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Volume 7 - March/April 2015

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APOLL P-RED +2277GTPI +516NM$ +1995M +51F +60P +1.91PTAT +1.41UDC +0.77FLC aAa 243615

Aikman x VG86 Lawn Boy P x VG87 Shottle back to C Continental Scarlet-Red EX95 Outstanding Milk Production & High Components Promises High Type & Quality Udders

#1 Red Holstein Sire for Protein & #1 Polled Red Sire for GTPI German Genetics International

2 #PolledPlace

+(49)4471-91740 info@ggi.de www.ggi.de

Ag-Link Genetics (570)836-6593 aglinks@aol.com www.ag-link.com


Andersonville 241 PP-Red

Highest GTPI PP Red Bull in the World with Semen Available! +2006GTPI +322NM$ +1205M +7F +30P Shanosber P x Magna P - his dam is due 3/30 to Socrates Available from DairyBullsOnline.com

Andersonville SS Glover P

Highest Combined Fat & Protein Polled Bull in the Breed! +2090GTPI +456NM$ +624M +78F +41P Supersire x Mitey P Available from Sierra Desert Breeders

Mark Rodgers advocates 100% polled herds promoting animal well-being. A former dairy co-op Board Member and a leading breeder of registered polled Holsteins, Mark established a herd of 25% polled milk cows with 100% polled heifers. Three of his polled bulls ranking #1 or #2 in their respective categories in the world, recently entered the AI industry. The Holstein Association acknowledged his achievements with the Holstein Outstanding Young Breeder Award, and his 15th consecutive Progressive Genetics Award. The National Dairy Shrine recognized him with the inaugural Progressive Producer Award. Mark is available to consult on innovative approaches integrating polled cattle breeding programs - improving animal well-being by facilitating the elimination of mechanical dehorning.


Mark Rodgers 1966 Andersonville Road West Glover, VT 05875

Polled Holsteins

Phone: 802-673-2072 Email: mr.ag@myfairpoint.net

#PolledPlace 100% Polled Animals Including 5 Homozygous Polled Animals That Average Over +2050 GTPI!3



TAG SALE June 18-21, 2015

Hosted by Briar Holsteins, Monroe, WI Now accepting consignments! Contact: Stephanie Stout 608.732.2757 polledplace@polleddairycattle.com Brian Crull 815.601.3673 crullbrian@yahoo.com Sue Crull 815.988.4007 crullsue@gmail.com

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#PolledPhoto ”Spring is Right Around the Corner!”

Evita PP EX-91 is a Homozygous Polled Jersey from Agrargesellschaft Baruther Urstromtal in Germany. Read more about Evita PP and herdsman Rainer Schmitt in the #PolledPassport feature on page 20 of this issue.

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March 13 Ohio Holstein Convention Sale Wapakoneta, OH March 20 Apple Mania Sale, Fond du Lac, WI March 21 Green/Rock Dual County Sale Brooklyn, WI March 21 Iowa Holstein Spring Sale West Union, IA March 21 Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale West Springfield, MA March 27 The Leading Ladies of Spring Sale East Lansing, MI March 28 Michigan Jersey State Sale East Lansing, MI March 28 SUNY Cobleskill Dairy Fashions Sale Cobleskill, NY April 3 Hauve Complete Herd Dispersal Cashton, WI April 4 Barron Spring Classic Sale Barron, WI April 7 USDA/CDCB Proof Evaluations April 11 New York Spring Holstein Sale Syracuse, NY April 20 May/June #PolledPlace Deadline April 21 Global Impact Sale Lardner Park, Victoria, Australia May 15 Elm Park Farms Complete Dispersal Sheboygan Falls, WI June 18-21 #PolledPlace Tag Sale Monroe, WI

Burket Falls The Solution To Your “Horny” Problems

MEET OUR NEWEST BULL! Homozygous Polled & A2A2

Burket-Falls Humdinger PP-Red

Sire: Burket-Falls Alex II P-RC EX-90

(Alexander x Rudolph Sarayn EX-93 GMD DOM)

Dam: Burket-Falls 1606 PP-Red EX-90


Burket-Falls 1606 PP-Red EX-90 EX-MS 3-06 365d 31,416m 3.8% 1205f 3.1% 950p Sire: Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red EX-93 GM Dam: Burket-Falls Paradox Sizzle-Red EX-93-2E 2nd Dam: Convincer Saphira EX-92-2E GMD 3rd Dam: Polled Plus Shine VG-86 4th Dam: Blackstar Savina EX-91-2E GMD DOM 5th Dam: Enhancer Shaina VG GMD DOM 6th Dam: Cavalier Silver VG-86 GMD DOM 7th Dam: Elevation Sophia EX-93-4E GMD DOM

Our breeding goals have never changed...to continue to develop eye-appealing, profitable POLLED dairy cattle. We are not sure what the color of the dairy cow of the future will be...but we are sure that she will be POLLED!

BURKET FALLS FARM Dave Burket & Sons

1321 Polecat Rd., East Freedom, PA 16637 814-239-2260 | burketfallsfarm@aol.com www.burketfallsfarm.com


Burket-Falls Elevation Sophia EX-93-4E GMD DOM Life: 241,534 4.1% 10022 The solid foundation of our Polled program

“Polled Holsteins: The Solution to your “Horny” Problems”

#PolledPlace 5 Han Hopman

RED = P (polled) BLUE = p (horned) Watch the animated video at www.dairybullsonline.com! 6 #PolledPlace

New Home For Our Polled Genetics

Donald & Joan Yoder & Family

602 Brent Road Barnesville, GA 30204 Phone: (478)278-2084 Email: donald@yoderfamilyfarm.com

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A #PolledPromoter is someone that shares Polled with everyone around them. Mark Rodgers has a passion for promoting Polled and is developing a consulting business to share his passion and knowledge of Polled with others. Here he shares his dairy background, how he became involved with Polled from a young age and his future plans that, of course, involve promoting Polled! I grew up on a registered Jersey dairy in Glover, Vermont and had polled Jerseys as 4-H projects. I was on the VT 4-H dairy judging team in 1980. I graduated with a degree in Dairy Food Technology from the University of Vermont in 1985. I was president of the dairy club and on the collegiate dairy cattle judging team (high Brown Swiss judge at Harrisburg and tied for high individual Jersey judge at Expo). While in college Tim Abbott and I bought a registered polled Jersey heifer Housley Bernard Top Spot in the Jersey Pot of Gold Sale. She had a polled bull calf, made a good record and we were able to send the bull to ABS as Morris Ewing knew the value of polled. We got an extra $500 for the bull being polled. At the same time I bought a share of a syndicated Jersey bull at the All-American named Fair Weather Opportunity bred by Stanley (AJCC Master Breeder and Distinguished Service Award) and KB Chittenden in NY. After graduation, I went to work for the American Jersey Cattle Club (as it was known then) as Assistant Superintendent of Records. I then was the AJCC Southwest Area representative, covering AZ, CA, NM, NV and TX. In 1987, I went to TX to be a partner in The Yellow Rose Dairy, a registered Jersey

