M +31F +.06% +18P +.02% 315CM$ 303NM$ 273FM$ 255GM$ 3.5PL -0.3DPR -0.3CCR 1.3HCR 2.95SCS GPTAT 0.5 GJUI 10.7 GJPI 105 GFI 6.9% Sire: Jer-Z-Boyz Credibull-P-ET Dam: Dutch Hollow Motivation Cheer-P-ET VG-82@1-10  1-09 293 14,220 4.9 694 3.6 510 2nd Dam: Dutch Hollow Louie Charity VG-86 2-10 305 26,150 4.7 1232 3.4 896 3rd Dam: Dutch Hollow GM Cherish EX-90 4-09 305 28,810 4.2 1207 3.6 1023


-232M +35F +.24% +3P +.05% 327CM$ 304NM$ 249FM$ 288GM$ 3.8PL 1.0DPR 0.8CCR 1.4HCR 2.80SCS GPTAT 1.0 GJUI 18.3 GJPI 94 GFI 7.7% Sire: Jer-Z-Boyz Critique-P-ET Dam: Trans Ova Critic Stephanie E454-P-ET 2nd Dam: Tollenaar Lotto 6810 VG-87 3-02 305 15,120 5.4 814 3.8 568 3rd Dam: Tollenaar Jace 3084 EX-90 5-02 305 21,320 4.6 983 4.0 854 4th Dam: Lalu Berretta Haley EX-90 5-00 305 28,020 7.1 1994 3.8 1074

CONTACT US TO ORDER COMET-PP & ZORO-PP! Shipping also available!

Heading to the #PolledPlace Tag Sale! Covington Milad BLUEBELL-P She Sells!

Sire: Covington Milad-P Dam: Covington Matinee Belle VG-85 2nd Dam: Impuls Belle-ET EX-93 3rd Dam: Rock Ella Berretta Belle VG-87 4th Dam: Duncan Belle SUP-EX 3 Winner of Jersey Journal Great Cow Contest '00

Covington Milad LANA-P

Sire: Covington Milad-P Dam: Covington Apocalypse Lou EX-94 2nd Dam: Covington King Lucy EX-93 Next 2 Dams: VG-88 & EX-92


28307 265th Street, Leon, IA 50144 641-414-5862  tim@covingtonjerseys.com  www.covingtonjerseys.com #PolledPlace www.facebook.com/covingtonjerseys


#PolledPassport A Polled Partnership - Venture Genetics - Canada

A Focus on International Polled by Stephanie Stout

ship would end in 5 years. When selecting which bulls to use, Roy shared, "We pretty much adopted the highest genomic bulls we could get our hands on at the time. Having early daughters of these bulls was quite lucrative at the beginning before the flood of IVF, but to have early Polled ones was quite unique."

Polled was not the "popular" thing to do seven years ago, but the partners of Venture Genetics saw the potential in breeding and developing Polled and they jumped in with both feet! Today, Venture Genetics has become a household name associated with elite Polled Holsteins as they have done an excellent job adding the Polled gene to many well-known cow families. The Beginning of Venture Genetics In May of 2008, the partnership Venture Genetics was founded by Roy MacGregor, Willy Pulfer, Cameron Graham and Shawn Koopmans. Roy MacGregor, who many of you know either through Arron Doon Holsteins or DairyBullsOnline, was the Senior Partner and Marketer for Venture Genetics. Roy shared his story of Venture Genetics with us. After the Arron Doon Dispersal Sale in April of 2008, the Venture Genetics partnership took off. All partners had small herds and did the day-to-day work on their own farms. The focus of Venture Genetics was to create unique Polled genetics. All matings were agreed upon with all of the partners and it was also agreed that the partner-

20 #PolledPlace

enough" to rest. Some of our fanciest udders and highest producing cows in our herd are sired by Mitey P and Magna P. These were the bulls the industry was waiting for! Mit P was already well-known as the dam of Mitey P and Magna P when Venture Genetics purchased her. Venture Genetics continued to develop the Mit P family and they now have 3 Very Good daughters with the Venture prefix including Venture Snow Muse P VG-86, Venture Sahara Magic P VG-85 and Venture Bookem Magician P VG-85 who will be offered on the #PolledPlace Tag Sale.

