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Step 1 The first step to creating this logo was to sketch my initial ideas. The design was created with the shape of the

Step 2 The next step was to scan the design into illustrator and trace over the design using accurate guidlines to create perfect curves and corners.

Step 3 The design was then taken further to create a 3D effect to make the logo look more like the emissions that the company work with. Using the colours creates an enviromentally friendly appeal.




Step Black1

Grey Colour Palette

Full Colour Palette

c: 82% m: 66% y: 43% k: 40%

c: 85% m: 39% y: 43% k: 28%

c: 79% m: 21% y: 47% k: 4%

c: 59% m: 0% y: 44% k: 0%

c: 31% m: 0% y: 26% k: 0%

Primary Font

Secondary Font

Supporting Font

Logo Placement One

Logo Placement Two

Logo Placement Three

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