8 #PolledPlace

dairy in Sulphur Springs, TX and had polled Jerseys there and became friends with Henry Knolle (AJCC Master Breeder and Distinguished Service Award) who had the largest herd of polled Jerseys in the world. After the sale of that farm I worked for Purina Mills as a dairy feed specialist. In 1989, I moved back to VT (and hauled 2 polled jersey heifers in the back of my pickup from TX to VT) to continue working as a dairy feed specialist. I was herdsman at Newhall Farm in Reading VT, registered Jerseys, for 6 months, then moved on the The Organic Cow, an organic registered Jersey dairy in Chelsea VT, where we processed all our milk on farm as cheese and bottled milk. In 1993, I went to work at Andersonville Farm back home in Glover (where I could look across the fields at the farm I grew up on) as an employee for Ted Young on the registered Holstein dairy. There were no polled animals there and I actually didn’t even know polled Holsteins existed. In 1996, I became a partner in Andersonville Dairy. Ted’s brother, Jim Young, Northeast Kingdom Sales told me about Dave and John Burket’s polled Holsteins. I had a meeting in Pittsburgh shortly after, so I rented a car and went to see my first polled Holsteins at Burket Falls. I was impressed, went home and started using Burket Falls Polled Plus and Burket Falls Priority. I flushed a cow to Priority and my first polled Holsteins were born in 2000. Shortly after this, I learned that ABS had a bull called Hickorymea Ottawa. I ended up using over 100 units of this homozygous bull and even though conception wasn’t great and the percentage of heifers was unfortunately low, most of my polled families trace back to Ottawa. It was difficult 15 years ago to maintain the genetic integrity of my herd and incorporate the polled genetics. I made very careful matings and was

Mark Rodgers - Polled Advocate fortunate to produce some very good polled females. In March 2010, I had a polled Signif son born from a early daughter of Mainstream Manifold that was contracted to Genex. He had good genomics, but had poor semen quality and was never released. I continued to increase the amount of polled bulls I used in the herd, sampling many, but keeping an eye on the genetic potential of the animals. I didn’t want just polled animals, I wanted good polled animals. I bred the last polled Ottawa heifer born on the farm to Planet in August 2009 and had a polled heifer calf. The next year I bred the same cow to the last sexed Hill semen available in the US and produced another polled heifer calf. The Planet is the dam of a Polled Red-Oak with a +2089GTPI and an Outline with a +2199GTPI. The Hill is the dam of a polled Supersire with a +2214GTPI that has Champ embryos due soon. I took the best non-polled Hill cow I owned VG-87 and on the locator list and flushed her 3 times to PP bulls and now some of the highest GTPI polled females I have are from these matings. I flushed Venture Goldwyn Soup and Andersonville Ladd 1551P (+2190GTPI) to Powerball and Supershot. I flushed Andersonville Supersire 1540 P (+2214GTPI)and Ri-ValRe Relief Elle P (+2223GTPI) to Champ. I’ve used sexed Supersire, Rubicon, Delta and Denver on my best polled heifers. I’m using sexed Socrates and Orlando on many horned heifers and Ocean on the rest. All cows are now being serviced to PP bulls including Thor, Stamp, Ocean, Rascal and 241. Our goal is to get as close to 100% polled calves as possible. In 1999, just as I got started breeding polled Holsteins, I received the Holstein Outstanding Young Breeder award and the National Dairy Shrine’s Inaugural Progressive Producer Award. During the 15 years since, we built up the polled population in the herd we received the Holstein Association Progressive Genetics Award 15 consecutive years. This is proof that polled genetics added to the genetic value of my herd, contrary to what some of the naysayers might have you believe. Polled cows have been the longest lived and highest producing cows in my herd. There is no statistic in my herd where polled animals are inferior to their horned herdmates. continued on page 10

Very pleased with the results of introducing the POLLED gene into cow families we’ve been developing since the 1970’s & 1980’s!

Westdama Proxy Berny-P-RC

Proxy PP x Westdama Igniter Berny EX-90 Next 4 Dams: VG-88, VG-87, VG-87 & VG-86

Westdama Proxy Barbie-P-Red

Proxy PP x Westdama Ferarri Barbette VG-85 Next 4 Dams: VG-86, VG-87, VG-86 & VG-85

Westdama Sammy Miranda-P

Sammy P x Westdama Extremist Meg VG-87 Next 2 Dams: VG-85 & EX-90-2E

Westdama Golden Enid-P-RC

Golden PP x Westdama Wonthaggi Ena VG-86 Next 2 Dams: EX-90 & VG-87

Matt Seeliger

594 Kennedy Road, Glencoe West, South Australia Phone: 01417887168 Email: westdama@westdama.com.au

#PolledPlace 9


continued from page 8 After developing Andersonville Dairy to a herd of 400 registered Holsteins that had 100% polled heifers and 28% polled milk cows, Andersonville Dairy has been sold, it is now Andersonville Farm and we wish the owners success with continued polled breeding and making Jasper Hill Cheese. We will be moving the 50 Andersonville polled animals we retained and our MKVT Polled Holsteins to a new site and continuing to develop top polled and PP animals. We have a total of 65 head and growing with an average GTPI of nearly +2100. Our first MKVT polled heifer is a Supershot out of Venture Goldwyn Soup and the first MKVT polled bull is a Champ out of Ri-Val-Re Relief Elle P +2238GTPI, so we are in for some exciting times. More pregnancies by Supershot, Powerball, Champ, Eraser, Rubicon sexed, Socrates sexed, Delta and Denver sexed, Homerun, Ocean PP, 241 PP and Glover P.

