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Volume 1 - March/April 2014

Your Source for Polled Dairy Cattle!

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HOMOZYGOUS REDS Major PP-Red West Port Major PP-Red-ET 151HO05834 • CAN 9927705 • aAa 315 Colt P-Red x Goldwyn (GP) x Steven (VG 2*) GPA Dec ‘13 | GTPI +1659 • GType +1.88 • Milk +286 Fat +40 +.11% • Prot +24 +.06% • SCC +2.91

Patty Jones

Major PP-Red: A Beautiful Red Bull that Eliminates Horns Every Time You Use Him! West Port Goldwyn Marble-ET*RC PO (GP)

Parma PP-Red Golden-Oaks Parma PP-Red-ET

151HO05820 • DEU 353649969 • aAa 324 Mitey P*RC x Perk (EX) x Rubens (EX) x Jubilant (EX) x Tony (EX) x HHT-Red (EX) x Elevation (EX) x Citation Roxy (EX) x Model Vee (EX) CDCB/USDA/HA Dec ‘13 | GTPI +1687 • GType +2.12 Fat +3 +.07% • Prot +0 +.05% • SCC +2.84

Patty Jones

Parma PP-Red: A Powerful Red Bull that Eliminates Horns Every Time You Use Him! Dam: Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red-ET EX-90

Order Major PP-Red & Parma PP-Red Semen Today! 2 800.525.2953 #PolledPlace PRODUCT OF THE USA




35% Polled & Growing Breeding & Promoting POLLED Since 1999!

Polled animals are sired by 54 different bulls. 50% of these received the Polled gene from their maternal side. Sires include: Colt P, Relief P, Earnhardt P, Proxy PP, Mitey P, Supersire, Shamrock, Observer, Shampoo, Jake, Hill & Red Oak



HEIFERS Send pedigrees & prices to Mark

Currently, there are 245 matings that could produce a Polled calf. 45 of these will produce a polled calf, 80 of these have a 75% chance of producing a Polled calf, 120 have a 50% chance. Odds are that 165 Polled calves will be born!


1966 Andersonville Rd, West Glover, VT 05875 | Phone: 802-673-2072 | Email: mr.ag@myfairpoint.net #PolledPlace 3 www.facebook.com/AndersonvilleDairy


Your Source for Polled Dairy Cattle!

#PolledPlace is an online and print publication that is published 6x/year by:

Polled Dairy Cattle

PO Box 813, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 Phone: (608) 732-2757 Fax: (608) 237-2310 Email: polledplace@polleddairycattle.com www.facebook.com/PolledDairyCattle Twitter @PRforbulls Website: www.polleddairycattle.com EDITOR: Stephanie Stout


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Cover #PolledPhoto

Special Dee just checking to see if this farmer fella is polled! Dee is a Dual PP x Dellia. Paul Condon of Seabreeze Holsteins in Australia submitted this winning photo to the Facebook Cover Photo Contest.

4 #PolledPlace

Calling all POLLED dairy enthusiasts!

To receive a FREE online subscription, send your email to: polledplace@polleddairycattle. com. Print subscriptions in the US & Canada are $30/year. International rate is $50/year. Polled Dairy Cattle does not always share the views expressed in #PolledPlace and is not responsible for information contained in advertisements. No part of this publication may be reproduced without consent of the publisher.


March 7 Golden Opportunity Sale Waddington, NY March 29 Clinton County Classic Sale Carlyle, IL April 4 Dream Prairie Complete Dispersal Westby, WI April 12 NY Spring Holstein Sale Syracuse, NY April 20 #PolledPlace Deadline May 3 The Co-Vista Grand Slam Sale Arcade, NY June 20 #PolledPlace Deadline June 25-27 Nat’l Ayrshire Convention East Peoria, IL June 25-28 Nat’l Brown Swiss Conv. East Peoria, IL June 25-28 Nat’l Holstein Convention Dubuque, IA June 25-28 Nat’l Milking Shorthorn Conv. Westfield, MA June 26-30 Nat’l Guernsey Convention LaCrosse, WI July 22-26 Nat’l Red & White Conv. Elkhorn, WI August 20 #PolledPlace Deadline Sept. 13-18 All-American Dairy Show Harrisburg, PA Sept. 30-Oct. 4 World Dairy Expo Madison, WI

We are as excited to develop elite polled genetics as we are elite Red & RC animals. Here’s a sampling of the ladies helping build our polled program:

CALLIE P *RC D&D Ottawa Beacon CALLIE-ET *RC; GP-83 @2yr An early Beacon, polled and RC. Neither she nor her red Relief P son at Accelerated Genetics have Lawn Boy in their pedigree.








ERIN P *RC Ri-Val-Re Soto ERIN P ET *RC An early Soto with sons in AI and numerous high GTPI daughters starting in our flush program.

LAUGH PP-RED Tiger-Lily M LAUGH PP-RED-ET (owned with Charlie Garrison) Tiger-Lily M LAUGH PP-RED-ET Homozygous polled Mitey P sister to Ladd P-Red, due in March. Her Supersire daughter will be a focus of our program.

Photo by Jenny Thomas, Cybil Fisher Photography

ROSE P-RED Ri-Val-Re Balti ROSE P-RED Stylish and polled, from the Redwings. Pregnancies by Anton, Lancome, and Tango.

REISLING P *RC April-Day M REISLING P-ET *RC Just fresh Magna P daughter of VERDEJO. Two sons in AI and high GTPI polled daughters by Sympatico and Parker P. She’s being recontracted.

GRIGIO P *RC April-Day Pinot GRIGIO P *RC; VG-85 @2yr Five sons in AI and several RC and polled daughters now in our flush program.

Unless otherwised noted, photos by Nick Sarbacker

Contact information:

Ed Peck


E: adredcows@gmail.com

#PolledPlace 5

• Facebook: April-Day

RED = P (polled) BLUE = p (horned) Watch the animated video at www.dairybullsonline.com! 6 #PolledPlace

Baby it’s Cold Outside!! POLLED

The weather has been awfully cold around here this winter, but our Polled breeding program is HEATING UP! Our goal is to breed hardworking, good looking Polled cows out of good cow families with great udders and feet & legs. Gene diversity and outcross are also important to us. We currently have 42 Polled heifers out of 37 dams from 26 DIFFERENT bulls!

Looking for embryos from Polled matings out of solid hardworking cows? Give us a call! We usually have a few on hand. Donald & Joan Yoder & Family

2655 Buckeye Road East Dublin, GA 31027 Phone: (478)278-2084 Email: donald@yoderfamilyfarm.com www.holsteinworld.com/yoderfamilyfarm

#PolledPlace 7


by Nicole Schirm & Stephanie Stout Social media is a tool that has seemed to have exploded overnight, two of the most popular would be Facebook which has been around a short 10 years and Twitter only 8 years (we might have cows older than that!), and already these programs have made us so dependent, it is nearly second nature for people to be checking their social media outlets constantly throughout the day to keep up with the latest events. These social networking tools are the perfect avenue for enthusiasts of any common interest to globally unite in a high traffic location and share ideas, promote and achieve goals at no expense. We caught up with five Polled breeders who offered us some insight to how they utilize these tools to make their Polled passion mainstream social media. At the time this magazine was sent to the printer, the Polled Dairy Cattle Facebook page had 1,595 likes. How many likes are there today? This is just one example of how fast social media is growing! GTPI animals have a polled parent and 30/50 top GTPI are polled. Andersonville AltaVP 11HO11441 semen available soon +2280GTPI +704NM$.

1. Can you give us a summary of your farming operation and those that help make it successful?

Bruce Cameron- We farm Polled Jerseys in New Zealand, and our herd descends from our foundation cow Poley (born 1926) and her son Ardachie First, her only Polled son. My fiancée Samantha and I along with Tristan Brimelow farm the 300 cows and 125 heifers and calves. Christof BaldusWe are breeding polled Red Holsteins and Holsteins on our farm in Germany. In addition to the animals at our farm, I coown some animals in Germany and the US. The US animals are owned together with Briar Holsteins in Wisconsin and are registered under the prefix B&B Genetics. Recently we added some polled Brown Swiss animals. Over the last few years we have collected semen from some of our most interesting Polled bulls and have marketed them internationally.

8 #PolledPlace

Donald Yoder- My wife and I both grew up on a dairy, but left the industry about 2 years after we were married in 1988. We had the privilege of getting back into the dairy business again in 2005. We are currently milking around 250 cows in two locations (90 in Dublin, GA and 160 in Dongola, IL). Both operations are family operated for the most part with only one employee who is not family. Red & White Holsteins are our preference, but the herd is predominantly Black & White Holsteins. Mark RodgersIn 1999, the first Polled Holsteins were born at Andersonville Dairy in West Glover, Vermont, and that same year I was named the Holstein Association USA Outstanding Young Breeder. Now in 2014, there are 160 Polled animals in herd of 450 and marks the 14th consecutive year of receiving the Holstein Association Progressive Genetics Award! Top 10 GTPI females with polled parent avg 2180 and 40/50 top

Ryan NighLirr Farm started with registered Holsteins in 1956 when my grandparents, Lewis and Irene Nigh, purchased their first registered animal. The prefix is a composite of the first letters of my grandparents’ names, my uncle’s name, Randy and my dad’s name, Robert. Currently we milk 70 cows in the driftless region near Viroqua, WI. The farm consists of my Uncle Randy, my dad, Robert, and myself. We farm about 900 acres of cropland and have 60 beef cows for recipients. 2. How long have you been breeding for Polled and what inspired you to start? Cameron- I’m the 3rd generation to breed for Polled, Granddad Jack and Grandma Val started with Poley and Mum and Dad continued. I’ve found breeding for Polled really interesting and a challenge with few other breeders interested in Polled in New Zealand. Baldus- I started to use Polled Red Holstein semen about 16 years ago. The advertisements from Burket-Falls Farm in The Red Bloodlines at this time and Frank Bouic’s Polled Newsletter informed me about Polled genetics. We started breeding Polled with the bull Burket-Falls Lo-Nox-Red P. Later bulls like Burket-Falls Priority-Red PP, Burket-Falls Fortify-Red P and Hickor ymea Tripod-P RC followed. In the last

Breeders Promoting POLLED on Social Media

several years in our herd at least one part of a mating has to be polled. In my home herd now all milking cows are polled and about 90% of young stock. Yoder- We made our first Polled mating in early 2011. Herby Lutz with Select Sires sent us some Colt P to flush a Million heifer to. This resulted in 1 horned heifer and 2 Polled ones. We loved the Polled heifers and started using a good bit of Polled semen in the fall of 2012. Today, our matings are probably 80% Polled and 20% show. Currently, we have 42 Polled heifers out of 37 different dams and 26 different sires. Rodgers- The Polled pioneers that influenced my breeding philosophy and love of Polled are AJCA Master Breeders Henry P Knolle and Stanley Chittenden, my father who gave me my first Polled Jersey calf in 1971, John and David Burket who shared their knowledge and showed me the first Polled Holsteins I had ever seen in 1998. Edwin Johnson who showed me his herd and whose bull Hickorymea Ottawa PP was used heavily at Andersonville as a Polled foundation, and Frank Bouic who first visited me because of my interest in Polled. And finally two great guys who have become fantastic friends because of Polled cattle, Bryan Quanbury and Roy MacGregor from DairyBullsOnline.com. Nigh- I bought my first Polled heifer in 2009 at World Dairy Expo. She was a red Lawn Boy daughter out of the Derrwyn Special Secret family. Once we bought her, we started thinking seriously about Polled and how valuable polled will be to the industry. So we started breeding other animals to Polled. We also purchased a pair of heifers from Hickorymea Farm. Once we started getting large groups of Polled calves, we knew that this was definitely the right direction for us and the industry. 3. What social media sources do you use to promote Polled? Cameron- I use Facebook with Ardachie Polled Jerseys and also post on the Australian Jersey Forum, and since last week Polled Dairy Breeders of Australia on Facebook. Baldus- I have used Facebook the last 4 years and Twitter about 2.5 years. Yoder- Facebook and a website are all

we are using currently. We’ve been running a farm page on Facebook since December 11, 2012. Back then, I saw an article on The Bullvine that had to do with getting started on Facebook and decided to try it. Rodgers- I’ve used Facebook primarily because I am comfortable with it and it is fun. I’ve been on Facebook for almost 3 years. Twitter is a newer experience for me, for just over a year. I use tweets to send messages during meetings, important information, thoughts and pictures. The picture of the polled calf with the plaid blanket and heart on forehead has made over 250,000 impressions (before #PolledPlace used it!). During February, I made tweets that were tracked to over 90,000 impressions. Nigh- I’m on Facebook and follow others in the industry.

4. What are the benefits of using social media? Cameron- Facebook is great for posting ideas and thoughts about Polled and posting other information about Jerseys or dairy issues that interest me. It’s also great for connecting with others interested in Polled where ever in the world they might live. I find the feedback and recent interest in Polled great. I’ve made contact with some really good people through Facebook. It’s really cheap advertising and you’re in control of the content. Baldus- Social media brings the information you have quickly to the people that are interested in knowing about them. Yoder- I like Facebook because it connects me with other farmers and friends around the globe. We are an industry that doesn’t really interact with each other that much. It gives us an opportunity to stay in touch with friends while we stay home and chore. It is also a very good way to tell our story to others who are not in the dairy business. Rodgers- Social media benefits include the opportunity to connect with people all over the country and the world who have similar interests. I have friends in Germany (whom I’ve now met in person as well as a friend from Germany who I first met in person and are now Facebook friends), Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, South America, and all over the US,

many of whom I have now met in person. Other benefits are being able to get info quickly on trends or issues that are important to me and the dairy industry. I can also share info with dairy friends as well as my non dairy friends in an informational way. I also get to see many good Polled animals that others post on Facebook Nigh- Social media has really changed dairy marketing, especially among younger farmers. Best of all, it’s free. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture and a tweet that goes viral is worth many more. Social media has made it easier than ever to promote farm operations and genetics. It takes seconds to post a picture and by clicking one button people can share it with thousands of others--all over the world. 5. What are some challenges you face using social media? Cameron- The amount of information each day is hard to digest and Polled is moving along so fast it’s hard to keep up with. Baldus- A challenge may be that you don’t always have the time to do all the things you could do..... Yoder- One of the biggest challenges I face is having the time to keep it up. Getting pictures and posting them with interesting script doesn’t come that easy for me and thus takes time! Rodgers- Biggest challenge for me on social media is knowing how to do everything and keeping up with it. I have trouble keeping up with twitter on a daily basis. Facebook I check every day. Nigh- I make social media posts unique by personalizing them. One of my posts in the past featured antlers from the bucks we got in deer season with the quote, “The horns are on the right animals at Lirr Farm!” This highlighted our Polled bulls, but was also timely as it was following an exceptional deer season. 6. What advice would you give to someone looking to start promoting with social media? Cameron- Start small and believe in what you do. I like photos of cattle in farm scenes. Continued on page 10

#PolledPlace 9

#PolledPromoters Continued from page 9 Baldus- Don’t hesitate, start posting interesting things and pictures and you will see if people like it. Yoder- Keep it simple and ordinary! It does not have to be perfect! This is not the New York Times, it is “your” page. You are not trying to land a job in journalism. You are just telling “your” story. Rodgers- It is easy to start promoting on social media with simple statements and good pictures, not professional quality necessarily, but pictures of clean animals, clean surroundings. Watching what works for others and liking will get you more friends or followers. Nigh- The best way to start is to start your own Facebook or Twitter account. Add friends from other organizations and utilize hash tags to start trending items. The more posts are shared, the more attention they are receiving. All it takes is one tweet to catch the attention of a blog or industry magazine. 7. How do you increase and maintain your social media following? Cameron- I just keep posting and am not worried about increasing the social media profile. I’m humbled at the following I’ve achieve which is only possible because of the support and promotion of Ardachie Polled Jerseys by others. Baldus- I try to find people that might be interested in my breeding and search others that have interesting stuff to show and tell. Always having some new pictures to show from your farm and animals is very important I think. Yoder- I don’t do a whole lot to try to increase or maintain our following. We do have the “Find us on Facebook” logo on ads and our website, but I do very little inviting friends to like us and such. We don’t have a huge following, but it does grow each week. People slowly find us and others have been very kind in sharing our posts from time to time. Rodgers- I haven’t tried to increase followers and make very few friend requests. I try to post or tweet intelligent and thought provoking statements and good pictures that entice people to follow me, or to friend me. I find it self serving to ask people to follow me, but

