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The most notable historic landmark in Barelas is the old Albuquerque Rail Yards. On the diagrams, the rail yards are the largest block to the east. Surrounding the rail yards is residential, with a few exceptions of historic homes and vacant lots. The main mode of transportation is by means of walking and public transportation. Servicing the community are two bus stops and the New Mexico Rail Runner, which runs through the Albuquerque Rail Yards. Commercial lines all of 4th Street, located on northwest corner of the diagrams. The street is home to the famous Barelas Cafe and a few other locally owned businesses. Walkability is a must in this community and the grid structure, which was planned around the rail yards, makes it easy for wayfinding.

1. Road hierarchy. Line thickness represents traffic.

5. Unofficial gathering space. Circle size shows usage of space.

2. Walkway hierarchy. Dashed line thickness represents pedestrian frequency.

6. Buildings in relation to road hierarchy. Color fades as traffic decreases.

3. Porosity. Gray areas are unbuilt.

7. Vacant lots. Gray shows empty parcels.

4. Historic landmarks. Gray areas are historic buildings in Barelas.

8. Public Transportation. Circle size represents frequency.

Stephanie Kean

Barelas, NM  

CRP 437, Urban Systems. Assignment #2, Format: Board

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