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Swing Dance Championships

november 24-27

2011 november 24-27, 2011

Marriott Burbank Airport Burbank, California


event schedule

Official program for the 29th annual US Open Swing Dance Championships

continued... 10a - Noon 10:30 am 11 am 11:30 pm Noon 2 pm 4 pm 4:30 pm 4-6 pm 5-6:30 pm 5 pm


Getting the party started with workshops, demos, and dance. Hosted by: Ben Morris, Jack Smith (OCWCSDC), and Sonny Watson

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 24 5:30-7:00 pm 7:00-7:45 pm 6:00 pm 7:30 pm 8:15 pm 8:30 pm 10:00 pm 11:00 pm

Social Dancing in the City Ballroom Clean/Christian Music Prayer Meeting - City Ballroom Social Dancing in the Main Ballroom (open dancing in between the competition) Golden Ticket Tour- All Stars/Pro Prelims Golden Ticket Tour- Opening Ceremony Golden Ticket Tour- Semi Final for Tour Qualifiers GOLDEN TICKET TOUR FINALE ROUND Kick Off Party and Reunion - Main Ballroom

6:30 pm 7 pm 8 pm 8:30 pm 9 pm 10 pm - ?

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25 7-11 am 11 am 11 am Noon Noon 11:30a-1:30p 2 pm 3 pm 4 pm 5 pm 6 pm 7 pm 8:15 pm 9 pm 10 pm 11 pm Midnight - ?

Competitor Floor Practice - all routine divisions Lindy Workshop - City Ballroom Shesha & Nikki Marvin West Coast Swing Workshop - Main Ballroom Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann Hand Dancing Workshop - City Ballroom Lewis Neal & Leslie Mallory West Coast Swing Workshop - Main Ballroom Ben Morris & Melisa Rutz Music Submit Placement Draw - Competitors’ Hallway Competitors Meeting - Main Ballroom - Mandatory Judges Meeting - Judges Room Adv/All Star Jack & Jill - Semis Strictly Swing West Coast Swing - Semis Ballroom Opens for Social Dancing Opening Ceremonies (Participants meet behind stage @ 6:30 PM) 2011 Walk of Legends Inducted Teams Lindy Showcase - Finals Showcase - Finals Late Night Dancing in Main Ballroom and Lindy in the City Ballroom

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26 7-11 am 9:30 am 9 am 10 am

Competitor Floor Practice preference for Classic, Masters, Soph. Swing NASDE Member Meeting - Executive Boardroom Lindy Workshop - City Ballroom David Frutos & Kim Cleaver Lindy Workshop - City Ballroom Shesha & Nikki Marvin

continued next column

2012 Opportunity to Re-Buy your seat for next year Main Ballroom Opens for Social Dancing Strictly Swing Juniors - Finals Strictly Swing Finals: Hand, Shag, Lindy Classic Semis Masters - Semis Adv/All Star Jack & Jill - Finals Balboa Competition 2012 - LAST CHANCE to Re-Buy your seat * * * Ballroom Closes - Dinner Break* * * Juniors Pizza Party - age 19 and under meet near the DJ booth Ballroom Opens for Social Dancing Masters Finals Sophisticated Swing Finals Hall of Fame Award & Social Dancing Classic Finals Late Night Dancing in Main Ballroom and Lindy in the City Ballroom

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27 7-11 am 10 am 10 am 11a-1p 10 am 11 am 11 am 11:30 am Noon 1 pm 2 pm 3:30 pm 4:30-6 pm 6 pm 6:30 pm 9p-Midnight Midnight - ?

Competitor Floor Practice Cabaret, Young Adult, Young America World Swing Dance Council Meeting Producer Room A&B Sunday Worship Service - Executive Boardroom 2012 Tickets Open to purchase any available seats Carolina Shag Workshop - City Ballroom Sam & Lisa West West Coast Swing Workshop - City Ballroom Brennar Goree & Torri Smith Main Ballroom Opens for Social Dancing Lindy Music Warm-up Lindy Open Jack & Jill Competition - Finals Strictly Swing WCS - Finals Young America - Finals Young Adult - Finals Cabaret * * * BREAK * * * Ballroom Opens for Social Dancing AWARDS Time to Celebrate - City Ballroom Continue the Party

Schedule subject to change. Open Dancing between competitions




see you next year! NOVEMBER 22-24 2012 Marriott Burbank Airport



To provide the ultimate achievement of swing dance competitors and to offer the best swing dance entertainment for both dancers and spectators, in an environment that is inspiring, exhilarating, respectful of others, and fun!

workshops Friday



Lindy – City Ballroom Shesha & Nikki Marvin


West Coast Swing – Main Ballroom Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann


Hand Dancing – City Ballroom Lewis Neal & Leslie Mallory


West Coast Swing – Main Ballroom Ben Morris & Melissa Rutz

9am 10am


HIGHLIGHTS WELCOME ................................................. 03 STAFF + JUDGES ....................................... 04 COMPETITION REFERENCE .................... 08

Lindy – City Ballroom David Frutos & Kim Cleaver

JACK & JILL ............................................... 10

Lindy – City Ballroom Shesha & Nikki Marvin

SHOWCASE ............................................... 14

TEAMS ......................................................... 12 STRICTLY WEST COAST............................. 18


Carolina Shag – City Ballroom Lisa & Sam West


West Coast Swing – City Ballroom Brennar Goree & Torri Smith

STRICTLY JUNIORS .................................... 20 CLASSIC ...................................................... 22 SOPHISTICATED ......................................... 26 MASTERS .................................................... 28 YOUNG AMERICA ................................... 34 WALK OF LEGENDS .................................. 35 YOUNG ADULT ......................................... 36

Lisa & Sam

Shesha & Nikki

Jordan & Tatiana

CABARET .................................................... 40 RULES + PHOTO POLICY ......................... 43 SHAREHOLDERS + STAFF ......................... 44 WINNERS BRACKET .................................. 48

Ben & Melissa

Brennar & Torri

Lewis & Leslie


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welcome letter


elcome to the 29th annual US Open Swing Dance Championships. It is our pleasure to welcome all of you who have chosen to spend this special weekend at the US Open Swing Dance Championships. It is our goal to provide an elegant environment for all of you to enjoy the incredible performances we will be seeing this weekend.

So many people contribute to make the US Open the pinnacle of titles for the Swing community. From the volunteers, administrative staff, security, competitors, deejays, judges, coaches, studios, parents, and vendors who have worked hard to make this weekend very special for you and one you will remember forever. If you walk away with a smile on your face, excitement and joy in your heart, then we were successful. The competition this year stands out again, as it does every year when it comes to the Open. The dancers always give us chills and WOW us with their new routines and incredible performances. We want to wish all the competitors the best of luck. May you dance your very best and enjoy the experience of performing on the US Open floor. As we have done for the past three years, we are once again televising the US Open LIVE on for your friends and families who can’t be here with you. This allows them to be able to share your experience with you. We continue to enjoy the support of our sponsors and say THANK YOU. Please take the time to acknowledge and honor those who have sponsored some of the divisions this year. They are highlighted in the latter pages of this program. We continue to be honored to have wonderful people like this in our dance community.

SHARE THE DREAM, SHARE THE PASSION Have a great weekend! Sincerely on behalf of the US Open Board of Directors Ron Martin, CEO, Chairman, Board of Directors US OPEN SWING DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS

Tyoni Martin

Alicia Burke

Jim Glazier

Phil Adams

Kay Scheller


special event staff

The US Open is fortunate to have these exceptionally talented people to help make our event a spectacular experience!

ANNIE HIRSCH contestant representative Corona del Mar, CA

Our Goodwill Ambassador, Annie is a Swing dance jewel who is recognized coastto-coast. She co-founded the World Swing Dance Council and continues to travel and promote Swing on a national level with an energy and enthusiasm of unequaled magnitude!

