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chunk of chocolate

100% pure

filled loved with and Milky goodness. desired by many


Chocolate is the object of our affection. It’s a sensory adventure not only to eat, but also to smell it and look at it - even unwrapping it is exciting!

Chocolate’s been around Around the world people spend a lot of money for a long time. Longer on chocolate for special than Jesus, even. occssions and holidays such as, Valentine’s day The origins of chocolate or Easter, Halloween and can be traced back to the christmas. ancient Mayan and Aztec civilisations in Central Chocolate contains America. ‘Theobroma chemicals, such as cacao’, meaning ‘food of phenylethylamine, that can the gods’, was prized for stimulate the centuries by the Central American Mayan Indians, neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. who first enjoyed a These neurotransmitters much-prized spicy drink are responsible for called ‘chocolatl’, made from roasted cocoa beans. producing pleasurable feelings, which may make people enjoy or crave chocolate.

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chunk of chocolate

how it all happened

history of

chocolate. 600ad The cocoa bean is considered the ultimate status symbol in the Mayan and Aztec cultures. They use the beans as currency and those wealthy enough to have an excess of beans use them to make a chocolate drink that gives them “wisdom and power�.

1000ad The Aztecs believed that drinking chocolate. which was the undiluted, unsweetened liquor from fermented cacao beans, would bring great wisdom, understanding and energy.


chunk of chocolate

1502 Columbus is the first European to discover cocoa beans and chocolate. But it is the Conquistadors that realise the value of “money that grows on trees�.

1528 Spanish cooks quickly remedy that by changing the recipe, replacing the peppers with sugar.


chunk of chocolate

1657 England’s first chocolate house opens in London. Its a big hit with the upper class and soon becomes the place where the elite meet to sip. Cocoa bean prices are exorbitant and , as the Spanish historian Oviedo, notes : “none but the rich and noble could afford “ to frequent such establishments.

1674 They’re still drinking chocolate throughout Europe, but enterprising bakers in England begin adding cocoa to their cake recipes making chocolate widely available in solid form for the first time.


chunk of chocolate


it makes it so much better

advantages. Chocolate has been used as a medicine to heal many ailments. chocolate is most commonly used to celebrate family occasions. Chocolate can be eaten to enhance health and well-being.

1. Chocolate milk makes a great recovery drink.

cocoa increases blood flow to the brain.

3. Chocolate is yummy! 4. Flavanol-rich cocoa may help reduce muscle soreness. 5. Chocolate milk is most useful to a cyclist, swimmer, or long-distance runner. Athletes need high levels of calories, carbs, and protein to sustain that level of performance. 5. 2.

6. Dark chocolate contains an ingredient that boosts muscles in a similar way to using a running machine in the gym.

chocolate contains chemicals responsible for pleasurable feelings.

8. High levels of chocolate consumption might be associated with a one third reduction in the risk of developing heart disease.

chunk of chocolate


just a little bit naughty

disadvantages. Although chocolate’s sweet, pleasant taste may put a smile on your face, there are some disadvantages associated with eating this rich food.

1. Chocolate is not a 5. Chocolate is not only significant source of high in total fat, but high in vitamins, and provides just saturated fat. 8 percent of the daily-suggested intake.

chocolate is addictive. chocolate is calorie- dense.

3. Chocolate has a rich flavor not only because of the fat it contains, but also from high sugar content. 4. Sugar can promote tooth decay, and a diet high in sugar may increase your risk of heart disease.

7. Happiness is temporary 8. Heobromine found in chocolate is toxic to animals 9. Chocolate is comfort food. This is the most dangerous disadvantage of eating chocolate. .


facts and figures

chunk of chocolate


the only a everyday’s real schoolbenefit. day

facts/figure. 1. Nestle bar was the first candy bar to mix crisped rice with the chocolate bar, blending texture with flavour to create an innovative product.

cocoa increases blood flow to the brain. cocoa increases blood Which help your kids with flow brain. their to maththehomework.

