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Alphabites ingredients 4 tasty multigrains high in n fibre

Welcome to BEAR's Magic Hat. Here you can learn some marvellous magic tricks to fool your friends. Remember though, a good magician never reveals their secrets.

No nonsense breakfast Become a magical maestro and find lots more tricks to dazzle your friends with at alphabites

BEAR’s special tip Practice your magic tricks in the mirror lots before you perform them

Make your own wand 1. Find a nice stick from the garden. 2. Wrap it up in silver tinfoil. 3. Stick some black card around the middle.

Alphabites are a delicious healthy breakfast, high in fibre with no added sugar or salt. Instead of adding refined sugars, we use coconut blossom nectar, the deliciously sweet sap from the flowers of the coconut tree to make them naturally sweet and crunchy.

4. Learn the tricks below

What you need: Two 5p coins and one 10p


cereal letters

Because coconut blossom nectar has a much lower glycaemic index than sugar *, it prevents crazy sugar highs and grizzly sugar crashes, keeping kids fuller for longer, and fingers out of the biscuit jar.

unsweetened ground cocoa (4%)

coconut blossom nectar *

salt s lt artificial colours cia col or flavours


2. Nex (put th t make a co and do e 10p in the in sand dw wich the hi n’t let anyo middle dd hold it en 5p) an ne see d th out on your haen nd. 3. Pick the 10 up the 5p p, co tuck it show it to in that’s in your your au s on top of shoe dience to show , an a it’s go d 4. Now ne. (this w close your Shout ill flip your hand shut reveal ‘TA-DA’ an 10p over). d op your hi dden 5p en it to . MAG IC.

Nutritional information




There’s a letter from BEAR’s alphabet on the back of every box. Can you collect them all? Happy hunting.

Per 30g servin serving with 125ml semi Per 100g skimmed milk serving 722 kj 1570 kj 171 kcal 375 kcal Prote Pro tein in 7.1g 8.8g Carbohydrate 29g 77.9g Of which sugars* 11g 18g Fat 2.8g 1.8g Of which saturates 1.5g 0.5g Fibre 2g 6.5g Sodium 0g 0g

Coconut blossom nectar comes from the flowers not the fruit, so it doesn’t taste like coconut at all.

Match to PANTONE 259 C

Match to PANTONE 2617 C

For a bear hug visit: or give us a growl on BEAR, The Big Cave, Deepest Darkest Woods, PO Box 70712 London EC1P 1GL

Match to PANTONE 369 C PANTONE 7519 Match to PANTONE 7437 C

Typical values Energy

*Coconut nectar has a low GI of 35 vs 70 for refined sugars. Find out more at

Sneaki othe ly hold the the 10 r 5p behind p like yo so it look s u only 2 coin have s

3. Shout ‘SHAZAM’ and tip your mug upside down. down n. The ice cubes cube will plop out.

ground rice

added dded d sugar ug

1. Hold and a a 10p coin 5p in the ot in one hand her ha nd.

2. For your trick, hold your mug up high so no one can see inside it and pour water into it. po our a little wa

coarsely ground corn

...and absolutely d nonsense no added

What you need: A mug, some water, a sponge, some sellotape, ice cubes

1. Secretly stick a little sponge inside the bottom of your mug with sellotape and add some ice cubes on top.

ground oats

*for natural sweetness instead of sugar. Find out more on the other side

5. ‘Hey presto!’ you are a magician.

Turn water into ice

wholegrain h l i ground wheat

with no added nonsense

*contains naturally occurring sugars

Match to PANTONE 241 C

Any allergies? Contains gluten, may contain traces of milk and soy. No bears were harmed… our cereals are suitable for vegans. Please recycle your BEAR box.


tel: +44 0207 033 1944

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Bear Alphabites

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