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Volume 25 - March/April 2018

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RED = P (polled) BLUE = p (horned) Watch the animated video at www.polleddairycattle.com! 2 #PolledPlace

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Pine-Tree 2149Robst 4846-ET VG-86 DOM 2-04 3x 365 32,000 4.8 1520 3.2 1036

Polled bulls and heifers available starting at just under +2700gtpi for private sale 3476 S 80th Avenue, New Era, MI 49446 Nicholas Mitteer Phone: (231) 578-0618 Email: nick@countrydairy.com www.countrydairy.com www.facebook.com/CountryDairy

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#PolledPhoto "Polled Down Under" Sea Breeze Hol-

steins in Australia welcomed a Polled Answer P heifer out of Sea Breeze Salvador Star. Star, classified VG-86, is backed by 8 generations of VG dams and needs to see a classifier again very soon! Breeder Paul Condon was featured on the very first #PolledPlace cover. Who else remembers the #PolledFelfies?

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March 24 Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale West Springfield, Massachusetts March 24 The Pursuit of Excellence Sale Fond du Lac, Wisconsin March 24 NICC Dairy Science Club Sale West Union, Iowa April 3 USDA/CDCB Proof Evaluations April 6 Daybreak Dairy Complete Dispersal Zeeland, Michigan April 7 Illinois PDCA Calf Sale Urbana, Illinois April 15 May/June #PolledPlace Deadline April 21 Illini Golden Opportunity Sale Belvidere, Illinois April 28 WI Dairyland Milking Shorthorn Sale Black River Falls, Wisconsin June 15 July/August #PolledPlace Deadline August 7 USDA/CDCB Proof Evaluations August 15 Sept/Oct #PolledPlace Deadline October 15 Nov/Dec #PolledPlace Deadline December 4 USDA/CDCB Proof Evaluations


Breeder Perspectives on POLLED POLLED MILKING SHORTHORNS Kunde's Golden Dairy Samantha Benson Oakville, Washington

We have a registered mixed herd of Milking Shorthorns, Ayrshires, Holsteins, Jerseys and my grandfather has Guernseys. Our main focus is our Milking Shorthorns for Polled genetics. We are currently using some Polled in our Jerseys and Holsteins as well. We are a family owned and operated dairy located in Western Washington. We milk around 150 cows and raise all our own young stock along with harvesting 150 acres of crops. We buy some additional feed from other local farmers in Western Washington as well. We started breeding for Polled genetics several years ago. Our first Polled cow we purchased as a 2-Yr-Old from the Milking Shorthorn National Convention Sale, Kulp-Gen Jurist Anika-P. She was an excellent 2E 91 point cow. Our philosophy is breeding for top quality, functional, overall good cows. To help us improve our herd with farm safety and one less step with Polled genetics. We use mostly Polled throughout our entire herd. We have several Polled animals

Polled Progress!

out of our Anika-P family and have used them as our foundation for Polled breeding. We have a growing herd of several Polled heifers that are coming up the pike from using some very nice Polled bulls. We have Polled daughters in the herd by Gold Mine Dimond Deuce P, Circle B A Lucky Strike PP, Rovin Ali Cowboy Cody P and Kunde’s Golden BJ Amazing P. We are currently using Lucky Strike PP, Cody P and Amazing P. We are in need of more Polled in the Milking Shorthorn breed. We have very few to pick from and can only use the ones available so much in our herd. We would love to be able to expand with additional Milking Shorthorn families to get more Polled bloodlines in our herd. We would like to see more Polled bull to pick from with higher components and higher milk. I see the future of Polled Milking Shorthorns getting better and better and it’s great to hear that other breeders are also sharing the same goals as our little dairy. We are slowly coming together to bring more information and more Polled bulls on the market whether it be through AI services or private sales. We have a variety of ages available for sale and GE Kunde’s Golden BJ Amazing P semen is also available. If you have any Polled bulls or genetics available, please get in contact with us via Facebook at Kunde’s Golden Dairy or feel free to give us a call at 360-628-3132.

Polled Genetics...

