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Stephanie Priddy the designs of

Design has been a part of Stephanie’s life since her early childhood. The first inspiration for her was her mother, who worked as a advertising saleswoman for a newspaper and had to design ads. Her mother’s influence continued into scrapbooking and inspired Stephanie to experiment with layout and fonts. This passion for layout continured into the digital realm as soon as she was old enough to use a computer. One of Stephanie’s childhood passions was to take quotes or poems other had written and design a back ground and choose a font that matched the writing. In high school, this hobby started to receive actual instruction and guidance. The two main inspirations for Stephanie’s teenage years were Mr. Greg Chandler and Ms. Angela Yearry. Chandler awaken in Stephanie the passion for the fine arts and introduced her to a whole new outlet for creativity. Ms. Yearry taught Stephanie how to use and produce designs on Adobe programs and showed her a this hobby could be productive. It seemed to Stephanie that she decided on a whim to major in art at Union University. However, in retrospect, her whole life had been preparing her for this education and occupation. It was in college that Stephanie found that while design is still her major emphasis that her creative persuits expanded once again into the arts. She discovered a style that emphasizes hand drawn patterns and doodles. Color, line and texure are all elements that she is fond of and impliments frequently into her work. Stephanie has worked for the Paris Post Intelligencer in her hometown of Paris, TN in their advertising department and produced the logo design for their Readers’ Choice Campaign. She has worked for the Union Film Festival, Student Government, and other local clients. Stephanie is currently working as a free lance designer and finishing up her design education. Her dream is to work in someway with nonprofit organizations or in such a way that her designs shall benefit someone.

Union University Chapel Brochure

This design is for Union University’s Spring Chapel schedule for 2013. The theme Bible verse for the semester is Colossians 2: 6-7 and the focus of the design pulls from the phrase “overflowing with thankfulness. The stylized water is based off the word “overflowing.:

Bricker Campaign This campaign was designed for Molly Bricker’s election to senior secretary of Union University’s Student Government Association. The poster design is a reference to Ms. Bricker’s name and is very colorful per her request. The guerilla advirtesment uses the bricks to once again reflect the candidate’s name and the letters are handwritten in chalk to represent Ms. Bricker’s hands-on and engaged approach to the secretary position.

Yupi Package Design The project is a redesign for the packaging for Yupi Fruit Snacks. The design focuses on simplicity and bright colors, since the company tends to brand to children. Each package is shaped like a slice of fruit to make it stand out upon a store shelf and the design and coloration references the flavor to the snacks within.

JoAnn Business Package This business package is for a redesigned logo for JoAnn Fabric and Crafts. The logo was designed to represent the four main departments of the company: Fabric, Crafts, Fine Arts, and Sewing/Needle Craft. This logo was expanded out into business cards for each department and envelopes and stationary for the company.

Futurist Magazine Design This is a redesign of an issue of The Futurist magazine, which focuses on current political and geosocial issues and predicts how they will affect the future. This design takes inspiration from the Futurist art movement, with the most apparent feature being the illustrated images throughout.

Christmas Poster

This poster is a typographical experiement for a line from the famous Christmas song “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.�



Thank You to Our Customers for your Vote & Business!

Central Electric Service Thank you for voting us

FAVORITE DRY CLEANER for 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012

“Favorite Appliance Repair”

VOLUNTEER CAR WASH 1002 Mineral Wells Ave.

Reader’s Choice Awards

Jim Bob & Terri Weatherly 312 Tyson Ave. 642-5913

319 E. Wood St.



These pieces are for the Paris Post Intelligencer Readers’ Choice Awards. The top is the logo design for the campaign and was made into plaques and window clinges for the winning businesses. The advertisments are thank you pieces from some of the winners.

Type Portrait

This poster is a portrait of the typographer Eric Gill. His likeness is made up of letters from his own typeface Gill Sans.

Handmade Type

This font is made entirely of cut pieces of bamboo. This experiement was done to test how to make letters in ways different than writing. The name is a quirky acknowledgement to the material used.

James Bond Portrait

This poster was made to gain further experience with the pen tool in Illustrator. The subject is the actor Sean Connery in his role as British spy, James Bond.

Marathon Poster

This poster is in support of the nonprofit organization the Easter Seals, which supports the mentally disabled. The specific event is the yearly Walk with Me marathon, which helps to raise money and awareness for the organization.

The Designs of Stephanie Priddy  

A glimpse into the portfolio of Stephanie Priddy, a young graphic designer with a quirky creative streak.