6. chocolate milk is most useful to a cyclist, swimmer, or long-distance 2. Chocolate was originally runner. Competing called ‘XOCOLATL’ athletes need high levels meaning Bitter water. of calories, carbs, and protein to sustain that level of performance.


4. When eating chocolate a neurotransmitter called Hydroxytryptamine (sterotonine) is released which is known to cause happiness!


people send more than 4.6 billion pounds a year on chocolate. 8. People who feel depressed eat about 55% more chocolate than their non-depressed peers. 9. Chocolate is the food most commonly craved by women.

chunk of chocolate

100% dark

the only real benefit

chocolate. Dark chocolate is produced by adding fat and sugar to cocoa.

More expensive baking bars can have a cocoa content of up to 85% to 99%. Dark chocolate can It’s a chocolate flavour that be characterized as having contains very little or no a rich taste that can at milk. Depending on the times leave a bitter sweet country from which you after taste. live, there are different regulations as to what would classified as dark must have between chocolate.

88% and 99% cocoa.

highest concentration of pure cocoa. The commonality here is that dark chocolate has the highest concentration of pure cocoa out of all chocolates.

Dark chocolate is the most nutritious of all chocolates. Many nutritionists even argue that having a small amount of dark chocolate daily is good for you, as it can be used to relieve depression and increase sexual endorphin.


chunk of chocolate

100% milk

filled with with the only Milky real goodness. benefit. milky goodness


Milk chocolate was Milk chocolate is Invented by Henri Nestle. characterized for being a sweet tasting chocolate Milk chocolate is a solid with a sour after taste. chocolate made with combinations of milk Many milk chocolates, powder, liquid milk, or such as the Hershey condensed milk. process, are partially lipolyzed, producing Milk chocolate contains butyric acid, which a much lower content of stabilizes the milk from cocoa than dark further fermentation. chocolate.

key facts milk chocolate doesn’t release as many endorphins as dark chocolate.


chunk of chocolate

It’s worth the effort. effort


chocolate. STEP 9

Remove chocolate FROM MOULD ONCE hardened


roast the cocoa bean STEP 2

crack the bean


Mold the chocolate. STEP 3

winnow the nibs


Temper the chocolate. STEP 4


grind the nibs into cocoa liquor

Conch and refine the chocolate. STEP 5

measure ingredients. 1.


chunk of chocolate


its all wrapped up


The bar represented as a chunk of gold shows the bar is expensive and luxurious; something people believe chocolate was in early history. Chocolate packaging commonly follows these traits and techniques.

This packaging, uses a menu style to brand each type of chocolate, this creates a simple yet sophisticated design that is becoming more common within Japan and Asian countries. The vibrant colour palette, mixed with typography and organic materials creates a stylish and modern gift box that stands out against other product. The style is not commonly used, however is very effective.

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chunk of chocolate


keeps you going


Cliff bar products are design for a healthy intake of energy. Their audience is sport enthusiasts. The company produces organic foods and drinks marketed to active people. The packaging portray the activity and purpose of the bar, using neutral colours communicates the outdoors.

These protein shake are very different to the common packaging. The use of colours and illustration are a lot more modern and appeal to a wider audience.

The majority of protein shakes and bars have a very similar style. The illustrations on the label of these products are commonly pictures of the perfect body, with large muscles and tones figures. 12.

portion sizes chunk of chocolate


every bit counts

portions s re ua es s re uar uares sq 3 Sq - 3 al 0C

ing - 600Cal - 36 squ Cycl are s ing - 700Cal - 42 Runn squ ar g - 850Cal - 5 Boxin 1 sq es u id Horse R ing - 300C ares al 18 Rugby - 700Cal sq 42 a l b l t o 5 s 00C Fo al - qua 3 Climbing -55 0C 0 a Swimming -4 l 0

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chocolate research booklet  

chocolate research 16 page booklet