JACK CAREY chief judge Corona del Mar, CA

As the legendary winner of the 1949 Harvest Moon Ball, Jack has appeared on television and stage with such well-known celebrities as Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope, and Sammy Davis Jr. Jack is respected throughout the Swing and Lindy worlds for his knowledge, objectivity, and judging ability.

LANCE SHERMOEN information manager Valencia, CA

A 5-time US OPEN Champion, Lance is a CPA, a computer guru, and a dance aerialist extraordinaire. Lance extracts order from the back room chaos of competition scoring, making us all look good.

PHIL ADAMS competition director Corona del Mar, CA

Phil has been a teacher, competitor, judge, and head judge for over 30 years in Swing, Country Western and Ballroom. He is an award winning choreographer with teams winning 7 UCWDC World Championships and a US Open title. He is also a member of the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame. This is his 3rd year as Competition Director and does an outstanding job.



the masters of the ceremonies This Year the US Open is pleased to welcome our audience with...not one, but three talented hosts.

DAMON D’AMICO master of ceremonies Damon D’Amico is the owner of D’Amico Dance in Houston, voted Top West CoastStudio at this year’s VIP/Westie Awards Gala. He has been teaching all styles of dance for 26 years, and has competed on the country and swing circuits since 1993. Damon is also is a promoter and emcees numerous events around the country.


Originally from Liverpool, England. Rob’s career highlights include making the top 12 on BBC’s Strictly Dance Fever and performing with the stage show Simply Ballroom. Recently, Rob played the lead in Robert Royston’s off Broadway theatre production “One Ride.” He also teaches at a Latin and Ballroom studio while continuing to compete and emcee in the West Coast Swing dance circuit.


Event Director/Producer of the FreZno Dance Classic (swing and country) celebrating its 28th year. Founding member and Hall of Famer of UCWDC. Two-time Feather Award Winner. Patriot. Farmer of vineyards. Cowboy. Nominee of California Swing Dance Hall of Fame and 2-time nominee of 2011 VIP Wag Awards. Since 1985, Steve has served as emcee to 300+ dance festivals. Stop by the registration desk for assistance with:

additional staff


KATHLEEN BROWN registration

-Ticketing/Wristbands -DVD Sales -2011 Pre-Sale -Workshop Tickets -Surveys -Staffing -Lost & Found -Q&A



INTRODUCING our prestigious judging panel









Chicago, IL

Waltham, MA

also featuring:

Oakland, CA


Willington, CT

Reno, NV

San Francisco, CA



Edmonds, WA









judging guidelines ome US OPEN attendees like to just relax and enjoy the energy of the excellent performances observed at a championship event. Others are more curious about how the judges make their decisions. To add insight into the judging process, check out the list below. These highlights are pillars of Swing considered for each performance.


Each performance must incorporate a certain percentage of Swing Content. The US


Timing is simply controlling the speed of the action, in order to step precisely on the beat of the music. It is the ability to transfer weight in standard rhythms and syncopations, in a manner that fits the music being played.

Swing Content OPEN rules state “Swing is an American Rhythm Dance that is identified primarily


..... Technique ..... Choreography ..... Presentation ..... Rules Referee .....

by 6-beat and 8-beat patterns that incorporate a wide variety of rhythms. Six beat patterns include, but are not limited to: passes, underarm turns, push-breaks, opento-closed and closed-to-open position patters. Eight beat patterns include, but are not limited to: whips, swing-outs, Lindy circles, and Shag pivots.”

Teamwork Teamwork incorporates the interaction of both partners with each other, which includes the art of lead/follow and action/reaction.

Starting with centering, technique incorporates how well the dancers exhibit good control of foot placement, body-lines, balance, and spins. Good choreography demonstrates an intimate connection between the dancer’s movements and the phrasing, variety and contract of the music. Along with a well-rounded, technically good performance, presentation includes the ability to interest, excite, or simply entertain an audience. Our Referee will ensure the rules for each division are properly applied. Counting lifts, considering props, and determining partner separation are just three of the Referee’s responsibilities.






competition reference FRIDAY



Adv./All Star J&J Semis Strictly WCS Semis Teams Linday Showcase Showcase

Strictly Swing Juniors Strictly Lindy Classic Semis Masters Semis Adv./All Star J&J Finals Balboa Masters Finals Sophisticated Swing Classic Finals

Lindy Open J&J Strictly WCS Finals Young America Young Adult Cabaret








Classic Showcase Teams Cabaret Sophisticated Swing (35+) Masters (50+) Young Adult (14-17) Young America (6-13) Lindy Showcase All Star / Adv Strictly Junior -Strictly WCS -Strictly Lindy Fast -Strictly Shag -Strictly Hand Balboa Open J&J

$3,000 $3,000 $2,500 $2,500 $1,300 $1,200 $1,200 $850 $1,700 $360 $360 $400 $400 $400 $400 $340 $340

$1,500 $1,500 $1,300 $1,200 $700 $600 $600 $550 $1,000 $260 $260 $300 $300 $300 $300 $240 $240

$700 $700 $700 $500 $400 $350 $400 $300 $600 $160 $160 $200 $200 $200 $200 $120 $120

$500 $500 $300 $200 $250 $250 $200 $200 $400 $120 $120 $100 $100 $100 $100 -

$300 $300 $200 $100 $150 $100 $100 $100 $300 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 -

$6,000 $6,000 $5,000 $4,500 $2,800 $2,800 $2,500 $2,000 $4,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,100 $1,100 $1,100 $1,100 $700 $700

Over $55,000 in prizes and awards!


money based on minimum number of entries. *Prize

JACK & JILL advanced / all star LEADERS Carson Brand Los Angeles, CA Kevin Bretney San Diego, CA Brandon Detty San Diego, CA Peter Fradley Putney, London, England Carlos Garcia Streamwood, IL Daniel Guido Santa Rosa, CA Steven Guido Santa Rosa, CA Steve Hall Leicester, LE Robert Jackson Ft. Washington, MD Mike Konkel Milwaukee, WI Giannone Lionel Le Fontanil Cornillon, France Jason Marker Lake Orion, MI Benjamin Mchenry Chico, CA Michael O’Connor Santa Rosa, CA Edwin Purselle Pleasanton, CA Douglas Rousar Cuyahoga Falls, OH Cadet Sebastien Vic La Gardiole, France Rome Slater Los Gatos, CA Scott Stuart Carlton, Melbourne, Australia Eddie Valdez Santa Monica, CA Jesse Vos Perth, WA

competion rules This division highlights social swing dancing skills at a performance level for randomly paired leaders/followers who will dance immediately after being paired. Highlights: - Open to All-Star and Advanced level Jack & Jill competitors as recognized by the World Swing Dance Council - Recognizable swing content must be present throughout the performance - Choreographed routines, planned entrances and exits are not allowed - “In the air” partner weight support moves, such as lifts, aerials, and acrobatic moves are NOT allowed - Music is pre-selected by the DJ - Costumes are not allowed, but dressy, tasteful dance clothing is encouraged Prize Pool: $1,000 NASDE Non-Champion Jack ‘n Jill Tour Points Awarded

This division is sponsored by:

JIM & CATHY TIGGES and BETTY WHYTE Thank you for your amazing gift!