10 #PolledPlace

Breeders Promoting POLLED on Social Media

if I can provide a reason for them to like or follow me I am glad to accept. Nigh- While social media is inexpensive, to grow and maintain followers you need to make regular, interesting posts. Re-tweeting what’s already out there is a good start, but to take it to the next level you need to get a conversation started. 8. What makes your social media posts unique? Cameron- My focus is on Polled and I think my posts are simple and clear. I’m happy to post articles or photos of Polled dairy cattle and enjoy promoting Polled. Baldus- I don’t know if my posts are unique, but I try to breed something different and outcross and hope my followers like the information I give about that. Yoder- I don’t know that our posts are necessarily unique. Just the musings and ramblings of a common dairy farmer! Rodgers- I’m not sure my social media posts are unique but I try to be interesting, humorous when appropriate, insightful at times, critical with dignity if necessary, honest at all times, and boldly innovative with conceptual ideas and thoughts that others might find unique. Nigh- Social media is a double edged sword. As easy as it is to share a positive post, it is also easy for false stories and misinterpretations about the industry to gain traction. An example of this is the push against industrial agriculture and GMOs. It is endlessly frustrating to see false information posted and re-posted on social media. This is why it is important that farmers are active on social media. 9. What other ways do you promote Polled? Cameron- Sometimes we advertise in the New Zealand Jersey Review. Baldus- I am one of the moderators of the Polleddairycows discussion group at Yahoo since 2004. This group was founded by the late Lynn Augspurger, a great promoter of Polled for all dairy breeds. Visiting farms, sales and exhibitions are good opportunities to promote polled as well. I did a homepage for my farm and some others for

several years (www.holsteinzuechter. de), but this was not updated recently because I spent more time working on my Facebook pages, where postings and updates are much easier. Yoder- We sell a few potential Polled embryos now and then. I also enjoy talking to others about it. We hope to be able to start selling Polled heifers in the near future. Rodgers- I promote Polled at every opportunity, social media, a YouTube video, at meetings, farm tours, visits with other dairymen, in our dairy cooperative board meetings, World Dairy Expo, presentations to government agencies and officials, presentations to other farmers, interviews with news media, I am working with some ag consultants right now to encourage them to promote polled. My new farm sign advertises Andersonville Polled Holsteins. Nigh- Ads in traditional magazines and direct conversations with people. 10. Additional comments. Cameron- Polled is a gene and an idea whose time has come; Polled won’t be blacklisted, ignored or rejected anymore. All dairy cattle in the future will be naturally Polled and being part of making this happen is an exciting opportunity and challenge. Polled is nature’s dehorner pure and simple. Facebook has been a great tool for interacting with other farmers worldwide interested in Polled in a country where Polled is way outside of the mainstream. Baldus- Please visit my Facebook page for more information: www.facebook. com/balduspolled.genetics Yoder- Find us on Facebook at Yoder Family Farm! Rodgers- I love Polled dairy cattle and social media gives me an easy, inexpensive and effective means to enjoy the sharing with others. Nigh- I think that breeders need to focus on diversifying the Polled gene pool. The Holstein breed is the most diverse breed out there and with Polled being a dominant trait, I think we can keep it that way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and tips on promoting Polled on social media! “Like” & “Tweet” POLLED!

N2552 Balls Mill Road, Monroe, WI 53566 Brian: 815-601-3673  Sue: 815-988-4007 Emails: crullbrian@yahoo.com  crullsue@gmail.com www.facebook.com/BriarHolsteins

Brian & Sue Crull and family

Home of Unique Polled Genetics

#PolledPlace 11

EXPLORE How EASY Polled is!

Baldus EXPLORER P aAa 135

Explode x VG86 Stadel x GP84 Tokyo P x VG85 Priority PP x VG85 Tonic


Stolpmann Lypoll Bille P-Red VG-87 Dam of bull: BPG EASY PP-Red (sired by Remake P) New! ALCHEMIST P-Red +2099GTPI (sired by Alchemy)

Great German Lypoll-P daughter Bille-Red P VG-87 is back in his pedigree Christof Baldus Wรถlferlingen, Germany Collecting Soon! Baldus PETEY P-RC (sired by Supersonic) Dam is a VG-87 Paul-P from the Helen family Email: christof.baldus@gmx.de www.facebook.com/balduspolled.genetics Distributors wanted for some countries for these bulls!

12 #PolledPlace


Delicious  Jenny Thomas; Delighted  Lea McCullough

+2277GTPI +636NM$ +1336M +3.00T Liquid Gold x Delighted - She’s one of the highest POLLED heifers - Full brother going to Select Sires

3rd Dam: Curr-Vale Goldwyn Delicious EX94

Dam: Curr-Vale Delighted P-Red-ET by Colt P


Nate Faus 607-426-4094 6190 Reading Road, Rock Stream, NY 14878 Email: rollenns@gmail.com We’re on Facebook at Rollen N’s Dairy

#PolledPlace 13


Breeder Perspectives on POLLED This magazine was developed for those passionate about Polled! In the #PolledPanel feature of #PolledPlace, breeders have the opportunity to share their perspective on Polled. Thank you to these first six breeders for sharing their Polled story and views on the future of Polled in their respective breeds! POLLED AYRSHIRES Hawksfield - Charles Sayles

Our farm is located in Mid-Michigan and the entire family is involved with the dairy cows and farming. There are 511 acres that are farmed with some of the land currently being rented out to others. Aside from myself there are additional people that help make our farm operate smoothly: my parents, Henry and Shirley Sayles, my sister Diane, my brother Mark and his wife Mary who also have off farm jobs who come most weekends to the farm with the kids, Grace and Jonathan, and help as they can. The farm has been in my Mother’s family since September of 1836. My Dad’s Dad was born in Yorkshire, England and His Mother was born in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. I have had Polled Ayrshires off and on for many years. My first Polled Ayrshires were born in April of 1987. Unfortunately they did not carry on to the next generation so I had to start again. The late Lynn Augsperger really got me going again and I started to get Polled animals again in 1998 with the biggest group of animals born from 2002 to 2006. The resulting Polled females from that time have had many Polled offspring in my herd today. Right now I am working with another Polled Ayrshire breeder, Dan Carpenter who keeps me inspired. My breeding philosophy for Polled is the same as it is for any cattle I breed, I like to have cattle that have good feet and legs since they walk to and from pasture, extra good mammary systems, they need to give a lot of milk and make that milk from pasture and a grass based diet and I also like to breed a fancy cow that can do well in the show ring. I don’t have any Polled animals ready to go to a show yet but I am hoping that will happen in the next

14 #PolledPlace

few years. The first cow family I bred to start my Polled Ayrshires was my Violet cow, she is a cow who lived to be over 18 years old and had over 150,000 lifetime milk. I have used Semen from her Polled son, Hawksfield Select Vintage P (a son of the Polled Sire, Otter Creek Count Lanser) and his first calves will arrive this year. I have used Polled in all my cow families and the most notable in the past few years is the Jessamine cow Family from Canada. The Polled sire that came from that Family is Hawksfield Jaguar P, sired by Hawksfield Big John and out of EliteHawk Jessimine P. The Mona Family produced Hawksfield Master Copy P who is a son of Anderlini’s Kodiak (also a Canadian bull who is Polled). Master Copy P also came up A2A2 when I tested him this year. Some of the bulls with sons and daughters in the herd right now are Hawksfield Jaguar P, Hawksfield Great Adventure P, Hawksfield Master Copy P, Hawksfield Select Vintage P, Anderlini’s Kodaik and Lennon. Lennon is the only Polled bull, I know of in A. I. and that has been the case for over 10 years. For the Ayrshire breed there really is no availability of Polled bulls. I hope that there are some that will come out in the next year or so, we have to start somewhere. I think there are many Polled Ayrshires that are not listed as Polled by the breeders that register them. Currently I am using, Vintage P, Jaguar P, Great Adventure P, I have 3 new bulls that will be using this yearHawksfield Done Deal P (Jaguar P x Maple-Dell Modem Drew daughter) Dandy’s NO 7 Lane P (Family-AF-Ayr S. Star Justin son from a Polled daughter of Hawksfield Brad) and Hawksfield Jamison P (Burdette son from the Jessamine P Cow). Looking back now, I wish I had started to work on Polled Ayrshires 10 years sooner so I would have had a larger selection of bulls to use and in the future I would love to see EXCITEMENT for Polled in the Ayrshire breed as it is in the Holstein and Jersey breeds at the present time but I am enthusiastic to see what the future holds for us.

POLLED BROWN SWISS Foust Hill Swiss David Krone Foust Hill Swiss is a Brown Swiss dairy operation that originated from showing Brown Swiss in 4-H. The original location has been the family farm in Glen Rock, PA. Animals have been housed at other farms over the years and been in many different types of managements from tie stalls with a traditional pasture to 3x/d confinement freestalls with TMR feeding. Currently, there are 10 milking animals and 11 head of youngstock. My first Polled Brown Swiss calf was born in December 1999, the unexpected result of a chance mating. It wasn’t until I after I had dehorned a group of calves that I realized there was one calf that was different from the rest of them in the shape of the head. I found out from one of my brothers that the bull, Meadow View Rendition NP, was polled. From that, I tried to find out as much as I could about the Polled gene and if there were any other Brown Swiss bulls that were Polled. I had conversations with the late Lynn Augspurger who was working with Polled genetics in several different breeds, Ed Johnson of Airville, PA who had been breeding Polled Holsteins for many years, Wencil Pronek of Alexandria, MN who had acquired several Polled animals from the Friedens herd in Iowa, Joe Croatt of Aitkin, MN who had been breeding in his Brown Swiss herd, John Rodecap, Trout Run Farm, Decorah, IA who was developing some Polled Brown Swiss genetics. This led me to try to incorporate Polled genetics in my Brown Swiss animals. I was able to acquire semen from Lynn Augspurger, Wencil Pronek, and Joe Croatt from bulls that they had collected to start using on my animals. Those calves from those first matings were not on the ground until

2007. My 2nd calf was born in 2003, a Superbrown Condor out of my Rendition. I use aAa as a guideline in my matings. I am breeding for a balanced animal that will work in any herd. I use both polled and horned animals depending on the needs of the animal. I also try to emphasize components, SCS, and productive life. I will take a chance on a bull with a hole in the pedigree if he is from a decent cow family. My first polled calf was a granddaughter of Foust Hill Earnest Lolly 3E-E92. The dam is Foust Hill Jetway Lolly E90. I have milking daughters of Croatt Andy NP, Croatt Ensign Evan ET NP, Foust Hill Dynasty Lynch NP, Ner Au Popsy Chris K NP ET. I have offspring from Trout Run Jake NP, Friedens Parade NP, Wal-Ken Andy Mitch NP ET, Foust Hill Andy Luke NP, and Rainbow Hills Dusty NP. I have pregnancies to: Foust Hill Parade Elmo NP, Dusty NP, Lynch NP, and Luke NP. There are polled Brown Swiss bulls that have semen available for use. On some bulls there may not be much available, but then there are other bulls that have more semen available. Within the past 3 years, I think there is at least 1 new polled Brown Swiss bull that has semen collected. Ideally I would like to see every AI stud have polled Brown Swiss bulls available. I have been working with this for 15 years and had considered this at least a 15 – 20 year project to get polled genetics into mainstream herds. I see the use of polled increasing; the current lower acceptance rate is due to the small number of breeders that are currently using polled bulls. Hopefully, we can soon get some pictures of milking Polled Brown Swiss cows so we can show that they are just like any other Brown Swiss, except we didn’t have to dehorn them. The polled genetics available now are from breeders willing to take that risk to find something different to use in their herds to set them apart. They use the bulls they breed and talk to others that also are using their bulls, so they know what to expect offspring to be. They may not be big name breeders or have the high production records of other breeders, but they have taken the initiative to try something different that will make a difference in every herd, and that is to reduce the amount of dehorning that needs to be done.

Breeder Perspectives on Polled

POLLED GUERNSEYS Valleview Farm Randy Boutwell Valleview Farm was established when Great Granddad pioneered in the Minnesota Territory in 1853. By the 1880’s, Great Grandmom was winning prizes for her butter made from Guernsey cream. When she got into her 80’s the bulk of the herd was sold. The last Guernsey from the original herd died about 1950 at well over 20 years of age. As a teenager in the 1960’s, I decided to dairy ending up with foundation Guernseys purchased from a neighboring herd, Highland Farms of Mankato, MN. Under another prefix name we farmed in Wisconsin and Vermont, moving back to the old home farm in 2000 with a small remnant of the Guernsey herd, now all polled. In the 1970’s, we (my wife and I) developed a herd that was in the top ten in the nation for production. However, I became concerned about the direction the breed was taking by the late 1970’s. There was talk of crossbreeding and the use of the latest high plus bulls produced cattle that didn’t do well. We added some Jerseys, a couple of them Polled, and decided to add some Polled Guernsey genetics too. It took off from there; ending up as the last remaining Polled Guernsey herd. To quote Dr. John Reber, “Polled is dairy’s ultimate convenience trait.” It is necessary to combine Polled with longevity, strength, long lasting udders, fertility, feet that never need trimming and high life-time production with minimal fuss. In order to be successful-Polled needs to come with a complete cow package. The Polled lines came from two separate sources. Angstman Farm Duchess came to us as an old cow from the Angstman Dispersal in Mora, MN. She was advertised as the highest record Polled cow of any breed. She had one heifer calf that had several daughters- the line continues today. Ken Angstman did a lot to promote Polled Guernseys, but never

gained a lot of traction simply because, although great producers, Polled cattle didn’t look like what were considered “modern” cattle. Several cow families came from the once famous Rougilla herd of Lloyd Frazier, Bar Harbor ME. The Pogo and Fidelity families still live. Semen still remains from a son of the old Bona cow- all of these families have members that have records over 20,000 lbs milk and high lifetime totals. The original Marillee family from Highland Farm, the Carioca family, the descendants of the great producer, Lyrene Financier’s Nectar, are all Polled and continue here. The oldest family, the Rose’s, are thought to have originated in Great Grandmom’s herd. There is a lot of sentiment and history with these cows. Nearly all of the Polled bulls available in the breed come from our herd. The homozygous bull, Valleview Polled Future PP, has a limited amount of semen available through the AGA. A heterozygous bull, Valleveiw Bonaparte Dandy, has produced outstanding daughters for us – every one is outstanding. A limited amount of semen is also available through the AGA. Our young cattle are sired by Valleview Gypsy King’s Marvel- they are hardy and nice, two good individuals are due this summer to Casanova, the highest plus bull of the breed- he is reported to sire health traits along with milk. We will hope for the best. It is great to see Polled Holstein and Jersey bulls being offered by some of the AI companies. The other breeds have so few numbers and little interest that it’s not financially likely to see Polled bulls available commercially. Perhaps a young sire group specific to Polled would be a good idea for the Guernsey breed as it desperately needs bulls that sire health and profitability traits. Since these traits are built into my Polled genetics, you would think it is a no-brainer to see Polled expand however to be realistic, I see 35 years of preserving Polled genes in the Guernsey breed going down the drain unless Polled descendants suddenly develop extreme modern type traits (not likely to happen). I wish everyone the best in breeding good Polled cattle. Continued on page 16

