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No need, Stephanie Rivers peers into the future to make Swarvoski clear what one can expect for Spring 2011


AlexANdeR McqueeN

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AlexANdeR McqueeN

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The Hot List > Degas-infused pPieces > feathers > Blue > Maxi dresses > femininity/Ladylike glamour > Bold graphics > Turbans and head scarves > Bold coloured maquillage > Minimalism > sarah Burton for alexander McQueen > Victoria Beckham handbags > Rock-a-Billy hairdos


The Not List:


t is hard to believe that within a few weeks it will be the start of yet another fashion week calendar season, issuing in the 170+ runway shows that will highlight what is new and fabulous for the FW 2011 season. However, since we are still ensconced in the winter season of 2010-11, regardless of climate or locale, it is the perfect time to predict what we will see for Spring/Summer 2011. I am getting down to the nitty gritty of it all by peering into my jewel embellished crystal ball forecasting exactly what a fashionista, budgetnista and seasonista needs, wants and should avoid for the new season.

Why not?:

> Ballet — Degas-inspired ballet fashion will be everywhere for spring and summer due to the popularity of the Black Swan movie, designers Rodarte’s creations for the film and the endless fashion editorials that will be inspired by both.

length, that below the knee hemline that is both elegant and ladylike. Imagine Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly modernised but maintaining their always resplendent air in fitted tops, tapered waists and longer hem lengths that are either a long lean silhouette or an A-line skirt one.

> MiniMalisM — Uber labels Jill Sander and Calvin Klein are having their day in the sun with minimalism hitting an epic high this season. Expect clean lines, refined fabrics and covetable shapes stripped down to their most fundamental essence making this a key look of the season.

> Feathers — This will be a micro trend of the Degas/ballet one worn in both clothing and headbands. Chanel and Alexander McQueen did this best, turning out varied and interesting interpretations of the same spot-on trend.

> BolD Graphics — Cool colour blocking and bold prints were all over the runways and will translate well from runway to real way. Navy worn with blocks of black and white is an excellent way to segue into the colour blocking trend of the season. Many will be mimicking Prada’s fun infused fashion parade of exaggerated graphics featuring monkeys and fruit. Many will be juiced wearing summer frocks with citrus slices, bananas and the like.

sarah Burton For alexanDer Mcqueen — In a word, exquisite. Expect to see the phoenix continue to rise at the House of McQueen with Sarah Burton at the helm. The feathers, leather dresses, Edwardian waist coats, cropped military jackets and maximalist prints are forecasted on every well-dressed fashionista, Hollywood A-lister, French ingénue, Bollywood beauty and model worldwide.

> Blue — Deep saturated blue hues are the perfect anecdote to the usual urban black. Wear it paired with the colour wheel opposites of yellow and orange, or in monochromatic splendour as though in a Mediterranean sea, starting with the palest azure to the deepest of teal and navy. > Maxi Dresses — I foresee many channeling Talitha Getty’s boho casual style that was always pitch perfect for spring and summer as maxi dresses hit it out of the park this season. Think long diaphanous fabrics that move with you and create an allure all their own. The look will be both refreshing and bold fashion outside the box. Of course, the world has just finally caught up to what women of the Middle East have always known. > FeMininity/laDylike GlaMour — Many hem lengths were shown for S/S 2011 but one I believe we will see a lot of is the new ‘it’

> sheer bravado > Turbans paired with bold maquillage > Pink tutus and pink ballet tights > Uber frizzed 70s-inspired hair > shredded denim > Mixed prints > The pant less parade

> turBans anD heaD scarves — Fashion’s crystal ball shows this as a red hot trend that will break away from the fashion pack. Expect to see this look going from the beach, to the shopping emporiums to the A-list nightclubs. > BriGht MaquillaGe — The runways were filled with striking colour hues that were wonderful bursts of brightness that highlighted the delicate features and accentuated all the right positives. I foresee the continued usage of vivid red rouge; the additions of fuschia for lips and nails; neon hues for nails and eyes; smoky eyes done with unexpected hues; nude lips and muted, almost invisible brows.

> victoria BeckhaM hanDBaGs — Mrs Becks is glowing and basking in the light of her growing fashion empire, with her latest addition of handbags earning her high marks and quick sales at the cash registers, both in London and New York. Prediction? That these easy to carry silhouettes, as sleek and dynamic as her dress line is, will be upon everyone’s shoulder come spring. > rock-a-Billy hairDos — Channel V V Brown and Janelle Monae with rocking pompadours that signal a strong trend that is here to stay for the season. An upswept pompadour front sculpted just so paired with either a chignon or French roll back or long stick straight back flowing in the breeze. Expect to see this on the ‘it’ girls of club land everywhere.

> sheer BravaDo — Although many of the magazines abroad as well as the previous season’s runways showcased sheer tops and skirts worn with bravado and smile, featuring the trend of underpinnings for the season, it is not a trend to adopt.

ray is vastly different from curly hair gone bad, having run its own course and not very successfully. This look can go clown-like rather quickly so err on the side of tamer curls that are well conditioned with a slight frizzy tease for volume and definition.

> turBans with BolD MaquillaGe — Turbans are one of the hot trends however, it becomes more Gloria Swanson ready for her close-up in Sunset Boulevard rather than a chic aesthetic to emulate for the upcoming season when worn together. Turban? Yes. Bold makeup/ maquillage? Yes. Together? In a word, no.

> shreDDeD DeniM — There are three categories for fashion: keep it, store it and forget it. Shredded denim falls into the realm of retire and forget it. It has run its course, was chic for a moment, now move on.

> pink tutus anD pink tiGhts — Unless you are going to your ballet class or taking your wee one to attend one, this look is better left at the barre. > uBer FrizzeD 70s-inspireD hair — Designer Marc Jacobs gave us 70s disco with great élan and panache, frizzy curls included. However, keep in mind that a designer runway’s purposeful curls in frizzy disar-

> MixeD prints — Uber wonderful for a fashionable minute but like shredded denim, it has seen its day. However, unlike shredded denim, this look should be stored as it will be seen again in the future. > the pant less paraDe — I heart all things Gaga, as in Lady Gaga. However, the pant less wearing tangent she has been on in Europe and the trend it has started everywhere should be relegated to stage performances and the divine Ms Gaga herself. Enough said.

Spring 2011 Fashion Overview  
Spring 2011 Fashion Overview  

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