FOLLOWERS Principe Amandine Le Fontanil Cornillon, France Tashina Beckmann San Diego, CA Iche Blandine Vic La Gardiole, France Stacy Chiang Foster City, CA Anya Crane Woodside, CA Lara Deni Falls Church, VA Yvonne Dodson San Diego, CA Kara Frenzel Atascadero Alyssa Glanville Sebastopol, CA Mackenzie Goodmanson Concord, CA Janelle Guido Santa Rosa, CA 10

Deron Hayes Seattle, WA Dawne Kiehm San Diego, CA Tiffany Lubran Burbank, CA Joanna Meinl San Rafael, CA Katrina Ostrenski Labrador QLD Lori Rousar Cuyahoga Falls, OH Sheli Schroeder Milwaukee, WI Dana Simonetti Exton, PA Tara Trafzer Berkeley, CA Elise Valdez Santa Monica, CA Bella Viramontes Simi Valley, CA



competion rules This division consists of eight or more dancers, any gender, age, or skill level. They are judged as a group. Highlights: - Formation routines must be based on “Couples Dance(s)” - Lifts, aerials, acrobatic moves, drops, slides, breakaways, and switching of partners are all allowed - Teams select their own music - Costumes are required Prize Pool: $5,000


Phoenix, AZ After placing 5th in the Formation Team Division last year, this team was pumped and ready to come back and leave it all on the floor. Prince freakin’ rocks!!!


Simi Valley, CA Sir Whips a lot and the Hot Slots are part of the Pierce College Street Dance Club in Woodland Hills. The team members have various backgrounds in performing arts which influenced the choreography. The team is excited to whip our slots for the first time at the 2011 US Open!


Cuyahoga Falls, OH 4 State Fusion is a group of close friends that span across 4 Midwest States; Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin. Their goal: perform at the US Open and share their love of dance. They would like to thank their choreographer Ben Morris and coach Brennar Goree for their support and guidance.



San Diego, CA The Project Swing team was formed out of the depths of Yogurtland. Hailing from San Diego, California Project Swing was developed to spread the passion of WCS. We are all excited and honored to be a part of a wonderful community and wish all of the other competitors a great performance.


Simi Valley, CA Far away in a galaxy known as Moorpark, the “Swingheads” began with 15 founding Jedi. Compelled by aggressive silliness, a love of dance and their abnormally large swing filled heads they journeyed to the US Open and received 2nd place in 2007 & 2009. They now congregate at Pierce College.


Go ahead, ask me to

% "/ $&



Chico, CA That Chico Team, coached and choreographed by Tara Trafzer and Ben McHenry, is excited to be a first time competitor at the Open. With the support of the Chico dance scene and Studio One, these eighteen dancers hope to gain an incredible experience and continue competing for years to come.

THE FLY RIGHTS Fountain Valley, CA

Photo unavailable


west coast swing


carolina shag

DC hand dance


SHOWCASE JB Brodie & Sara Krezinski Houston, TX

JB & Sara debuted their new partnership at the VIP this year. This is their first time competing at the Open and both are excited to be apart of the NASDE Showcase Tour. Sara has been dancing 15 years and was introduced to WCS 3 years ago; JB for 7 years.

Luis Crespo & Jennifer Pasetes Danville, CA

competion rules This division is traditional swing dancing at its highest performance level, with the addition of lifts, aerials, and breakaways. Highlights: - Recognizable swing content must be present in at least 60% of the performance as required by NASDE - Minimum of 3 lifts are required (no maximum): 2 above the knee and 1 above the waist. Breaks in contact are allowed. - Props are not allowed - Competitors select their own music - Costumes are required Prize Pool: $6,000 NASDE Competition / NASDE Points Awarded

Lionel Giannone & Amandine Principe Le Fontanil Cornillon, France

Luis and Jennifer have enjoyed putting together this routine and are looking forward to putting it on the US OPEN floor for the first time.

Amandine and Lionel live together in France. They have danced as partners since 8 years old. This will be their 4th competition showcase performance in the US Open and they are always very happy to return. Good luck to all the competitors.

Ronnie DeBenedetta & Laureen Baldovi-Mason San Diego, CA & Spring Valley, CA

Ronnie and Laureen started their dance careers in the country world (UCWDC) at different times, with different partners. They partnered-up in 2001 and since then placed 1st in Showcase at the 2003 US Open. They love dancing together and are happy to be performing at the Open again!


Robert Jackson & Constance Gauthier Ft. Washington, MD & Richmond, VA

Robert and Constance share a passion for west coast swing and decided to dance together in 2010. Recently, they’ve started performing nationwide, and they are excited to be competing in their first US Open together!


Benji Schwimmer & Torri Smith Redlands, CA & Murrieta, CA

‘Torrenji’ are thrilled to be a part of this year’s Open! They are so grateful for the love/support of their families in which none of these beautiful moments of dance would be possible. Love Story… a Sequel (and no, they aren’t an item, that’s like incest) is dedicated to them.

Benjamin Mchenry & Tara Trafzer Chino, CA & Berkeley, CA

This is our first time competing at the US Open together and we are UBER excited! We are incredibly grateful for the love and support we have received from our friends, family, and coaches. We wish the best of luck to everyone competing this weekend. Ben’s favorite color is green.

Gregory Scott & Lemery Rollins Gaithersburg, MD

Gregory and Lemery have over 20 years dancing experience combined. They are currently focusing on West Coast Swing, solidifying their place within the top 5 couples in Showcase Division. They are both at the top of the NASDE tour and are excited to be dancing their third US Open together.

Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham Vancouver, BC

Canadian Champions Myles and Tessa are proud to represent Canada at their 10th US Open. With 18 years of teaching experience each, they combine Myles classical training with Tessa’s academic background, creating a sublime partnership. They tour globally; teaching, judging, performing, and are rising choreographers for stage and film.

Cadet Sebastien & Agache Cloe Vic-la-Gardiole & Combaillaux France

BONNE CHANCE A TOUS / Good luck to all!

Shaheed Qaasim & Rachele Smith North Hollywood, CA & Riverside, CA

photo unavailable

Robert & Nicola Royston Nyack, NY

Robert and Nicola are thrilled to be competing this year at the US Open, and wish all their fellow competitors the very best of luck! “Here We Go! From New York New York...”

Douglas Rousar & Annmarie Marker

Cuyahoga Falls, OH & Lake Orion, MI photo unavailable


Eddie & Elise Valdez Santa Monica, CA

Eddie and Elise are excited to be coming back for their 3rd Open. They competed throughout the NASDE circuit this year, placing among the top competitors. They would like to thank the numerous teachers and mentors who helped them and to their friends and families for their constant love and support.


STRICTLY west coast swing Chuck Brown & Tessa Cunningham Lake Oswego/Portland, OR & Vancouver, BC

Luis Crespo & MacKenzie Goodmanson Danville, CA & Concord, CA

Jordan Frisbee & Sarah Vann Drake Long Beach, CA & Clovis, CA

Benjamin Hooten & Annmarie Marker Houston, TX & Lake Orion, MI

competion rules This division highlights social West Coast Swing dancing skills at a performance level. West Coast Swing is done to a wide variety of music and tempos and is popular around the world. Highlights: - Recognizable West Coast Swing content must be present throughout the performance - “In the air” partner weight support moves, such as lifts, aerials, and acrobatic moves are allowed, but not required - This is a “lead/follow” dance - Music is pre-selected by the DJ - Costumes are not allowed, but dressy, tasteful dance clothing is encouraged Prize Pool: $1,100

Ben McHenry & Stacy Chiang Chico, CA & Foster City, CA

Sean McKeever & Katie Schneider Windsor, CA & Renton, WA

Benjamin Morris & Torri Smith

This division is sponsored by:


Thank you for your amazing gift!

Huntington Beach, CA & Murrieta, CA

Geoffrey Nighswonger & Dawne Kiehm Lakewood, CA & San Diego, CA

Kyle Redd & Tatiana Mollmann Clovis, CA & Santa Monica, CA

Douglas & Lori Rousar Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Robert Royston & Yenni Setiawan Nyack, NY & Novato, CA

Kris Swearingen & Tiffany Lubran Overland Park, KS & Burbank, CA

Eddie Valdez & Malia San Santa Monica, CA & Orange, CA

Jason Wayne & Laureen Baldovi-Mason Fairfield, CA & Spring Valley, CA

Stephen White & Lara Deni Palatka, FL & Falls Church, VA

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& Tessa Cunningham; Parker Dearborn; Michael Kielbasa & Katrina Branson; Jason Barnes & Stephanie Batista; Arjay Centeno & Jennifer DeLuca

Event Directors: Nancy Tuzzolino & Jim Becker Questions? Contact Nancy:; 312-953-3336


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STRICTLY juniors

competion rules This division features swing dancers from 6-18 years of age dancing at a performance level with an emphasis on lead/ follow technique.

