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Name: Stephanie Pickard

BRIEF TITLE: V&A Why have you chosen to work with your creative partner? What are your aims? I have chose to work with Emma Johnson as she is someone who I have never worked with before. I have been in many of her critiques and have found her to be really interesting in the work that she produces; this will be helpful when developing the final product. I think that it will be a good experience to work with someone who has completely different styles, tastes and techniques, as this will allow me to develop other skills as well as improve other areas that I am not so good at. I have had conversations and discussions with Emma in the past and find her really easy to talk to, I also think that we will communicate well and have a productive working relationship. Aims: • • • • •

Develop new skills and techniques and processes that I can later use. Have a better understanding of others production styles and work they like to produce Confidence in communicating my ideas Create a successful collaborative piece of portfolio work Develop time management and organisation skills with my partner

What are your specific areas of creative interest in this brief? We have chosen to do the V&A brief as it will allow me to work to a large scale rather than what I am familiar with. This brief will also allow me to use my illustrator skills to the best of my ability and expand upon the brief into other product ranges and distribution methods. I am very interested into promotional material and products to advertise a certain event or brand. The brief will allow me to fully explore this and use print processes that I used before in such as screen printing, embossing and laser cutting. Environmental design is also a key interest of mine, however I haven’t yet explored into this area of design; this brief will give me the chance to instruct, promote and educate the intended audience.

What specific design skills do you have to offer in relation to your chosen brief? How do you intend to use them? I have many skills that I think I could bring to this brief/collaborative practice. I have been using illustrator through my time on this course and now I feel confident and capable of using the software to produce a successful piece of work. I have managed to develop my skills within research, allowing me to produce and develop ideas that are well thought out and respond appropriately to the brief. I have a wide knowledge of different methods of printing such as screen-printing, Foil blocking, laser cutting, embossing, de-bossing and others. These will be helpful within experimentation of ideas and final production. Another skill I have is illustrative design, this includes software and hand drawn design which can be developed into production pieces. I intend to use these skills to help me produce a better piece of work. While these skills are still being developed they will be helpful to incorporate my partners skill set producing a more successful piece of design work that is to the best of mine and Emma’s ability.

What specific non-design skills do you have to offer in relation to your chosen brief? How do you intend to use them? I believe my skills within research and idea development will allow me to develop a better understanding about the brief and inform my design decisions. I am very organised and like to keep up to date with time management to allow me to work more efficiently and productively, this will come in handy when working with Emma so that we are both communicating with each other and producing a appropriate amount of work. I also feel that I have presentation skills, which allows me to communicate idea and research across to a wide audience making sure that they understand the brief and the solutions that Emma and me have come up with. I am also very precise and like things to be accurate and simple however still communicating efficiently to the audience, this could come in handy when submitting the final designs and also in the production process. I intend to use these skills to my advantage by making sure that everything is organised and on track throughout the brief which will allow the success of the final piece to be a lot higher. I also intend to fully explore and understand the brief before undertaking any work or decisions, which will make the final piece more accurate. This will give Emma and me more of a chance of doing well within the brief competition. What will your specific roles be in the collaboration in relation to your brief? Within the brief the roles will be very open as it would be better for both of us to have a meaningful impact within every stage throughout this module. However I would like to develop the ideas and then we would be able to expand upon these, making the final ideas more successful and creative. I shall also try to organise my time around Emma to make sure as much work is done as possible. While time management will be key I must include some spare time for errors or problems that may arise. Self-evaluation is something that must be done by myself, as it will help me understand what I have done well or not so well. This shall also help me to produce the best piece of work possible that also responds to the brief correctly. What will your individual responsibilities be in relation to your brief? Emma and I will have our own individual responsibilities within this brief. These will be research, design development, design production. We will work individual on all of these areas and then collaborate together at a later date to put our ideas and designs to good use. This will allow the process to go more smoothly and be more productive for the both of us. Doing our own research will enable us both to collaborate our findings and compare information and knowledge about the subject we are looking into.

What will your joint responsibilities be? Emma and I will both be responsible for the designing the final piece and presenting ideas and research across in critiques or other presentation situations. We will also both be responsible for developing ideas and research into the chosen brief so that we can both have a clear understanding and input into the design ideas. It will also be necessary for both of us to work collaboratively on producing the final designs and using the college resources to do so. The main responsibility for both of us will be to keep in contact and communicate with each other on a daily basis so that we both have an idea of when to meet and what we are both doing through the brief.

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