The Early Polled Females Venture Genetics began with the animals that Cam, Willy and Shawn purchased on the Arron Doon Sale. These included West Port Arron Doon Mit P-Red*PO VG-85-2Y, Hickorymea-I I AD Sweet P-Red GP84-3Y and Arron Doon Oswald Twist Lu P VG-87. Roy added, "The four of us decided that we needed to find one or two of the very best Polled females we could find. Easy to say, but like a really good Red & White, they were rare (only 10x more rare) and usually those with them did not want to sell them. We focused on Perk Rae who we felt, as West Port Arron Doon Mit P-Red*PO an 8th generation EX VG-85-2Y Roxy, was perhaps the most valuable Polled female on the planet and purchased two of her young daughters by Durham and Mr Burns - Golden-Oaks Peach-P-RC VG-85-2Y and Golden-Oaks Mr B Pria P-RC VG-852Y." The Mit P Influence In recent years, Mitey P and Magna P are the bulls that introduced Polled in several herds in the US and Canada and certainly put the perception of Polled "not being good

Venture Snow Muse P-RC*PO VG-86-2Y continued on page 22

Dehorning...One Breeding at a Time

PINE-TREE 2149ROBST 4846-ET VG-86 DOM +2524GTPI +721NM$ +1269M +63F +45P +6.4PL +1.76T +1.49UDC

Making Polled Calves along with her Daughter VIEW-HOME MCC ALABAMA-ET

+2613GTPI +705NM$ +1362M +55F +46P +6.3PL +2.74T +2.63UDC Both have calves by Champ P, pregnancies by Yahtzee P, Piranha P & Ocean PP and transfers by Satellite P. Next on the list are Catwalk P & Candle P... 3476 S 80th Avenue, New Era, MI 49446 Nicholas Mitteer Phone: (231) 578-0618 Email: nick@countrydairy.com www.countrydairy.com www.facebook.com/CountryDairy

We currently have over 65 potential POLLED pregnancies with parent averages over +2400!

#PolledPlace 21

#PolledPassport continued from page 20

A Focus on International Polled by Stephanie Stout

More Highlights from Venture Genetics

The Venture Genetics Sale was held in December of 2012 with a tremendous sale average of $19,757 on 47 live Polled lots! Yes, $19,757! After the sale, Roy and Shawn sold their shares of Venture Genetics to Willy and Cam who have continued on with Venture Genetics. Q & A with Roy MacGregor What made the Venture Genetics breeding program unique? What made Venture Genetics' breeding program unique was having offspring of all the elite early genomic bulls that were Polled. Also, the lack of Lawn Boy P in the pedigrees from the Polled perspective is also a little unique. What really made Venture Genetics successful though was knowing Polled had no real marketing kick or push and we believe that we were the first to really use that to our advantage. What inspired you to get involved with Polled?

Golden-Oaks Peach-P VG-85-2Y Polled Durham Daughter of Perk Rae

I was involved with Red & Whites for many years. As a niche, it was very lucrative, but with Black Rose, Jodie and many others coming hard, I was ready to look for the next thing. Polled seemed pretty obvious. After hearing nothing but "they are not good enough" only by those who had never actually seen one, I decided to go see for myself. A trip to Hickorymea and Burket Falls changed my life. Also, my wife (not a farm girl) deserves a lot of credit for her unrelenting love of baby calves and a complete hatred of dehorning. Where do you see the future of Polled? The highest protein bull in the breed has a Polled sire. The 4th highest PTAT bull in the breed has a Polled dam. +2600 GTPI Homozygous Polled is now on the ground, which is something you can't get without two Polled parents! The question really should be, "Where do you see the future of horned?" and unless you've been hiding under a rock, the answer is fairly obvious.

