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Pit Bull Awareness Month:October- Pg. 5 Meet Liberty-Pg. 3 Vegan Peanut Butter Dog treat Recipe-Pg. 4 Foster Homes Needed-Pg. 7 Fosters of the Month-Pg. 5 Adoption Update: Nicola -Pg. 11

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Meet Liberty S

itting alone, afraid and pregnant, Liberty waited for a rescuer at the shelter where she was

scheduled to be euthanized while pregnant with her 11 puppies. Besides being pregnant, Liberty was also emaciated and missing hair in may spots. Even after what she was going through, Liberty kept a happy spirit and enchanted one of our volunteers visiting the shelter that day. It was the day her new life began. Liberty delivered her puppies in her foster home (Her foster is the volunteer who noticed her at the shelter.) where she got the proper care needed. Now that most of her puppies have found homes, Liberty is waiting for that special someone who will adopt her and make her part of their family. In return, Liberty will provide a lifetime of love. Liberty is house trained, dog friendly and kid friendly. She is the perfect family dog. Please visit for more info.

pittie party! October is Pit Bull appreciation month. Show your support and foster, adopt or donate!

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All of the adorable, loving and athletic pitties pictured above are available for adoption at

Foster of the Month:Nicole Ransom Foster Parent  of  the  Month  Ques0ons 1.        How  long  have  you  fostered  for  Paws  in  the  City?    What  animals  have  you  fostered?

I have  fostered  for  PITC  since  January  of  this  year.  So  far  we  have  fostered:  Leyla,  Decka  (foster   failure  :)  )  And  now,  Liberty  and  her  puppies!  We  try  to  mainly  foster  pits,  because  usually  they   are  the  last  to  be  picked  as  fosters.  :( 2.        What  do  you  like  most  about  fostering  &  what  is  your  best  memory  from  fostering?   I  like  that  when  I'm  fostering  I'm  helping  PITC  with  another  dog  in  need.  They  all  deserve  a   chance!

My best  memory  from  fostering  so  far  is  probably  when  Liberty  was  delivering  her  puppies.  It   was  a  Friday,  so  my  mom  went  to  work  and  I  was  home  with  my  younger  sister  and  some   friends  who  were  in  town,  who  lets  just  say  aren't  very  dog  savvy.  Usually,  they  say,  dogs   deliver  their  pups  at  night  but  that  was  not  the  case  for  Liberty,  she  started  delivering  at  3:00!   Since  I  was  the  only  one  who  was  home  and  knew  (slightly,  this  was  my  first  liPer)  what  to  do  I   delivered  the  first  few  puppies,  but  thankfully  Stephanie  West  was  able  to  come  and  help  me   out! 3.        What's  an  interes0ng  fact  about  yourself  that  you  would  want  to  share  with  other   fosters? I  am  12  years  old  :)  I  have  ALWAYS  loved  animals!  Not  only  do  I  care  for  all  of  our  fosters,  I   photograph  at  adopUon  events  and  also  volunteer  for  PITC  in  social  media,  follow   ups  with  adopters  and  markeUng! 4.        Fostering  is  hard  work.    How  do  you  stay  mo0vated? When  I  see  how  far  these  dogs,  who  were  supposed  to  be  euthanized,  have  come,  it's   amazing!  They  are  extremely  loving  and  sweet  if  you  just  give  them  a  chance!   5.        What  advice  would  you  provide  other  foster  parents? PaUence,  determinaUon  and  persistence  is  key!  It  takes  Ume  for  the  dog  to  get   comfortable  and  show  their  true  colors!  I've  had  some  that  want  to  run  all  day  and   others  that  just  want  my  love!  Be  flexible  because  each  dog  is  different!

Nicola was adopted from the SPCA by a family who had two boys. They had hoped Nicola would be a fun toy for their boys, but she later became more of a yard ornament.  Nicola and her family lived next door to a Paws in the City volunteer.  Nicola would visit the volunteer's house daily to get attention and good food.  The volunteer asked the family if they would want to surrender Nicola to Paws in the City and they said "yes". With the help of Susan Strough and a consistent foster home, Nicola was able to work through some issues that had not been addressed by Nicola's previous family.  Nicola had a few meet and greets but for some reason or another it wasn't a fit.  We knew she was waiting for the perfect one to come along and the saying is true, good things come to those who wait!   Nicola came into PITC in September of 2009 and it took her just shy of 2 years to find her fur-ever home.   She may have been a long-timer, but every dog has her day!

UPDATE FROM FAMILY BELOW: Just wanted to let you know that Nicola is doing FABULOUS.  She has so much personality, and she and Duke are still the best of friends.  We recently bought a huge memory foam dog bed, and she camps out on that thing all the time.   For her leash aggression, we had a dog trainer work with her and she has shown significant improvement.  She still has her slip-ups here and there, but overall she is doing so much better on our walks together.   Oh and I meant to tell you, I was at a dog park in Deep Ellum about a month ago, and I met the guy who fostered Nicola before you guys did! I can't remember his name right now for the life of me, but he definitely knew who you guys were when I mentioned your name.  Small world, right?!?

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Newsletter- October  
Newsletter- October