Brandon Anzaldi & Amita Sekhon Cherry Valley, CA & Santa Rosa, CA

Akil Boatwright & Victoria Henk York, PA & Mentone, CA

Carson Brand & Amanda McKamey Geyserville, CA & Santa Rosa, CA

Christopher Dumond & Hannah Clonch Redlands, CA & Highland, CA

Highlights: - Recognizable swing content must be present throughout the performance - Choreographed routines, planned entrances and exits are not allowed - “In the air� partner weight support moves, such as lifts, aerials, and acrobatic moves are NOT allowed - Music is pre-selected by the DJ - Costumes are not allowed, but dressy, tasteful dance clothing is encouraged Prize Pool: $1,000

Steven Guido & Sammi Sekhon Santa Rosa, CA

David Guido & Chevy Slater Santa Rosa, CA & Los Gatos, CA

Jackson & Jennifer Willis Ashland City, TN


This division is sponsored by:


Thank you for your amazing gift!

World Swing Dance Council National

HALL OF FAME Hall of Fame Inductees:

Dean Collins (1989) (Deceased) Jack Bridges (1989) (Deceased) Frank Mannion (1990) (Deceased) Kenny Wetzel (1990) (Deceased) Jerry Crim (1990) (Deceased) Jack Carey (1991) Herb Rosen (1991) (Deceased) Rosalie Rosen (1991) (Deceased) Carter Lovisone (1991) Jack Sigler (1991) Terry Rippa (1992) Frankie Manning (1992) (Deceased) Craig Hutchinson (1993) (Deceased) Louise Del Carlo (1993) Robert Bryant (1993) Sherry Lawson Martin (1993) Skippy Blair (1994) Harry Reese (1994) Ed Cirio (1994) Phil Trau (1994) Annie Hirsch (1996) Ray Walker (1996) (Deceased) Robert Budzynski (2001) Tom Mattox (2001) (Deceased) Norma Miller (2002) Mary Ann Nunez (2002) Sylvia Sykes (2002) Lance Shermoen (2002) Jackie McGee (2003) Charlie Womble (2003) Mario Robau (2004) Kelly (Buckwalter) Casanova (2004) Sharlot Bott (2005) Margaret Batiuchok (2005) Michelle (Mayers) Kinkaid (2005) Buddy Schwimmer (2006) Barry Jones (2006) Debbie Ramsey Boz (2007) Sonny Watson (2007) Gary Long (2008) Michael Kiehm (2008) Teddy Kern (2009) Robert Cordoba (2009) Wayne Bott (2009) (Deceased) Lynn Vogen (2010) (Deceased) Barry Durand (2010)

Special Recognition Award Recipients: Tom Stevenson (2001) Gary Kuhn (2001) Jeff Kletsky (2001) Cay Cannon (2002) (Deceased) Mary Ann Bridges (2003) Carlito Rofoli (2004) Truman McCullough (2005) Lynn Vogen (2006) Loren Greenberg (2007) Hal & Marge Takier (2009)

HALL OF FAME Inductees: * Have significantly contributed to the growth of swing dancing, and have enhanced the general public perception of the dance, through dancing, competing, teaching, judging, educating and/or promoting; * Have performed outstanding service and leadership roles to the swing dance community, both locally and nationally, * Have exhibited the highest standards of personal ethics, sportsmanship and integrity; *Have been a part of the swing dance community for a minimum of twenty (20) years; * Are nominated by the WSDC membership and existing Inductees, and the final candidates are voted upon by the existing Inductees and a select, geographically diverse Electorate representing the various forms of swing.

The final votes are in! This weekend, the WSDC is pleased to announce the 2011 inductees. Please join the WSDC in honoring these members of our swing dance community! The World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) is a service organization designed to promote swing dancing and to further communication. The WSDC provides information and record keeping services for those in the Swing Dance community. Board of Directors:

Annie Hirsch & Skippy Blair (Co-Founders & Chairmen) Dani Canziani Vic Damon Jim Tigges Membership: Cathy Tigges Website: Joe Ho Registry: John Lindo



Luis Crespo & Taletha Jouzdani Danville, CA & Austin, TX

We are very excited to share our very first routine as a new partnership at the US OPEN this year. Our long distance partnership has had its challenges but we have truly enjoyed the journey of creating together and we look forward to performing for all of our friends and family this Thanksgiving weekend.

Brandon Detty & Yvonne Dodson San Diego, CA

Brandon and Yvonne have been dancing together since October 2010 and this will be their first time performing at the US Open. Brandon is a full-time dance instructor in San Diego. Yvonne is a former UCWDC Showcase competitor. They recently debuted a routine at Summer Hummer in the Showcase division.

Lee Easton & Fabienne Henshall Enfield, UK

This division is traditional swing dancing at its highest performance level. Highlights: - Recognizable swing content must be present in at least 80% of the performance as required by NASDE -“In the air” partner weight support moves, such as lifts, aerials, and acrobatic moves are NOT allowed -“On the ground” support moves, such as drops, slides, and splits, are allowed, but not required. Limited to 5 - Once contact is made, the couple must maintain physical contact, except for spins, turns, and short breakaways - Props are not allowed - Competitors select their own music - Costumes are required Prize Pool: $6,000 NASDE Competition / NASDE Points Awarded

Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann Long Beach, CA & Santa Monica, CA

Residing in Long Beach and Santa Monica, CA, they travel 46 weekends per year to spread WCS all around the world. They are happy to be back at the US Open for their 12th year competing together, and they wish all their friends and competitors the best of luck.

Brennar Goree & Torri Smith Virginia Beach, VA & Murrieta, CA

We are competing in Country, Line Dance & Street Dance and have been crossing over into WCS for the last 5 years. The WCS community is the best place for us to utilize and showcase all of our skills at once and we look forward to improving in the years ahead.


competion rules

We are very excited to be back for our 5th US Open together and to be competing for the 2nd year in the Classic Division. We want to thank our family, friends and coaches- we would be nothing without you! Best of luck to all of our friends competing this weekend!

Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club 2012 4TH OF JULY Convention

For Those of You Who Requested the Prestigious

CAMELBACK INN Early Bird Dances Jack & Jill Competition Late Night Buffet Casitas Swimming Pools Golf Diamond Hospitality plus Skippy Blair’s Farewell Intensive

YOU GOT IT ! Wednesday July 4th thru Sunday July 7th For more information check our website GPSDC .COM

Convention Coordinator GEORGE PAVLATOS 623-547-3800 or

One of the Longest running Jack & Jill West Coast Swing Dance Clubs in America

Benjamin Morris & Melissa Rutz


Huntington Beach, CA & San Francisco, CA This is Ben and Melissa’s second US Open together and they are having an absolute blast dancing with each other. They hope you have as much fun watching!

Nick Jay & Joanna Meinl Fairfield, CA & San Rafael, CA

Nick Jay & Joanna Meinl are both full time dance instructors and performers based in Northern California. They began partnering in late 2009 and continue to enjoy working together, teaching, traveling, competing, performing and sharing their love of the dance! They are also on Staff at West Coast Swing University.

Mike Konkel & Sheli Schroeder Milwaukee, WI

Mike and Sheli have been dancing together since they met in 2000 and have enjoyed competing for the past eight years. This is their fifth time bringing a classic routine to the US Open. They are thrilled to be here this weekend!