Mark Rodgers - Polled Advocate

A couple of our exciting bulls in AI currently include Andersonville 241 PP-Red at DairyBullsOnline and Andersonville SS Glover P at Sierra Desert Breeders. 241-PP is the highest GTPI PP Red bull in world with semen available and Glover P is the highest combined fat and protein polled bull in the breed! My goal now is to breed 100% polled animals and to produce the best PP animals I can. I will be advocating and promoting the inclusion of polled genetics into the US dairy industry from the farmer to the processor and including the customers in the discussion. I am promoting the model I used to include polled in my herd to add the polled gene to whatever breeding strategy a herd has implemented. Polled as a dominant trait can easily be added to any breed and any genetic line.

Mark Rodgers advocates 100% polled herds promoting animal well-being. A former dairy co-op Board Member and a leading breeder of registered polled Holsteins, Mark established a herd of 25% polled milk cows with 100% polled heifers. Three of his polled bulls ranking #1 or #2 in their respective categories in the world, recently entered the AI industry. The Holstein Association acknowledged his achievements with the Holstein Outstanding Young Breeder Award, and his 15th consecutive Progressive Genetics Award. The National Dairy Shrine recognized him with the inaugural Progressive Producer Award. Mark is available to consult on innovative approaches integrating polled cattle breeding programs - improving animal well-being by facilitating the elimination of mechanical dehorning.

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Exciting Polled Opportunities Selling!

Green/Rock Dual County Sale Brooklyn, WI - March 21st

TJ-Pollema Aspen Pistol EX-93-2E

© Beth Herges

3-02 365d 27,300 4.3% 1179 3.2% 881 Next 4 Dams: EX-91-2E, VG-87, VG-86 & VG-86 We're looking forward to hosting the #PolledPlace Tag Sale in June! Let us know if you're interested in consigning. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! June 18-21 - #PolledPlace Tag Sale June 20 - Youth Fitting & Showmanship Clinic

Brian & Sue Crull and family

N2552 Balls Mill Road, Monroe, WI 53566 Brian: 815-601-3673  Sue: 815-988-4007 crullbrian@yahoo.com  crullsue@gmail.com www.facebook.com/BriarHolsteins

Briar Shotgun Piston P-Red Born: 9/17/14 (Shotgun P x Advent x Aspen Pistol)

She's Red & Polled!



TAG SALE June 18-21, 2015

Hosted by Briar Holsteins, Monroe, WI Now accepting consignments! Contact: Stephanie Stout 608.732.2757 polledplace@polleddairycattle.com Brian Crull 815.601.3673 crullbrian@yahoo.com Sue Crull 815.988.4007 crullsue@gmail.com #PolledPlace 11


Breeder Perspectives on POLLED This magazine was developed for those passionate about Polled! In the #PolledPanel feature of #PolledPlace, breeders have the opportunity to share their perspective on Polled. Thank you to these breeders for sharing their Polled story and views on the future of Polled in their respective breeds! POLLED JERSEYS Hometown Jerseys Bath, Ontario, Canada

Neil, Melanie, Chelsea & Nicholas Hunter My wife Melanie and I milk 50 Jerseys in a tie-stall located in Bath, Ontario, Canada. The focus of the breeding program is developing cows who are strong enough to compete at the feed bunk, producing high volumes of milk from a high forage TMR diet. Those production cows also need to have enough “general appearance” to be able to convert to a hay/balage/grain diet and compete at national level shows. We then take the best sons from these cows and market semen worldwide through our own distribution under the Hometown Sires label. We started breeding polled four years ago after a visit to Huffard Jersey Farms in Virginia, USA. On that visit, I had picked out three cows that excelled in Jim’s herd and matched my breeding goals. Later that year, I received word that Jim had received a genomic test on a polled bull calf that was so high, he would be in the top 10 bulls of the breed. That bull was Schultz Legal Critic-P and happened to be a son of one of the three cows I had picked out as my favorites. We immediately struck a deal with Jim in order to add those genetics to our IVF program before the world found out about this young bull. We do not vary from our breeding philosophy in order to add polled. In other words, we do not want to give anything up in order to add this trait to our herd. As a result, we have added polled slowly through offspring (male & female) from Chilli-P or the only other polled cow I have seen who matches our requirements, Jars of Clay Venerable 1771 2620-P. The later cow is the dam of the highest polled bull in the breed Kash-In Shootout-P at +203 GJPI, +592CM (Feb ’15). Chilli-P was the first cow we started breeding polled

12 #PolledPlace

into. We have used two of Chilli-P’s sons, Catapult-P and Combustion-P to add polled to production cows like Gabys Artist Ambrosia EX-94, the highest butterfat producer in Canada in 2011, as well as typical show families like Rapid Bay Ressurection Faith VG-88, a Star Brood cow and daughter of 2X class winner at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Polled bulls represented in our herd include Hometown Catapult-P (Layne x Chilli-P), Hometown Dominican Combustion-P (Dominican x Chilli-P) and Kash-In Spartan-P (Plus x Venerable 1771-P). We are currently using Kash-In Shootout-P as an elite flush sire since he is the highest GJPI polled bull tested at the time of the December 2014 proof run. Shootout-P is from the leading polled cow family in the Jersey breed and matches the consistent type pattern that all of his siblings display. That consistency of breeding and high production also led us to lease this bull and market his semen worldwide as part of our Hometown Sires portfolio. As far as availability of polled, the Jersey breed is still in the midst of developing enough polled bulls who can compete with the highest horned bulls. There are some tremendous breeders who are focused on achieving this goal and ground is being gained. At this point, there has not been a homozygous polled bull genomically tested who is high enough to accelerate this process. In the future, we would like to see two or three family lines which can compete with the highest polled sires/females who are also homozygous polled. I would hope that those families were also the kind which will be appealing to “showring” breeders. I see polled as a very necessary part of the future in all breeds. The wave of uptake or interest seems to come every time there is a polled bull high enough to compete with horned bulls. It is only a matter of time before it becomes a very high percentage within the Jersey breed.

