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The book pages will be different and no pages will be the same. I will represent the subcultures within these pages through tone of voice, visuals and type of the content. I will use different materials and processes so that I can engage the audience whilst they read the content and discovering what the subculture is all about.

a peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, especially one who is perceived to be overly intellectual.

They draw attention to themselves. They are an expression both of

impotence and a kind of powerthe power to disfigure'. - Hebdige, 1979

Gamers, Geeks, Goths, GrafďŹ ti


Using the idea of "judging a book by its cover", shall allow me to produce a booklet that gathers perceptions of subcultures within modern day society through statements.

The book will be designed in a certain style to communicate the effects and theory of subcultures, this would be done by quotes, statements, form, format and colours.

The cover will be all white with the heading embossed this is showing how people stand out from the mainstream crowd as will the book stand out on the shelf against other books.

Research I have gathered a range of research that shallow allow me to developed a better design direction relating to subcultures. The research I have undertook looks at the different styles, techniques as well as cultures that are influenced or influence subcultures.

A range of designs that will help inspire my design direction regarding subcultures and the type of �style� they use.

Visual inspiration Visual inspiration such as these have allowed me to generate ideas relivant to my audience and concept. I will design my publication to be relivant to each subcultural group.


The target audience for this booklet would be to a age range of 16-22, the idea will try to create them aware of the perceptions they have of the current subcultures and if they are right or wrong. The booklet shall help inform and educate them of the different/ common subcultures making them aware.

Looking into existing publication and design styles that this audience is currently attracted and familiar with, allowing my own design decisions to be more appropriate.


While producing a relvant design for my audience, creating a peice of work that fits within the formats accepted by the group of people is important. I have gathered a range of formats that could be used to help create interesting, intractive designs that fits with my

target audience. While a fomat of my publication would be traditional, over materials such as digital and print items could be produced to support my idea, formats and theories. There is no limit to what could be used.


publication concept boards

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