Jason & Annmarie Marker Lake Orion, MI

Pleasanton, CA & Concord, CA Putting their first routine on the floor this year, Mackenzie and Edwin are a new partnership. Mackenzie’s nationally ranked rhythmic gymnastic background and Edwin’s outof-the-box creativity promises to bring WCS to a place it has not been before. Together, they combine traditional swing movement with a new flair.

Robert Royston & Deborah Szekely Nyack, NY & Waltham, MA

Royston & Szekely are stoked to be competing at The Open this year together for the first time. From Country to Broadway their love and passion for all dances is apparent in Jack & Jill. Now, they’ve come together in the Classic Division. Good luck competitors. We love you Nicola.

photo unavailable

Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair Windsor, CA

Sean and Courtney are both very passionate about West Coast Swing and are extremely excited to be at their second US Open as a partnership. One of their proudest accomplishments has been teaching and encouraging dancers everywhere they go, and helping their local community to grow in northern California.


Edwin Purselle & Mackenzie Goodmanson

Benji & Lacey Schwimmer Redlands, CA

There’s a 50% chance that Lacey will actually get to attend the ‘Open’. 50% of that 50% chance that Benji and her will get a routine together in time. 50% of that 50% of that 50% chance they’ll actually not kill one another in the process. Here’s to taking chances.

CLASSIC cont. Cadet Sebastien & Iche Blandine Vic la Gardiole, France

BONNE CHANCE A TOUS / Good luck to all!

Eddie Valdez & Helen Tocco Santa Monica, CA & Los Angeles, CA

Bringing varied backgrounds in different dance styles, Eddie and Helen are excited to combine their talents in this unique partnership. They would also like to convey endless gratitude to the numerous teachers and mentors who helped them and to their friends and families for their constant love and support.

Scott Stuart & Melina Ramirez

Melbourne, Australia & Woodland Hills, CA Melina, a multi-time US Open title holder and Scott, Australia’s top ranked WCS dancer, are excited to be joining forces to bring their first routine together to the US Open. This recently engaged couple is passionate about growing West Coast Swing throughout Australia and across the globe.

Jesse Vos & Alyssa Glanville Perth, WA & Sebastopol, CA

It all began when a long lost Australian boy decided to journey across the world to America in late September to extend his dance knowledge and visit a certain American girl. They joined international forces to form a classic routine for the coming US Open. Enjoy.

Joshua Sturgeon & Deron Hayes Seattle, WA

Joshua & Deron teach at the prestigious Century Ballroom in Seattle, Washington. Both have focused primarily on WCS for about two years, but together, they have over 20 years of experience social dancing and teaching. In all that time neither has danced a US Open routine... until now.

Kristopher Swearingen & Rebecca Ludwick Overland Park, KS & Elk Grove, IL

Kris (Kansas City) and Rebecca (Chicago) met in 2007. Four years later they combined their dance talents into a WCS partnership, debuting their first routine together at the 2011 Chicago Classic. They look forward to competing on the US Open floor for the first time together in the Classic Division.

Jason & Yvonne Wayne Fairfield, CA

Dedicated teachers and performers, Jason & Yvonne have both been dancing over 20 years. Together they created West Coast Swing University, which has ushered some of the best dancers in Northern California. This is their second year in the classic division. They wish all the competitors good luck.


SOPHISTICATED swing 35+ Kevin Fitzhugh & Tammy Brown Hyattsville, MD & Baltimore, MD

Returning for their 10th US Open, Kevin and Tammy hold such titles as 2006 US Open Sophisticated Champions and 2009 Hand Dance Strictly Team Challenge Champions. Thank you to all of their students for having the confidence in their teaching skills and helping to keep Swing Fusion alive.

competion rules This division is characterized by social dancing at a performance level. In this division, both dancers must be 35 years of age or older. Highlights: - Showcase rules apply, except that lifts and aerials are optional - Acrobatic moves, lifts, aerials, and breaks in contact are allowed - Props are not allowed - Competitors select their own music - Costumes are required Prize Pool: $2,800

Tom & Sossy Hyatt Moreno Valley, CA

Former owners of Top Cats Dance Club/Studio, coaches and winners of the World Championships in Crystal UCWDC, Tom & Sossy return to the US Open after finishing in the top five. They look forward to sharing the floor with fantastic dancers and would like to thank Benji Schwimmer for the awesome choreography.

Jeffrey Munson & Susan Brown Reno, NV

Susan and Jeffrey are excited to be back on the US Open floor after finishing in the top five last year. Jeffrey is a former Ballroom DanceSport finalist making the switch to WC several years ago. Susan enjoys different dance styles and has a passion for growing as a WC dancer.


Scott Mason & Dawne Kiehm Spring Valley, CA & San Diego, CA

photo unavailable

Sam & Lisa West Hamlet, NC

Best wishes to all the competitors. We consider it an honor to be here and dance with you. We would like to invite you all to come to North Myrtle Beach and experience Carolina Shag. You are welcome to stay with Charlie and Jackie, just tell them Sam sent you.


competion rules This division is characterized by social dancing at a performance level. In this division, both dancers must be 50 years of age or older.

Fred Baron & Laura Moats Newport Coast, CA

Laura and I are very excited to dance or 1st Partnership in the Masters Division of the US Open. Our partnership is 3 years old. Laura and I have been WCS dancers since 2000. We have enjoyed the journey to get here. We wish all our Masters Competitors good luck.

Prize Pool: $2,800

Robert Budzynski & Deborah White

Woody & Louise Bretz

Grand Blanc, MI

Ventura, CA

Woody and Louise are the owners of Connexions Dance Studio in Ventura, California. They met in dance class and have been dancing and promoting swing ever since. They have been competing as a couple since 2003. This is their 2nd year competing in the Masters Division.

Wayne Brodd & Karen Meador Sugar Land, TX & Houston, TX

Bob has won many honors in swing, hustle & ballroom with his partner of four years, Deborah. He has been inducted into the World Swing Dance Hall of Fame and Swing DJ Hall of Fame. Bob & Deborah are anxious to put their new wonderful routine on the floor for you.

Bobby Caudill & Donna Purcell Clearwater, FL & Bradenton, FL

Karen Meador is a Geophysicist Consultant. Wayne Brodd is a retired Air Traffic Control Manager and is currently writing 2 books. Karen and Wayne have been dancing together for 2 years. Karen and Wayne have both been competing nationally for many years, doing routines, Jack and Jill’s and Strictly Swing dances.


Highlights: - Showcase rules apply, except that lifts and aerials are optional - Acrobatic moves, lifts, aerials, and breaks in contact are allowed - Props are not allowed - Competitors select their own music - Costumes are required

Bobby & Donna have been dancing on the Masters tour just under 2 years. Donna’s background is in theater; Bobby from Country & Western. Donna came to Bobby wanting to learn WCS and here they are competing together at the US OPEN. This is their 2nd appearance at the Open.


Louie Juarez & Katie Sellards Placentia, CA & Long Beach, CA

Louie and Katie are back with a new routine choreographed by Ben Morris and Malia San Nicolas. Louie and Katie have been competing together since 1998 and are happy to be back in the Master’s Division once again. Go Masters!

Chip & Janice DiStefano Round Rock, TX

We are always so blessed to have the opportunity to compete again on such a grand stage. This will be our first time as a couple in the Masters Division at the Open, and our first time at the new venue in Burbank and can’t wait to experience it.

Michael Kluck & Diana Meldon Cerritos, CA

Mike and Diana have been on several US Open Dance Teams and this year decided to go solo for the first time in the Masters Division. Many thanks to Ben Morris and Malia San Nicolas for choreographing and coaching their routine. Additional thanks to Katherine KrokEastvold for her coaching and support.

Chips Hough & Janice Salmon Fountain Valley, CA

James Leyva & Cher Peadon Dallas, TX & Fort Worth, TX This is their 8th year dancing together in the Master’s Division. The thrill of the US Open floor keeps them coming back for more. They wish all their friends “Good Luck” who are dancing this year, especially the first timers! Thanks to Benji for great choreography.

