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Four Seasons The Brief The market for stationary is very competitive with a large range of stores competing in this sector. Paperchase want your help to make their next range standout as much as possible. The range should be loyal to their house style but push the boundaries of creativity. Paperchase would like the new range to be about the British seasons, showcasing the changes throughout the year and how the UK is still attractive all year round. Your aim is to make the Britain look good all year round.

Considerations -

Concept/Proposition A celebration the Great British seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). Create awareness of how Britain looks in each type of season, making use of colour, textures and print methods may enhance the outcome. Background Have you ever wanted to walk into Paperchase, Selfridges, House of Fraser and Waterstones and see your designs, placed on the shelves? Paperchase is a UK market leader for stationary, ranging from cards, wrapping paper to notebooks. Paperchase was founded by two art students, Judith Cash and Eddie Pond, around 1968. The company went through various owners before receiving investment from W H Smith in 1985; it continued to expand and in 1996 became Paperchase Products Ltd


Create a range of products that can develop al year round depending upon the seasons. Colours and aesthetics should connect to the British seasons and not look alien to the consumer. The products should be of a wide select as the range must fit across all of our most popular products. Ability for the range to be developed even further, consider digital and online media. Please consider Women buy more cards then men. The products should be targeted at the buyer but also consider if the product is purchased as a gift. Size, proportions and scales should be considered.

Target Audience

Mandatory Requirements

You should target at the traditional Paperchase audience range 16-26. Also consider the main buyers of these products being women, however not solely.

Your must produce 5 design boards showing your final outcomes. These will include: - Produce a range logo and name. - Produce at least 1 design for each season. - Proposal of further range development - Must include physical products. - 250 word rational. - Evaluation of work in relation to the brief. - Correct Labelling of your work, on your blog is essential. - In addition to the submission requirements, you will need to evidence the research, development and product of your final resolutions.

Tone of Voice


You should target your work to be fun, friendly, outgoing and welcoming. This should be in conjunction with the style of the brief. The tone of voice should fit the identity of the brand and their overall tone.

Resolutions and products, apporiate to your select brief. 5 presentation boards (Printed) summerising the key practical, conceptual and technical decisions. This should also be posted on your blog via Issuu. Posts to your Design Practice & Design Context blog demonstrating your ability to effectivly record, document and critically evaluate the progress of your work in relation to your own intentions and apporiate areas of contemporary creative practice.

Studio Deadline TBC Reading List Books B Style (2010). Print & Pattern. London: Laurence King. B Style (2011). Print & Pattern 2. Laurence King Drusilla Cole (2011). Patterns. Laurence King Charlotte Rivers (2012). I Love Stationery: Inspirational techniques, materials, and practitioners. Jacqui Small LLP Kim Kight (2011). A Field Guide to Fabric Design: Design, Print & Sell Your Own Fabric; Traditional & Digital Techniques; For Quilting, Home Dec & Apparel. Stash Books

Module Deadline TBC

Rebecca Drury (2010). Printed Pattern: Printing by Hand from Potato Prints to Silkscreen. A & C Black Publishers Ltd Sarah Roberts (2010). Simple Printmaking: A Fullcolour, Step-by-step, Photographic Guide to Creating Your Own Contemporary Stationery. How2crafts Eloise Renouf (2013). 20 Ways to Draw a Tree and 44 Other Nifty Things from Nature: A Sketchbook for Artists, Designers, and Doodlers. Quarry Michael Perry (2008). Over and Over: A Catalog of Hand-drawn Patterns. Princeton Architectural Press Julius Wiedemann (2010). Stationery Design Now!. Taschen GmbH Julius Wiedemann (2005). Illustrations Now!. Taschen GmbH; illustrated edition. Index Book (2012). Basic Stationary. Index Book. Journals/Periodicals BASELINE BLUEPRINT COMPUTER ARTS CREATIVE REVIEW THE DESIGNER JOURNAL ÉMIGRÉ EYE GRAFIK Websites Paperchase designInspirations Cargo collective(Packaging and identity) Julia Rothman (illustrations)

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