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Colby Before:


We noticed Colby at the shelter and knew he deserved a chance. He was marked as “injured”, but we noticed something odd. He was being administered pain medicine. We thought it was odd that he didn’t come for a treat, but then we realized he couldn’t. After noticing this, we quickly pulled Colby from the shelter and was taken to our vet ASAP.



We discovered that sweet Colby had a transverse femur fracture and had a pin placed that was meant to correct his aching leg. $1000 alone just for his pin placement surgery! But unfortunately Colby developed an infection at the pin site so we had to have the pin removed. Because of this, Colby was required to stay at the vet for a while which racked up quite a bit of money! Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. His leg did not heal on it’s own and now, Colby was in desperate need of leg amputation.



Now, Colby is living the happily ever after he deserved in a forever home with other dogs and LOTS of love! Amazing dogs like Colby wouldn’t have made it with out you; they need you.

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Wags to riches November 2013  
Wags to riches November 2013