A new partnership, James & Cher have been swing dancing for over 20 years. They are very excited to bring their routine to share with everyone this year.

Charley Hurley & Jules Harrison Anaheim, CA & Redlands, CA

Jules and Charley are thrilled to be back for their 2nd Open competition. They would like to thank their choreographer and coach, Buddy Schwimmer. Further thanks to Benji Schwimmer & Karly Harrison. Additionally, Charley would like to thank MaryAnn Nunez for all the compliments received during his years of dancing.


Lewis Neal & Leslie Mallory Baltimore, MD & Gwynn Oak, MD

Lewis Neal and Leslie Mallory have been dancing together for more than 9 years. They have won or placed in many national competitions and are known for their energy and excitement. They are proud to represent the Hand Dance Community at the US Open this year.

MASTERS cont. Scott Peterson & Betty Whyte Santa Ana, CA & Anaheim, CA

Michael Stephens & Karen Leiker Bellaire, TX & Spring, TX

Michael and Karen have been competing on the Masters Swing Dance Tour for 5 years. They would like to thank Bob and Beverly Budzynski for creating and sponsoring the Masters Tour, as well as ALL 20+ coaches and choreographers who helped revise the same crazy mega-thousand dollar 8-beats.

Scott and Betty are excited to be competing this year for the first. They have had a lot of fun and hope you find their performance entertaining. They could not have done it without the support, choreography, and coaching of Ben Morris.

Wayne Rohr & Cindy Dionne Hinsdale, IL

Matt Variot & Rhonda Diamond Newbury Park, CA & Torrance, CA

Wayne started dancing with the Windy City Jitterbug Club in 1995. He now enjoys Cha Cha, Waltz, NC2, Country 2 step, WCS and Hustle. Cindy began dancing ballet, tap and jazz at the age of 3. Currently she enjoys creating routines with her dance partner, Wayne.

Larry Sanders & Cordelia Ontiveros Corona, CA & LaHabra, CA

Larry and Cordelia, a new dancing couple, are very excited to be competing together at the US Open for the first time. They send best wishes to all the dancers and would like to thank their choreographers and coaches: Ben, Carrie, Malia, and Jamie.


In this new partnership, Rhonda brings two highly successful US Open Masters appearances and a long stream of country western & UCWDC World titles. Matt has competed at the Open on several teams and is excited about this year’s Open. Heartfelt thanks to Katherine for her extraordinary talent, patience and effort.

David Vichules & Michelle Dittfach Tempe, AZ

Not easily finding guys admitting they’re old enough for Masters, especially if they don’t look it, Michelle was relieved David acquiesced. They soon realized dancing was more fun than summer tanning in Arizona. A new partnership, they look forward to their first Open together. Best of luck to all competitors!

friends of the open


ome sponsor divisions,

some are partial sponsors, and some contribute whatever they can or whatever the need is. They are our “angels”. We call them “Friends of the Open”. They have become special friends and we want to thank and acknowledge them here. - Tyoni Martin US OPEN Director

Rose T. Brown Bob & Beverly Budzenski Reis Evan & Kathryn Hoffman Vivian Glucksman-Weiss Jim & Dale Hern Fritz & Jeannine Healey Allen & Stanley Magnone

Brick Robbins Lou Szed – SwingDanceSport Tony Swan Ellen Taylor Jim & Cathy Tigges Vamp It Up Brad Whelan Betty Whyte


YOUNG AMERICA 6-13 competion rules This division features swing dancers from 6-13 years of age.

Ian & Emily Hull Glen Burnie, MD

Ian and Emily (both 7) are ecstatic about their 2nd year at the Open! They’ve had a wonderful year improving their dancing and love every opportunity to get on the floor. They want to thank everyone who has supported and loved them, and look forward to many more years of dancing!

Highlights: - Showcase rules apply, except for certain restrictions on lifts and aerials - Routines, costumes, and choice of music must be appropriate for this age group - Props are not allowed Prize Pool: $2,000

This division is sponsored by:

Cayman Preston & Makana Hoehn Chandler, AZ & Phoenix, AZ

This is Cayman’s first time and Makana’s second time competing at the Open! This partnership was put together by their coach, Laurie Schwimmer. Since then, it’s been smooth sailing! They would like to thank their parents for all their support and wish everybody the best of luck this weekend.

Parker Wade & Hannah Ashmore Rock Hill, SC & Matthews, NC

Together, they have 7 years dancing experience and have been competing as partners for 2 1/2 years. They met in junior shag dance classes in Charlotte, NC. Dancing inspires them to have fun, meet new friends, and exhibit their talents. Both are A-average students and are active in church activities.


STANLEY & ALLEN MAGNONE Thank you for your amazing gift!

Jackson & Jasmine Willis Ashland City, TN

Jack and Jazz will be dancing for the second time at the US Open. They would like to thank their big brothers and sisters for all the help with dance and music.

walk of legends


n the swing dance community, there are those individuals who exhibit a true dedication to the promotion and support of the US OPEN Swing Dance Championships. Their efforts have always been to encourage and improve the US OPEN experience for all attendees, competitors and spectators alike. Without them, the US OPEN would not be the same. They are, and will always be, part of the US OPEN family. Each year, the Board of Directors will choose and honor those who have made this effort and gone beyond the realm of normal support. To show our appreciation, the Walk of Legends life-size portraits are displayed each year to honor those individuals, and will serve to remind the public of those who have kept the faith of the dancers and supported your dance event.

2011 We are pleased to honor

Craig Hutchinson

HISTORY 2010 Buddy Schwimmer Laurie Schwimmer Kauffman

2007 Mary Ann Nunez Jack & MaryAnn Bridges

2009 Lynn Vogan Lance Shermoen

2006 Skippy Blair Jack Carey & Annie Hirsch

2008 Wayne & Sharlot Bott Kenny Wenzel


YOUNG ADULT 14-17 Brandon Anzaldi & Madison Malone Cherry Valley, CA & Yucaipa, CA

Brandon and Madison are returning to the US Open for the 3rd time together. In addition to the hours they spend on West Coast Swing, they both participate in a variety of dance forms. Special thanks to Buddy Schwimmer for his encouragement, support and for the amazing routine.

competion rules This division features swing dancers from 14-17 years of age dancing at a performance level. Highlights: - Showcase rules apply, except for certain restrictions on lifts and aerials - Routines, costumes, and choice of music must be appropriate for this age group - Props are not allowed Prize Pool: $2,500

This division is sponsored by:

JIM HERN & DALE FLURI Thank you for your amazing gift!

Akil Boatwright & Alexis Garrish York, PA & Damascus, MD

Akil placed at major swing competitions in Intermediate J & J and Advance Strictly this year. His love for dancing started in the Hand Dance Community. Alexis is the current Intermediate Youth, Country 8 dance World Champion. She is also a dancer with Savage Dance Company’s Senior Company.

Luc Cohen-Wanis & Kimmery Thompson Santa Ana, CA & Anaheim, CA

Competing regularly at international events such as Boogie by the Bay, the US Open and Swing Diego, the couple most recently earned the distinction of youngest couple ever to compete in Showcase at Camp Hollywood! This dynamic young duo will be performing an exciting number choreographed by Buddy Schwimmer.


Cameron Crook and Amanda McKinney Santa Rosa, CA

Amanda dances in the Santa Rosa High’s dance company and is a Nordquist Junior Dance Instructor. Cameron started dancing in Nordquist and found his way into the WCS community soon after. They want to thank Kyle Redd, Sarah Vann Drake, and Kelly Casanova for mentoring them and their families for their support.

Christopher Dumond & Nicole Clonch Redlands, CA & Highland, CA

Christopher and Nicole hope to bring to you another memorable performance. They will tell you a story through their connection and commitment to each other. Music and dance are realms of artistry and interpretation. Once again they hope you enjoy Benji’s vision they bring to life.


