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Good Manners “Good Morning, children! The theme of our first class this morning will be about Social Skills and what can we do to make others around us happy!” said Mrs. Miller. “But how can we do that?” asked Alissa. “When I try to do nice things I just make a mess or end up making others mad at me.” “Well, Alissa, Social Skills is another wayto say manners and behavior. We’ll be doing this together and that’s a very important part of it. Because when one fails, the rest of us will be there to cheer him on, don’t you think?” Everyone came up with good ideas such as, making cards for the sick children in class; going to visit the local Senior Citizen’s Home to cheer them up; helping to keep the park clean and tidy; being sweet and friendly to their neighbors; working on their table manners; being thankful for their belongings; saying “please” and “thank you” more often. There were so many things to do that they decided to each make a list of the 5 things they wanted to work on first. The kids spent the rest of their morning working on their little to-do lists and goals for learning better social skills.

The next day in class Mrs. Miller could already see a change in the children’s behavior. They seemed happier, extra kind and polite. “It seems that I have a class of kindness today.” She said as they all entered the room and sat quietly at their desks. “It’s like you’re all building a tower of love and good manners. It’s growing and you’re working on it each day as you try to improve in these goals you just made. That’s just wonderful!”

A Cheery Good Morning! “Good Morning Sandy!” called Mother, as she walked up the stairs to Sandy’s room. Sandy didn’t answer. A little while later Mother gave another happy good morning call as she opened the door of Sandy’s room. This time Sandy gave an answer with a grumpy moaning noise instead. “Yes, darling, it’s difficult to wake up sometimes, isn’t it? Are you still tired?” Mother asked. “No,” grumbled Sandy. Mother continued, “Then are you feeling sick?” “No, Mom.” Sandy answered impatiently. “Then honey, what’s bothering you?” Sandy didn’t answer this time. She hid under her blankets with her teddy bear. It only to make her feel worse. Mother decided to leave Sandy alone a little while hoping that this “upset” feeling would just pass. Sandy lay there hugging her teddy bear and thinking about what her behavior had done. “It doesn’t make me feel good being this way. It doesn’t make mom and dad feel good either, so why don’t I try to be happy when I wake up? It will brighten up my day and make others smile. Maybe I should just try to smile, even if I don’t feel like it. Okay, let’s give it a try, shall we?” Sandy said to her little teddy.

Down she went for breakfast. She gave both mom and dad a big hug with a bright happy smile on her face. “It’s so much better to start off this way!” Said Sandy to her mom and dad. This little cheery morning didn’t end there. It helped to keep Sandy on the right track all day long.

Shy Lily “It’s your Uncle Mark, Lily. Please get the door.” called Mama. Lily ran to the door. She backed up behind the door and opened it slowly. Her little face poked out around the side. “Good morning, Lily!” said Uncle Mark. “I hope you’ve had a good night’s rest.” Lily just stood behind the door. “Lily, there’s no reason to be shy,” said Mama. Lily poked her head a little bit further--then she took a step out from behind the door. At last she was all the way out. “Looks to me like you need some ‘boldness power’.” said Mama. “Let’s see how brave you can be. Don’t think of yourself, think of others.” “I have an idea to help you. I’ll teach you what children in other countries say when they meet others,” said Uncle Mark. Here are some different ways to greet one another in the morning: Bon Jour------------France Bom Dia------------Portugal/Brazil Buenos Dias-------Spanish Guten Tag----------Germany/Austria Ko-ni-chee-wah---Japan Sa-waa-dee ka----Thailand G’Day Mate--------Australia Dobra Dan-----------Croatian Na-na----------------Tahitian

TICK TOCK - TICK TOCK! DING-DONG! DING-DONG! This time Lily ran to the door. As she opened it she said, “Bonjour, Auntie Rose! Bonjour!” “Why thank you, Lily. That’ so sweet of you.” answered Auntie Rose. “Mom, it makes me feel so happy when I don’t think about myself or how shy I am. Thank you for helping,” said Lily.

My Favorite Storybook Elliot has just turned 5 years old. He may have been the shortest one in his class, but he could read while the other children hadn’t learned yet. Elliot’s mother had taught him to read when he was four years old. Elliot loved to read stories and his favorite stories were about the life of Jesus. Today was special day for Elliot at kindergarten. His teacher let someone every day pick a story for her to read to the class at nap-time. Today was his turn! “Mom, he called, “I don’t want to be late for school!” Elliot’s mom was getting all of his things ready for school. “Get in the car, honey. I’m ready to go” she said. Elliot and his mother got into the car, put on their seat belts and drove to school. Elliot patiently waited all morning till lunch time. When he finished lunch, he waited for Miss Moreno to announce who would be the one to pick a nap-time story. At last the time came. “Elliot, I think it is your turn to pick a story for me to read to everyone. Please go to the bookshelf and pick a book,” she said. Elliot got up and walked to the bookshelf. There were lots of big books and little books. Colorful books and thin books. Books about cars and trucks, books about dancing teddy bears and fairies. There was one book that Elliot really liked the most. It was the Bible story book.

“Let’s read this book! I really like Jesus’ true life stories!” he said. Miss Moreno took the book and opened to the first page. It was a story about Jesus feeding 5,000 people with only five loaves and two fish.

Manners Stories Two  
Manners Stories Two  

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