#PolledPlace 15

#PolledPanel POLLED JERSEYS Orthridge Jerseys - Derek Orth

Our farm is located in the rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin. We milk around 250 registered Jerseys. We raise all of our heifer replacements and grow corn for silage, alfalfa, and winter wheat. My parents, Randy and Laura, and myself are the primary managers of the operation. My wife, Charisse and sisters Susan (recently married!), Dana and Julie help when they can and we have a group of part-time employees that help us daily to take care of the cows. While I remember my Dad using bulls like Choice-P and Opportunity-P years ago, we really didn’t start breeding for Polled until the last few years. When we found out our polled matriarch, Daisy was Polled, it really got us excited and seeing the benefits of breeding for the Polled gene. We purchased Daisy in a sale in New York. We didn’t know she was Polled herself until she had her second calf. Since then, we have flushed her and calved her regularly, producing offspring from thirteen different sires. Polled is important to me, but I won’t let our operation miss out on some of the new young bulls in the breed today. When I get ready to breed a female, if there’s a Polled bull that fits her, I’ll use it first. If I think a female has some holes and there’s a horned bull that I think will be a better mating, I’ll use him. We have milking daughters by Lovabull-P, Eclipses-P, Kel-P, Chili-P and heifers sired by Da Bomb-P, Pro-P, Dallas-PP, Garcia-P, Master-P, Oliver-P, Dragon-P, Demo-P, Critic-P, and Vintage-P. Some of the Polled bulls we are currently using include High Five-P, Da Bomb-P, Nikon-P, Airborne-P, and Santana-P. Breeding for Polled definitely limits the gene pool available but there are new pedigrees being bred Polled now. I feel there is more concern with homozygous Polled bulls as they are usually

16 #PolledPlace

Breeder Perspectives on POLLED

the result of two high Polled bloodlines being mated together. When I was asked what I would like to see available in the future, I simply replied-More! I would like to see more young bulls being picked up by sire companies and breeders putting them to use to expand the Polled gene deeper into the national herd. I would also like to see more JH1F bulls because I feel that some of the high Polled bulls are JH1 carriers and shy people away from using those bulls. There is so much emphasis right now in the Jersey breed for Polled, any idea that anyone has will most likely happen. From people that have bred Polled into Jerseys for years and years, to families just getting involved, there is plenty of excitement.

POLLED MILKING SHORTHORNS RoVin Acres Vince Ruzic RoVin Acres came into existence in 1974 when I went from teaching school to dairy farming. Not having any dairy background, most people thought I had little chance to succeed, especially with my chosen breed, Milking Shorthorn. My wife Rozanne credits my stubbornness with our survival and she’s probably right. I was determined to show everyone I could do it. My son Pat has now taken over the farm which is nearly 100% Milking Shorthorns. We stumbled onto Polled genetics in 1988 when I purchased a Polled 1/2 Milking Shorthorn calf sired by the Polled Red & White sire Skagvale Olympian P. We bred her and her descendants to registered Milking Shorthorn sires (not necessarily Polled) and continued to get nearly all Polled offspring. A third generation heifer, RoVin Alise Clay Ali-P EX-93 became the foundation of our Polled genetics. Her daughter, RoVin Derek Ali Accent-P EX-92 sold at our National Sale in 2005. She sold to the Kulp family in Pennsylvania. She went on to win Grand Champion at Louisville that same year.

She was featured in the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Official 2013 publication as a major game changer. The Kulps flushed her several times and her offspring raced to the top of our Cow PPR ranking list as well as our PPR bull list. Meanwhile, we still possessed Accent’s dam. We flushed her successfully until she was 17. Several cows from this family were National Polled Production winners including Ali’s Liriano daughter and Accent’s half sister, RoVin Lira Allison-Exp-P EX-91 with 2-03 305d 23,145m 4.3% 1005f 2.8% 640p. We are currently using mostly our own genetics including: RoVin Mega All Abner-P - semen from Casey Weiss - caseyweiss@yahoo.com, RoVin Ali Cowboy Cody-Exp-ET-P - Taurus, RoVin Ali R Rob Alrite-Exp-ET-P - semen from Brian Pederson - nsfarms@ecenet. com, Oceanbrae Ironman-P - Semex and Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P Taurus. With animal rights groups pushing against practices such as dehorning, Polled genetics will be more important in the future. Polled bulls however will need to supply type and components in addition to an acceptable milk proof. If you don’t have to give up anything, why not use Polled? All breeds will see more Polled genetics become available. Identifying homozygous bulls which can supply a total package will speed up the process. AI studs will be quick to pick up such bulls. Who likes dehorning anyway? POLLED RED&WHITE/HOLSTEINS April-Day - Ed Peck

I started breeding registered Red & White cattle in 1986, though red calves were always my favorite in my family’s grade Holstein herd as a kid. For 20 years, my breeding program was more of a large hobby, and I worked with 3 Continued on page 18

Polled from these Golden Girls

Photos Ashlyn  Patty Jones; Alisha  Cybil Fisher; Judy  Kathy DeBruin

Ashlyn - Alicia - Judy

Idle Neer Amaze P*RC Born: 12/2012 Ladd P x VG86 Bolivia x EX94 Buckeye x EX92 Idle Neer Autumn P*RC Talent x Ashlyn EX96 Born: 10/2012 *Ready to flush! Proxy PP x Destry x Baxter x Goldwyn x Durham x Alicia EX97 *Due in November to Cloud Nine P *Outcross! No Lawn Boy

POTENTIAL POLLED GUERNSEY! Golden I Casanova Lark VG85 Due in Oct to Ole P Owned by Idle Gold Associates

Playball RR Limit P-ET*RC Dancer P x VG87 Reality x VG85 Shottle x EX92 BW Marshall x VG85 Gibbon x Converse Judy EX93 *Pregnancy by Dogma P due in July *Due in September to Outdone P


Sywassink Family 15373 Hwy 92, Letts, IA 52754 Steve: 319.759.2171 Email: idleneer@hotmail.com www.idleneer.com#PolledPlace 17

#PolledPanel Continued from page 16 or 4 main bloodlines that I bought into through calves. In 2010, I had the opportunity to partner with Fertile Ridge Dairy in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin (Joel and Gary Sutter), a 650 cow commercial dairy herd just going through expansion. This allowed us to intensify our embryo transfer program, utilizing the expansion cattle as recipients. Today, April-Day and Fertile Ridge Dairy partnership on the program, with April-Day providing the donor genetics, and Fertile Ridge Dairy providing the recipients, and shared ownership in the resulting offspring. In 2013, I purchased a small parcel of land from the main dairy and built an elite heifer housing facility that now houses the top 40 to 50 heifers between 3 months and 15 months of age, where we focus on full potential growth and early embryo production. The facility also includes a small separate barn used for isolating high-genomic bull calves awaiting AI admittance. All lactating donor and breeding animals are housed within the commercial dairy herd, without special treatment. Currently we are flushing an average of 4 heifers per week, and 2 cows per month. 95% of all donors are red or red-carrier, and about 60 percent of them Polled. Our first home-bred Polled animal was born in late 2009. That animal was a result of a mating to Lawn Boy, admittedly more because he was a top red bull, than Polled. But, at the time this calf (April-Day LB Pinot GRIGIO P *RC; VG-85) reached puberty, polled was in demand and she offered a unique pedigree, being Polled, from a Bolton daughter, and the well proven Ruby Wine family. Admittedly, polled is not my first priority – Red is my first,

18 #PolledPlace

Breeder Perspectives on POLLED

and Polled my second. However, it is pleasing to me that I can develop both, in tandem, with little compromise. However, if breeding for Polled that might not have the red element, I am realizing already that a heterozygous polled, non-RC animal needs to be within 100 points of a traditional black and white Holstein to be competitive. Therefore, if I sacrifice the red color, the parent average needs to be greater than +2300 GTPI on today’s scale. The first Polled family April-Day “bred into” was the Ruby Wine family, with the above mentioned female resulting. Since, we have integrated polled into a number of the industry’s top Red cow families that have been added to the nucleus of the April-Day herd. In addition to many branches of the WINE family (particularly through WINE’s daughter, Shottle VERDEJO *RC), we have bred polled into families that include the Redwing’s, Goldwyn Delicious, Mars Helen, Planet Silk, and Rudolph Missy. Bulls currently represented in the milking/donor herd include Colt-P, Lawn Boy, and Magna P. Some of the Polled bulls we are currently using include Champ P *RC, Ladd Man P *RC, Apple Jax P-Red, Dogma P *RC, Ohio P, and America P, and our own early release young sires: REVOLVER P-RED (Alchemy x Pembrooke), REBAR P-RED (Bama-Red x Magna P), DYNASTY P *RC (Supersire x Colt P), and GUSTOLPH *RC (McCutchen x Lawn Boy). The Polled bull availability options have improved, tremendously. That said, it is difficult to find something that is an outcross without sacrificing the Polled gene, inbreeding, or forcing the reality that offspring will have to test extreme to be of genetic demand. In order for Polled pedigrees to

continue to grow and meet broadening demands, the industry needs to look at diversifying pedigrees. Unfortunately, the immediate parentage of Polled bulls making it into both major AI organizations and specialized organizations gets limited because they are screened based on a common genomic rating, rather than factoring in long-term diversity. A Polled bull today needs to be within 100 points of its non-Polled contemporary, which initially makes sense. But, that means that most bulls are going to be of the same genomic pedigree as most other pedigrees in the market, and leaves a challenge for what is going to allow us – as breeds – continue to expand the Polled population without significant inbreeding concerns. Looking to the future, speaking for Red & White, we’ve had the advantage for many years in that many of the original, prominent Polled bloodlines were developed by Red & White breeders, and therefore most often had both traits combined. However, the fact that the Polled gene is dominant and in high demand, and the red gene recessive, this gives black and white breeders an advantage in the amount of time it has taken to widely spread the Polled gene in black pedigrees, while simultaneously improving the genetic base of Polled bloodlines. We are at a turning point, where the best sources of Polled genetics are split almost evenly between Red & White and black and white populations. I don’t believe the interest in Polled genetics will waiver in the Red & White industry, but I do think our segment will see that they have to make more sacrifices of color if they want to keep using the best Polled bulls – for example.

Megan easily won in 2013 after finishing 3rd place in 2012!

 Billy Heath

I developed the Queen of the Herd designation based on points given to cows for individual performance for type, production & progeny to find the most influential cow in my herd. ~ Warren

Carl-A Lawn Boy Megan P-Red-ET VG-86 EX-MS 7th Generation VG or EX from Warrencrest Million-Red-ET, an EX Talent from West Port Milestone Miami-ET from the Enhancer Maud cow family Megan’s POLLED Offspring: At Warrencrest, the emphasis Megan’s best daughter, is POLLED! While Megan is not unfortunately not polled Polled RC Pembroke 3-Yr-Old Polled RC Savage 2-Yr-Old homebred, she comes from the is a VG Mitey P & she Red Polled Redburst Yrlg Bull heart of our most prominent cow has a POLLED 3 female pregnancies by Lou P family and accurately represents our Lou P due in March and July breeding goals: Polled & Red with daughter Megan’s due in July w/ a Parma PP hfr pleasing type & profitable production. WARRENCREST HOLSTEINS Warren & Crystal Faus 12199 Stage Rd., McClure, PA 17841

Cell: (570) 809-2223 Email: wcfaus@emypeople.net Trust ye in the Lord forever; for in the Lord #PolledPlace Jehovah is everlasting strength. Isaiah 26:4 19


Focus on POLLED sale highlights

Global Fusions Sale November 2013

Clinton Co. Classic March 29, 2014

NY Spring Sale April 12, 2014

Sea-Breeze Special Dellia P-IMP-ET-RC, sired by Lirr Special Dual PP sold to Windyvale Holsteins in South Australia for $4,000. Her dam is Carrousel Sky Della VG; next dam is Snow-N-Denises Dellia.

The Clinton County Classic Sale will be held March 29th in Carlyle, IL - view updates at www.illinoisholsteins.com. Selling:  2nd choice Golden PP x Windsor-Manor Reva-Red-ET EX-94-2E - all calves will be RED & POLLED!

The New York Spring Holstein Sale will be held on April 12th in conjunction with the NY Spring Dairy Carousel in Syracuse, New York. POLLED Highlights include:  +2277GTPI Polled *RC Liquid Gold x Curr-Vale Delighted P-Red-ET  Red Polled Satchel P x EX-90 Absolute x VG-87 Advent - entered as a Summer Yrlg at NY Spring Show! Same family as 1st POLLED Jr. All-American Orcherdhill Colt Rory P-Red View sale updates at: www.nyholsteins.com

IDW Semex Sale January 2014 Lindon Colt Pruden P-Red-ET, a Colt P x Venture Mitey Prudence-Red VG, sold for $9,000 to the Anderson Family-Sunvale Holsteins, Victoria, Australia. Her 3rd dam is Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red.

Advancing Genetics February 2014 Topping the Advancing Genetics Limited Edition Sale at $70,000 was a *RC Polled Shan daughter that was +2324GTPI and +74P. She was purchased by Country Dairy, New Era, Michigan.

Golden Opportunity March 7, 2014


polledplace@polleddairycattle.com May/June Deadline: April 20th

Dream Prairie Sale April 4, 2014 The Dream Prairie Complete Dispersal Sale in Westby, Wisconsin will be on April 4th. 3 POLLED Proxy PP dtrs sell:  Red October Calf x EX Advent w/ 30,000 lbs. milk  Red June Summer Yearling x VG-88 Advent w/ 29,000 lbs. milk  *RC December Calf x VG-85 Talent w/ 27,000 lbs. milk x EX92-2E Encore x EX-93-3E Benchmark View Facebook updates at: Dream Prairie Holsteins Sale

Highlights include:  Polled Special Effect x Planet Silk over +2000 GTPI  +1901GTPI Polled Red Dancer x The Golden Opportunity Sale Curr-Vale Goldwyn Delicious will be held on March 7th at  Golden PP x Advent Jane  Golden PP x Cherry Coke Midas Touch in New York.

20 #PolledPlace

Co-Vista Grand Slam May 3, 2014 The Co-Vista Grand Slam Sale will be held at Co-Vista Farm in Arcade, New York on May 3rd. MANY Polled Offerings!  View their ad on page 49 and watch The Cattle Exchange website for updates!

 HOMOZYGOUS Polled Red Ipod P due to sexed McCutchen in May  Polled *RC Shanosber P x Destry Cora x Cherry Coke - 7th gen EX View Facebook updates at: Golden Opportunity



Catapult-P’s Dam

+636M +353CM$ +1.8PL 2.91SCS +1.80GPTAT +139GJPI +1608LPI +1421M kg +7 Conf Sire: Goldust Valentino Layne-ET Dam: Schultz Mygent Chilli-P EX-90

Tall, Dairy & one of the 1st Layne sons to be released anywhere! Neil, Melanie, Chelsea & Nicholas Hunter

1951 Storey St, Bath, Ontario, Canada K0H 1G0 Phone: 613-354-6089 Neil’s Cell: 613-929-3607 Email: hometownjerseys@hotmail.com www.jerseycanada.com/hometown www.facebook.com/HometownJerseys

#PolledPlace 21

Dream Prairie Complete Dispersal Westby, WI April 4, 2014 10:00am 250 head selling

Polled Offerings

3 Proxy PP Daughters Sell!

Polled RED October Calf x EX Advent w/ 30,000m Polled RED June Summer Yearling x VG-88 Advent w/ 29,000m Polled *RC December Calf x VG-85 Talent w/ 27,000m x EX-92-2E Encore x EX-93-3E Benchmark

Dream-Prairie Recipe-Red-ET EX-90 EX-MS at 3-11 2-05 2x 365d 33,490 3.7% 1254 3.1% 1027

Cary & Joy Moser  Logan & Courtney

She sells backed by 9 generations of EX! A 4-year-old for 2014 sired by Reality-Red. Recipe is one of four full sisters - all with Acme daughters selling! Their dam, an EX-93 Mr Burns with 39,680m and 1568f sells along with daughters by Durable, Sympatico and Acme.

