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stephanie schill

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miami university

bachelor of arts in architecture


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Parasitical Space: First Amendment Center, Cincinnati

November-December 2011 This project was driven by the notion of parasitical architecture, and the challenge was implementing a First Amendment center within the framework of an existing thirty-story tower located on Fountain Square in Cincinnati, Ohio. The program includes galleries for historical documents, , classrooms, offices, and a library. In this partner-oriented project, I was responsible for the physical model, digital model, renderings, and the exploded axonometric drawing.

The dimensions of existing vertical striations were rotated to form an ideal grid of 3始 x 3始 cubes. Like the First Amendment, which is perfect in theory but has been reinterpreted over time, the facade remains free of paneling in the center of the atrium, but is transformed as it spreads to private spaces. A pure glass cube holding the historical document is suspended in the corner of the atrium, and is viewed as the nucleus of our parasite.

Level 5: Classrooms

Level 4: Offices & Reception Hall

The First Amendment Center is located on a prominent public square in downtown Cincinnati. Although the entry is at square level, the program takes place approximately 40始 above ground to reflect the heights of surrounding buildings. The five floors of the center symbolize the five fundamentals of the First Amendment, and shift from public spaces to private spaces as the visitor ascends.

Level 3: Research

Level 2: Upper Gallery & Library

First Amendment Center Level 1: Lower Gallery

Ground Level: Entry Foyer



Hybrid Transactions

September-October 2011 The project intent was to design a contemporary office space that has the flexibility to accomodate two start-up firms, both run by young professionals. One company is an advertising agency that specializes in radio, commerical, and billboard displays, and the other is a visualization and imaging firm that records and digitally edits animated films. Though the office has communal areas, a differentiation of materiality in the gallery space serves to distinguish the work of one company from the other.

Because both the animation company and advertising agency rely on the use of digital displays, a strong relationship between transparent openings and video screens became a prominent feature throughout the design.

Reclaimed Wood Paneling

Digital Screen

Bright Paint Hues

Black Stainless Steel


Bamboo Flooring

A diagonal partition intersects the existing orthangonal column grid and serves as the primary circulation through the display gallery.

The office is a rooftop addition to an existing office building located on a prominent public square in Cincinnati, Ohio.











Conference Room


Outdoor Reception Terrace

Outdoor Viewing

Mockup Room



Floor Plan

Painting Room

Visualization/Imaging Offices

Communal Office

Advertising Offices






Section A

Section B

Diagonal Display Partition

Division of Orthagonal Display

Separation of Spaces

Advertising Visualization/Imaging Communal


Pinnacle Mediatheque

February-April 2011 The challenge of this project was to design a contemporary digital media library suitable for an ancient fortress in Florence, Italy. The Fortezza da Basso has evolved into the primary fashion exhibition venue for the city, but the lack of geometry gives visitors a sense of placelessness inside the walls. Site placement, urban vistas, and potential exhibition use were key factors in the design of the both the mediatheque and the central piazza.



Level 1

- Lobby - Bookstore - CafĂŠ




Level 2

- Mediatheque - Archives - Offices


Level 3

- Bibliotheque - Auditorium - Sundeck

Section A

West Elevation

West Elevation Angled roofs that merge to a single point directed towards the urban center foster an external relationship to downtown Florence, while the placement of a third floor sundeck offering views of the Duomo and other major landmarks encourages visitors explore all levels of the mediatheque.

South Elevation

Section B

North Elevation

A void created by a second story cantilever connects the piazza to the outer surroundings of the fortress wall. Seating built into the natural topography of the adjacent park allows the path to transition from a high fashion runway to an urban sidewalk used by the citizens of Florence.

Front Approach

Exterior Runway

Interior Atrium


Nashville Women始s Home September-December 2010 This project involved the design of a halfway home for 50 women released from prison that are reacclamating themselves with modern society. In addition to 25 residential suites, the building contains educational classrooms and a meditation chapel to promote the idea of learning while healing. Because the site is situated between new urban development and an existing parkscape, a pedestrian bridge was required to connect the urban center to the greenway.

Section A

Section B

North Elevation

The pedestrian bridge is the most important feature of the building, both internally and externally. While daily traffic is supported at ground level, a delicate glass chapel encased by the heavy truss system rises above.


Level 1 Communal Space

Green Space


Level 2

Personal Development

Level 3 Residential Apartment

Level 4 Restrooms/Fire Stairs

Level 5 Staff


Clifton Library February-April 2010 The intent of this project was to design a large public library to replace an existing bookstore located on a small corner site in downtown Clifton, Cincinnati. To blend the modern library into the mid-twentieth architecture of its surroundings, the exterior is clad with traditional wood detailing and stone masonry.



Level 0 Mechanical/Storage

Level 1 Staff

Level 2 Multipurpose Room

Level 3 Public Circulation

Level 4 Digital Media

Level 5 Youth



A central atrium divides each floor into two distinct levels with large ramped reading areas bridging the 6始 height increase. This sloped incline is reflected on the facade through tiered, cantilvered glass windows.

Section A

Central Atrium

West Elevation

Outdoor Terrace

Section B


Lake Quinault Residence February 2010 This project involved the design of a mountain home for a retired couple in a remote area of Washington state. The use of vernacular materials was essential to connect the home to the natural landscape.





The footprint of the one-story home could not exceed 800 square feet, and to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment, the private areas of the home were built into the mountain. Timber displaced on-site during the construction process were used for flooring cladding, and structural support.

07 Art

January-May 2011 A series of drawings from my personal sketchbook kept during my study abroad experience in Florence, Italy. All drawings were conceived on site with black ink and graphite.

Ponte de la Cortesia; Venice

The Galleria; Milan

The Rendentore Church; Venice

Parco della Musica; Rome

Santa Maria del Fiore; Florence

“Viva La Vida”, July 2010

Contact: • (216) 965-3485 • 2237 Silveridge Trail, Westlake, OH 44145

Stephanie Schill Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio  

Design work I've completed during my four years of architecture at Miami University and in Florence, Italy.

Stephanie Schill Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio  

Design work I've completed during my four years of architecture at Miami University and in Florence, Italy.