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Formal Attire The Brief Research the given theme, Formal Attire this shall allow you generate a body of associated research. You should expand your knowledge of this chosen area. Research and develop the theme Formal Attire further, you should generate a body of research that expands your knowledge of this area. This research shall become the main content of a publication that shall be produced to show your understanding of this theme. Supporting products and/ or promotional items should be produced to help support the publication. You should aim to gather a range of primary and secondary research, allowing you to find out as much as possible about the given subject. Consider the methods of research used and how these shall help to increase your knowledge of this area. You need to collect a broad range of materials that can help inspire, inform and create personal opinions about the theme. These shall also help create a visual understanding of how your publication shall look. Collect a minimum of two of the research forms below: 25x Photos, 25x Publications, 25x Locations, 25x People, 25x Words, 25x Facts, 25x Statistics, 25x Quotes, 25x Measurements, 25x Techniques, 25x objects. These research forms shall help influence your direction, style and information of the given theme. This publication and supporting items should be aimed to support and existing formal clothing company within the UK.

Considerations -

Consider who would the publication be targeted at? Visual aspects, colour, text and imagery Relevant and accurate research/ information Tone of voice of this publication. Form and format of the produced publication. Consider the choice of material or stock used. Consider method of production i.e. Screen printing, digital print etc. The supporting materials you shall produce to help backup your research and publication.

Concept/Proposition Explore the given theme motorsports further, this shall allow production of a well-informed publication. Taking into account facts, figures and other relevant factual information. Production of a visual document that helps explains the given theme further. This should be inspired and informed by a body of research produced before hand.

Background Formal wear (US, Canada) and formal dress (UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other Commonwealth Realms) and eveningwear are general terms for clothing suitable for formal social events, such as a wedding, formal garden party or dinner, dĂŠbutante cotillion, dance, or race. The Western style of formal evening dress, characterized by black and white garments, has spread through many countries; it is almost always the standard formal social dress in countries without a formal national costume. Target Audience

Mandatory Requirements

The target audience for this brief is open. You should target a particular audience that is supported by the body of research you have produced.

Your must produce 5 design boards showing your final outcomes. These will include: -

Printed and produced designs Printed publication. Mock-ups of how the document shall be presented. Place final outcomes in context 250 word rational. Evaluation of work in relation to the brief. Correct Labelling of your work, on your blog is essential. In addition to the submission requirements, you will need to evidence the research, development and product of your final resolutions.

Tone of Voice


You should aim to create a tone of voice specific to your research, this could change dependant on your audiences age, gender or interests.

Resolutions and products, apporiate to your select brief. 5 presentation boards (Printed) summerising the key practical, conceptual and technical decisions. This should also be posted on your blog via Issuu. Posts to your Design Practice & Design Context blog demonstrating your ability to effectivly record, document and critically evaluate the progress of your work in relation to your own intentions and apporiate areas of contemporary creative practice.

Studio Deadline TBC

Module Deadline TBC

Reading List Books

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Formal attire