© Sarah Damrow

Ms Supreme La Bambi P-ET (Bombero x Satchel P back to the Roxys) She was recently classified and is now VG-88! Schoene-Kuh Bazinga PP-ET +2447GTPI (AltaCasual P x Bambi P) Her POLLED Tarrino sons are now on the ground! 2749 & 2556 Prelim GTPI - - On the #PolledPlacings Lists - Schoene-Kuh Odila P-Red +2410GTPI (by Lucky PP-Red) #12 GTPI #PolledPlacings for Red & Polled -12/2017

Schoene Kuh Dairy

Staci Sexton 61588 Cty Rd 2 · Millville, MN· 651-564-0857 · schonekuhdairy@gmail.com

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Taughboyne Jerseys Victoria, Australia taughboyne@bigpond.com



A Focus on International POLLED

Comfort and Thurler Holsteins - Canada At Comfort and Thurler Holsteins, we are excited about the Polled future! We believe that we have the #1 GTPI VRC, #2 RZG and the #1 GLPI Variant Red & Polled donor in the world today! More on that to follow.

Rum and #8 with Red Nora. Another high-ranking sister is Red Comet *P who scores an exciting GTPI+2584 on the GTPI base.

We expect that Polled genetics will become more important in the future for our The partnership consists of program. We currently input Comfort Holsteins and Thurl750 to 900 embryos per year. er Farms, Inc. Our main goal is Now that we have the Polled to create the highest genomic gene in our female line, our offspring for GTPI, RZG and goal is to select the best and GLPI, in Black & White and flush to the best black sires Red & White. For Red & White and then eventually to use the Holsteins the focus is on the top Polled sires to make HoVariant Red Gene (VRC), mozygous Polled. With VariMark & Bev Comfort and Nick & Lynn Thurler which accelerates progress ant Red, 50% will be Red with in Red and Polled. Red cattle black sires. The opportunity are in Thurler’s family herito produce Red, using black tage, having milked in Switsires, is an easy way to have zerland. Now 40 years later, Red with the best black genes. they milk 450 head at South So, in the end when we make Mountain, in Eastern Ontario. a top line either Red or black Thurler Farms, Inc. is operated by the Thurler Family: Nick, is fine as long as it’s high and Homozygous. Robert, Michel and Oliver. Nick is the area elected director for Dairy Farmers of Ontario and is also on key milk com- We have flushed Red and Polled Bandares Nora (GTPI+2510, mittees at the national level. RZG+157, GLPI+3424) to Yoda (GTPI+2886, GRZG+160) and are planning on using Jared (GTPI+2887 and GRZG+163) on Mark Comfort is an owner of Udder Comfort for the past 20 her on the next flush. These matings are expected to come in years, prior to which he owned TransCanada Select Sires, around +2700 GTPI and up to GRZG+160. Also, Red Rum the exclusive distributor of Select Sires in Canada for 20 will be mated to Jared, as well as to Yoda and Rolan. These years up until 2000. matings will have parent averages up to GTPI+2790! So you can imagine that we are extremely excited about our Red In 2013, the Polled program took a major step for Comfort and Polled future! and Thurler Holsteins with the acquisition of a granddaughter of Fool’s Gold-Red VG-88 from the Morsan Dispersal. Another donor we are currently working with is a Frazzled This Ladd P daughter, which is believed to be the oldest daughter (GTPI+2871, GRZG+160), believed to be the #1 VRC Polled female, now completes 7 generations VG or EX RZG Frazzled in the breed. Although she isn’t Polled herwith several star brood cows. She is now classified VG-87, self, with her exciting indexes, we are planning on mating as a 3-Yr-Old with an EX-MS and is one of the most exciting her a few times to high ranking Polled bulls. We hope that young cows in the herd. this results in an exceptional Polled female, from which we can breed the next top-ranking Homozygous Polled male. Her flushes to Rubicon gave us Ruby Red *P, who is dam of our highest VRC and Polled donors that are currently in our We believe Polled Holsteins have a strong place in the world flush program, and Red Holly *P from which many embryos market. We know that the standards are high. In the past were sold both domestically and internationally. Ruby Red two years, we have provided 7 sires as AI studs, so we know *P is dam of the Red and Polled Bandares heifer, Red Rum, what is required. The next step would be to develop a Hothat scores GTPI+2664, RZG+157 and GLPI+3310. She is a mozygous Polled male that can provide the industry with genomic transmitter yielding two Red and Polled Bandares elite genetics and be the wisest choice for dairyman anydaughters that are #2664 GTPI, 3310 GLPI also 157 RZG. where in the world. She is the high-ranking donor that was discussed before. It might be interesting, on a GLPI basis, when you include the black Polled heifers. Worldwide they rank #3 with Red