264 Coon Prairie Ave., Westby, WI Phone 608-634-3803  Cell 608-632-1401

Sale Manager

Watch for sale catalog & updates on our Facebook page!

 Limited Edition 

2564 Pole Line Rd., Ridgeway, IA 52165 Phone 563-387-0035  Cell 563-380-1318

New Polled Website

Wilstar-RS Tlt Limited-Red EX-94

Res. All-American R&W Aged Cow 2011

Limited’s POLLED Maternal Sister! SUMMER-DREAM LANI P-RED-ET PO Proxy PP x Wilstar-RS Kite Lover-Red EX-91  Currently on a flush program!  Flushed to sexed Armani  Inquiries welcome!


S50 Whelan Road, Mondovi, WI 54755 (715) 308-3358  thunderridgeholsteins@hotmail.com

22 #PolledPlace

#PolledPlace ONLINE!

A place for people interested in the promotion and education of Polled Dairy Cattle.

THANK YOU to Morgan Behnke and Sara Harn for providing the debut photo for the homepage!



POLLED HELEN! ď›™ Jenny Thomas


POLLED Wunder P x EX-91-2E Origin x 5 EX Helens 3-00 365d 29,130 4.9% 1436 3.9% 1128 7th generation EX - how many polled cows can say that?

Traces back to Sky-Hi Mars Helen who now has 180 EX female descendants in 9 countries worldwide! Only Roxy has more.


POLLED Durable x VG Vince x Perk Rae EX Just fresh with 64# 5.6%F & 3.2%P on her 1st test! OUTCROSS - NO LAWN BOY Homozygous POLLED Daughter by Relief P FOR SALE! Homozygous POLLED Shanosber P son

Ja-Bob Holsteins - more than just a complex index, 30 years of balanced breeding on a great cow family, which has earned worldwide respect and appeal.


1495 Wolverton Road, Eaton, OH 45320 Phone: (937) 533-0557 Email: y2kows@gmail.com www.ja-bobholsteins.com #PolledPlace 23

She’s One to RAVE About!

SELLING April 14th - NY Spring Sale - Orcherdhill Rave-P-Red Fancy Summer Yearling for 2014! She’s already entered at NY Spring Show! POLLED Satchel P x EX-90 Absolute x VG-87 Advent

Her Polled Maternal Sisters Orcherdhill Colt Rory-P-Red (left)

1st EVER POLLED Junior All-American! Junior All-American Spring Calf 2012 3rd Spring Yrlg Premier Nat’l Jr. Show 2013

Orcherdhill Reily PP-Red

Sold at the World Classic Sale to Morsan Farms

 Cybil Fisher

Their Dam: Frith-Jof AB Riviera P-Red-ET EX-90 Next Dam: Frith-Jof Advent Rosalyn P-RC VG-87

Orcherdhill Farm

Jim & Pam Morse  Alex, Madeline & Cecilia Troy, PA Ph: 570.297.1023

Carlsen Farm

Conrad & Rebecca Carlsen Rome, PA Ph: 570.247.2023

High Type Polled

Destiny’s Fancy Colt P


Unanimous All-American Red & White 2010 & 2011 Her POLLED Colt P daughter - 1st 3 tests over 90# Ready for the classifier! Easy VG-2-year-old! Embryos available by Kenmore Citation P-Red (Ladd P x Shottle x Gold Dish Rae) PP daughter by Lou P & 2 PP Lou P sons AVAILABLE!


Gary Sell - W8201 Co Rd Q, Watertown, WI P: 920-261-3727 E: forbulls@gmail.com 24 #PolledPlace

Thank you for sharing Polled Facts on Facebook! Congratulations to the winners of FREE print subscriptions!

#PolledPlace 25

PENN-ENGLAND MAGNA 7629 P*TR GP-80-2Y 1-09 365d 26,250 4.2% 1101 3.1% 823 Due in July to Outdone P and she’s ready for more points!

• •

She has 2 POLLED sons from a mixed flush of Jackman & Shanosber P - genomics soon! Her dam is a VG-85 Marine


• •

 Kathy DeBruin

Penn-England Embryo Transfer

POLLED daughter of 7629 P by Petrone has been generating a lot of interest at +2086GTPI Ranked #15 of Polled heifers over 12 mo. of age with no Lawn Boy P in the pedigree Pregnancies by Ladd Man P and recently flushed to Eraser P

Penn-England Farms, LLC

Dr. Barry & Diane England Fred & Cindy England 10363 Fox Run Rd, Williamsburg, PA 10341 Fox Run Rd, Williamsburg, PA P: 814.832.3661 F: 814.832.3281 P: 814.832.2776 F: 814.832.3924 benglandvmd@gmail.com 50cal@pennengland.com Barry Jr. & Gwen England | Tracy & Dan McMonagl | Yvette & Doug Longenecker | Keith & Kara England

26 #PolledPlace

#PolledPlace 27


Focus on International POLLED

Westdama & Pole Position Genetics-Australia Polled is popular all over the world ...especially “Down Under!” One of the many great benefits of social media is connecting with people all over the world. I have become Facebook friends and started following Matt Seeliger of Westdama and Pole Position Genetics on Twitter. Social media certainly makes it a “small world” when we share the same passion as someone that is experiencing the same time of day many hours earlier. WESTDAMA Westdama Holsteins was established in 1973 by Matt’s parents, Wesley & Margaret Seeliger in Eden Valley, an hour north of Adelaide. In 2002, Matt took over the Westdama prefix when he moved to Glencoe. The Guernsey herd started in 2001, Ayrshires and Jerseys were introduced in 2009 and Brown Swiss was added this past year. The prefix Westdama originated from combining the first 2 letters of Matt’s father’s name, his uncle’s name (David) and his mother’s. “Where type and production go hand in hand” is the mission of Westdama and their future goals include breeding profitable cows to maintain a productive farm as well as introducing Polled into all breeds on the farm. Matt adds, “I like to see a good balance of production, type and health traits. I also like strong cow families.” Currently, Westdama is using sires offered by Pole Position Genetics along with Overtime P, Attorney P for Holsteins, Turley, Skipper and Response for Guernseys, Potter, Dempsey and AyrBorn for Ayrshires, Aussiegold P for Jerseys and Payssli for Brown Swiss. Solid cow families are the foundation for any herd regardless of what country you are in. The strongest family line at Westdama is Westdama Blueprint Sunday EX-6E. She is a Ladino Park Blueprint daughter of Trogheda Warden Sarah VG-87. Sunday has over 50 descendants at Westdama including Westdama Broker Sweetie EX-2E, Westdama Morty Sweetlass EX-90-2E and Westdama Loumatic Sunday VG89. Both Sunday and her dam Westdama Outside Sweetheart EX-1E are in calf to Relief P being some of the first

28 #PolledPlace

potential Polled calves at Westdama. They have also had success in the show ring with Westdama Tiller Nina VG-88 being named Grand Champion of the National Guernsey Show at International Dairy Week in 2009. We’re excited to see what Polled matings will be used on this beauty!

Westdama Tiller Nina VG-88 Grand Champion Guernsey IDW 2009 POLE POSITION GENETICS Pole Position Genetics began in 2013 and is based out of Glencoe in the lower southeast part of South Australia. Currently, it is solely operated by Matt Seeliger with the shipping being handled by Genemovers in Melbourne. Pole Position Genetics has the ability to ship all over Australia. They are currently distributing semen for DairyBullsOnline and Sierra Desert Breeders. Matt shares, “The name Pole Position Genetics is a cross between the fact that I am offering Polled genetics and I also see my clients having access to some of the leading genetics in the world putting them in the Pole Position.” The vision for Pole Position Genetics is to provide dairy farmers in Australia with reliable and affordable genetics from across the globe and to become the leading source of Polled genetics in Australia for semen and embryos. Ultimately, Seeliger would like to export Australian Polled genetics across the world. Matt describes his standards for selecting sires as: “I won’t bring in any sire that I wouldn’t use on my own herd.” Sires currently available include homozygous Polled sires Golden PP and Proxy PP, heterozygous Polled sires Sammy P and Relief P along with Ryker, Revolution, Favorite-Red and

by Stephanie Stout

James. Seeliger was inspired to begin breeding for Polled when he looked at farming practices and imagined himself being a city visitor, what practice would be the hardest to watch? Calf dehorning was the answer! When there is a natural way to do it, why not do it that way. What started out as getting a shipment of Polled semen to split with a friend quickly turned into becoming a distributor, hence the beginning of Pole Position Genetics. “I see Polled getting more and more popular, and as more and more bloodlines get joined to Polled, it will be the new source of mainstream genetics. I want to have all my breeds Polled!” adds Matt. What makes Pole Position Genetics unique? A sire lineup that includes 50% POLLED! “I see that percentage increasing and I’m also looking at being able to offer Polled embryos in the near future.”

Matt Seeliger & his son James A PASSION FOR POLLED Matt shares a true passion for promoting Polled and is very driven to share Polled with the world. In closing, he would like to add, “It is indeed a privilege to be the first business featured in #PolledPassport and I would like to thank #PolledPlace for the opportunity to be a part of this new publication. I wish you the best for the future!”

Your source in Australia for world leading genetics starting with genetics from DairyBullsOnline and Sierra Desert Breeders! Follow us on Facebook & Twitter as we expand our business! facebook.com/polepositiongenetics twitter.com/polepositiongen

Welcome to Westdama!

We enjoy working with great cows!

Westdama Blueprint Sunday EX-6E Currently over 50 descendants of Sunday

Westdama Meadowlord Essie EX-5E Meadowlord x Sound Esteem VG-88

Westdama Morty Sweetlass EX-90-2E Morty x Roxy Sweetpea VG-89

Matt Seeliger - Glencoe West, South Australia

#PolledPlace 29

Your Source for Unique Polled Jerseys Dam of High Five P

Dam of Da Bomb P

Desert Rose-P


ORTHRIDGE I LEGAL -ET VG85 RUDGERS LOVABULL EX90 Her son by Hendrix 200JE231 Orthridge High-Five-P Her son by Legal 200JE212 Orthridge Da Bomb-P +175GJPI +540CM$ +795M +1.1GPTAT 7.8% GFI +147GJPI +449CM$ +660M +1.3GPTAT 6.8% GFI HIGH FIVE-P & DA BOMB-P AVAILABLE FROM SEMEX

We also have embryos & genomic tested Polled bulls available! Making Polled Pebbles Accent Color 4890 Circle Road, Lancaster, WI 53813 Phone: 608-778-9049 Email: dereksjerseys@gmail.com www.facebook.com/orthridge

 Beth Herges

Mi-Ro-Ze Potter Pebbles-ET-RC EX-90-2E 4-07 365 34,420 3.3 1152 2.8 968

We’re excited to add the Polled gene to Pebbles!

Sandman LD Pebbles P-Red-ET Backed by 5 gen of 30,000M & 1,000F Flushed to Long P, Cal P & Halogen

Inquiries welcome on current and future flushes! John & Julie Schmitz - Jolene & Joel D&D HOLSTEINS Dennis & Gloria Gransee 47130 210th St. Sanborn, MN 56083 (701) 412-5738 grandg@rrcnet.org

30 #PolledPlace

Bernie & Aggie Schmitz Inquiries 58253 360th St, Eden Valley, MN 55329 Welcome jjjjjs@meltel.net / aebrs@hutchtel.net www.manannahvalley.com (320) 453-6623 Farm Come as a visitor... (320) 420-2432 John ...Leave as a Friend! (320) 593-0893 Bernie

RoVin Derek Ali Accent-P EX-92 6-06 2x 365d 27,820 5.4 1506 3.5 986 Grand Champion NAILE 2005 Reserve All-American 4-Yr-Old 2006 Dam of Adam P at Taurus Service

KULP GENETICS David J. & Dr. Anne B. Kulp

938 Power Road, Manheim, PA 17545 Ph: 717-278-6399 Fax: 717-664-5594 kulpgen@aol.com www.holsteinworld.com/kulp-gen

Polled Possibilities Bryersquart Mitey Japan P-Red *PO VG-88 EX-MS - 1st lactation 2-03 2x 365d 35,213 3.6 1274 2.9 1004 7 female pregnancies by: Colt 45 P Long P Harper P

Bryersquart Bo Jayden P-RC *PO TY EX-90 2-02 2x 365d 35,170 4.0 1392 3.0 1056 POLLED daughters by: Gold Chip, Iota, Discount P, Chipper P, Shanosber P & Earnhardt P POLLED son by Earnhardt P: Bryersquart Jerricko-P +2052GTPI Highest RC Polled milk bull in the world! Collection to begin in the spring Taking orders!

Polled embryos available at very reasonable prices! BRYERSQUART FARM

Edward, Kay & Scott Jeanquart 249 County XC, Forestville, WI 54213 Scott’s Cell: 920-495-1885 Email: sjeanquart@hotmail.com

#PolledPlace 31

Allison’s Record Setting Year! Highest Producing POLLED Milking Shorthorn in the U.S. in 2013!! RoVin Lira Allison-Exp-P EX-91

2-03 2x 305d 23,145 4.3 1005 2.8 640 3-06 2x 228d 18,368 4.7 869 2.9 531 inc.

RoVin Acres Pat & Vince Ruzic

W14584 St. Rd. 121, Hixton, WI Ph & Fax: 715-984-2211 Email: 4ruzics@gmail.com

• Due in June with a C-Tie heifer • 2nd Sr. Calf & 2nd Sr. Yrlg at WDE • Her Megadeth son is available from Casey Weiss Ph: 937-564-8861 Email: caseyweiss@yahoo.com


A2A2 BB Kappa Kasein aAa 651

POLLED the humane choice POLLED nature’s dehorner POLLED the future is now!

Congratulations Stephanie on launching #PolledPlace! This is an exciting development for POLLED breeders everywhere. We passionately believe in POLLED!

32 #PolledPlace

Ardachie POLLED Jerseys Marton, New Zealand

Email: ardachie@xtra.co.nz

OHIO STYLE P +2160GTPI EFFECT P-RED +2076GTPI TRANSFORMER P +2027GTPI DOLO P*RC +2018GTPI RELIEF P*RC +2012GTPI DAVE P*RC +1995GTPI ELIMINATOR P +1912GTPI DUAL PP-RED +1882GTPI GOLDEN PP-RED +1869GTPI *Additional bulls available! Delivery to farms in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois & Eastern Iowa Contact: Justin Crull (815) 299-3673 justin.crull@yahoo.com

+1869GTPI +344NM$ +606M +11F +37P +1.80PTAT +1.62UDC +1.50FLC 12/2013

Available from: 1-855-222-2013 info@dairybullsonline.com

Bred by: Kulp Genetics, Manheim, PA 717-278-6399 kulpgen@aol.com www.holsteinworld.com/kulp-gen

#PolledPlace 33


POLLED Maternal Sisters

Rollin-Huels Bkem Cher P-ET +1975 GTPI 6/12 Bookem due in June Rollin-Huels Camelia P-ET +1806 GTPI Mr Savage milking 88#/day Rollin-Huels Chenille P-ET 9/12 Snowman Rollin-Huels Carmela P-ET 11/12 Shamrock

POLLED Maternal Brothers

Rollin-Huels Charger P-ET O-Man at Int’l Protein Sires Rollin-Huels Call Me P-Red-ET Colt P at Int’l Protein Sires

Rollin-Huels Code PP-Red-ET Homozygous POLLED Relief Waiting for genomic results


NO ROLLIN-HUELS CLOVE-P-ET-RC +2264 GTPI +717 NM$ ROLLIN HUELS +1537M +63F +44P +2.65T +2.30UDC +1.91FLC +6.3PL 2.75SCS +0.6DPR 6%DCE Lawn Boy P in her DAIRY Shamrock x Arron Doon Buckeye Chic-P VG85 x West Port Arron Doon Mit-P-Red VG85 Lester & Helen Huels & family  16507 Emerald Rd, Carlyle, IL 62231 Phone: (618) 594-3328 Email: les.helen.huels@live.com



POLLED Cow/Heifer Rankings

List made by POLLED breeders for POLLED breeders!