Venture McCutchen Satin P GP-83-2Y Polled McCutchen from Shottbolt Satin

Additional comments. Without question, the Polled list created by Bryan Quanbury of DairyBullsOnline is what made Polled take off. Secondly, genomics allowed creative breeders to use Polled genetics with confidence. The timing of these two things combined really gave the Venture sale a boost!

Venture Shottbolt Sizzle P Polled Shottbolt from Goldwyn Soup

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S E P T E M B E R 2 9 – O C T O B E R 3, 2 0 1 5 ALLIANT ENERGY CENTER | MADISON, WISCONSIN USA W O R L D D A I RY E X P O . C O M | 6 0 8 . 2 2 4 . 6 4 5 5 | W D E @ W D E X P O . C O M23 #PolledPlace

A STUNNING SPECIAL EFFECT Ms Koenen EectP 5908 P-Red-ET VG-85 VG-86-MS @ 2-02

1-11 58D 3,776 4.1F 3.2P

Sire: Lirr Special Effect P-Red Dam: Kulp-Dale Adv Romoma-Red-ET VG-88 EX-MS Next dam is an EX Redman, then EX Perk Rae followed by 6 more EX Roxys!

5908 P-Red has transfers by Apoll P-Red and will continue to be flushed! Inquiries Welcome!

Misty-Manor Holsteins - Tom & Cindy Wiker

1017 County Road J, Mineral Point, WI 53565  (608)574-2758  wiker@yousq.net

Homozygous POLLED! 100% Satisfaction!

#PolledPlacings POLLED Rankings

COMING SOON! USDA/CDCB Proof Evaluations will be released on August 11th!

These 3 PP/A2A2 bulls are off to Liberty Genetics in New Zealand! L-R: La Kane-PP, ZigZag-PP & Luca Hennie-PP

POLLED the humane choice POLLED nature’s dehorner POLLED the future is now!

24 #PolledPlace

Ardachie POLLED Jerseys Marton, New Zealand

Email: ardachie@xtra.co.nz

Included in the next issue will be the listings of available Polled sires and top rankings of Polled cows/heifers in all breeds. Do you have available Polled sires to include? Do you have high-ranking Polled cows/heifers? Send them to polledplace@polleddairycattle.com by August 15th for the September/October issue of #PolledPlace.

View the current listings at: www.polleddairycattle.com

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by Kayla Wright Dairy & Marketing Assistant Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda, IL

The Polled Legacy of Golden-Oaks Perk Rae P-Red-ET

Golden-Oaks Perk Rae P-Red-ET EX-90 EX-MS The Foundation Cow of Many Polled Pedigrees! Where the legacy began is also where it will end for the infamous Red & White and Polled cow in the breed: Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red-ET EX90 EX-MS. Turning heads for years, the Holstein International Global Red Cow, Perk Rae has helped pave the way for polled genetics and there is no end in sight. Adding to her already acclaimed attribute of being Polled, she is also an 8th generation Excellent Roxy and is Red! Perk Rae’s story starts back in 2002. Scientific Beauty Rae, a Rubens daughter of Scientific Jubilant Rae was chosen

to be flushed to Burket-Falls Perk P-Red. A Canadian buyer chose the mating after purchasing a choice of a flush. However, due to the border closing, they were unable to ship the calves across the border. This flush resulted in 2 daughters, 1 being black and the other

being the Red Perk Rae. When she calved in, Perk Rae acclaimed Very Good status being VG-85 and put milk in the tank. At 1-11 365d she produced 31,030m 3.7% 1161f 3.2% 983p. Flushed and marketed heavily, her prolific daughters were sired by Redman, Durham, Goldwyn and Mitey P. Her highest scored daughter to date is sired by the world renowned Elton son, Regancrest Elton Durham. She is Golden-Oaks Dur Rae2 EX-94 and calls Pennsylvania home. Golden-Oaks Gwyn Perky-ET, a VG-85 VG-MS @ 2Y Goldwyn daughter was purchased