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Introducing Our Best Red Polled Fools Gold MORSAN LADD AFTER FOOLS P-RED*VR VG-87 EX-MS 2-05 3x 24,619 4.6% 1115 3.2% ME Fools Gold's grand-dtr by Ladd P & the Oldest Variant Red & Polled COMFORT RUBICON RUBY P-RED*VR Rubicon x After Fools P x Fools Gold COMFORT THURLER BNDRES RED RUM P-RED*VR GTPI +2664 NM$ 747 GLPI +3434 BORN: 8/6/17 Bandares x Rubicon Ruby P x After Fools P x Fools Gold #1 GLPI World for Red & Polled and believed #1 GTPI Red & Polled RZG coming soon

STONEDEN FOOLS GOLD-RED*VR VG-88 8* BROOD COW 4-03 2x 365d 50,748 3.8% 1942 2.9 1462 Life: 112,225 3.8% 4220 3.0% 3366 Nominated Global Impact Cow 2012

Thurler Farms


Comfort Holsteins



16 - Septem



ober 2016

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#PolledPlacings #Polled Breed August Proofs #PolledPassporter Perspectives #PolledPastimes Suntor Holsteins Polled Holst eins lace #PolledP

COMFORT THURLER JEDI COMET P-RED*VR GTPI +2584 NM$ 709 GLPI +3290 BORN: 5/20/17 Jedi x Rubicon Ruby P x After Fools P x Fools Gold #3 GLPI World Red & Polled

Inquiries Welcome

Contact: Mark Comfort 613.577.3263 comfort@ripnet.com HolsteinPlaza.com/Comfort · Facebook.com/ComfortHolsteins

Your Source for Polled Dairy Cattle

THURLER COMFORT BNDRES NORA P-RED*VR GTPI +2510 RZG 157 GLPI +3340 BORN: 7/5/17 Bandares x Rubicon Ruby P x After Fools P x Fools Gold #2 RZG in Germany and #2 GLPI World Red & Polled 3/18



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PO Box 813, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 Ph: 608.732.2757 Email: polledplace@polleddairycattle.com

A2A2 Just Became the Fonterra "Gold Standard"

Join the A2A2 #PPolledRevolution with Ardachie PPolled Jerseys! Overlord PP is at CRV US EU & from Martin Schuler in Switzerland and Germany. Octane PP (pictured) is now at Sustainable Genetics with Dimple PP and Zigzag PP, all #pasturePPolled! POLLED the humane choice POLLED nature’s dehorner POLLED the future is now!

Ardachie POLLED Jerseys Marton, New Zealand Email: ardachie@xtra.co.nz

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8 #PolledPlace


POLLED Sale Consignments

Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale

March 24 - West Springfield, Massachusetts


The Pursuit of Excellence Sale

March 24 - Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


#PolledPlace The Marketplace for POLLED

COVINGTON JERSEYS, LLC 28307 265th Street Leon, IA 50144 Phone: 641-414-5862 Email: tim@covingtonjerseys.com www.facebook.com/covingtonjerseys

Breeding high quality Jerseys for Polled & A2A2

HOMOZYGOUS POLLED Semen for sale! 54JE625 Comet-PP & 54JE626 Zorro-PP

Your Source for Polled Ayrshires

Northeast Iowa Community College Dairy Science Club Sale March 24 - West Union, Iowa


Are you selling Polled animals? Send your #PolledPrices to polledplace@polleddairycattle.com

Hawksfield Jamison P

Hawksfield Blessing P

Hawksfield Farms

Charles, Henry, Shirley, Diane, Mark, Mary, Grace & Jonathan Sayles Perry, Michigan Email: ayrhawk2@gmail.com

by April 15th for the May/June issue.


From POLLED Breeders

What Polled bulls are you currently using in your herd?

Inquiries Welcome Come as a visitor... ...Leave as a Friend!

John & Julie Schmitz Bernie & Aggie Schmitz

58253 360th St. Eden Valley, MN 55329 jjjjjs@meltel.net | (320) 420-2432

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William Judge - Judge Dairy - Caledon, Ontario, Canada 14HO7835 Lucky PP, 542HO769 Oz P, 250HO14072 Spectacular P

ake Knoll Ayrshires

Mark Rodgers - MK VT Polled Holsteins - West Glover, Vermont Oz P, Lucky PP, Payday P, Chosen P, Bighit P, Answer P, Impulse P, Zipit P, Jagr P, Miller P, Powertool P, Lucky PP, Rush PP, Tendoy P, Boby P


Bruce Cameron - Ardachie POLLED Jerseys - New Zealand Jerseys - Ardachie Dimple PP, Octane PP, Overlord PP, Luca PP & Zigzag PP, Multi-Rose Comet PP, Broadlin Aussiegold P, Dutch Hollow Oliver P & Dominic P Holsteins - Coasters Polo PP & Penn-England History PP Dan Hinz - Hinz Farm, LLC - Pickett, Wisconsin Boby P, Emmitt PP, Powerful PP, Skittles PP, Neveragain PP, Lucky PP, Progress P, Yoda P, Oz P, Chosen P, Payload P, Jenky P, Chili PP

Watch for more in upcoming issues...