Do you have cows/heifers you would like on this list? Send pedigrees with new proof information to polledplace@polleddairycattle.com by April 15th for the May/June issue of #PolledPlace. You can also fax pedigrees to (608) 237-2310. Questions? Call (608) 732-2757. Cost is $1/listing.

Coming Soon!

34 #PolledPlace

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POLLED Sire Rankings

Included on this page and on pages 38,40 & 42 are the listings of available Polled sires in all breeds as provided by the AI industry. Some of these bulls are very new. Watch for a new list with updated proofs in the next issue! Send your available sires to polledplace@polleddairycattle.com by April 15th for the May/June issue of #PolledPlace. POLLED AYRSHIRES

Name/NAAB PTI NM$ Milk Fat Prot PTAT PL SCS DPR Plum-Bottom Reward Lennon P 76AY729 +402 -212 -80 +3 +12 -0.30 -5.2 3.14 -0.5 Name/NAAB Foust Hill Lynch P 140BS036 Name/NAAB Trout Run Jeff PP 138BS5139


NM$ Milk Fat Prot PTAT UDC FLC PL SCS DPR -6 -474 -20 -13 +0.00 -0.70 -0.70 +2.1 2.89 +0.0

HOMOZYGOUS POLLED BROWN SWISS NM$ Milk Fat Prot PTAT UDC FLC PL SCS DPR +3 -241 -7 -6 +0.10 +0.19 +0.10 +0.5 2.92 -0.2


Name/NAAB JPI NM$ CM$ Milk Fat Prot Ahlem Nikon-P 29JE3870 +224 +528 +607 +1016 +74 +48 Shot of Nat Meschach-P 11JE1168 +205 +578 +630 +898 +60 +37 D&E Critic Vern-P 11JE1184 +202 +456 +514 +1274 +48 +52 Shot of Nat Crit Airborne-P 7JE1272 +199 +529 +589 +790 +56 +37 Jer-Z-Boyz Chris-P 203JE1388 +197 +501 +558 +893 +73 +39 Dutch Hollow Dominic-P 1JE845 +196 +507 +519 +1266 +38 +38 Jer-Z-Boyz Critique-P 11JE1162 +192 +540 +623 +262 +54 +26 Schultz Critic Ray-P 76JE169 +191 +465 +455 +1487 +36 +40 Ahlem Viabull-P 29JE3869 +189 +534 +565 +945 +45 +33 Jer-Z-Boyz Credibull-P 11JE1164 +189 +483 +523 +883 +58 +34 Sunbow Consultant-P 203JE1408 +189 +430 +454 +1297 +32 +42 Schultz Legal Critic-P 11JE1098 +180 +441 +484 +912 +40 +36 Jer-Z-Boyz Criterial-P 29JE3871 +178 +504 +545 +794 +60 +30 Sunset Canyon Danon-P 7JE1266 +176 +436 +470 +999 +43 +36 Dutch Hollow Crosby-P 7JE1277 +174 +392 +422 +1282 +51 +44 Dutch Hollow Oliver-P 7JE1219 +169 +412 +424 +1009 +38 +31 All Lynns Vapour-P 200JE205 +169 +323 +330 +1595 +62 +49 Waunakee Critic Perky-P 29JE3859 +163 +423 +438 +997 +37 +32 Ahlem Critic Malibu-P 1JE840 +161 +460 +500 +562 +58 +25 Woodstock Critic Lancelot-P 1JE842 +161 +394 +444 +619 +30 +27 Oomsdale Galen Ecl Garcia-P 7JE1218 +157 +360 +318 +743 +62 +34 Orthridge Da Bomb-P 200JE212 +147 +392 +449 +660 +38 +31 Golden Dream Critic Maverick-P 76JE170+143+300 +351 +718 +29 +32 Dutch Hollow Vintage-P 200JE499 +142 +366 +393 +601 +26 +21 River Valley Salina Solo-P 7JE1232 +142 +317 +321 +1263 +52 +38 Sr Nathan Pro-P 200JE338 +139 +364 +398 +794 +14 +31 Woodstock Lovabull Mickey-P 1JE790 +135 +361 +377 +1021 +51 +33 Buttercrest Goldstar P 203JE1277 +132 +321 +342 +857 +42 +28 Covington Milad-P 200JE195 +127 +323 +381 +279 +61 +21 Sun Valley Prevue-P 200JE215 +127 +286 +264 +797 +61 +34 Her-Man Eclipes Master-P 7JE1203 +126 +305 +368 +463 +60 +28 Golden Dream Lovabull Armani-P 76JE163+116+237+301 +455 +52 +29 Dutch Hollow Imagination-P 200JE349 +81 +223 +266 +86 +23 +12 Maack Dairy Eclipes-P 7JE860 +76 +121 +167 +268 +46 +19 Dutch Hollow Lt Colonel-P 76JE159 +12 -23 -5 +33 +3 +8 Dutch Hollow Magistrate-P 76JE136 +0 -27 +1 -128 +27 +4 Dutch Hollow Missile-P 76JE150 -76 -74 -183 +638 -8 -4

PTAT JUI PL SCS DPR +2.00 +5.55 +3.2 2.96 -0.4 +1.50 +3.58 +5.4 2.84 +1.0 +1.30 +3.34 +3.5 3.03 -0.5 +1.40 +4.06 +5.0 2.98 +0.8 +1.30 +4.51 +3.3 2.95 +0.1 +1.40 +3.90 +5.4 2.87 +0.8 +2.00 +6.06 +5.4 2.84 +0.9 +1.80 +5.28 +4.5 2.91 +0.2 +1.40 +3.96 +5.7 2.85 +0.8 +1.40 +5.01 +3.9 2.86 +0.1 +1.30 +4.22 +3.6 2.86 +0.2 +1.80 +5.49 +3.9 2.91 +0.1 +1.20 +3.79 +4.3 2.77 +0.3 +1.70 +3.98 +3.8 2.94 +0.3 +1.10 +3.01 +2.2 2.90 -0.6 +2.00 +5.09 +3.8 2.86 -0.1 +1.90 +3.54 +0.7 3.10 -2.0 +1.50 +3.47 +4.1 2.92 +0.3 +1.80 +4.74 +4.6 2.92 +0.1 +1.70 +6.06 +3.4 2.76 +0.4 +2.20 +4.69 +2.1 2.94 -1.5 +1.30 +2.15 +3.1 2.83 +0.6 +2.30 +5.67 +1.6 2.89 -0.9 +2.10 +5.26 +3.5 2.78 +0.2 +1.60 +2.40 +1.9 3.01 -1.4 +0.80 +2.11 +4.6 2.96 +0.8 +0.70 +0.58 +2.6 2.97 -0.3 +1.30 +3.45 +2.3 2.81 -0.6 +2.10 +4.28 +1.6 2.87 -1.0 +1.60 +2.37 +1.4 3.11 -1.4 +1.60 +2.97 +1.3 2.90 -1.0 +1.20 +2.17 -0.2 2.99 -0.3 +1.30 +2.11 +1.8 2.89 +0.0 +2.10 +4.06 -0.4 2.98 -2.3 +0.40 +0.77 -0.4 3.22 +0.0 -0.10 +0.18 -1.6 3.03 -1.3 +0.90 +1.09 -0.2 3.33 +0.5


Name/NAAB JPI NM$ CM$ Milk Fat Prot PTAT JUI PL SCS DPR Hillview Eclipse Key Lingo-PP 76JE171 +132 +319 +344 +844 +51 +30 +1.40 +2.76 +1.8 2.91 -1.4 Fairway Mygent Dallas-PP 7JE953 +48 +63 +48 +590 +5 +18 +0.60 +0.91 +1.0 3.32 -0.5 Draken Von Reber PP 106JE3137

Pedigree RewardxTrident

Avail Taurus

Pedigree Dynasty x Condor

Avail ABC

Pedigree JakexParade

Avail DBO

Pedigree Avail CriticPxAllstar ABS CriticPxRenegade Alta CriticPxImpuls Alta CriticPxRenegade Select CriticPxMaximum TWGST DominicanxIatola Genex CriticPxT-Bone Alta CriticPxHeadline Taurus CriticPxHeadline ABS CriticPxMaximum Alta CriticPxVibrant TWGST LegalxMygentP Alta CriticPxMaximum ABS CriticPxRestore Select CriticPxLouie Select ValentinoxMikP Select EclipesPxParamount Semex CriticPxJevon ABS CriticPxLegion Genex CriticPxCelebrity Genex EclipesPxIatola Select LegalxLovabullP Semex CriticPxDaggerP Taurus ValentinoxGolden Semex EclipesPxArtist Select NathanxJace Semex LovabullPxLegal Genex EclipesPxDale TWGST EclipesPxCenturion Semex EclipesPxImpuls Semex EclipesPxT-Bone Select LovabullxDagwoodPTaurus IatolaxLegion Semex ActionxHeneryP Select LieutenantxBerretta Taurus HallmarkxLester Taurus BomberxBerretta Taurus Pedigree EclipsesPxAbe MygentPxKody CangainxKiowa

Avail Taurus Select DBO

12/2013 USDA-CDCB Evaluations

36 #PolledPlace

The best of both worlds Polled Critic-P sons with impressive numbers Schulz Legal Critic-P 11JE1098 Legal x Mygent-P x Hallmark aAa: 135264 • DMS: 561,456 • JH1F JPI™ Milk lbs CFP lbs Fat % Protein % Productive Life DPR PTAT JUI™ Name


+180 +912 +76 -.01% +.02% +3.9 0.1 +1.8 +5.49











G-Star Critique-P


Critic-P x TBone












Critic-P x Maximum












Critic-P x Renegade











Critic-P x Impuls










Jersey Driven Vern-P All bulls are JH1F

Mace CDCB Dec.2013

“The influence of the popular Critic-P is now being felt through his many available sons. From one of our highest producing cow families, Critic-P is backed by several large-framed, open cows with a tremendous will to milk. He is the first polled bull in many years to have high production levels along with the type to appeal to even the most discriminating breeders.” James S. Huffard III Huffard Dairy Farms; Crockett, VA Breeder of Critic-P

1-866-266-2582 | www.altagenetics.com tbohnert@altagenetics.com

#PolledPlace 37


POLLED Sire Rankings


Name/NAAB All-Stead JE Fred Rocky-P-Red 76LD551 Ja-Bob Halfback-P-Red 76LD553


Name/NAAB NM$ PPR Milk Fat Prot Kulp-Gen PJ Cowboy-P 1MS541 +474 +211 +1606 +60 +51 Oceanbrae Ironman-P 200MS404 -81 -18 -367 +7 -2 Kulp-Gen OH Acdmy Adam P 76MS439 -100 -58 -939 +4 -11

PTAT -0.20 +0.40 +0.30

UDC -0.69 -0.41 -0.72

FLC +0.09 +0.50 +0.20

PL SCS DPR +0.8 2.73 +1.5 -1.2 3.15 -0.5 -1.0 3.28 -0.2


Name/NAAB Rosybrook Midnight Blue-P 76XD003

Pedigree FredxLoNoxP RockyPxLudox

Avail Taurus Taurus

Pedigree StetsonxWillie Adam P x Thor AcademyxDerek

Avail Genex Semex Taurus

Pedigree Avail EpitheliumPxMarconi Taurus


Name/NAAB GTPI NM$ Milk Fat Prot PTAT UDC FLC PL SCS DPR SCE Pedigree Avail Gillette SGO Messenger P 250HO1141 +2285 +760 +1514 +63 +68 +2.00 +1.44 +1.58 +5.6 2.87 +1.4 6.7 EarnhardtPxPlanet GenrV Bryhill Socrates P 151HO703 +2269 +715 +1844 +97 +63 +2.18 +2.13 +1.34 +3.5 2.88 -0.6 na SupersirexShottbolt TWGST Hermanvil Harpoon-P 29HO17559 +2263 +764 +708 +74 +38 +2.00 +2.31 +1.52 +6.3 2.70 +1.2 6.6 SupersirexToubibP ABS Bryhill Sioux P 151HO701 +2250 +662 +1120 +83 +44 +2.76 +2.63 +2.33 +3.6 2.55 -0.7 na NumUnoxShottbolt TWGST Lirr Outline P 138HO5400 +2199 +645 +961 +66 +35 +3.02 +3.11 +2.37 +4.3 2.64 -1.0 6.0 MogulxManOMan DBO Pine-Tree Overtime P 200HO3936 +2193 +583 +912 +87 +45 +2.72 +2.78 +1.64 +2.2 2.77 -0.2 9.1 NumeroUnoxSignifP Semex Da-So-Burn Earnhardt P 7HO1464 +2174 +589 +1396 +68 +68 +1.94 +1.12 +1.72 +2.3 3.04 +0.9 6.5 ManOManxLawnBoyP Select Bryhill Subzero P 151HO704 +2167 +588 +1136 +22 +30 +2.66 +2.90 +2.18 +5.9 2.71 +1.4 na AltaSuplexxShottbolt TWGST Pine-Tree Ohio Style P 138HO5199 +2160 +689 +2022 +60 +55 +1.06 +1.20 +1.25 +4.4 2.82 +1.8 5.9 O-StylexSignifP DBO Pine-Tree Django-P 29HO16972 +2158 +629 +662 +41 +40 +2.09 +2.09 +1.43 +4.9 2.66 +1.6 7.2 TransformerPxShottleABS Pine-Tree Ohare-P 29HO16733 +2151 +655 +2019 +54 +52 +1.63 +1.38 +1.96 +5.0 2.83 +0.9 6.6 O-StylexSignifP ABS Lirr Outcome P 138HO5323 +2132 +612 +402 +42 +26 +2.17 +2.77 +2.28 +5.2 2.81 +1.3 6.0 MogulxManOMan DBO Bryhill Skyfall P 151HO702 +2125 +594 +661 +34 +30 +2.35 +2.16 +2.07 +5.5 2.63 +1.1 na AltaSuplexxShottbolt TWGST Pine-Tree GnmcPro Orlando P 151HO637+2088+549 +1420 +73 +47 +2.50 +1.84 +1.34 +2.7 2.79 -1.2 7.6 BookemxSignifP TWGST Hickorymea Shmrck Rush-P 1HO11040 +2040 +483 +1371 +50 +42 +2.50 +1.91 +1.50 +3.5 2.97 -0.1 7.2 ShamrockxGarrett Genex Hickorymea Parker P 7HO11217 +2038 +547 +281 +37 +20 +2.10 +1.95 +1.84 +4.5 2.52 +1.0 5.9 GarrettxGoldwyn Select Venture Transformer P 106HO2758 +2027 +546 +548 +41 +32 +1.62 +2.02 +1.26 +4.2 2.63 +0.9 7.1 ManOManxOswaldP DBO April-Day 529 Galvin-P 14HO7042 +2003 +486 +556 +57 +30 +2.27 +2.17 +0.97 +2.4 2.67 +0.0 8.2 SavagexLawnBoyP Accel Teemar Satchel Apostle-P 506HO724 +2002 +522 +1275 +38 +32 +1.92 +1.55 +1.87 +4.6 2.78 +0.5 6.0 SatchelPxPlanet SDB Hickorymea Bronco Tyler-P 1HO10451 +1980 +458 +1643 +74 +44 +1.72 +1.71 +1.66 +1.3 3.03 -0.5 7.3 BroncoxDeann Genex Expo P 250HO1087 +1931 +338 +1204 +31 +34 +2.65 +1.66 +2.46 +1.8 2.80 -0.2 na EpicxGoldwyn GenrV Kerndtway Eliminator-P 106HO2779 +1912 +416 +223 +53 +14 +1.98 +1.66 +1.38 +2.9 2.81 +1.1 8.4 ChairmanxPlanet DBO Pine-Tree Toubib Werth-P 7HO11540 +1881 +417 +139 +20 +17 +1.65 +1.79 +0.96 +3.4 2.53 +1.0 7.3 ToubibPxGoldwyn Select Wind-D-Acres Frank-P 76HO642 +1876 +429 +1067 +37 +27 +1.26 +0.69 +1.43 +4.0 2.75 +0.9 6.9 ShottlexO-Man Taurus Wind-D-Acres Snowball-P 76HO587 +1852 +414 +376 +40 +13 +1.73 +0.90 +2.01 +3.4 2.64 +0.4 6.3 ShottlexBWMarshall Taurus Rollin-Huels Charger P 54HO561 +1805 +392 +821 +34 +20 +1.15 +0.96 +1.84 +3.6 2.82 +0.3 6.8 O-ManxBuckeye IntProt Burket-Falls Significant-P 1HO9248 +1739 +244 +1380 +57 +35 +1.60 +1.13 +0.26 -0.7 2.89 -1.0 8.4 MarionxRudolph Genex La Presentation Bear P 200HO5972 +1672 +277 +349 +30 +16 +1.36 +0.84 +0.73 +2.6 2.89 -0.3 7.8 BaxterxOswaldP Semex Name/NAAB Lirr Option PP 138HO5314 Pine-Tree Fix PP 29HO17590 Hickorymea Sid PP 106HO3124 Spruce-Haven Rory PP 106HO3140


