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Forest Live The Brief You should aim to produce a range of promotional items for the 2014 Forest Live festival. As the festival changes every year its important to create a new identity that people can connect with but still reconise it’s the same festival. Connecting people, places and nature is what it is all about, with big names helping to create awareness of these fantastic places in the UK.

Considerations -

Consider your target audience as well as sub audiences. Ethical values of the forestry commission need to be adhered to. Typography and house style should be considered. How can you create excitement for the event? Context of the promotional items. Is it an cost effective method of publicity? Expansion and creativity of the brief would be beneficial.

There are no limits to what can be produced, but consider the budget for advertising, printing and production methods. Concept/Proposition Attract more people to the festivals spread around the country, allowing people to see major artists in outstanding locations. Producing a range of promotional items shall allow for the festival to become more widely known and anticipated. Generate excitement for the next up and coming festival. Background The forest tour was launched in 2001 with Jools Holland and the Levellers performing at four participating Forestry Commission sites – Sherwood Pines, Dalby Forest, Bedgebury Pinetum and High Lodge, Thetford Forest. The concept was to attract major acts for a series of concerts in outstanding locations.

The Forestry Commission is committed to taking the importance of woodlands to new audiences, and making them relevant to people in new ways. We have to encourage people to enjoy woodlands, to feel at home there, and to learn about them through experiencing them and looking at them in different ways.

2012 artists included: 2012 Plan B, Will Young, Ed Sheeran, Madness, Alfie Boe, The Darkness, Steps, The Wanted, The Wombats

The best way of getting people to engage in the importance of woodlands, and to teach them about respecting their environment, is not to preach at them, but to ensure they value and feel for the environment around them.

Target Audience

Mandatory Requirements

The targets audience is 18-26 year olds who have an interest in the outdoors but also an interest in live music. While this is not exhaustive, families can also attend the events.

Your must produce 5 design boards showing your final outcomes. These will include: -

Printed and produced designs A range of promotional items (min 4) Include the forestry commission’s logo. Mock-ups of how the items shall be presented. Creation of the 2014 festival website 250 word rational. Evaluation of work in relation to the brief. Correct Labelling of your work, on your blog is essential. In addition to the submission requirements, you will need to evidence the research, development and product of your final resolutions.

Tone of Voice


Your work should aim to inform the audience of this event, while creating excitement for who might be performing.

Resolutions and products, apporiate to your select brief. 5 presentation boards (Printed) summerising the key practical, conceptual and technical decisions. This should also be posted on your blog via Issuu. Posts to your Design Practice & Design Context blog demonstrating your ability to effectivly record, document and critically evaluate the progress of your work in relation to your own intentions and apporiate areas of contemporary creative practice.

Studio Deadline TBC

Module Deadline TBC

Reading List Books Index Book (2013) Festivals Graphics. Index Book. Graphic Design That Works: Successful Design for Logos, Brochures, Promotions, Websites and More. 1000 Music Graphics (mini): A compilation of packaging, posters, and other sound solutions. New Masters of Poster Design: Poster Design for the Next Century. New Masters of Poster Design, Volume Two: Poster Design for This Century and Beyond: 2. Gig Posters: Rock Show Art of the 21st

Century v. 1. A Map of the World: The World According to Illustrators and Storytellers.


Websites Forestry commissions- ForestLive Behance Brand, Identity, Logo explained – Justcreative designInspirations Cargo collective branding strategy insider designcouncil Brand inspiration- bashooka Pinterest Neat design

brochures/ Noupe youthedesigner Adam Scott creative Festival posters

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