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YCN Competition/Collaborative

Brief 11

BEAR Challenge Bring the alphabet to life on the back of BEAR’s, Alphabites boxes. How will you build excitement among kids, and anticipation for future boxes? Create something that is exciting and engaging for children at breakfast time. BEAR was a collaborative project, with fellow BAGD student Natalie Dyson and also our submission for the YCN student awards 2014. Solution The concept was to use the cereal packet as a way of allowing children to discover native habitats of the bear with the help of letters and visual imagery. Our idea was based around tear, reveal and sharing, where children were able to tear and reveal different facts relating to the native country of the bear. These could be kept, collected and shared among each other as a point of discussion at the breakfast table. Children could also tear and craft each letter related to the country explored, which would be found on the inside of the pack.





Research produced for the bear brief has been important as it has allowed me and Natalie to highlight the key aspects that children like within cereal also what already exists in the market. The designs incorporate a large colour palette that works well with illustration, anything for children follows these styles this can be seen within the designs.




The concept development of the bear brief has been important, as it has allowed us to highlight exactly what will be successful within the design process. We have also researched and developed a range of ways our design could be translated into the Bear box brief, as the design must sit within the back of a cereal box design.




Through the use of illustrations I have developed a range of ideas that can be used to help represent the bear brief and China. The use of these illustrations shall help create a quirky look and feel that shall be attractive to the consumer. These illustrations have been produced from sketches and then re-drawn upon the computer with illustrator.




The 3d ‘c’ for china has been produced within the Bears packaging design. This would then be cut out by the child/ parent to create a 3d china allowing them to make the design standout and look as creative and interesting.


Finals Design


532.5 192




B B E area





The final design had to be produced upon a box design supplied by Bear, the box had all the relevant requirements such as size, bleeds and margins. This allowed us to make the design fit correctly within the given space also make the design follow suit across the entire box.

Alphabites ingredients 5 tasty multigrains high in fibre ground oats

wholegrain wheat coarsely ground corn ground wholegrain ground arley

ground rice coconut blossom nectar *

*for natural sweetness instead of sugar. Find out more on the other side

No nonsense breakfast

...and absolutely no added nonsense

Alphabites are a delicious healthy breakfast, high in fibre with no added sugar or salt. Instead of adding refined sugars, we use coconut blossom nectar, the deliciously sweet sap from the flowers of the coconut tree to make them naturally sweet and crunchy.

added sugar

cereal letters

BEAR FACT Coconut blossom nectar comes from the flowers not the fruit, so it doesn’t taste like coconut at all.

No bears were harmed‌ our cereals are suitable for vegans.


Please recycle your BEAR box.




BEAR, The Big Cave, Deepest Darkest Woods, PO Box 70712 London EC1P 1GL

Any allergies? Contains gluten, may contain traces of milk and soy.


For a bear hug visit: or give us a growl on

serving with 125ml semi Per 100g skimmed milk serving 719 kj 1562kj 170 kcal 373 kcal 8.7g 7.1g 29g 77.4g 11g 18g 2.7g 1.5g 1.5g 0.3g 2g 6.5g 0g 0g *contains naturally occurring sugars

*Coconut nectar has a low GI of 35 vs 70 for refined sugars. Find out more at


Nutritional information



artificial colours or flavours

Because coconut blossom nectar has a much lower glycaemic index than sugar it prevents crazy sugar highs and grizzly sugar crashes, keeping kids fuller for longer, and fingers out of the biscuit jar.






This is the final bear brief design that has been produced to help educate the consumer, children about China and the native bears and what its all about. The design is very bright and attractive making used of a range of illustration that helps create a experience for the child to reveal the content behind the illustrative boxes.

cereal letters

Extended range



These are the design for the range of cereals produced. The polar bear design will be the next range for the ceral back design, this will keep the children interested and keep the audience wanting to buy the cereal. The colours used communnicate the country allowing the visual styles to be recognised and allow the children to learn as they enjoy their breakfast cereal.

Letter cutout



The back of the box has been produced to be cut away and produce a 3D shape that represent ‘C’ for China, this allows another element of interactive making the child play and interact with the packaging design.