GTPI +1930 +1876 +1806 +1693

NM$ +434 +378 +343 +171

Milk +840 +363 +1000 -182

Fat +51 +50 +65 +3

Prot +29 +19 +27 +1

Availability Codes & Websites: ABC - ABC Genetics - www.abcgenetics.com ABS - www.absglobal.com / www.stjacobsabc.com Accel - Accelerated - www.accelgen.com Alta - Alta Genetics - www.altagenetics.com CRV - www.crv4all.com DBO - DairyBullsOnline - www.dairybullsonline.com Flatns - Flatness International - www.flatnessintl.com GenrV - GenerVations - www.genervations.com

38 #PolledPlace

PTAT UDC FLC +2.13 +1.70 +1.70 +1.73 +2.02 +0.70 +1.78 +1.26 +0.69 +2.32 +2.54 +1.40

PL +2.3 +2.2 +0.2 +1.3

SCS DPR SCE 2.84 -0.3 5.7 2.88 +0.8 7.3 2.86 -0.7 6.7 2.85 +0.2 7.2

Pedigree BearPxManOMan EliminatorPxSignifP SignifPxGoldwyn MiteyPxLawnBoyP


12/2013 USDA-CDCB Evaluations

GGR - Global Genetic Resources - www.ggresources.com IntProt - International Protein - www.ipsires.com Jtstrm - Jetstream Genetics - www.jetstreamgenetics.com SDB - Sierra Desert Breeders - www.sierradesertbreeders.com Semex - www.semexusa.com TAG - Trans-America Genetics - www.transamericagenetics.com Taurus - Taurus-Service - www.taurus-service.com TWGST - Trans-World Genetics/Sexing Technologies www.twgltd.com / www.sexingtechnologies.com


High GTPI Polled Bull




USA 64010330 100% RHA-NA aAa: 216345 DMS: 246, 234 LaddP x VG-88 DOM Superstition x EX-94 2E DOM Shottle x EX-94 2E DOM Durham x EX-90 Lartist x GP-81 Sebastian x VG-85 Concourse

December 2013 Sire Summary: GTPI +2148 NM$ $526 Milk +793 +.00% +29F +.05% +35P 73%R Type +3.10 72%R UDC +2.58 FLC +1.85 PL +4.7 DPR +1.1 SCS 2.71

Un ique Polled Pedig ree


OUT DONE-ET PO RC USA 71178756 100% RHA-NA aAa: 132546 DMS: 135, 561 Alchemy x VG-85 Significant x VG-86 Goldwyn x VG-88 Paradox x EX-90 Bosco

December 2013 Sire Summary: GTPI +2035 NM$ $507 Milk +715 +.11% +55F +.04% +32P 73%R Type +2.30 72%R UDC +2.21 FLC +1.45 PL +3.5 DPR -0.4 SCS 2.58 “Breeding Cows, Not Numbers”

Hija de Teeo: 306

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POLLED Sire Rankings


Name/NAAB GTPI NM$ Milk Fat Prot PTAT UDC FLC PL SCS DPR SCE All-Riehl Ladds Champ P-RC 138HO5307+2363 +708 +693 +35 +40 +3.39 +3.56 +1.76 +6.7 2.55 +1.6 7.9 Mr Emily Exploding Star P-RC 147HO2461+2254+754 +826 +49 +32 +1.97 +2.49 +1.98 +7.1 2.42 +1.3 7.4 Palmyra Ladd Man-P-RC 7HO12161 +2249 +642 +615 +34 +41 +2.79 +2.73 +1.99 +5.7 2.82 +2.5 7.6 OCD Ladd Dogma P-RC 138HO5298 +2182 +555 +847 +39 +33 +3.20 +3.18 +2.13 +4.5 2.70 +0.8 8.6 S-S-I Ladd Harper-P-RC 7HO11947 +2166 +579 +514 +51 +44 +2.16 +2.15 +2.19 +3.5 2.91 +2.0 6.3 Newell 3039 King-P-RC 7HO12355 +2163 +616 +599 +37 +56 +2.44 +1.96 +2.73 +4.3 2.72 +1.3 na All-Riehl Cloud Nine P-RC 566HO1205 +2148 +526 +793 +29 +35 +3.10 +2.58 +1.85 +4.7 2.71 +1.1 8.4 GenerVations Lupol P-RC 250HO1111 +2144 +521 +482 +29 +33 +3.11 +2.79 +2.79 +4.0 2.74 +1.1 7.3 Mr Rollen-Ns Camr Long P-RC 54HO720+2114 +514 +650 +32 +25 +2.96 +2.75 +2.23 +4.9 2.89 +1.6 8.9 Genervations Remodel P-RC 250HO1119+2111 +480 +52 +49 +27 +3.20 +2.86 +3.29 +2.7 2.82 +0.5 6.7 Aurora Discount-P-RC 7HO11791 +2108 +560 +726 +21 +26 +2.51 +2.80 +2.06 +5.7 2.74 +1.6 7.8 GenerVations True Grit P-RC 250HO1126+2098 +497 +1027 +62 +49 +2.59 +2.50 +1.90 +1.6 2.83 +0.0 6.6 Ammon-Peachey Manuel P-RC 7HO11852+2097+456 +1067 +52 +50 +2.74 +1.67 +2.42 +1.3 2.84 +0.7 8.8 Rocher Armitage Dozer-P-RC 14HO7215+2088 +615 +1066 +63 +45 +1.56 +1.21 +1.30 +3.7 2.78 +0.6 4.1 Richmond-FD Llewellyn-P-RC 1HO10886+2085+510 +1117 +44 +46 +2.38 +1.92 +1.70 +2.9 2.89 +0.9 7.4 Mr Chassity Colt 45 P-RC 534HO008 +2075 +450 +1178 +30 +29 +3.03 +2.79 +2.54 +2.8 2.77 +0.3 8.0 Pine-Tree Striker-P-RC 29HO16615 +2048 +469 +70 +30 +20 +2.88 +2.87 +0.72 +3.7 2.57 +1.2 7.7 Sandy-Valley Chipper P-RC 200HO6455 +2038 +475 +1290 +19 +43 +2.42 +2.33 +1.28 +4.0 2.94 +0.8 8.3 Pine-Tree Ohio Out Done P-RC 566HO1186+2035+507 +715 +55 +32 +2.30 +2.21 +1.45 +3.5 2.58 -0.4 9.1 Ariwami Lad Jagger-P-RC 1HO11001 +2022 +499 +246 +37 +32 +1.84 +1.48 +1.66 +3.6 2.77 +1.9 6.9 Ri-Val-Re Obsrvr DoloPP-RC 106HO3074+2018 +460 +796 +35 +26 +2.65 +2.73 +1.32 +4.0 2.97 +0.9 6.3 Pine-Tree Relief P-RC 138HO4954 +2012 +489 +455 +46 +20 +2.12 +2.05 +1.67 +3.9 2.74 +1.4 9.1 Ri-Val-Re Obsrvr DaveP-RC 106HO4987+1995 +425 +1013 +44 +38 +2.63 +2.55 +1.56 +2.7 3.10 +0.1 6.3 Sandy-Valley Derringer-P-RC 14HO7081+1989 +497 +53 -8 +13 +1.92 +2.20 +2.05 +6.2 2.77 +3.0 5.7 Amanda Epic Action P-RC 14HO7253 +1989 +421 +952 +43 +30 +2.36 +2.04 +1.66 +2.3 2.85 +0.8 8.0 OCD Colt Sammy P-RC 138HO5107 +1984 +384 +1009 +36 +22 +2.93 +2.82 +2.08 +3.0 2.83 -0.1 8.9 Erbcrest Satchel P-RC 200HO2736 +1975 +358 +813 +18 +29 +2.74 +2.53 +1.80 +2.1 2.78 +1.0 8.7 DeBoer Gilby Disco-P-RC 506HO721 +1972 +524 +1072 +33 +30 +1.46 +1.28 +1.59 +5.0 2.76 +0.0 6.0 Pinto P-RC 250HO1088 +1967 +339 +284 +17 +20 +3.03 +2.64 +2.73 +2.8 2.81 +0.4 na Dinomi Sy-P CRI-RC 1HO10952 +1943 +456 +645 +31 +26 +1.66 +2.28 +0.70 +4.1 2.81 +1.1 7.8 Alampco Shanosber P-RC 513HO010 +1922 +497 +1134 +32 +37 +1.49 +1.49 +0.97 +4.8 2.80 -0.2 6.8 ArronDoonWestPort Magana P-RC 151HO562+1916+402+912+42+28 +1.96 +2.32 +2.01 +2.7 2.75 -0.9 9.5 ST GenomicPro Atlas P-RC 151HO654 +1906 +314 +588 +14 +19 +3.02 +3.29 +2.76 +2.8 2.87 -1.1 8.6 Bomaz Liaison-P-RC 29HO14907 +1897 +546 +873 +27 +42 +0.36 +0.62 +0.35 +5.2 2.89 +1.2 5.6 Kings-Ransom Durand-P-RC 29HO16658+1890 +437 +982 +21 +21 +1.50 +2.18 +0.89 +4.1 2.82 +1.2 6.8 Creek Co-P Kodak-P-RC 7HO11879 +1889 +417 +651 +32 +31 +1.99 +1.81 +0.45 +3.6 2.71 -0.6 7.7 Mr Morningview Accept P-RC 7HO11746+1889+322 +874 +28 +30 +2.62 +2.36 +1.56 +1.2 2.74 -0.9 8.2 A-K-Mohr Domain Nikko-P-RC 1HO10855+1870+379+1146 +6 +29 +1.61 +2.19 +1.14 +4.2 2.94 +0.5 5.6 Bryersquart Shot of JimBeam P-RC 54HO567+1869+388+121 +24 +5 +2.00 +2.11 +1.70 +3.9 2.75 +0.8 7.8 April-Day Voodoo-P-RC 14HO6955 +1829 +373 +169 +41 +16 +1.48 +1.97 +1.43 +2.5 2.79 +0.1 10.3 Delta Foxtrot P-RC 97HO40386 +1807 +329 +449 +43 +30 +1.39 +0.94 +1.66 +0.3 2.79 +0.2 6.7 Fasna Asterix P-RC 97HO9995 +1799 +461 +111 +35 +30 +0.37 +1.05 +0.61 +4.0 2.99 +0.5 5.2 De Vrendt Paulus P-RC 97HO40584 +1729 +331 +218 +34 +22 +0.96 +0.93 +1.48 +1.6 2.71 -0.6 7.3 Sugar-Breeze Cinco-P-RC 14HO6835 +1725 +258 +87 +24 +10 +1.70 +1.67 +2.48 +2.0 2.85 -0.4 8.5 Hickorymea Trent-P-RC 14HO6605 +1697 +330 +316 +17 +21 +0.62 +0.78 +0.67 +3.4 2.99 +0.7 7.1 WestPortArronDoon MiteyP-RC 200HO2366+1663+203-250 +32 +5 +1.87 +1.42 +2.04 +0.7 2.70 -1.3 7.6 Dudoc Toubib P-RC 147HO2220 +1645 +211 +483 +5 +13 +1.34 +1.73 +0.57 +1.9 2.96 +0.4 7.1 Wind-D-Acres Icicle-P-RC 76HO586 +1560 +49 +587 +26 +21 +1.46 +0.47 +1.40 -1.7 2.92 -0.5 10.8 Wind-D-Acres Sylvester-P-RC 76HO636 +1543 +129 +370 +56 +17 +1.08 +0.68 +0.60 -0.9 3.03 -1.5 7.5


Name/NAAB GTPI NM$ Mr Rollen-Ns LumberPP-RC 138HO5306 +1937 +333 Wind-D-Acres Ivan-PP-RC 76HO676 +1858 +427 Jo-Lane-S Clt Kinnick PP-RC 14HO7205 +1787 +296 Oakleigh Detail PP-RC 106HO3133 +1761 +307 Tom-Anna Dehorner PP-RC 106HO5683 +1741 +250

Milk +981 +1193 +607 +99 +487

Fat Prot +36 +46 +21 +36 +18 +25 +26 +8 +35 +20

PTAT UDC FLC +2.50 +1.98 +1.47 +1.35 +1.25 +0.70 +1.78 +1.29 +1.35 +1.65 +1.53 +1.61 +1.72 +1.72 +1.01

PL SCS DPR SCE +0.9 2.94 -0.6 8.1 +4.4 2.90 +0.2 7.5 +1.8 2.80 +0.2 7.5 +2.2 2.72 +0.6 8.0 +0.9 2.99 -0.1 7.5

Pedigree Avail LaddPxSuper DBO SpecialEffectPxBaxter TAG LaddPxManOMan Select LaddPxElegant DBO LaddPxManOMan Select LaddPxKramer Select LaddPxSuper IntProt LaddPxGoldwyn GenrV CameronxDestry TAG LaddPxGoldwyn GenrV ColtPxDie-Hard Select ColtPxManOMan GenrV ColtPxShottle Select ArmitagexLawnBoyP Accel ColtPxAl Genex ColtPxShottle Jtstrm ColtPxZenith ABS ColtPxPlanet Semex AlchemyxSignifP IntProt LaddPxO-Man Genex ObserverxLawnBoyP DBO ToubibPxLeif DBO ObserverxLawnBoyP DBO ColtPxMichael Accel EpicxLawnBoyP Accel ColtPxAtlantic DBO ExplodexLawnBoyP Semex GilbyxLawnBoyP SDB EpicxGoldwyn GenrV ColtPxBuckeye Genex ObserverxMiteyP TAG BoltonxSeptStorm TWGST ColtPxAtwood TWGST LawnBoyPxLaudan ABS ColtPxMac ABS ColtPxPlanet Select ColtPxGoldwyn Select DomainxLawnBoyP Genex ShottlexLawnBoyP IntProt MagnaPxShottle Accel MiteyPxO-Man CRV LawnBoyPxCanvas CRV MiteyPxLawnBoyP CRV MiteyPxSoul Accel LawnBoyPxShottle Accel GoldwynxSeptStorm Semex ToystoryxOswaldP TAG ShottlexBWMarshall Taurus MillionxShottle Taurus Pedigree SatchelPxDestry ColtPxPlanet ColtPxMiteyP MiteyPxLawnBoyP SignifPxLawnBoyP

