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During a routine medical procedure on Oct. 13, 2010 Rodney Melchor experienced serious complications and was placed in ICU for observation. Within a 36-hour period, his kidneys, lungs and heart shut down. He was placed on a ventilator and was receiving dialysis for the better part of two weeks. Rodney was diagnosed with severe acute pancreatitis and continued to receive around the clock care in ICU, including several procedures to address serious issues around his pancreas, abdomen and lungs. After a total of 8 weeks in the hospital, Rodney is finally on the road to recovery. He has been amazingly strong throughout the ordeal as has his wife, Stephanie, and their children, Danielle, Kristen and Damian. To follow Rodney’s progress, go to

With the help of family and friends, a barbecue benefit will be held on Saturday, January 8th. It will be held at the American Legion Hall 7599 Ave C 77012. We will be serving from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm. All proceeds will benefit Rodney and his family as they cope with the burden of medical and insurance costs. In order to have a successful benefit, we are asking for donations. We are in need of the following items: briskets, sausage, rice (pan), potato salad (Sam’s), ranch style beans (gallon can), bread, pickles (gallon jar), onions, BBQ sauce, carry out containers, utensil packages, aluminum foil, Lawry’s season salt, Ziploc bags (sandwich size) and raffle items. Our goal is to have all of the donated items collected by January 5th. A monetary donation can made through Under "Send Money" section, select "Send Money Online". Enter the desired amount. Select "Friends and Family". Click "Continue". In the "To" field enter In the "From" field enter your email address. An email will be sent to Rodney indicating a donation has been made. Rodney will be able to transfer the money to his bank. If you are able to donate, please fill out the portion below. Any and all donations are appreciated! P.S. We are also in need of serving the day of the barbecue. Stephanie Melchor 713-854-9104 Email: Rick Melchor 832-878-3621 Email: Yvette Rodriguez 832-630-5570 Email: Thank you for your care and support! Friends and Family of Rodney Melchor Name



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Barbecue Benefit for Rodney Melchor  

Barbecue benefit for Rodney Melchor

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