KASH-IN SHOOTOUT-P Highest Polled Bull in the Jersey Breed +203 GJPI +592 CM$ (Feb '15) Now available from Hometown Jerseys! continued on page 14

#PolledPlace 13


continued from page 12

POLLED HOLSTEINS Luck-E Holsteins Hampshire, Illinois, USA

Joe, Margaret, Hope & Blake Engel I own and operate Luck-E Holsteins with my brother and parents in Hampshire, Illinois. We currently milk 170 cows and currently all of our 2-year-olds have an average classification score of VG-85 and all 2nd+ lactation cows average EX-90. We take pride in breeding and marketing quality type and strength and have this same goal with our Polled animals. Today, our herd is about 95% homebred and in 2014 alone has had 33 new Excellent cows and over 50 new very good 2-year-olds. For years, the average score of the dams of all cows in the herd is EX-91 or EX-92. We are very active in marketing and sell 100 to 150 animals a year including many high level show cows and have marketed embryos to over 16 countries. Since becoming partner, the farm has bred more than 15 All-American Nominations, many State Show winners and National Show Champions both in the US and Europe. Currently we have multiple bulls in AI, including the #1 Udder bull in the breed, Luck-E Awesome-Red and the new Polled bull, Luck-E Ladd Atlanta-P-RC. Some of our early Polled genetics include daughters by Rocco P and Mitey P. Our oldest Polled cow will turn 6 this summer, Luck-E Rocco Krimson P-Red VG-88. Krimson P is a daughter of Luck-E Talent Kiwi EX-93 and her dam is an EX-92 full sister to Luck-E Advent Kandie-Red EX95, the 2014 Reserve Grand Champion of the International Red & White Show at World Dairy Expo and Unanimous All-American Red & White 5-year-old. Krimson P was bred to Mitey P and the heifer that resulted was Polled and we were able to export embryos from her as a heifer. We also plan to flush Kandie-Red to a Polled bull in the future! We started to breed Polled more heavily when Ladd P came out since he fit our breeding goals for high type and strength. We used him on several of our elite cow families and this created the new high type Polled sire Luck-E Ladd

14 #PolledPlace

Breeder Perspectives on POLLED Atlanta-P-RC. Atlanta P is the #3 Polled sire for Type at +2.45 PTAT. He is a Ladd P son of Luck-E Advent Atlanta-ET-RC EX-94 and is available from Glaz-Way Enterprises. Other cow families we bred Polled into included a 9th generation EX Mr Burns that we flushed to Ladd P and those daughters are starting to freshen now and look very fancy. We also have a Ladd P from Baltimore that is from our breeding. We sold her as a yearling to Ferme Blondin and she produced a Ladd P heifer that we purchased at +2040 GTPI and over +3.00 PTAT. We're looking forward to her show potential. We have daughters in the herd by Mitey P, Ladd P, Rocco P, Lawn Boy P, Atlanta P and Eraser P. For Polled bulls, we're currently using Atlanta P, Powerball P, Champ P, Eraser P and Science P. Our whole focus on Polled is to make the same kind of individuals that we already have in our herd while maintaining the quality type and strength that we currently have. Ladd P and Ladd P sons, I feel, are going to open up opportunities for Polled in the type market. As far as the availability of Polled, I would like to see more of these high type sons become available. Right now, it seems limited for the bulls that we want for our specific goals of high type, so that makes us want to make bulls to fill that void. With our Polled animals, our goal is to make sons out of the calves we're making right now, several coming from the "A" family of Asia and Atlanta that could be Polled. We would like to see more high type Polled bulls from deep pedigrees and feel that IVF is helping to speed up this process. You can make Polled and Homozygous Polled from some of the hottest families in the breed. I feel that Polled will continue to become more popular as it becomes more visible with the increase in the number of Polled animals in the shows. In the Holstein breed, I think the percentage of Polled animals will increase a lot and the genetic gap will start to close in over time. Now, it is a niche, eventually it will become more of a mainstream part of people's breeding.

LUCK-E ADVENT ATLANTA-RC EX-94 Dam of Luck-E Ladd Atlanta-P-RC #3 Polled Sire for Type Available from Glaz-Way Enterprises


Focus on POLLED sale highlights

Polled Sale Consignments

Ohio Holstein Convention Sale March 13 - Wapakoneta, Ohio


Green/Rock Dual County Sale

Hauve Complete Herd Dispersal

 POLLED FALL CALF SELLS! Polled RED Shotgun P x Advent x EX-932E Aspen sells. Next 4 dams EX or VG. Consigned by Briar Holsteins

 FANCY POLLED HEIFERS SELL! Colt 45 Winter Yrlg x EX-91 Sept Storm & Red Colt P Summer Yrlg x Destry sell!

March 21 - Brooklyn, Wisconsin

+2052 Polled RED Appl Jax P sells. 2nd dam is Planet Silk. Consigned by April-Day

JaCher Colt P Rissy-P-Red VG-86 sells! She's bred to Integral and milking over 75 lbs. Next dam is a VG Advent. Consigned by Jacher Holsteins

Apple Mania Sale

March 20 - Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


April 3 - Cashton, Wisconsin

Barron Spring Classic Sale April 4 - Barron, Wisconsin

Polled Cashcoin sells born in April from the Apples! She's ready to flush! Consigned by Schneller

 POLLED HEIFERS SELL! Polled RED Colt P x Schug Persia What4Red EX-93-2E sells bred to Absolute. Next 3 dams EX or VG. Consigned by Bob Lentz

Polled *RC Shanosber P sells! Dam is GP Superstition, then VG Shottle. Consigned by Keehn

Polled Golden PP x Realtime sells. Traces back to Raven EX-93. Consigned by John & Tineke Boschma

Iowa Holstein Spring Sale

New York Spring Holstein Sale

 POLLED OVERTIME SELLS! Polled Overtime Summer Yrlg sells from Kerndtway Shottle Hemi VG-85 VG-MS. Consigned by Schutte & Joachim

 POLLED ADDICTION P SELLS! Polled RED Addiction P sells - maternal sister to the #1 Polled Type Sire, Frizz P. Dam is EX-91 Absolute from Penn-Gate Skychief Finesse EX-95-3E EX-97-MS. Consigned by Kevin Beiler

March 21 - West Union, Iowa

Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Sale

March 21 - West Springfield, Mass

 POLLED WINTER CALF SELLS! Polled RED Ladd P sells from EX-90 Advent. Next 3 dams VG. Consigned by Mayval Farm

April 11 - Syracuse, New York

Global Impact Sale

April 21 - Lardner Park, Victoria, Aus  POLLED COLT 45 P SELLS!

