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Hi! I’m Arthur and this is my little sister Helen. We made this special activity book just for you! First we have a nice story for you about something that happened to us. Then we have some color pages, activities and mazes for you.There is a game on pages 13-15 which is a lot of fun to play. And then we have a story about Jesus for you and a poster. Have fun!

Arthur and Helen

Design, Art, Storys by Stephanie Scott 2009



“Arthur! Could you please see what your little sister needs?” called Mother. Little Helen had been sick all night with a cough and cold. “Mom, I’ll be there when I’m done playing basketball,” yelled Arthur. He continued dribbling the ball around the court and made another shot through the hoop. “Arthur, could you please come in,” said Mother, “ I think we need to talk.” Arthur dropped his ball on the ground and slowly walked into the house. “Don’t you think that was rather rude of you to just keep on playing when I had asked you to do something for me? I wasn’t asking you to do something hard. I just wanted you to check on your sister for me and see if she needs anything.” “Yes, Mom, I’ll check on her,” replied Arthur. Arthur left the living room and walked into the kitchen. “What should I do to help my little Helen? That’s it! I’ll bring her some cookies Mom just made. That should cheer her up.” He got a plate from the cupboard and filled it with cookies and a cup of orange juice. Then he walked into his little sister’s room, “Surprise! These are for you!” he said. “Thank you, Arthur!” replied Helen. Her face lit up in a big smile. Arthur felt happy too, that he could be a blessing to his sister. MY PRAYER I am happy when I do nice things for someone else. Show me more sweet things to do for those around me.


Kindness, Unselfishness

Do unto others as you would want them to do to you.

Quiz Questions about story: 1. What did Mom askArthur to do? 2. What was Arthurs’ first reaction? 3. What did Arthur end up doing for his little sister?

Discussion Topics and Notes to Parents: How many times in recent years have you heard your older children say, “I’m bored! I have nothing to do?” How many idle hours have they spent with videos, books or games? A little is fine, but too much is—simply too much. When we teach our older children through little acts of kindness and care it will in turn help them to become kind and considerate to younger children. If you have older children who seem a bit self-centered, bored with life and only looking for ways to make themselves happy, why not ask them to try to find someone else to make happy. That just might bring the joy and sparkle into the older child’s life and help them to learn the satisfaction of giving to others. Keeping Busy Cards You may find these idea cards helpful for your older children, to know what to do with their little brothers or sisters. These activities are also great when your children have to wait for something. You can cut out these cards and put them in a box or envelope. Make these available for any time of the day. The children pick a card and put them it into action. Funny Zoo Write Your Name Name Initials Picture Groups What Am I? Designers Desk Cut-Out Shapes Make your own Newspaper


Number Scores • Play this with your Mom or Dad. As they call out a number, you must turn to that page in a book or magazine. • Use a clock to time how fast you are. • Keep a score card. If you save the score cards over a period of time, you can compare them to see how much progress you are making.

What Am I? • Gather small objects of different colors such as: a yellow feather, a red heart, a brown marker. • Look at them carefully. • Then place the objects in a box or bag. • Close your eyes as you pull out something from the bag • Feel it and try to remember what color it is and what it’s name is. • Open your eyes. Are you right?

Make Your Own Newspaper • Get some sheets of paper, glue, markers, color pencils and scissors. • Use some of the cut out letters from the “Make Your Name” projects to use as the headlines of your newspaper. • You can use pictures left over from the other activities that you have already cut out. Glue to a new pieces of paper. • When you are finished, read (or talk about) your magazine with others.

Cut-Out Shapes • Cut out lots of circles, rectangles, and triangles of different sizes from colored paper. • Use these to create all kinds of objects for a story. • You can make a long train by gluing circles as wheels under rectangles which are the cars and linking them with small black lines for the tracks. You can make robots, sailboats, ice-cream cones and many other things.


Draw the faces of 3 of your friends. Then start at the little girl and find your way up to the hearts




Friendship Notes Cut out the note papers. Write a note and send it to them. Have fun!


Fish Sticks Maze

Put On A Smiling Face! Face Painting! These 2 kids want to be clowns. Paint on the smiles that these 2 children need. Draw on hearts, rainbows, flowers, or any other designs. Have fun!



You can color some of the animals if you like. Some are already done for you. Answers Row 1: Banana Lemon Grape Pear Plums

to “Let’s Eat Healthy!” Row 2: Mango Apple orange Cherries Kiwi

Answers from “Watch Out for the Sun!”: suncreen towels umbrella hats shade tents long sleeves





Come Play with Us!  

Activity book for children who are or have been recently hospitalized, art & clown therapy.