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Traveling Neurologist Saves Teen Life In 1990 17-year-old Kevin W. was gearing up for a high school wrestling match in a mid-size city in the heart of America. The city of 65,000 residents had one hospital with a neurology staff consisting of three doctors and the support staff. On the night of Kevin's wrestling match one of the doctors was on vacation and another had come down with the flu. Fortunately the hospital had contracted with a staffing agency to provide a locum tenens neurology specialist while their one physician was out of town.

As Kevin stepped inside the ring to begin his match, Dr. R. was settling down for dinner after a long day of work. Thirty minutes later Kevin was complaining of an excruciating headache following the loss of his match to a stronger opponent. Concerned, his mother and father put him in the car and drove straight to the hospital's emergency room. The ER staff was equally concerned and immediately called Dr. R., who rushed in to see the boy as quickly as he could. When Kevin relayed the events of the evening to the doctor he told the story of how he was hit in the back of the head by the knee of his opponent. With a little examination Dr. R. suspected an aneurysm and ordered immediate tests. It turns out he was right and immediately got treatment underway. Not only was Dr. R. able to prevent a rupture of the aneurysm, he was able to get Kevin out of a hospital and back on its feet in no time. Life-Saving Experience Perhaps the most interesting part of the story was the fact that this otherwise modern American hospital had very little experience with brain aneurysms as the result of sports injuries. Dr. R., because of his extensive experience in locum tenens neurology, knew exactly what he was looking at within a short time after first examining his patient. That neurology experience paid off in a way that potentially saved Kevin's life. If you were to ask him, his parents, and the entire ER staff they would all agree that having Dr. R. in the hospital that night was nothing short of a miracle. Furthermore, the story itself illustrates one of the greatest benefits hospitals and other facilities clean from utilizing locum tenens help. More than just plugging staffing holes, locum tenens physicians bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience they accumulate along the way; a wealth they continue to expand with every new assignment they take. Locum Tenens Offering More As locum tenens neurology, and other specialties, continues to expand across United States they are offering so much more than the opportunity to fill out staffing needs. They are making hospitals, healthcare clinics, private practices, and research facilities all that much better while doing so. Fortunately, the healthcare industry is recognizing that reality and is actively engaged in promoting the idea of locum tenens work. If you’re searching for locum tenens neurology jobs check out Weatherby Locums neurology job search - Weatherby Locums specializes in providing quality physicians to the healthcare industry on a temporary basis throughout the United States.

Traveling Neurologist Saves Teen Life  

As Kevin stepped inside the ring to begin his match, Dr. R. was settling down for dinner after a long day of work. Thirty minutes later Kevi...