by Elm-Park Farms in Sheboygan, WI and was flushed extensively. Perky’s Sandy-Valley Colt P daughter, ElmPark Geisha PP-Red topped the World Classic for $120,000 in 2012. Together, Perk Rae has produced 2 Excellent and 19 Very Good daughters. Perk Rae also has numerous sons in A.I. including Mr Perky at ABS Global, Rocco P at ABC Genetics and Parkson at Trans-World Genetics. Grandsons in AI include Venture Proxy PP-Red – homozygous polled Red Mitey P x VG Durham x Perk Rae at DairyBullsOnline. Going back to 2011, Perk Rae was sold in the Red & White National Convention Sale and was then purchased by ALH Genetics. Until just recently, she was housed at Sunshine Genetics in Whitewater, WI. ALH Genetics conventionally flushed Perk Rae with great success over the years. As of March 2015, at 11 years of age, Perk Rae calls Golden Oaks home once again. She is currently being IVF and already has pregnancies by Absolute, Malone and Diamond Back. Current milking daughters at the farm include: Golden-Oaks Colt Posie-Red that has a gorgeous polled Doorman heifer on the ground. Others include a polled Jabir, Overtime and Socrates P. Golden Oaks Farm looks forward to what the future holds in Perk Rae. She has certainly stood the test of time in the past and her future will certainly be just as astounding.

Several lots in the #PolledPlace Tag Sale trace back to the well-known Perk Rae! Golden-Oaks Rmn Rae2 P-Red-ET EX-90 EX-MS Perk Rae's Polled Redman Daughter

26 #PolledPlace

Kulp-Dale Gold Rush P-ET-RC VG-86-2Y VG-MS Daughter of Rmn Rae 2 P & Dam of Golden PP

#PolledPlace 27

To the #PolledPlace Tag Sale Ja-Knoll Clark Moe-P-Red*PO Born: 5/13/15

Sire: Sandy-Valley Clark P-Red Dam: Ja-Knoll Shottle Myra-RC GP-81 Last test 116 lbs. 3.9%F 3.2%P 2nd Dam: Ja-Knoll Tycoon Me-Red-ETS 5-05 357 20682 4.2 870 3.3 675 3rd Dam: Opsahls SS Minnow-ET VG-87 2-02 365 28890 3.3 941 3.0 865 Life: 1685 109870 3.5 3890 3.0 3328


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Ja-Knoll Contender Mardi-Red VG-85 Same Family as Moe P-Red

Ja-Knoll Ohare Music P-ET-RC*PO Born: 10/28/14

Sire: Pine-Tree Ohare-P-ET-RC Dam: Ja-Knoll Colt Maple P-Red GP-80-2Y 2-02 208 13,645 3.6 489 3.4 464 2nd Dam: Ja-Knoll Tycoon Mabel-Red GP-82-2Y 4-03 274 20,862 3.5 738 3.1 657

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Polled Testing

NEW Polled Ayrshire!

There are 2 independent origins of polled, one found in Holstein-Friesian and Jersey breeds (Pf), the other in many European breeds of Celtic origin (Pc) such as Angus, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Dexter, Limousin, Charolais, and Hereford, among others. Polledness is dominant; a polled animal can have one or two copies of the gene. All offspring of a bull with 2 copies of polled (homozygous) will be polled. Genetic testing is a cost-effective means to determine if a polled animal has 1 or 2 copies of the gene. The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory offers a test for the polled gene to assist breeders in selecting cattle that have 2 copies of Polled gene. H/H HORNED. No copies of either Polled molecular marker are present. Pf/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. 14AY0037 Hawksfield Jamison P Pf/Pf POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Friesian molec- Polled Burdette Son NOW AVAILABLE at Accelerated Genetics! ular marker are present. All offspring will be polled. Dam: Elite-Hawk Jessamine P EX-92-2E Pc/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Celtic molecular 6-11 365d 32,409 3.6 1152 3.2 1043 marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Pc/Pc POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Celtic molecu- Your Source for POLLED AYRSHIRE Genetics! lar marker are present. All offspring will be polled. Pc/Pf POLLED. One copy of Polled-Celtic and 1 copy of Polled-Friesian molecular markers are present. All off- Charles, Henry, Shirley, Diane, Mark, Mary, Grace & Jonathan Sayles spring will be polled. Perry, Michigan