70 North Street Foxboro, MA 02035 774.444.5824 terri_lawton@yahoo.com

SchoeneStaciKuh Dairy Sexton 61588 County Road 2 Millville, MN 55957 Phone: 651-564-0857 Email: schonekuhdairy@gmail.com

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Cheryl A. Carlson 1019 Dutch Hill Rd. Tully, NY 13159 315-238-7026 315-696-8133 wetumpka@twcny.rr.com

Home of High Octane Milk Producers 100% JERSEYS 70% POLLED

Polled Testing There are 2 independent origins of polled, one found in Holstein-Friesian and Jersey breeds (Pf), the other in many European breeds of Celtic origin (Pc) such as Angus, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Dexter, Limousin, Charolais, and Hereford, among others. Polledness is dominant; a polled animal can have one or two copies of the gene. All offspring of a bull with 2 copies of polled (homozygous) will be polled. Genetic testing is a cost-effective means to determine if a polled animal has 1 or 2 copies of the gene. The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory offers a test for the polled gene to assist breeders in selecting cattle that have 2 copies of Polled gene. H/H HORNED. No copies of either Polled molecular marker are present. Pf/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Pf/Pf POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker are present. All offspring will be polled. Pc/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Celtic molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Pc/Pc POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Celtic molecular marker are present. All offspring will be polled. Pc/Pf POLLED. One copy of Polled-Celtic and 1 copy of Polled-Friesian molecular markers are present. All offspring will be polled.

Phone: (530) 752-2211 www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/Polled.php

10 #PolledPlace

Special Focus on Polled Jerseys Who are the top Polled Jerseys? When did Polled Jerseys originate? The May/June issue of #PolledPlace will include a SPECIAL FOCUS on...you guessed it...POLLED JERSEYS! The advancement of Polled in the Jersey breed has really taken off in recent years and there are several Polled and Homozygous Polled Jersey sires to choose from when making breeding decisions today. As a THANK YOU for promoting your Polled Jerseys in #PolledPlace, a 20% Polled Jersey ad discount will be offered! Polled Jersey Photo Contest For the very first time, there will be a #PolledPlace Polled Jersey Photo Contest! The winning photo will be selected based on how many "likes" the photo has on Facebook. To enter this contest, send your hi-res photos to polledplace@polleddairycattle.com and be sure to "like" the Polled Dairy Cattle #PolledPlace page on Facebook at: www.fb.me/PolledDairyCattle. Watch for an album of photos to be posted and get your vote in! The winner of the contest will be featured as the cover of the May/June #PolledPlace!

Keep Breeding Polled!


Stephanie Hammerly

Coming Soon! POLLED #PolledPlace JERSEY ISSUE Volume

16 - Sept




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The May/June #PolledPlace will include a special focus on Polled Jerseys!

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Ardachie Jerseys 7 DairyBullsOnline 2 Country Dairy 3 Covington Jerseys 9 Hawksfield 9 Manannah Valley 9

Oake Knoll 9 Rollen N’s Dairy 11 Schoene Kuh 5,9 Select Sires 12 Twisted Genes 10 Taughboyne 5

Thurler & Comfort 7 Wetumpka Farm 10

Next Advertising Deadline: April 15th

now available! burly pp-rc HOMOZYGOUS POLLED RED CARRIER


MR ROLLEN-NS BURLY PP-ET-RC Beta Casein A2/A2 Kappa Casein AB aAa 543621

Ri-Val-Re The Best P-Red VG-87 Photo © Lea Jordan

THE FAUS FAMILY Nate-607-426-4094 Rock Stream, NY rollenns@gmail.com Rollen N’s Dairy

Miller P x Effect P x MacGuiness +2366GTPI +581NM$ +1.45PTAT +1.94UDC +1.94FLC +809M +28P +32P +7.7PL 2.72SCS +1.8DPR +2.8 Livability#PolledPlace 11

12 #PolledPlace