Take the 2012


fun, entertaining conventions $12,000 in NASDE prize money well-organized events star-studded workshops visit different cities

For event list, visit us at

YOUNG ADULT cont. Steven Guido & Hannah Clonch Santa Rosa, CA & Highland, CA

Garrett Spencer & Chase Forrester Raleigh, NC & Greenwood SC

Who says you can’t dance in an elevator! Hannah (14), and Steven (16) have fun trying, then really turn it loose to the music of the 60’s. Special thanks to Benji Schwimmer, (choreographer and coach), and their families and “dance families” for all of their love and support!

Garrett won his first swing competition at the Tampa Bay Classic in 2010. He is also the 2011 Jr. SOS Shag Champion. Chase is the 2011 National/ Grand National Champion in Shag. They would like to thank their families and friends for their support. Special thanks to Brennar Goree & Torri Smith.

Bradley Newman & Hannah White Phoenix, AZ & Scottsdale, AZ

Jeremiah & Jennifer Willis Although Bradley and Hannah are new to the Open, they are no strangers to performing! Bradley has appeared in several live theatre productions and Hannah is an accomplished dancer, having trained since the age of 7. The Open will be the debut of their swing partnership.

Rome Slater & Chevy Slater Los Gatos, CA

We have had an amazing 10 years so far in the swing community and cannot wait to see what the years ahead will bring. Thank you to our family and coaches for all of their support throughout the years. Thanks YASDA for everything they are doing to support the juniors.


Ashland City, TN

Jair and Jenny love the US Open and are so glad to be back again this year. Thank you for the song Jessica.

“ The Epic Ballroom Dance & Jive Cruise 2012 ” Join Celebrity Instructors Buddy & Benji Schwimmer & Our Other Professional Instructors

Buddy Schwimmer & his son Benji Schwimmer

Winner of 9 US Open Swing Championships

Departing Miami 3-10 MARCH 2012, Eastern Caribbean Aboard the Beautiful Norwegian EpicOne of the Largest Ships in the World


by 10 December 2011 We Will Sell Out

Kevin Donovan at 1-800-427-8473, EXT 7853 Email:



competion rules This division is open to any style of dance that displays an element of Cabaret.

Tashina Beckmann San Diego, CA

Tashina started dancing at 2 ½ and hasn’t stopped since. She has taught and toured throughout 7 countries within prisons, rehab centers, and homeless shelters. In 2010 she started WCS and moved to San Diego to pursue a professional dance career. Tashina inspires others by sharing her passion for dance.

Highlights: - This is not a swing division, however a slight amount of swing is permitted - Lifts, aerials, acrobatic moves, drops, slides, breakaways, and switching of patners are allowed - Theater Arts Routines are allowed - Competitors provide their own music (3 - 4 minutes long) - Costumes are required - Props must be pre-approved Prize Pool: $4,500

Boom Boom Girls Atascadero, CA

photo unavailable

Lionel Giannone & Amandine Principe

Cameo Cross

Le Fontanil Cornillon, France

Long Beach, CA

Cameo graduated from The University of Arizona, with a BFA in Dance and went on to dance with River North Dance Company. She’s traveled the swing circuit since age 3, is a National Junior Swing Champion, and currently an All-Star Level competitor. Cameo is also trained in ballet, jazz and modern.

Amandine and Lionel live together in France. They have danced as partners since 8 years old. This will be their second competition in cabaret division in the US Open. Good luck to all competitors.

Cross Country Cabaret Project Edmonds, WA

Started by international cabaret entertainer Jacqueline Hyde (Seattle & Jim Thorpe, PA), members Bunny Bedford (Jim Thorpe) and Deb O’Naire (Seattle) join in the fun of cabaret dance for this unique project. Mission of this team is to bring back the awareness of cabaret dance across the country.


Jerrell Johnson & Jessi Rohr Van Nuys, CA & North Hollywood, CA

photo unavailable

Jessi Rohr has been dancing for over eighteen years. She has danced in live shows for many choreographers, as well as films, “You, Me and the Circus” Produced by Omar Epps, and “Mouse”, along with working on many music videos. Jessi has a wonderful career as a teacher/choreographer.



ynn loved the dance,

and she passed her love of dance on to hundreds of young people. The Joy Award is presented annually at the US OPEN to the Young Adult aged 13-17 who best expresses the real JOY of the dance! The recipient receives $200 for further training, plus a commemorative Lyn Vogen “Joy Award” trophy. LOOKING BACK... 2006 Torri Smith

Tiara McCoy


2007 Jeremiah Willis 2008 Brianne Cline 2009 Jennifer Willis



Salsa in Wonderland Simi Valley, CA

Once upon a time at Pierce College small group of dancers gathered for a mad tea party. These dancers discovered they belonged together in place similar to Wonderland. The team has recently been awarded 3rd place at the College Salsa Congress and 2nd place at the Ventura Rising Stars Competition.

Craig Morris & Judy Sparacio

Northridge, CA & Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Craig and Judy have been proam partners for 4 years. Craig has been teaching dance for over twenty years. Judy is an amateur dancer who loves to perform and compete. Craig and Judy have danced in a variety competitions from Hustle to Ballroom. Together they have won numerous awards.

Benji Schwimmer Redlands, CA

The only truly great performance is one that comes from the heart.

Bret Navarre & Hannah White Phoenix, AZ & Scottsdale, AZ

This is Bret & Hannah’s first time competing in the Cabaret Division. This past year they were awarded 1st Place and Judges Choice Honors at several national competitions with the routine you will see this weekend. They would like to thank their choreographer and coach, Laurie Schwimmer, for all her hard work.

Robert & Nicola Royston Nyack, NY

“It’s Sunday here at the US Open... Cabaret Division... Our Next Couple, make a little bit of noise for (Dramatic Pause) Bobby and Summer’s Parents!”



no bio available

ballroom etiquette Show your wristband when entering the ballroom. This will help our volunteer staff and expedite your entry. Arrive promptly before scheduled competition times and take your seat. If you arrive during a performance, the ushers will not allow you to enter until the performance is completed. Most seats are reserved and are marked with a seat number. These seats regularly sell out – please respect our ticket owners by leaving these seats available. Please do not leave drinks or personal items unattended on a reserved table not your own. We appreciate your help in maintaining a clean ballroom by disposing of trash. Open seating is located on the upper levels of the left and right sides of the seating arena, marked with gray seat covers. DO NOT sit on the floor, steps, or in the aisles at any time. Fire codes require that aisles and walkways remain unobstructed throughout the event. Non-compliance can result in expulsion from the event without refund. Pets are not allowed in the ballroom. For their own safety, small children must be supervised by an adult at all times while in the ballroom. We request that you not allow them to run around freely. Strollers must be parked in designated stroller areas. In addition, soft ear plugs are recommended so as not to damage their delicate eardrums -- our speakers can be particularly loud! Video taping of competitions or social dancing is strictly prohibited at all times. This applies to both video cameras and still cameras in video mode. Non-compliance can result in expulsion from the event without refund. You are expected to follow hotel policies and all local, state, and federal laws.

ballroom photography policy YES you can use your own camera in the ballroom however please observe the following... -You are required to have a CAMERA PASS for your camera. You may obtain one from our Registration Desk...It is FREE. -Still shots only -Video taping of any kind is strictly prohibited -Don’t sit in someone else’s seat or on the floor -Don’t stand up and block someone’s view -We have an “Official Photographer” who is the only photographer on the floor.