Hawksfield Farms

Phone: (530) 752-2211 www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/Polled.php

Email: ayrhawk2@gmail.com POLLED Dairy Cattle - Ayrshires, Holsteins, Red & Whites and a Jersey

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#PolledPlace #PolledPlatform The Marketplace for POLLED

Ed Smith

Animal Analysis Associate

Animal Analysis Since 1950

Phone: 847.395.5976 Cell: 847.372.0602 Email: ed.pat@att.net www.aAaWeeks.com

54HO757 CHAD P*RC +2260GTPI Semen Available from:




10454 160th St. Glencoe, MN 55336 Cell: (952)297-2811 glenmarkgenetics@hotmail.com

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You're Invited to the #PolledPlace Tag Sale! It's almost here!!! The 1st #PolledPlace Tag Sale, held June 18-21, 2015, will be hosted by Briar Holsteins in Monroe, Wisconsin. 100% of the animals offered will be POLLED and 5 breeds are represented, including a few Homozygous Polled animals. As I was putting together the sale catalog, I was just amazed by the tremendous quality of consignments that are being offered by Polled breeders from across the country and even more amazed by the progress that Polled has made in the dairy industry. The sale catalog has been included with this issue and is also available online at www.polleddairycattle.com and www.dairyagendatoday.com. RSVP to the Facebook event and visit the Polled Dairy Cattle website, www. polleddairycattle.com, to stay up-to-date as the sale gets closer! Polled Education Fund Silent Auction & Polled Workshop What is Polled? How does Polled work? What's the difference between Heterozygous and Homozygous Polled? Is Polled a dominant or recessive trait? These are just a few of the questions that people are asking about Polled. There is a definite need for Polled Education! Many of you that advertise in and subscribe to #PolledPlace already know the answers to these questions and are sharing your experiences with Polled genetics. The Polled Education Fund is being started to support the education of Polled at youth events, colleges/universities and other dairy events. This fund will support educating dairy youth and other dairy farmers about Polled. The Polled Education Fund Silent Auction will be held during the #PolledPlace Tag Sale. If you are interested in donating Polled embryos, Polled semen or other items, please contact me. Several Polled semen packages have already been donated and are included in the sale catalog!.Thank you for your generous early donations! Join us on Saturday, June 20th at 1:00pm as we will be holding a Polled Workshop during the #PolledPlace Tag Sale! We will have a demonstration on what Polled is and how it works. We also have several representatives from the AI industry that will be present to share their Polled genetics with you!

Looking forward to seeing you at the sale!


Stephanie Stout

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Seagull Bay Dairy 13 Select Sires 25 Taughboyne 14 Twisted Genes 30 Warrencrest 29 Westdama 9 World Dairy Expo 23 Yoder Family Farm 7

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Polled Highlights Ms Koenen Lad Rea PP-Red VG-86-2Y scored at 3 wks fresh Ladd P x VG-88 Advent from 8 generations EX Roxys! 1st Sr. 2-Yr-Old Spring Dairy Preview Show 2015

Rea PP-Red's 5 POLLED Red Carrier Silver Heifers! THe Faus Family Nate Faus 607-426-4094 6190 Reading Road, Rock Stream, NY 14878 Email: rollenns@gmail.com We’re on Facebook at Rollen N’s Dairy

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Your Chance to get Polled & A2A2 in 1 Package Lirr OUTCOME P A2A2 MOGUL X MANOMAN

Outcome P's VG-87 Dam Hickorymea Man Outfit P

More Polled A2A2 Bulls Available!

Hahncrest APPL JAX P-RED A2A2 Kerndtway ELIMINATOR P A2A2 Mr Rollen-Ns LUMBER PP-RC A2A2

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#PolledPlace July/August 2015