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Course Description: This course is designed to increase skills in algebraic operations, including solving systems of equations; linear programming; and matrices. The student will develop an understanding of linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, logarithmic, and piecewise functions using algebraic analysis, graphs, and real world applications. The student will write equations and apply conics, sequence and series; as well as, review right triangle trigonometric functions.


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Textbook: Holt Algebra 2 (Texas Edition) online: User name: cowboys7, password: cowboys


Analyzing equations, inequalities, and absolute value functions Graphing parent functions and translations of those functions Solving systems of linear equations and inequalities Exploring and applying matrices Exploring and applying quadratic functions and inequalities Exploring and applying square root functions Exploring polynomial functions and their graphs Exploring rational functions and their graphs Exploring and applying logarithmic functions Investigating conic sections Evaluating sequences and series Examine and review right triangle trigonometric functions Analyze/Evaluate/Create: Apply: Knowledge/Comprehension:

60% 25% 15%

Bellish, Michelle: D107;; 214-496-6441 Daily, Paulan: D111;; 214-496-6503 Levell, Wendy: B105;; 214-496-6495 Nairon, Liz: D217;; 214-496-6199

CLASSROOM PROCEDURES PAP Algebra 2 Michelle Bellish 214.496.6441 D107 1. BEHAVIOR IN CLASS Students are expected to be respectful to the teacher and other students at all times. Students are expected to come to class prepared. They are also expected to be ready to learn and participate in the classroom activities. Students are expected to use their class time wisely and to do their own work. A zero will be given on any assessment if a student is found cheating. If two people are involved, both will receive zeros. No warnings will be given as cheating is neither tolerated nor productive. 2. ASSESSMENTS There are three levels of assessments that will be taken. “Apply” - 25% category, “Knowledge/Comprehension” – 15% category and “Analyze/Evaluate/Create” – 60% category. Apply grades can be taken at any time. All grades in the 60% category will be announced and plenty of time will be given to study and prepare for these assessments. 3. SAT’s SAT’s will be reviewed by having content specific problems written in the SAT format on tests. 4. TUTORING I tutor on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7:50-8:15 am and Monday-Thursday afternoons from 3:50-4:30 pm. 5. Web-Site A Pre-AP Algebra 2 Facebook page is available to all students. Each teacher has her own class group on the page. There is a link on Schoolwires (which is located on the CHS Website under “staff” and “websites” “Michelle Bellish” It will be used regularly to post the calendar, worksheets, notes, announcements, and review assignments. Please check it regularly. 6. TARDIES and ABSENCES I will follow the absence and tardy policy mandated by the school. I will count tardies for students that are not in the room when the bell rings. When a student is absent, he/she is responsible for turning in makeup work and getting notes. If you are absent on the day of a quiz or test that you knew about, come back to school prepared to take the quiz or test the very next day in class!! Students will have one day for every day missed to make up work. Make up work must be turned in on time; this is for your benefit. If you get behind, it can be terribly difficult to catch up. All assignments are posted in the room and a calendar will be posted to the website. Please check the “box” for anything you need to pick up. You must take the initiative to find out what the assignment was and if there was a grade taken!!! 8. SUPPLIES Student supplies: pencil, notebook paper, graph paper, colored pen, calculator for home (suggested). Calculator: graphing calculator (TI-84 is recommended) Students will have access to a calculator in class but they may never be taken home. Each student will need to bring EITHER a packet(of 4) of AAA batteries, a packet of EXPO dry erase markers (low odor), or a box of tissues. 9. ONLINE RESOURCE This is an excellent resource to use at home. Each section of the book has a quiz with hints. Check it out! user name: cowboys7 password: cowboys

Class Expectations  

testing Issuu

Class Expectations  

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