The Leading Ladies of Spring Sale KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-3E DOM Polled *RC Atwood sells from a VG-87 Colt P x 2x Unanimous All-American Ms Candy Apple-Red EX-94-2E. Consigned by FDB, MB Luckylady & Dymentholm

+2299GTPI Polled RED Olympian sister to Addiction P sells. Dam is Ms Apples Ainsley-RC VG-86. Consigned by Heath, Heida & Rauen Polled Ladd P Fall Calf sells from Ms Apples Angel-RC EX-94-2E. Consigned by Angel Associates Defiant or Doorman choice sells from Sunspark Ladd Appleici P-Red. Next dam is Apples Applause EX-94. Consigned by Clint Wade & Justin Hogge

March 27 - East Lansing, Michigan

 POLLED GOLDEN PP SELLS! Polled Golden PP September calf sells from VG-86 Alexander x EX-91 Shottle back to Southwind Kaye. Consigned by Red Carpet Holsteins

Michigan Jersey State Sale

March 28 - East Lansing, Michigan

Lightning Ridge CMD Colt 45 Delicate P*RC She sells! A Polled *RC Colt 45 P sells from VG Snowman x VG Atwood x EX Shottle x Debutante Rae from the Roxys. Consigned by Declan Patten & Callum Moscript

SUNY Cobleskill Dairy Fashions Sale

More on these sales in the next issue!  Elm Park Farms Complete Dispersal May 15 - Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin Check out their ad on page 16 for more!  #PolledPlace Tag Sale June 18-21 - Monroe, Wisconsin

 POLLED FRESH ECLIPES P SELLS! Fresh Polled Eclipes P sells from Stora of Oblong Valley EX-94 Consigned by Place Jerseys

March 28 - Cobleskill, New York

 FRESH POLLED COLT P SELLS! Stowdale Colt Crimp-P-Red sells fresh! Consigned by Gary Stowell

Save the Dates!

#PolledPlace 15

150 Head


150 Head

Friday, May 15 • 11:00 a.m. • Sheboygan Falls, WI

75 young cows! 30 bred heifers (many carrying valuable ET heifer calves)! 45 calves & yearlings! Over 40 polled & 10 homozygous polled will sell! Red & Whites and RC with tremendous depth of pedigree! (Sale will be held the day before the Wisconsin Showcase Sale, just 30 minutes away!)

Elm-Park Tarma P-ET *RC GP-83

Fresh 9-11-14, this Colt-P looks tremendous and her dam is world famous “Rubens Tory” EX-92 DOM with 1559F! Granddam 3E-94 GMD DOM with 1645F! Numerous family members sell.

Welcome-Tel Alchmy Patti-ET *RC GP-82

Scored just fresh and looks to move higher quickly, this Alchemy daughter sells backed by a VG-88 Bowser dam and granddam VG-89 GMD DOM “Goldwyn Penya”! e family of Peyton & Peoti! GTPI on Patti +2211!

Kamps-Hollow Altitude-ET 2E-95 DOM

VG-85 Magna P granddaughter sells from Acme’s EX-90 full sister with 27,080M 918F 948P. Granddam is Altitude. Apple family! National show winners! All-Americans! Family members sell.

is herd is young. Many fresh with first calf and yet to be scored. ere will also be a number of fresh grade heifers selling. Semen in limited supply will be offered like Triple reat and others, including 5 units of Goldwyn! Sale managed by/Catalogs:

Owners: Louis & Max Prange

N7124 Willow Rd., Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085 bullseye@elmparkfarms.com Office: 920-893-8844 Louis: 920-980-5700 Max: 920-980-5703

WI license #2359-052

Dave & Merry Rama • 4236 Co. Hwy. 18, Delhi, NY 13753 Ph :607/746-2226 • Fax: 607/746-2911 email: daveramasr@cattlexchange.com • www.cattlexchange.com

Polled Red Roxy


Rainbow PP-RC VG-86

Roma P-Red

Rokeyroad Mitey

2-02 365d 30,270m 5.1% 1544f 3.4% 1028p Mitey x VG-88 Advent x EX Redman x Perk Rae EX Dam of Rascal PP-RC at DairyBullsOnline.com IVF embryos by MainEvent & Delta AVAILABLE!

Rokeyroad Colt-P

First 2 tests, 105lbs. & 109lbs. *Will be classified in April* Maternal sister to Rainbow PP by Colt-P Full sister to Rokstar PP-Red at Jetstream Genetics Her RC GoldChip dtr looks great & will be shown as a Fall Calf!

Visit our website for more updates!

Dwight & Anita Rokey

16 #PolledPlace

2021 T Road, Sabetha, KS 66534 Phone: 785-284-2669 Cell: 785-285-0142 darokey@rokeyroad.com ~ www.rokeyroad.com

28,200 RHA 3.8 % F 3.0 % P Stage II Johnes Free Herd “LIKE ROKEYROAD” on Facebook for the latest information

Polled is Blossoming at Manannah-Valley Mi-Ro-Ze Potter Pebbles EX-90

4-07 365d 34,420 3.3% 1152 2.8% 968 Polled Ladd P daughter just fresh with an Addiction P heifer - will be classified soon! both owned with Stephanie Stout Polled grand-daughters by Long P & Halogen owned with Dennis Gransee

Congratulations to Dennis Gransee on being named 2015 MN PDCA Breeder of the Year for Red & White!

Manannah-Valley Faith-Red VG-87 3-08 365d 22,850 4.4% 1004 3.1% 697 Polled Proxy grand-daughter Next dam EX-92-4E owned by John & Julie

More Polled Favorites Polled Malone x VG Lawn Boy P x VG x EX from Harmony Corners breeding

Red Carrier Polled Halogen x Magna P x VG-85 Jet-Red from Briar Holsteins breeding both owned with Lenkaitis Holsteins Polled Proxy due in June back to these 4 EX Dams owned by Bernie & Aggie


Inquiries Welcome

Come as a visitor... ...Leave as a Friend!

John & Julie Schmitz Bernie & Aggie Schmitz

58253 360th St. Eden Valley, MN 55329 jjjjjs@meltel.net | (320) 420-2432

#PolledPlace 17

The Pursuit of Polled Perfection

POLLED JERSEYS Unlock Your Potential!

Brookbora Love Lies 659 Another season about to begin at Taughboyne Jerseys! We look forward to working with: Brookbora Love Lies 659 (Vanahlem x Taranak) - currently flushing to POLLED sires Our 1st homebred HOMOZYGOUS POLLED heifer, Comedy Critic PP (Critic P x Larfalot) 20 potential HOMOZYGOUS POLLED AI calves to be born in 2015!

