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Sweet Deeds! “Andy! Could you please see what your little brother needs?” called Mother. Little Paul had been sick all night with a cough and cold. “Mom, I’ll be there when I’m done playing basketball,” answered Andy. He continued dribbling the ball around the court and made another shot through the hoop. “Andy, could you please come in,” said Mother, “ I think we need to talk.” Andy dropped his ball on the ground and slowly walked into the house. “Andy, don’t you think that was rather rude of you to just keep on playing when I had asked you to do something for me? I wasn’t asking you to do something hard. I just wanted you to check on your brother for me.” “Yes, mother, I’ll try,” replied Andy. Andy left the living room and walked into the kitchen. “I wonder what should I do to help my little brother? That’s it! I’ll bring him some cookies mom just made. That should cheer him up.”

Andy got a plate from the cupboard and filled it with cookies and then he added a cup of orange juice and a napkin. He walked into his little brother’s room, “Surprise! These are for you!” he said. “Thank you, Andres!” replied Paul. His face lit up in a big smile. Andry felt happy too, that he could be a blessing to his brother.

Prince Freddy His royal highness Prince Freddy lived in a big castle out in the countryside. He was the only child of King Rupert and Queen Beatrix. He had many servants at his command day and night. He could order them about if he wanted to. But he was not just a prince in name alone but a true prince in word and deed. As he walked down the halls in the morning he would greet the maids and servants with a cheery, “Good Day! How did you sleep last night?” Prince Freddy thought of those around him when he entered the room. When an older person came into the room, Prince Freddy would rise from his seat and say: “Would you like a seat?” Then he would give them his chair. He certainly had good manners! During a State Dinner party he would make sure that all of the tables had just the right amount of food in the serving bowls. “Butler, this bowl needs more fruit.” He would say.

The King and Queen were very proud of their son, Prince Freddy. He wasn’t like some other young princesses and princes who only thought of themselves. You see he had learned to rule with love and respect. His parents treated Prince Freddy and everyone else in their Kingdom with a large amount of love and kindness. His parents loved him very much and taught him to be kind to others.

Happy Helpers Robby ran into the living room and plopped down on the sofa. He stretched out his legs and lay back to watch his favorite TV show. After a few minutes his mother came in carrying his little baby sister, Annie. “Robby, do you think you could make room for baby Annie and I to sit too?” she asked. “Ah Mom, I’m so comfy here. Why can’t you and Annie sit on a kitchen chair?” “Now Robby, if you want to grow up and be a gentleman like your Dad, you would give Annie and I room to sit too,” she said. “I’m sorry Mom. What do I have to do to be like Dad? “Well, to be like your Dad you would be kind and think of others instead of yourself. Like when a girl enters the room you would stand up and give her the best seat. You would open doors for her and say nice things to her and help around the house.” “I think I’d like to try that!” said Robby. “Do you think we could start over?”

Mom walked out of the room with baby Annie. She waited a few minutes in the kitchen before entering the living room. As she walked into the room, Robby stood up with a sweeping bow and said, “Good afternoon Mother. Would you like a seat?” “Now that’s what I call a real gentleman!” said Mother.

Let’s Try Again R-i-n-n-n-g---Brrr-R-i-n-n-n-g---Ring! Rang the alarm clock in the hallway. “Sally! John! Time to get up for school!” called Dad. Sally rolled over, yawned and looked at the clock. John didn’t move. He was hoping Dad wouldn’t call him again. “Sally, John! You’ve only got 10 minutes before the bus comes.” called Dad again. Sally popped out of bed, grabbed a few clothes, smoothed down her hair and ran down to the breakfast table. John came straggling in behind her. The two sleepy eyed, mismatched children tried to gobble down their food. “Sally and John, I’m very sorry but this is just not acceptable. I want you both to go back upstairs and start all over again.” said Dad. Sally and John got up from the table and walked back up the stairs. Sally looked in the mirror. Her hair was a mess and her blouse didn’t match her skirt. John had his clothes on inside out and he had forgotten to wash his face. “I guess Dad’s right,” said Sally.

She changed her clothes and fixed her hair. John brushed his teeth and washed his face. Then both children walked back to the breakfast table. “Now you children look presentable. Being neat and clean is another way for you to show love and consideration. It makes us all happy when you put forth the effort to look nice. Now I’ll drive you both to school so you won’t be late for class.” said Dad.

Manners Story Posters Three by Stephanie Scott  

posters and story teach manners, social skills for kids