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Pets and Traveling Nurses Being a traveling nurse is a lifestyle very well-suited to single individuals who don't mind moving and who want to see different parts of the country. By the same token, many single people have pets as their main companion. So how do you mix the two? Is it even reasonable to consider keeping a pet if you're planning to take a travel nurse job? The answers depend on your preferences toward animals, your willingness to care for them, and your tolerance for inconvenience. Should you decide traveling with a pet is something you want to try, the first thing you need to do is inform your travel nursing agency of your plans. There may be things that come into play in terms of travel expenses and housing that your agency needs to be aware. Also you need to realize that keeping a pet is likely going to cost you at least some amount of money. Travel Concerns If you pay for all of your own travel expenses, the presence of a pet will have no bearing on your travel nursing agency. But if the agency pays for travel, it may cost them a little bit more for a pet-friendly motel should the distance of your travel require it. If you were to take an assignment that required you to fly, there would be the extra expense of taking your beloved animal on the airplane. These are all things that need to be discussed with your representative at the agency. You may get lucky with an agency that agrees to pick up the cost. Ultimately however, the agency has to be allowed to make that decision because they are your employer. Housing Concerns In terms of housing concerns, a lot depends on who provides the housing for a given assignment. When the travel nurse agency does, they have the final say as to whether or not pets are allowed in the apartments or houses they provide. In some cases, an agency will allow your pet but will ask you to submit a deposit in case the animal does any damage. In other cases, agency-supplied housing is completely off-limits to pets. In situations where the travel nurse is responsible for finding his or her own housing, it's normally not hard to find at least a handful of apartment complexes that are pet friendly. But that still leaves you with the responsibility of looking around and finding one you're happy with. Finally, there's the issue of making sure your pet is fed and let out to do its business if you're ever delayed by bad weather, an emergency, or some other situation. If you're taking an assignment that includes 12 or 16 hour shifts, you also have the added issue of pets who sometimes get into trouble when left without companionship for too long. All of these things must be considered in order to determine whether taking your pet is a wise idea. Talk with your travel nursing agency if you have questions. Search for great traveling nurse jobs and RN nursing positions at RN Network! The RN Network offers amazing traveling nurse jobs with great pay and benefits. Updated daily with 100s of new traveling nurse Jobs.

Pets and Traveling Nurses  

If you pay for all of your own travel expenses, the presence of a pet will have no bearing on your travel nursing agency. But if the agency...

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