Avail DBO Taurus Accel DBO DBO

12/2013 USDA-CDCB Evaluations

40 #PolledPlace

#PolledPlace 41


POLLED Sire Rankings


Name/NAAB GTPI NM$ Milk Fat Prot PTAT UDC FLC PL SCS DPR SCE Pedigree Avail Mr Ansly Addiction-P-Red 94HO895 +2233 +616 -467 +34 +19 +3.39 +3.81 +1.93 +5.2 2.54 +1.6 6.9 LaddPxGoldwyn ABS Hahncrest Appl Jax P-Red 138HO5331 +2158 +534 +389 +19 +25 +3.18 +3.15 +2.86 +5.6 2.79 +1.5 8.5 ColtPxShottle DBO Tiger-Lily Ladd P-Red 7HO11163 +2139 +493 -14 +28 +29 +3.26 +2.82 +2.30 +4.0 2.77 +1.7 7.9 DestryxLawnBoyP Select Brunner Redstar P-Red 147HO2458 +2134 +521 +200 +35 +34 +2.83 +2.57 +2.42 +4.2 2.68 +0.8 7.3 LaddPxMrBurns TAG Sandy-Valley Crown P-Red 7HO12141 +2102 +432 +753 +38 +37 +3.37 +3.08 +2.30 +2.3 2.69 -0.3 9.7 LaddPxBolton Select Lirr Special Effect P-Red 106HO2864 +2076 +609 +246 +35 +16 +1.84 +2.51 +2.13 +6.3 2.54 +1.2 7.0 MagnaPxLawnBoyP DBO Kenmore Trillion-P-Red 151HO5835 +2067 +506 +323 +30 +20 +2.68 +2.89 +1.83 +4.0 2.62 +1.0 6.9 LaddPxMiteyP TWGST Sandy-Valley Clark P-Red 14HO7255 +2053 +474 +378 +20 +24 +2.81 +2.96 +2.09 +4.6 2.47 +0.3 9.7 LaddPxBolton Accel Wilder Kanu P-Red 200HO7735 +2052 +514 +1487 +21 +35 +2.21 +2.44 +2.12 +4.9 2.69 +0.0 8.2 ColtPxSnowman Semex Flint-Ville Slade-P-Red 1HO11000 +2019 +491 +804 +33 +39 +1.94 +1.93 +2.12 +2.9 2.81 +0.9 7.1 ColtPxManOMan Genex Kenmore Citation P-Red-ET 151HO5836 +2017 +405 +306 +45 +29 +3.03 +2.27 +1.96 +1.9 2.71 +0.0 9.1 LaddPxShottle TWGST Curr-Vale Delect P-Red 14HO7225 +2005 +459 +681 +25 +27 +2.17 +2.20 +1.71 +4.1 2.85 +1.4 7.9 ColtPxShottle Accel D&D Mtx Patton Cal-P-Red 506HO726 +1986 +641 +940 +37 +36 +0.72 +0.44 +1.22 +6.0 2.57 +1.6 7.9 PattonxMatrix SDB Welcome Augustus P-Red 7HO12121 +1979 +520 +1144 +13 +31 +1.55 +1.91 +1.43 +4.7 2.67 +1.1 6.2 ColtPxPembroke Select April-Day AltaX P-Red 11HO573 +1944 +467 +983 +34 +32 +1.60 +1.75 +0.97 +3.0 2.75 +0.9 7.6 ColtPxShottle Alta Bosside Veteran P-Red 200HO6446 +1933 +338 +189 +38 +17 +2.70 +1.92 +2.84 +2.1 2.97 +1.3 9.2 LarsonxLawnBoyP Semex Sandy-Valley Colt P-Red-TW 7HO10904+1919 +402 +824 +3 +27 +1.90 +2.09 +1.48 +4.2 2.80 +1.2 7.7 LawnBoyPxBolton Select Our-Favorite Lou P-Red 151HO5822 +1911 +417 +586 +52 +24 +2.00 +1.93 +1.76 +2.4 2.73 -0.6 8.5 MagnaPxGoldwyn TWGST Synergy AltaMr P-Red 11HO570 +1905 +387 +608 +25 +32 +2.14 +2.29 +1.36 +2.2 2.91 +0.1 6.9 ColtPxGoldwyn Alta Our-Favorite Roar P-Red 151HO5828 +1872 +384 +186 +19 +17 +1.88 +1.79 +1.38 +3.7 2.69 +0.9 7.7 ColtPxGoldwyn TWGST Rocher Ster Dancer P-Red 14HO6665 +1865 +344 +584 +54 +45 +1.57 +1.05 +1.79 +0.0 3.08 +0.3 8.9 SterlingxLawnBoyP Accel Sellcrest Midas P-Red 151HO5808 +1860 +309 +317 +27 +26 +2.47 +2.10 +2.03 +2.1 3.11 +0.1 6.6 LawnBoyPxAdvent TWGST ST GenomicPro Atwell P-Red 151HO5825+1855+283 +700 +16 +21 +2.73 +2.33 +2.90 +1.8 2.77 -0.8 8.1 ColtPxAtwood TWGST Rollin-Huels Call Me P-Red 54HO712 +1826 +381 +409 +10 +18 +1.32 +1.30 +1.74 +4.2 2.78 +1.3 8.1 ColtPxBuckeye IntProt Wind-D-Acres Larry-P-Red 76HO686 +1812 +291 +1106 +23 +31 +1.75 +1.28 +1.51 +1.1 2.81 +0.5 7.8 ColtPxShottle Taurus Sandy-Valley Seven P-Red 138HO4660 +1805 +287 +612 -3 +28 +1.69 +1.33 +1.38 +2.8 2.79 +1.2 8.2 LawnBoyPxBolton ABC Lynncrest Cashflow-P-Red 94HO891 +1798 +250 +849 +18 +20 +2.27 +2.17 +2.20 +1.4 2.89 -0.2 9.1 ColtPxSeptStorm ABS Our-Favorite BNR P-Red 151HO5827 +1791 +321 +502 +23 +19 +1.73 +1.20 +1.19 +3.2 2.84 +0.4 8.4 ColtPxBaxter TWGST Deslacs Illegal P-Red 200HO6080 +1789 +324 +476 +16 +21 +1.86 +1.74 +1.15 +2.3 2.90 +0.2 6.9 LawnBoyPxToystory Semex Schultz LB Runner-P-Red 94HO881 +1732 +190 +391 -5 +18 +2.48 +2.73 +1.40 +2.1 3.07 -1.0 6.4 LawnBoyPxGoldwyn ABS Vision-Gen Sav Point-P-Red 76HO683 +1705 +197 -127 +12 +2 +2.15 +1.61 +2.54 +1.5 2.77 -0.2 9.4 SavagexLawnBoyP Taurus Welcome Pit Pheno P-Red 151HO5819 +1671 +103 +538 +18 +11 +2.63 +2.25 +2.76 -0.6 3.06 -1.1 8.0 PitbullxLawnBoyP TWGST Sandy-Loam AltaB P-Red 11HO559 +1670 +193 +378 -8 +17 +1.28 +1.61 +1.56 +1.9 3.09 +1.0 8.0 LawnBoyPxMarmax Alta Golden-Oaks Perry P-Red 138HO5130 +1647 +95 -42 -11 +17 +2.19 +2.00 +0.52 +1.0 3.08 +0.5 10.1 DestryxPerkP ABC Ja-Bob Redwood-P-Red 138HO5175 +1642 +297 +485 +30 +18 +0.40 +0.49 +0.45 +2.5 2.88 +0.3 8.1 IpodPxRedwood ABC Mr A-D Raspberry Lu P-Red 76HO601 +1635 +263 -370 -7 +3 +0.68 +0.83 -0.03 +4.5 2.96 +2.5 6.2 LawnBoyPxSteven Taurus Ja-Bob Hybrid P-Red 138HO4455 +1604 +273 -439 +22 -13 +1.36 +1.32 +0.73 +4.0 2.63 -0.6 9.0 LypollPxStadel ABC Raggi Mitey Paris-P-Red 151HO5815 +1557 +153 -154 +43 +6 +1.48 +0.95 +1.85 +0.3 2.85 -2.2 8.8 MiteyPxDagger TWGST Bosside Rvn Rapture P-Red 504HO4039 +1544 +278 -468 +13 -4 +1.01 +1.02 +0.68 +1.9 3.02 +1.1 8.0 PremiumPPxAdvent GGR Burket-Falls Future P-Red 6HO1065 +1520 +176 -329 +12 -10 +0.52 +0.39 -0.19 +3.5 3.13 +3.0 10.1 PollVisionPxPollPartyP ABC Aggravation Wunder P-Red 140HO2099+1481 +207 -677 -3 -5 +0.47 -0.16 -0.09 +3.5 2.93 +1.8 6.3 LawnBoyPxPolledPlusP ABC Aggravation Hangover P-Red 6HO757 +1472 +200 -529 -16 -5 -0.05 +0.22 +0.55 +3.9 2.93 +2.5 7.5 BacculumxAerostar ABC Northwind-KC Leader P-Red 138HO4765+1440 +72 -235 +0 -5 +0.88 +1.18 +0.58 +1.0 2.94 -0.1 7.4 MiteyPxFox ABC Aggravation Ducky P-Red 76HO530 +1433 +101 +487 -7 +11 +0.96 +0.30 +0.45 +2.4 3.04 -1.0 6.4 TalentxManfred Taurus Golden-Oaks Rocco P-Red 138HO3764 +1411 -30 -318 -9 +11 +0.87 +1.16 -0.28 -0.6 3.15 +0.0 10.4 RedmanxPerkP ABC Ja-Bob Roy-P-Red 138HO5170 +1400 +80 -1 +24 +0 +0.22 +0.07 +0.75 +0.6 2.94 -0.5 9.0 IpodPxVincent ABC Warrencrest Jack P-Red 140HO2105 +1264 -79 +377 -3 +12 +0.17 +0.08 +0.04 -2.0 2.91 -1.3 9.8 OttawaPxJordan ABC Hickorymea Torino-P-Red 76HO568 +1221 -113 -313 +27 +0 +0.48 -0.01 +1.08 -3.2 3.02 -2.2 10.6 SeptStormxLyon Taurus Hickorymea Paul P-Red 140HO2085 +1196 -157 -1509 -7 -24 +0.80 +0.94 +1.60 -0.4 3.16 -0.9 11.3 TalentxAirliner ABC


Name/NAAB GTPI NM$ Milk Fat Hickorymea Tybalt-PP-Red 555HO125 +1906 +378 +298 +16 Lirr Special Dual PP-Red 106HO2865 +1882 +418 +685 +28 Kulp-Dale Golden PP-Red 106HO3199 +1869 +344 +606 +11 Rokeyroad Rokstar PP-Red 534HO023 +1729 +245 -125 +15 S-S-I SI Mozygus-PP-Red 7HO11608 +1687 +255 +229 +16 Golden-Oaks Parma-PP-Red 151HO5820+1687 +165 -433 +3 Venture Polled Advantage PP-Red 76HO80336+1663+115-68 -28 West Port Major PP-Red 151HO5834 +1659 +151 +286 +40 Venture Proxy PP-Red 106HO2754 +1580 +114 -421 +13

42 #PolledPlace

Prot PTAT UDC FLC PL +24 +2.32 +1.93 +1.93 +3.5 +21 +1.53 +1.82 +2.24 +4.2 +37 +1.80 +1.62 +1.50 +2.3 +10 +1.82 +2.15 +0.99 +2.7 +16 +1.53 +1.85 +1.32 +2.2 +0 +2.12 +2.02 +1.85 +2.5 +6 +2.27 +2.91 +1.80 +1.7 +24 +1.88 +1.21 +1.45 -0.8 +9 +1.75 +1.19 +1.62 -0.3

SCS DPR SCE 2.71 +0.5 8.8 2.80 +0.2 8.9 2.86 +0.6 9.1 2.96 +0.4 8.4 2.91 -1.2 7.0 2.84 +0.0 10.1 2.95 +0.2 7.5 2.91 -1.5 9.8 2.79 -1.0 7.8

Pedigree LaddPxMrBurns MagnaPxLawnBoyP ColtPxGoldwyn ColtPxAdvent MiteyPxLawnBoyP MiteyPxPerkP ColtPxDurham ColtPxGoldwyn MiteyPxDurham

Avail Flatns DBO DBO Jtstrm Select TWGST Taurus TWGST DBO

12/2013 USDA-CDCB Evaluations

#PolledPlace 43


POLLED Holstein History by Dr. Larry Specht

“I’ve always been interested in dairy cattle history and in my travels as an ExPOLLED BREEDERS MENTIONED tension Dairy Specialist at Penn State, I came across several herds that had one George E. Stevenson, PA or more Polled Holsteins. One especially nice one was an EX-92 Whilrlhill KingMiller Brothers, PA pin daughter. I began to trace pedigrees and try and determine the origin of the J.J. Jermyn, PA trait and this led to numerous trips to the Penn State library where I found arA.W. Downton, PA ticles as far back as the late 1800s. Several original herd books were donated or A. Conrad Slifer, PA made available to me and they contained information on the Red factor as well. Joe & Margaret Carpenter, PA Red was a hot topic in the early days of my career at Penn State (late 1950s and G.G. Sumner, PA the 1960s). After retiring, I began to write about what I had learned and I continNancy L. Tinklepaugh, PA ue to have a serious interest in both traits. I think the Polled trait will become Dr. Jesse L. & William Lenker, PA more important to the Holstein breed and when the “high profile” herds become Elmer Dolin, PA involved, there will be a major surge in interest.” - Dr. Larry Specht Humphreyholm Farm, NY H.W. Cook, MD POLLED HOLSTEIN HISTORY EXCERPT Shepherd’s Herd, VA Polled (naturally hornless) cattle chusetts. His sire was Jelqui’s King, and Ralph G. Roop, MD make up only a small portion of the his dam was Lophelia. This information Walter Schultz, MN millions of dairy cows in the United was found in an ad printed in The HolC.E. Crossman, MN States. The Polled condition transmits stein-Fresien Register shortly after the Edwin Wegenast, MN as a dominant trait, much as black coat birth of the animal. Little additional Merle Kolander, MN color in Holsteins is dominant to red. parentage could be found when the Melvin G. Kullhem, MN Both parents must transmit the reces- pedigree was traced. The ancestry for Raymond Compart & Sons, MN sive gene for horns to an offspring in many of the first animals imported Hamilton Nelson, MN order for their calf to be horned. Why from Holland was often incomplete as Kenneth & Le Roy Donnay, MN then, do nearly all of our dairy cat- there were no conventional herd books Ernst Duesterhoeft, MN tle have horns? The primary reason in Holland before the 1870s. The only Walter & Walton R. Miller, MN is that few breeders ever selected for records of parentage were those kept Russell Thompson, MN the Polled trait and/or did not select by the owner of the herd for his own Nottleman’s, MN against the horned condition. Oddly use. Herbert Struss, MN enough, the history books tell us that Pioneer Polled breeder, George E. John Scott, MN the ancestors of our modern-day cattle Stevenson received a letter, dated May Robert Zoubek, MN did not have horns and that mutations 1, 1914 from the secretary of the NethGerald Wise, MN must have occurred that gave rise to erland Herd Book indicating that hornStrobel Brothers, MN horns. Horned cattle proliferated, and less Black and White cattle were exhibJames D. Poll, MN it is thought that the occurrence of ited at the Amsterdam show in 1886. Ralph Bindl, WI Polled animals in modern times is the There were “only a few of them,” and O.E. Pritchard, IL result of another mutation from horns they were required to be exhibited as Oscar E. Koenig, IL back to the hornless condition. Before a separate breed. The letter mentioned Anton J. Pottebaum, IA cattle were domesticated, horns were that a Polled bull had been in service in Elmer Becker, IA important to the survival of the species. the district of Wognum in 1884. Harold J. Miller, ND Now, with dairy herds largely confined Over the past 25 years, the author Lorry Madsen, ND to barns or fenced-in enclosures such visited many of the herds that had a Delmar & John Schade, ND as pastures or corrals, horns are of little history of breeding for the Polled trait. Marvin Morlock, SD value and can be a detriment to good When it was possible to verify what Tilney Farms, MN herd management. Nearly all dairy- events took place in the breeding of De Jong Brothers, IA men in this country remove horns at Polled animals, the writer has reported Hargrove & Arnold, IA an early age using electric dehorners or the history of what occurred. A small Gray View Farms, WI some other method. However, the job number of people have promoted the Robert W. Gardner, IL of removing horns from cattle of any breeding of Polled cattle in the HolEldon DeWall, IL age is a distasteful one and would not stein breed. The following paragraphs Larry Moore, WI be missed if there were an easier solu- describe some of these people and Carnation Farms, WA tion. This report traces the migration of how they became involved in breeding Intermountain Institute, ID the Polled condition in registered Hol- Polled Holsteins. Lillywhite Ranch, NM steins in the United States back to the There is a growing awareness of the Burket-Falls, PA time of the earliest reporting of the trait. Polled trait in North America, but we T. Edwin Johnson, PA Until recently, the Holstein breed are not nearly as advanced as our EuFred Fouse, PA did not identify Polled animals in their ropean counterparts in realizing its Clair & Alan Koontz, PA herd book. The earliest American-re- usefulness. Thomas-Crest, PA corded Polled Holstein that was locatPortions of this history have appeared Conrad & Rebecca Carlsen, PA ed was the bull, Lophelias Prince, born in early issues of The Polled Holstein Robert Feldwisch, OH on April 22, 1889. He was bred and Newsletter produced by Frank Bouic Brank Bouic, OH owned by T. P. Root of Barre, Massa- of Ostrander, Ohio, in the late 1990s. Dr. Specht’s full article and breeder descriptions can be found at www.polleddairycattle.com. 44 #PolledPlace

