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DIVERSIONS Friday, April 3, 2009





Get your fill of Books, Travel, Fashion, Arts + Culture and People this weekend. Crack a books’ quiz, read the review of a book on good neighbourliness, plan a trip to Kandy, read about a Pakistani painter’s humanitarian zeal, meet an Englishwoman who opened an art gallery in Dubai... and more


BOOKS Indian By Choice is a winsome graphic novel on ABCDs: American-Born Confused Desis

TRAVEL Malta is the stuff fairytales are made of: relive a bygone era and a romance that is for real FASHION How do you say fashion in Lebanese? Elie Saab ARTS + CULTURE Being poet, woman, Arab: all rolled into one PEOPLE Meet the ‘flora lady’ of Fujairah, whose collection of plants is now a scientific resource

Diversions Lifestyle Section Design  

Design project for a weekend lifestyle section for Middle East newspaper

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