Taughboyne Jerseys ~ Victoria, Australia ~ taughboyne@bigpond.com

Polled Testing #PolledPlacings

There are 2 independent origins of polled, one found in Holstein-Friesian and Jersey breeds (Pf), the other in many European breeds of Celtic origin (Pc) such as Angus, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Dexter, Limousin, Charolais, and Hereford, among others. Polledness is dominant; a polled animal can have one or two copies of the gene. All offspring of a bull with 2 copies of polled (homozygous) will be polled. Genetic testing is a cost-effective means to determine if a polled animal has 1 or 2 copies of the gene. The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory offers a test for the polled gene to assist breeders in selecting cattle that have 2 copies of Polled gene. H/H HORNED. No copies of either Polled molecular marker are present. Pf/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Pf/Pf POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker are present. All offspring will be polled. Pc/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Celtic molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Pc/Pc POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Celtic molecular marker are present. All offspring will be polled. Pc/Pf POLLED. One copy of Polled-Celtic and 1 copy of Polled-Friesian molecular markers are present. All offspring will be polled.

Phone: (530) 752-2211 www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/Polled.php

18 #PolledPlace

POLLED Sire Rankings

COMING SOON! USDA/CDCB Proof Evaluations will be released on April 7th!

Included in the next issue will be the listings of available Polled sires and top rankings of Polled cows/heifers in all breeds. Do you have available Polled sires to include? Do you have high-ranking Polled cows/heifers? Send them to polledplace@polleddairycattle. com by April 15th for the May/June issue of #PolledPlace.


Our Polled Potential is Bright! Cari PP

Hyden Chris Cari PP-ET-RC Born: September 8, 2013 +2134GTPI +326NM$ +1.59T +1.53UDC +0.96FLC +5.5PL 2.82SCS +3.9DPR 12/2014

Ladd P x Colt P

Bumble Bee P

Ms Chipper Bumble Bee P-ET Born: September 28, 2013 +2237GTPI +424NM$ +1.99T +1.75UDC +1.02FLC +1051M +12F +35P 12/2014 Chipper P x Bookem

We have over 40 pregnancies from Cari PP & Bumble Bee P 3476 S 80th Avenue, New Era, MI 49446 Nicholas Mitteer Phone: (231) 578-0618 Email: nick@countrydairy.com www.countrydairy.com ww.facebook.com/CountryDairy

Mating Sires Include:

Silver, AltaSpring, Monterey, Powerball, Bayonet, Ocean, Champ, 1stClass, Addiction & Eraser

19 We currently have over 200 potential POLLED pregnancies &#PolledPlace counting!


Rainer Schmitt is the herdsman for Agrargesellschaft Baruther Urstromtal mbH & Co.KG., the farm that is wellknown for the Homozygous Polled Jersey, Evita PP (featured on the cover). Rainer shares with us his story on Polled and the dairy farm he manages in Germany. Our Farm is located 50 km south of Berlin. It used to be a cooperative farm through the communism area before the wall came down. In 1993, the farm changed into a people owned company run by a manager. In 2000, Mr. Rehberg, the former boss, started crossbreeding the 400 Holstein cows with Jerseys. We farm 500 hectares of land and race our own offspring. There are 15 people that work on the farm, part and full time. The cows are kept in freestall barns during winter and go out on pasture from April to October. The official name of the farm is Agrargesellschaft Baruther Urstromtal mbH & Co.KG. Since we have Jerseys it´s called www.Jerseyzucht-Schoebendorf.de.

I took over the herd as a herdsman in 2008 with 50 purebred Jerseys and 350 Holsteins and crossbreeds. Since September last year, I'm responsible for the whole farm management and currently, we have 350 Jerseys and a couple crossbreeds left. My mission statement and also my future goal is to lead the farm through the next time without the quota system in Europe and create an outstanding purebred Jersey herd. My standards for selecting bulls are udder and components. I really believe in cow families – one of my favorites is the Evita PP family. I have 8 offspring from different bulls and they turned out as nice strong dairy animals. Another great cow is our 16 year old Danish Heidi, still milking in her 13th lactation. I like her milking daughters, all strong and problem free like their mother. Her last calf was a nice polled Oliver P heifer calf, so the story goes on! Through embryo import, we came to involve different North American cow families like Kaptain Mitzy EX-94 and Vivacious Brown Cow EX-92, but they are just starting to be cows and looking very promising. We are a very young herd and I've only been involved with the Jersey

Focus on International POLLED Rainer Schmitt - Germany breed for 7 years, but I can tell that they will turn out to be a couple nice animals for the future. I got involved with Polled animals 25 years ago as a boy on my home farm. My job was to dehorn the calves and I never really liked it, so I found the first polled bulls in Germany like Perplex and Lypoll-Red. I think polled has a big future, especially in Germany and all of Europe because the governments are thinking about not allowing us to dehorn animals. I don't think there is anybody out there who likes to dehorn calves and now with the genomic results, there has turned out to be a lot of really good Polled bulls, which is important to me because I wouldn't just use a bull only because he is Polled, he needs to meet my breeding goals as well. There are a lot of things that make our farm unique! First of all, it is not usual for Germany to have Jerseys at all! There are only 3000 Jersey cows in the country among more than 2 million different dairy cows. Another thing is to have the cows on the pasture in our area, and with our herd size, this is also unique, but it works great for us and we love it. My passion is the Jersey breed and my hobby is Polled. So far, I have used Miro P, Dallas PP, Motivation PP, Eclipes P, Critic P, Oliver P and Nikon P. So the polled animal community on our dairy is growing, right now we have approximately 60 Polled cattle and will be adding several more in the near future.

