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Universal Design Ideas For Investing in Your Home

Why Universal Design? Accommodates All People : Short & Tall, Old & Young, Handicapped & Healthy Adds Lasting Value to Your Home & a Competitive Edge in the Housing Market You will Maintain Comfort and Independence in Your Home for Years to Come

Vincent Building, Inc.

Increase Kitchen Lighting Adequate Ambient Light using natural light and ceiling mount fixtures Pendants provide focused lighting at a kitchen island or peninsula Under Cabinet Lighting brightens counters that are otherwise in shadows

Accessible Kitchen Sink Knee Space below the sink provides wheelchair access

Roll Out Base Cabinets retain storage while allowing knee space when needed

An Accessible Oven Wall mounted ovens - install at 30�-40� above the floor for easy reach Side opening ovens provide better access and easier reach

Knee Space on either side of a freestanding range provides wheelchair access

Stove Safety Induction Cook tops are the safest option. Because heat is triggered by magnetic waves, only the pan gets hot = reduced chances of getting burned

For any style of stove, be sure it has Front Mounted Controls

Pull Down Upper Cabinets Pull-down cabinet shelves maximizes access for all users Upper cabinets 16�-18� above the counter allows easier access for more people

Base Cabinet Drawers Items stored in drawers are : more visible easier to access

Microwave Height Built-in, Under-Counter Microwave Shelf: Out of Sight Easier Access

Side by Side Refrigerator Side by Side Refrigerators provide easier access to chilled and frozen storage Limits – Reaching, Stooping, & Bending

Accessible Bathroom Sink Knee Space allows for Wheelchair Access

Whether you need it Now Or in the Future

Comfort-Height Toilets 16 ½” seat height is 2” taller than a standard toilet and closer to a typical seating height Increased height helps to reduce stress on joints when transferring on and off the seat

Faucet Handles Lever Handles Universally easier to operate, helping: Children Arthritic Hands

Or consider Hands Free

Bar Pulls Universally easier to grasp, rather than knobs, helping : Children Arthritic Hands

Slip Resistant Flooring Avoid falls in your bathroom with slip resistant flooring like : Mosaic Tile Flooring materials with a High Coefficient of Friction

Curbless Shower An open, curbless shower feels spacious, extravagant and romantic And better yet, bears longterm, universal functionality by : Eliminating a Trip-Hazard Allowing Wheelchair Access

Grab Bars

Even if not needed now, be sure to install blocking so grab bars can easily be added later down the road

Hand Held Shower Head Hand Held Shower Heads are adaptable to any body type Particularly convenient for those who must sit while bathing

Shower Seat A shower seat can be a luxurious addition for your shower now… … and a necessity in the future

Walk-in-Bathtub When stepping over a 14� curb is no longer possible‌ You can still soak in a warm, therapeutic bath

Front Loading Washer & Dryer Front Loading Washers and Dryers that sit high off the ground : allow easier access minimize bending and reaching

Rocker Switch Universally easier to operate, helping: Children Arthritic Hands

Lever Handles Universally easier to grasp, helping: Children Arthritic Hands

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Universal Design Ideas for Investing in Your Home  

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