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1 God's love is unconditional, eternal and transforming. God loves us enough to discipline us for our sins. God hates both physical and spiritual adultery. Nothing  we can do that can separate us from the mercy and love of God. God's concern for our life as a whole includes the success of our marriage. The one-handed love in our personal lives may help us better understand the hurt that God experiences when man rejects his love.

2 God is also in his 'forgiveness' Hosea's personal life is clearly a message His prophethood. According to God's command, the prophet Hosea married Gomer a prostitute. However, Instead of being loyal to her forgiving and loving husband, Gomer precisely Back to his old lover. Nevertheless, Hosea was a diligent man and he mercifully tried to bring it back. The message conveyed by Hosea is also stated by the meaning of the name given to her three children. Jezreel, Lo-Ruhama, and Lo-Ami (Chapter 1). Just as with Gomer, Israel is the same as a bitch chasing another 'love' instead of being faithful in his 'marriage' to Allah. However, the rebellion, apostasy, and adultery of Israel ultimately Giving way to God's love. Finally, Hosea Outlining the recovery of Israel And a new marriage agreement.

3 Wedding; Forgiveness. Just as Hosea married Gomer, then God's covenant relationship with Israel Describe their 'marriage'. Just as Hosea stretched out a hand in 'forgiveness' to buy back the adulterous wife of the slave market (chapter 3), so God is also in His 'forgiveness' continues to search for HIS people.

HOSEA 14:10

WHO IS WISE? LET THEM REALIZE THESE THINGS. WHO IS DISCERNING? LET THEM UNDERSTAND. THE WAYS OF THE LORD ARE RIGHT; THE RIGHTEOUS WALK IN THEM, BUT THE REBELLIOUS STUMBLE IN THEM. Siapa yang bijaksana, biarlah ia memahami semuanya ini; siapa yang paham, biarlah ia mengetahui; sebab jalan-jalan TUHAN adalah lurus, dan orang benar menempuhnya,tetapi pemberontak tergelincir di situ.

The Prophet with a broken heart