Jerseys grazing at Agrargesellschaft Baruther Urstromtal mbH & Co.KG. in Germany

20 #PolledPlace

#PolledPlace 21


DairyBullsOnline & Kulp Genetics Kulp-Dale Golden PP-Red Makes History

was presented in the hotel before the Venture Genetics Dispersal in December of 2012. We were not aware the auctioneer Brian Craswell was watching, but we could not have felt happier for David & Dr. Anne Kulp the Kulps as Breeders of Kulp-Dale Golden PP-Red he mentioned DairyBullsOnline, although relative- at the start of the sale "I saw them ly new in the industry, is starting to make write the breeder the check for the Polled history as one of the leading AI bull - That's pretcompanies with one of the world's best and ty cool!" There most diverse polled line-ups, half of which were lots of ruare Homozygous Polled. To date, they have mors out there, 28 Polled bulls in their sire catalog, 13 of so we thought these are Homozygous Polled and will we would tell the make 100% Polled calves. whole story beFounded in January of 2011, Dairy- hind the events BullsOnline has become known as a lead- leading up to er in Polled genetics. DairyBullsOnline this. is owned by Roy MacGregor and Bryan It started with Quanbury from Ontario, Canada. Roy an ad DairyBullwas the owner and operator of Arron Doon sOnline placed Holsteins until his dispersal in 2008. He in the Cattle Conremains involved with Venture Genetics nection, The Red that focuses on Polled Holsteins. Bryan has Bloodlines and over 15 years of AI experience and has been Holstein Internainvolved with all levels of the AI business. tional. We had Together, they have a vision of rewarding arranged to work the breeders of top bulls with the financial with Nebraska incentive and recognition that they de- Bull Service to serve. Roy and Bryan have the ability to help find Top work on the breeders' behalf to help market Polled Holstein their bulls through DairyBullsOnline. Bulls. "Polled is our passion, marketing is These ads our strength" is the slogan for DairyBull- helped genersOnline. They are not afraid to bring new ate leads. It also concepts to the market. They are focused on caused more increasing the awareness and availability control of early of Polled bulls while bringing more profit release Polled back to the breeder. Kulp-Dale Golden PP- semen requiring Red put one of these new marketing con- signed contracts. cepts on the map. DairyBullsOnline shares That has not disthe story behind Golden PP-Red. couraged us. We It is with great pride that DairyBull- have worked sOnline was able to present the first p r o m o t i n g payment to David and Dr. Anne Kulp Polled genetics of Kulp Genetics for their bull Kulp- and we have built Dale Golden PP-Red. They payment r e l a t i o n s h i p s

22 #PolledPlace

and connections with the breeders of Polled and anyone interested in Polled. We helped arrange a sale of Kulp-Dale Snow Gold (sister to Golden PP) for Kulp Genetics to Benner Holsteins, Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. The trust we built working with the Kulps earned us the privilege of testing KulpDale Golden PP-Red. The bull came back on his first evaluation with good genomics. With your heifers, you can find out where they rank on each genomic round, with bulls, you only know the bulls tested by the NAAB member that did the testing. Together with the Kulps, we waited patiently hoping we were working with what may be the top Homozygous Polled bull. An indicator we were close is looking at how the homozygous females were testing.

continued on page 24

Red Polled Fantasy

Her Polled Addiction P Sells NY Spring Sale

SRP Absolute Fantasy-Red-ET EX-91 EX-MS 3-00 2x 365d 28,150 4.4% 1228 3.4% 949 SELLING April 11th - NY Spring Holstein Sale! Garden-State Firefly P-Red POLLED, RED 12/14 Addiction P x Fantasy

Fantasy © Billy Heath; Frizz P © Jenny Thomas

Next Dam: Oakfield-Bro Fontain-Red-ET EX-90-2E 3rd Dam: Penn-Gate RMarker Ferggy EX-93-3E 4th Dam: Penn-Gate Skychief Finesse-ET EX-95-3E EX-97-MS Dam of 21 EX Daughters

Fantasy’s POLLED Ladd P Son Garden-State Ladd Frizz P-Red 91HO5575 #1 PTAT for POLLED & #3 PTAT for RED +2008GTPI +2.76T +2.38UDC +1.54FLC Available from Ag-Link Genetics Phone: (570) 836-6593 Email: aglinks@aol.com www.ag-link.com

Firefly P-Red is consigned by Kevin Beiler, NJ Phone: (315) 420-2260 Sea Breeze Holsteins

A Bright Future with POLLED

Leading the way in Polled Holstein genetics in Australia Young Polled Bulls & Embryos Available Contact Paul Condon - email: seabreezeholsteins@gmail.com


Follow us on social media!

Talking POLLED and aAa with Peter Aalberts from Holland www.facebook.com/PolledDairyCattle www.twitter.com/PolledPlace

POLLED the humane choice POLLED nature’s dehorner POLLED the future is now!

Ardachie POLLED Jerseys Marton, New Zealand

Email: ardachie@xtra.co.nz #PolledPlace 23


continued from page 22 When Elm-Park Geisha PP-Red topped the 2012 World Dairy Classic Sale with lower genomics than Kulp-Dale Golden PP-Red, we were pretty sure he could be the highest PP bull. The other key factor in young genomic bulls is getting them to produce semen at a young age. The Kulps did an excellent job of raising the bull. He arrived at Nebraska Bull Service at 10 months of age. Nebraska Bull Service was able to get good quality semen froze by 11 months of age. We had delayed marketing until this step was confirmed. We then sent his first collection the breeder. The next series of events that happened still amazes us. We were working on a marketing concept for Facebook. A community page for Kulp-Dale Golden PP-Red was made. The page was just being setup for future marketing and the picture started getting lots of likes and was being shared. We then posted on the DairyBullsOnline Facebook page. Within 20 minutes,

DairyBullsOnline & Kulp Genetics Kulp-Dale Golden PP-Red Makes History

the following message came: "I want to make an offer on this bull and not use a single unit outside of my herd...." These comments were made by Jerry Jorgensen of Ri-Val-Re Holsteins in Michigan. We know Jerry and knew he was serious. Our first step was to discuss the offer with the breeder. Their own plans to use the bull were put on hold as things were being considered. The offer came on Saturday, so we left it until Monday to decide. After it settled in and everyone involved thought about it, we decided it would be best for the breeder and the bull to take the offer. Golden PP-Red's first 5 units sold for $50,000! The payment was made by Ri-Val-Re and the semen arrived on December 5th. The story for Kulp-Dale Golden PP-Red has just started. The bull just turned one year old on December 18, 2012. Exclusivity will end on March 5th. This gives us time for the bull to build some inventory and allow for a strategic launch. How many bulls come to market at 14 months of age

with only use in one herd? He is the highest GTPI Homozygous Polled bull. Every embryo and every calf will be Polled! This bull will rapidly transmit a new generation of Polled offspring every time. Contact DairyBullsOnline to discuss Kulp-Dale Golden PP-Red and how we can work with you, the breeder by calling 1-855-222-2013 or email info@dairybullsonline.com. This blog post was posted on the DairyBullsOnline website and quickly spread to other dairy media sources in a very quick time period. This story was just the beginning of the unique marketing talents that DairyBullsOnline could offer to breeders. Since then, breeder owned bulls including All-Riehl Ladds Champ P-RC, Thurler Earnhardt Red Nick P-Red-VRC and Mr Apples McGucci-RC have been marketed by DairyBullsOnline for their breeders. Stay tuned for another exciting opportunity that DairyBullsOnline is currently working on!

Visit the Polled Dairy Cattle Website!

