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A Handy Guide to:

Getting your kids ready for our Photo Session!

Get Them Excited! Tell your kids about your session as soon as you book it and get them excited! Tell them how fun it’s going to be! And that you are all going to pretty new place and get to explore it. Take them shopping for a new special outfit just for this photo shoot. This will get them looking forward to that special day when they can wear it.

Practice Smiling! Practice at home or in the car saying “Cheese!” (or your own code word, just be sure to tell me on the day-of) and smiling big. Have a contest with the whole family to see who can smile the biggest! All this practicing will help them remember what to do when the photo shoot day comes.

Feed Them! This one might seem obvious. At any age, kids aren’t their sweetest selves if they are hungry. Make sure they have a good snack or meal prior to the photo shoot to prevent this antisweetness. You’ll get more smiles and keep their attention for longer!

Pack a small “Survival Kit”! What should be in it? - Tissues or wipes. - A change of clothes or two. Kids get dirty. - Snacks! (If you didn’t do my last suggestion) - A favorite toy for the little ones. Being in front of the camera can be scary, so having a favorite toy in sight can help them relax.

Stephanie Rita Photo's guide to getting your kid's ready for our photo session  

Guide to getting your kid's ready for our Photo session. Tips and tricks. All photos by Stephanie Rita Photography.