Thank you for your cooperation! Please remember that our volunteer staff is working very hard to make your experience at the US OPEN a most enjoyable one. By respecting and adhering to these few simple guidelines, you are not only helping them, but helping to create a memorable weekend for everyone.




en years ago a group of passionate dancers found themselves investing in the US OPEN to ensure it would continue to be one of the best Swing events in the country. We picked up a few more incredible people along the way that have added to our family of stockholders and lost some others. The one thing we all have in common is that we love the US OPEN! It has been quite an experience with a lot of work year round. We want to say a special “THANK YOU” to the competitors who work so hard to prepare to win the title of US OPEN Champion. We consider it an honor to be the stewards of this amazing event and hope we have added to your “US OPEN Experience.”









Not pictured: BUD & MARILYN FLEEK



THANK YOU to all our event staff



Director: Jim Glazier, Assistant: Carl Hedberg, Competitors’ Staging Corodinator: Jennifer Rabin, Jeanne Jackson, & Katherine New Ron & Tyoni Martin Stephanie Poli Chief: Jack Carey, Competitors Representative: Annie Hirsch, Competition Director: Phil Adams, Referee: Stan Jaquish Yvonne Antonacci, Andy Bouman, Bill Cameron, Dani Canziani, Robert Cordoba, Jessica Cox, Lisa D’Amico, Nicole Frydman, Barry Jones, Michael Kiehm, Jim Minty, Martin Parker Damon D’Amico, Rob Glover, Doug Rousar, Steve Zener Jack Smith, Beth Bellamy, Jeremy Cook (JC), Helen Tocco, David Koppolman,Tish Varletti, David Frutos, Justin Zillman Regenia Guthrie, Michele Rheiner, Susan Harting Bradford Whelan


Erica Lyons


Ron Martin , Graphic Designer: Stephanie Poli


staff roster

Kathie Brown


Lance Shermoen, Assistant - MaryAnn Mercer


Jim Glazier / Jim Tigges


Nathan Miller


Coordinator: Tyoni Martin - Dance Connection Shoes & Foot Care (Grant Austin), Chicago Classic (Nancy Tuzzolino & Jim Becker), Make-up & Hair Stylist (Marina Gutsch), Juice Plus (Adrianne Hicks), Herbalife (Linda Carrasco), Foot Oasis (Dorea Dawson), Dr. Benton & Staff, Jay Byam Productions


Jessie Decker, Alicia Burke, Alex Iseri, Mimi Johanson, Lisa D’Amico and Global Too many to list, but THANK YOU for you time and help with security, registration, product, setting up, and breaking down. Mary Ann Mercer Brick Robbins Jordan Frisbee, Tatiana Mollmann, Shesha & Nikki Marvin, Sam & Lisa West, David Frutos, Kim Clever, Ben Morris,, Melissa Rutz, Lewis Neal, Leslie Mallory Geoffey Nighswonger





1 Brennar Goree & Torri Smith

1 Nick Williams & Laura Keat

1 Michael O’Connor & Alyssa Glanville

2 Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann

2 Dax Hock & Sarah Breck

2 Cody Edwards & Chase Forrester

3 Ronnie DeBenedetta & Brandi Tobias

3 Shesha Marvin & Adrienne Weidert

3 Steven Guido & Haley Minkin

4 Benjamin Morris & Melissa Rutz

4 Mikey Pedroza & Nikki Marvin

4 Randy Portis & Tia Quander

5 Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake

5 Doug Silton & Angel Jenkins

5 Connor Goodmanson & Anyssa Oliveras




1 Benji Schwimmer & Torri Smith

1 The Fly Rights

West Coast Team

2 Ronnie DeBenedetta & Laureen Baldovi

2 Southern Dozen

3 Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham

3 Wild Cardz

4 Lionel Giannone & Amandine Principe

4 Capital Swing

1 Jordan Frisbee & Jessica Cox

5 Barry Jones & Patty Vo

5 100 degrees Swing

2 Kyle Redd & Tatiana Mollmann


3 Benjamin Morris & Sarah Vann Drake



4 Maxance Martin & Patty Vo

1 Sam West & Lisa West

1 Benji Schwimmer

5 Arjay Centeno & Torri Smith

2 Douglas Rousar & Jeanne DeGeyter

2 Bang Bang & Lacey Schwimmer

3 Scott Mason & Dawne Kiehm

3 Dax Hock & Sarah Breck

4 Kevin Fitzhugh & Tammy Brown

4 Barry Durand & Lisa Fay

1 Nick Williams & Nikki Marvin

5 Jeffrey Munson & Susan Brown

5 Pepe Gonzalez & Angel Jenkins

2 David Frutos & Kim Clever


3 Bromley Palamountain & Carla Heiney



4 Justin Zillman & Kristi Clark

1 Bob Gorman & Rose Bartolini

1 Paul Warden & Alyssa Glanville

5 Jeremy Otth & Laura Keat

2 Michael Stephens & Karen Leiker

2 Jake Haning & Yenni Setiawan

3 Manuel Viarrial & Deanna Becker

3 Scott Mason & Malia San Nicolas

4 Chips Hough & Janice Salmon

4 Steven Guido & Catriona Wiles

1 Michael Norris & LeAnn Norris

5 Michael Cross & Amber Cross

5 Douglas Rousar & Lemery Rollins

2 Sam West & Ellen Taylor


3 Brennar Goree & Cindy Black



4 Garrett Spencer & Myers Varn

1 Jack Willis & Jasmine Willis

1 David Frutos & Laura Keat

5 Justin Poston & Tory Robinette

2 Ruben Caiafa & Océane Garcia

2 Justin Zillman & Sarah Breck

3 Kolten Ellis & Kaylee Bravo

3 Dax Hock & Celina Avila

4 Chase Thomas & Anika Larson

4 Ben Morris & Mary Freitag

5 Ian Hull & Emily Hull

5 Stephen Sayer & Nikki Marvin



1 Jeremiah Willis & Jennifer Willis

1 Nick Williams & Laura Keat

2 Rome Slater & Chevy Slater

2 Mikey Pedroza & Nikki Marvin

3 Christopher Dumond & Nicole Clonch

3 Jeremy Otth & Carla Heiney

4 Connor Goodmanson & Alyssa Glanville

4 Jacob Wigger & Mary Freitag

5 Cody Edwards & Krystal Bravo

5 Chris Grover & Beth Grover


2010 results


2012 Ticket Prices:

Reserved seating: $169, after Nov. 18th: $185 Open seating: $145, after Nov. 18. 18th: $165 SPECIAL DISCOUNT RATES Competitors: $120 (not available at event) Juniors: $105, after Nov. 18th: $125


to secure the best seats at the lowest price! To purchase, complete a purchase form at the Registration Desk during specified hours (Visa or MasterCard accepted). Tickets can be held at Will Call unless you opt to have them issued immediately. If you choose to take your tickets, keep them in a safe place as they wll not be replaced if lost or stolen.

Tickets also available online at

Did you know you can re-buy your seat for next year? Visit the Registration Desk at the following times to reserve your seat for 2012.

Ticket Office Hours Saturday 10am - Noon: Re-buy your seat 4pm - 6pm: Re-buy your seat Sunday 11am - 1pm: Purchase any unsold seat

Reach for the Title... See you next year!

2011 results Classic



sophisticated swing (35+)

masters (50+)

jack & jill adv/all-star

strictly: west coast swing

strictly: juniors

young america (6-13)

young adult (14-17)

1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5


1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5

nasde j&j

1 2 3


1 2 3 4 5

nasde tour

joy award hall of fame inductees for 2011

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

yasda tour (for young adults)

1 2 3 4 5


hen someone blunders, we say that he makes a mis-step.

Is it then not clear that all the ills of mankind, all the tragic misfortunes that fill our history books, all the political blunders, all the failures of the great leaders have arisen merely from the lack of skill in dancing. ~ Moliere

2011 US OPEN Program designed by:

stephanie poli

video editing graphic design copywriting



29th annual

USOPEN november 24-27


800-537-8937 972 Breckenboro Rd / Davis, IL 61019

2011 US Open Program  

Official event program of the 2011 US Open Swing Dance Championships held in Burbank, CA