#PolledPlace ONLINE A place for people interested in the promotion and education of Polled Dairy Cattle.



24 #PolledPlace

Hoping for a Polled Spring

Lemajru-N Gopher Jazzy VG-86

4-06 305d 33,471m 3.0% 1010f 3.2% 1071p Her Alexander daughter is due this spring to Ohare P

More Potential Polled Spring Arrivals

6 Ohare P embryos x Lemajru-N Shamrock Glee P +2004GTPI 2 sons sent to AI from this mating - AltaWild & Ticket P! Werth P x Lemajru-N Hadrain Merlin GP-83

Lemajru Dairy Farm LLC

Charles & Julie Nelkie ď‚ Michael & Abigail O-Farrell 1595 W. State Road, West Branch, MI 48661 Phone: 989-345-2255 Email: lemajru@gmail.com Find us on Facebook!

We have POLLED BULLS for sale - give us a call!

Got Polled Ayrshires?

Elite-Hawk Jessamine P EX-92-2E

6-11 365d 32,409 3.6 1152 3.2 1043 Her Polled Burdette Son NOW AVAILABLE at Accelerated Genetics! 14AY0037 Hawksfield Jamison P Watch for a new photo in the next issue of #PolledPlace!

Your Source for POLLED AYRSHIRE Genetics!

Hawksfield Farms

Charles, Henry, Shirley, Diane, Mark, Mary, Grace & Jonathan Sayles Perry, Michigan Email: ayrhawk2@gmail.com POLLED Dairy Cattle - Ayrshires, Holsteins, Red & Whites and a Jersey #PolledPlace 25

#PolledPlace #PolledPlatform The Marketplace for POLLED

Ed Smith

Animal Analysis Associate

Animal Analysis Since 1950

Phone: 847.395.5976 Cell: 847.372.0602 Email: ed.pat@att.net www.aAaWeeks.com

Happy Anniversary! This issue marks the 1 year anniversary of #PolledPlace! With contract advertisers from 5 countries and articles included in the first year from breeders in 6 different countries, it has been an exciting year for Polled. Thank you to the advertisers, subscribers and #PolledPromoters that made this first year a success! I'm looking forward to many more years to come and continue to enjoy watching the popularity and awareness of Polled Dairy Cattle grow around the world. I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet some great breeders and promoters in the industry, even if we've only met through social media!

54HO757 CHAD P*RC Spring Polled Opportunities +2260GTPI As Spring is right around the corner, so are numerous Spring Sales, Semen Available from: many of which have POLLED animals offered in them. I am blown away




10454 160th St. Glencoe, MN 55336 Cell: (952)297-2811 glenmarkgenetics@hotmail.com

Inquiries Welcome Come as a visitor... ...Leave as a Friend!

John & Julie Schmitz Bernie & Aggie Schmitz

58253 360th St. Eden Valley, MN 55329 jjjjjs@meltel.net | (320) 420-2432

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SchoeneStaciKuh Dairy Sexton 61588 County Road 2  PO Box 203 Millville, MN 55957 Phone: 651-564-0857 Email: schonekuhdairy@gmail.com

by the number of Polled lots that are selling in the next couple of months AND the quality of Polled animals that are being offered...too many to even list in this issue's #PolledPrices feature on page 15, so stay tuned for more in the May/June issue! Do you have Polled sale consignments that you would like included? Email them to polledplace@polleddairycattle.com by April 20th for the next issue. There is no charge for being included in this feature. More #PolledPrices will be promoted on the Polled Dairy Cattle Facebook page and on Twitter. Be sure to "like" and "follow" #PolledPlace on social media by visiting www.facebook.com/PolledDairyCattle and www.twitter.com/PolledPlace.

Save The Dates! #PolledPlace Tag Sale - June 18-21, 2015 I'm very excited to announce the 1st #PolledPlace Tag Sale will be June 18-21, 2015! This sale will be hosted by Briar Holsteins in Monroe, Wisconsin. 100% of the animals offered will be POLLED! More details on page 4 of this issue. Let me know if you are interested in consigning. Embryos and choices will also be offered. Watch for the May/June issue of #PolledPlace for more specific information on the Polled lots that will be included in this Tag Sale!

Think Spring!

Stephanie Stout Editor

Polled Advertisers

aAa®Weeks® Accelerated Ardachie Jerseys Beiler/AgLink Briar Holsteins Burket Falls Farm Country Dairy DairyBullsOnline Elm Park Farms

26 #PolledPlace

26 13 23 23 11 5 19 28 16

GGI/AgLink 2 Glenmark 26 Hawksfield 25 Lemajru Dairy 25 ManannahValley17,26 MKVT Polled Holst 3 Rokeyroad 16 Rollen N’s Dairy 27 Schoene Kuh 26

Sea Breeze Holsteins 23 Select Sires 21 Taughboyne 18 Twisted Genes 26 Warrencrest 25 Westdama 9 Yoder Family Farm 7

Next Advertising Deadline: April 20th

Springing Ahead with Polled Genetics Over 50% of our milking herd is now Polled and more PO and PP heifers will be entering the milking herd this year!

Working with some of the Highest PP animals in the breed!

Polled embryos available! Some guaranteed Homozygous Polled!

THe Faus Family Nate Faus 607-426-4094 6190 Reading Road, Rock Stream, NY 14878 Email: rollenns@gmail.com We’re on Facebook at Rollen N’s Dairy

#PolledPlace 27

Rascal PP*RC

Lumber PP*RC

World’s Best & Most Diverse Homozygous Line-Up

Tom-Anna THOR PP +2011GTPI Andersonville 241 PP-RED +2006GTPI Rokeyroad RASCAL PP-RC +2003GTPI Lirr OPTION PP +1947GTPI Mr Rollen Ns LUMBER PP-RC +1913GTPI Tom-Anna STAMP PP +1883GTPI Our Top 6 PP Bulls Average: +1961GTPI

1-855-222-2013 28 #PolledPlace

+311NM$ +696M +67CFP +1.31PTAT +322NM$ +1205M +37CFP +0.39PTAT +249NM$ +558M +57CFP +1.76PTAT +258NM$ +265M +44CFP +1.14PTAT +205NM$ +528M +48CFP +1.37PTAT +259NM$ +910M +53CFP +0.46PTAT +267NM$ +694M +51CFP +1.07PTAT


Polled Bulls Shipped Direct To Your Door

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#PolledPlace March/April 2015  

#PolledPlace March/April 2015