The Popularity of POLLED!

Homozygous Polled! HIGH FERTILITY A2A2!!

His first 5 daughters are now milking in our herd, and there are no disappointments!

Burket-Falls Dominant PP-Red-ET VG-87 aAa 5136 Homozygous Polled Young Sire Available from Burket-Falls! ★ All of his sons and daughters will be POLLED! ★

Sire: Burket-Falls Polled Pledge-P-ET-RC EX-90 Dam: Burket-Falls Durene-Red-PC 2E EX-91 EX-MS — PICTURED BELOW — Maternal Grandsire: Burket-Falls Poll Party-Red-RC

Dominant’s Dam:

2nd Dam: Burket-Falls Dee Dee-Red-ET 2E EX-90 EX-MS Lifetime: 201,989M 3.7% 7,490F 3.4% 6,519P Next 5 Dams: VG-87, VG-89 EX-MS, EX-90 EX-MS, EX, VG-89

Advent Sister

Burket-Falls Durene-Red 2E EX-91 EX-MS

Burket-Falls Daphne-Red-ET VG-88 Full sister to DAZZLER P and Maternal sister to DOMINANT PP

4-01 365 34,828M 4.1% 1,434F 3.1% 1,088P LTD 161,000M 4.5%F 3.4%P

POLLED FOUNDATION COW Burket-Falls Elevation Sophia (EX-93-4E) Lifetime: 241,534 4.1% 10,022 (GM-DOM) Sire: Elevation "The Solid foundation of our Polled Program"

Polled Holsteins: The Solution to Your “Horny” Problems

The Solution to Your "Horny" Problems

Burket Farm Burket Falls Falls Farm

Dave Burket & Sons • BLAIR COUNTY Dave Burket & Sons 1321 Polecat Road • East Freedom, PA 16637 RD 1, Box 579 • East Freedom, PA 16637 Ph: 814-239-2260 • www.burketfallsfarm.com Ph:Email: 814-239-2260 Fax: 814-239-8797 burketfallsfarm@aol.com #PolledPlace 45 DESIGNED BY PA PROFILES


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The “G” Family is going


AHO COLT P GOLTA P-ET*RC PO +2075GTPI Dam of Aho Predestine Giada P-ET*RC PC


18615 Co Hwy 38, Frazee, MN 56544 Like our Facebook page! For inquiries contact Tyrone at: 218-230-4098 Tyrone_aho@hotmail.com

Polled Testing

There are 2 independent origins of polled, one found in Holstein-Friesian and Jersey breeds (Pf), the other in many European breeds of Celtic origin (Pc) such as Angus, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Dexter, Limousin, Charolais, and Hereford, among others. Polledness is dominant; a polled animal can have one or two copies of the gene. All offspring of a bull with 2 copies of polled (homozygous) will be polled. Genetic testing is a cost-effective means to determine if a polled animal has 1 or 2 copies of the gene. The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory offers a test for the polled gene to assist breeders in selecting cattle that have 2 copies of Polled gene. H/H HORNED. No copies of either Polled molecular marker are present. Pf/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Pf/Pf POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker are present. All offspring will be polled. Pc/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Celtic molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Pc/Pc POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Celtic molecular marker are present. All offspring will be polled. Pc/Pf POLLED. One copy of Polled-Celtic and 1 copy of Polled-Friesian molecular markers are present. All offspring will be polled.


Giada P is a POLLED breeder’s dream! She is a Predestine x Colt P x Shottle going back to the Schillview “G” family. On the 12/2013 proof run, she was the #6 POLLED female in the breed, #1 NM$ POLLED female & #2 Red Carrier POLLED female! Giada will soon be headed to Sunshine Genetics. She has siblings on the ground sired by Long P that are Red, RC, PO or PP! More siblings to come by Jabir, Windsor, Jacey & Distinction.

Sweet Earnhardts Ri-Val-Re Ehrdt Daisy P

Born: 3/14/2013 +2208GTPI Earnhardt P x Observer x VG-85 Socrates x EX-90 Shottle x VG-85 Rudolph x VG-85 Airliner x VG-87 Blackstar ardt h n r a #1 E eifer in P H any Germ

Kerndtway Ehrdt Dallas P

Born: 1/14/2013 +2170GTPI Earnhardt P x VG-85 Observer x VG-88 Shottle x EX-92 Goldwyn x EX-93 Durham x EX-94 Jolt x 6 more VG-EX dams Owned with Hendel Farms


Bob & Diane Eustice 4331 Co. Rd. 5 N | Byron, MN 55920 Ph: 507.775.2211 | Cell: 507.398.6142 Email: robert.eustice@frontier.com www.holsteinworld.com/hartfordholsteins

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Stephanie Stout, Editor Address: PO Box 813, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965  Phone: (608) 732-2757  Fax: (608) 237-2310 Email: polledplace@polleddairycattle.com  Website: www.polleddairycattle.com 48 #PolledPlace www.facebook.com/PolledDairyCattle  Twitter @PRforBulls

Polled Hits A Grand Slam

The Co-Vista Grand Slam Sale - Saturday, May 3, 2014 - Held at Co-Vista Farm, Arcade, NY Many POLLED Offerings in this Sale! Pine-Tree 4190 Toubi 4869 P sells!

Pine-Tree 1258 Signif 4815 P GP81

Her 7 dtrs by Earnhardt, Cash Coin & Parker P sell! Her 2 Earnhardt P dtrs also sell-1 on the locator list! Toubib x VG Planet x Pine-Tree Mitten Shellie VG88below Signif x Pine-Tree Missy Miranda VG86 DOM below

Fresh Polled Colt P Sells!

Her Polled Ladd P dtr also sells! Colt P x Mer-Gold Advent Ms Meg-Red EX92 below

Auctioneering by The Cattle Exchange - Catalogs available on request! Contact Russ George at 716.913.8977 Co-Vista Ladd Veela P-Red Sells! left

Long P & Absolute maternal sisters also sell! Dam: Frith-Jof Sabre Vicky P-Red VG88 below 6th lact. 297d 30,329m 1039f 929p inc. 5th lact. 365d 37,950m - 305d 32,300 *Vicky is one of the top Red & White cows for production, all done in a large commercial freestall while on an IVF program. *She currently has 23 dtrs, many VG & 1 EX

Vicky P-Red *OUTCROSS POLLED* Now flushing - inquiries welcome!

Currently owned by Carlsen Farm

Frith-Jof Ladd Picabo P-RC

Now owned by Jaydyn Isiminger, Union City, PA We have 4 pregs due in June by Overtime P Full sister, Penelope P, has 2 Magenta pregs due in March & Ohare preg due in June - She’s due in Sept to Overtime!

Carlsen Farm

Conrad & Rebecca Carlsen Rome, PA Phone: 570.247.2023 Email: carlsenfarm1@epix.net

The Co-Vista Grand Slam Sale May 3, 2014 Arcade, NY Co-Vista Holsteins

Russ George Arcade, NY #PolledPlace 49 Phone: 716.913.8977 Email: klgeorge17@yahoo.com

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The Story Behind #PolledPlace “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauPOLLED Dairy Cattle - Ayrshires, Holsteins, Red & Whites and a Jersey ty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt’s quotes can be Hawksfield interpreted in many different ways. If your dream is to share and promote Polled, you are in the right place! Bronara Another one of her more well-known quotes is, “Great 12 years of age minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; EX-94-4E small minds discuss people.” With the help of many Life:308,712m 13,117f 10,270p great Polled minds, #PolledPlace went from a dream to a reality and I was able to develop a website and a publication that is Hawksfield Farms Charles, Henry, Shirley, Diane, Mark, Mary, Grace & Jonathan Sayles 100% focused on Polled. The countless hours, emails and Facebook chats Perry, Michigan discussing this idea has made it all worth it as I’m officially launching the Email: ayrhawk2@gmail.com first issue of #PolledPlace. Thank you to my parents, Brian & Sue Crull and Reserve your space today! Cost is $50/listing my brothers and sisters, Nicole, Kelsey, Justin, Brandon, Jessica & Briana (608) 732-2757 polledplace@polleddairycattle.com for all of your advice and suggestions! Also, thank you to Roy MacGregor, Bryan Quanbury and Mark Rodgers for their help and expertise! ROLLIN-HUELS BKEM -ET The name #PolledPlace was created with the thought of social media in mind. The hash tag symbol began with Twitter and has become more and 6/2012 Bookem +1975 GTPI more popular on other social media sites including Facebook and InstaDue in June to Sid PP gram. Each section of this publication has a hash tag associated with it to ROLLIN-HUELS -ET promote that particular feature. 9/2011 Mr Savage milking 88# My vision for #PolledPlace is to serve as Your Source for Polled Dairy Cattle! Watch the #PolledPlacings next issue! I would like to provide a place for promotion and education of Polled in all dairy breeds. Along with the publication, a website has been launched ROLLIN HUELS DAIRY - www.polleddairycattle.com. The website will serve as an online source Lester & Helen Huels & family 16507 Emerald Rd, Carlyle, IL 62231 for Polled information of all breeds along with a place to educate on the P: (618) 594-3328 E: les.helen.huels@live.com importance of Polled and how Polled works. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome!

Cher P

Camelia P

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ABS/St. Jacobs 43 Aho Bros. Dairy 47 Alta Genetics 37 Andersonville 3 April-Day 5 ArdachieJerseys 32 Baldus Polled 12 Briar Holsteins 11 Bryersquart 31 Burket Falls 45 Carlsen/Co-Vista 49 Crull, Justin 32 D&D/Manannah 30 DairyBullsOnline52 Dream Prairie 22 GenerVations 51 Golden Oaks 26 Hartford Holst 47 Hawksfield Farm 50 Hometown 21 Idle Neer Farm 17 Int’l Protein Sires 39 Ja-Bob Holsteins 23 Jon-Lu Holsteins 27 Kulp Genetics 30,33 Liz Partners 13

50 #PolledPlace

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Orcherdhill/Carlsen 24

OrthridgeJerseys 30 PennEngland 26 Pole Position 29 Rollin Huels 34,50 RoVin Acres 32 Select Sires 35 Sellcrest Farm 24 Taughboyne 25 Taurus Service 41 Thunder Ridge 22 TWG/ST 2 Warrencrest 19 Yoder Family 7

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Passion for Polled Where did your passion for Polled begin? Like many others, my passion began after my family purchased a Polled Lawn Boy P heifer on the National Red & White Convention Sale in 2009 from Ri-Val-Re Holsteins. We had a few Polled animals in the herd, but this particular Red & White Polled heifer named Sweety P sparked it all! I started learning more about what Polled bulls were available, how Polled worked and which animals had Polled in their pedigrees. We had many great mentors as we began our Polled journey including the late Gary Mayhew of Elmhurst Genetics, Jean Schrago of ABC Genetics, John Burket of Burket-Falls Farm, John Carpenter of the RWDCA and Roy MacGregor and Bryan Quanbury of DairyBullsOnline. Now, our herd focuses on developing Polled, outcross, unique bloodlines and we have began working with Polled in other breeds. I enjoy learning more and more about Polled and talking Polled with other breeders from across the world. Dream Big I would like to leave you with one last quote from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” The dream that I share with many others, the dream of promoting polled, is a big dream and launching my own magazine is the scary part! I am very blessed by the kind words of encouragement and the support that everyone has given me to launch #PolledPlace. I hope you enjoyed this issue and I look forward to helping you share your passion for Polled and promote your Polled genetics in many more issues to come! Thank you for your support!

Stephanie Stout Editor


04-06 365d 22,935 1048 4.6% 790 3.4% kg GOLDWYN x LILA Z Nom All-Canadian Sr 2yr 2008 Runner-up All-World Cow 2012 Finalist Holstein Canada Cow Of The Year 2013

Now spreading her influence to the R&W Breed & Polled Cattle!




+2807 GPA-LPI

2144 GTPI +3.11 PTAT

GenerVations LUPOL*RC*POC

250HO01111 CANM11591465 aAa 342 LADD P RED x COMESTAR GOLDWYN LILAC (VG-89 7*)

PO Box 568 Campbellville, Ontario Canada L0P 1B0


+2848 GPA-LPI

2111 GTPI +3.20 PTAT

GenerVations REMODEL P*RC*POC 250HO01119 CANM11672065 aAa 231 LADD P RED x COMESTAR GOLDWYN LILAC (VG-89 7*)

Phone: 905.873.8700 info@genervations.com www.genervations.com

#PolledPlace 51

Polled Magic from Lirr Farms Congratulations to Lirr Farms, the Nigh family on breeding these fine POLLED bulls! Outline P +2199GTPI +645NM$ Mogul x Man-O-Man Outcome P +2132GTPI +612NM$ Mogul x Man-O-Man Option PP +1930GTPI +434NM$ Bear P x Man-O-Man Special Effect P +2076GTPI +609NM$ Magna P x Lawn Boy P Special Dual PP +1882GTPI +418NM$ Magna P x Lawn Boy P

Lirr Outline P

Lirr Outcome P

Special Effect P & Special Dual PP

52 #PolledPlace

Lirr Option PP

Profile for Stephanie Hammerly

#PolledPlace March/April 2014  

#PolledPlace March/April 2014