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A Public Relations Campaign Plan for JumpinGoat Coffee Stephanie Sorensen Table of Contents:

Situational Analysis.............................3 Action Plan..........................................8 Research Questions............................11 Client Contact Letter..........................13 News Announcement.........................15 Feature Pitch......................................16 Feature Release .................................17 Radio PSA.........................................19 Television PSA...................................20 Speech................................................22 Special Event......................................28 Timeline..............................................29 Budget.................................................30 1

Swot Analysis.....................................32 JumpinGoat Situational Analysis JumpinGoat Coffee JumpinGoat Coffee is specialty gourmet coffee roaster that strives to deliver the best coffee that is ethical, environmentally friendly, and economically savvy. Located online at, and in Helen, Georgia JumpinGoat serves 100% Aribica Coffee as well as fair trade organic coffee, mountain water processed decaffeinated coffee, and flavored coffee without fillers. Every batch of coffee is hand roasted for the best flavor. JumpinGoat defines their objective as providing significant product value to our end users. They define their values as: • Promoting conscious sustainability and cultural dignity and diversity. • Providing respect for resources, people, and community. • Providing a clean, safe and respectful work atmosphere. • Endeavor to be a responsible, ethical and profitable organization. • Embrace consumers as the lifeblood of our business. • Apply the highest quality control standards in our purchasing and roasting while consistently redefining “fresh.” JumpinGoat is a micro-roaster, only roasting 30 pounds of coffee at a time. History: Coffee enthusiast Forrest and Debbie Graves began their business plan in 2004 to make the perfect cup of coffee after a quest that began in 1997. Forrest was laid off in the economic downturn along with countless others, but it turned out only to be an opportunity for JumpinGoat to leap into the spotlight. After realizing that the history of coffee dated back centuries, the early JumpinGoat implemented a series of roasting trials in 2008 while launching the business. Immediate feedback of the coffee was very positive.Within the first six months the online coffee shop alone made over six figures. since then it has grown into a larger online base while still maintaining a generous output at the retail location. Forrest Graves began JumpinGoat at the depth of the recession of 2006, but has turned into a successful business through the use and presence of social media, blogs, and its partnerships with Thrive and Fair Trade Coffee Initiative. JumpinGoat’s recent Publicity on CNN, Fox News, and other news media doubled the social media followers on Twitter and contributed to new members and higher sales. Programs and Areas of the Organization Entrepreneurship JumpinGoat offers major opportunities for business consulting, and even fundraisers to help Entrepreneurs reach a successful business. Their consulting is free, as long as the entrepreneur joins their fundraising campaign. The Fundraiser has two direct paths: Pre-sale arrangement and Direct sale arrangement.


JumpinGoat Cofffee

-Pre-sale arrangement allows the entrepreneur to Take orders on an Order form from customers they seek out, and then place an order with jumping goat. The entrepreneur would deliver the coffee to the customer. -Direct Sale arrangement The entrepreneur would pre-order coffee from JumpinGoat, and once they received the coffee, they would simply go out and sell it. JumpinGoat offers to expand entrepreneurs business knowledge of how to operate a successful coffee business and provides training programs for people interested. JumpinGoat is looking for more ways to reach out to the community ad implement more programs, but as of now are still researching these opportunities. Habitat for Humanity JumpinGoat also partners with Habitat for Humanity of Northeast Georgia. Jumping Goat will make a signature blend of coffee recognizing The Habitat for Humanity’s mission. The coffee will be sold at Hill- Climb Run, Habitat’s annual charitable event that is held in Helen, Georgia to raise awareness on the mission. Online: Jumping Goat sells its coffee, equipment, and products internationally online through This is their largest source of selling, and also their largest point of communicating with their customers about their variety of gourmet coffee, and their initiatives. They have about 16,000 members. Social Media: Jumping Goat has a large presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, through Blogs, and Newsletters. This is JumpinGoat’s major marketing strategy, that has proven to be successful in reaching a global market of people. Funding and Financial Perspective of the Organization: JumpinGoat is a for profit company. They receive about 500 customers a day at their locations store alone in Helen, GA and make an average rate of $2,500 a day with sales averaging around $50 per customer. Certain times of the year such as Octoberfest and Christmas double JumpinGoat’s sales. Around a yearly basis JumpinGoat makes about 650,000 a year from its retail store. Their expenses at the retail store include paying employees, guest speakers, and store maintenance. Forrest Graves is the manager of the retail store. The online store at is their main source of profit. has about 16,000 members online continually purchasing coffee and gifts. On average customers normally spend about $50 to $70 at which pushes the coffee shops income very high throughout the year. If each member bought one purchase averaging $70 JumpinGoat could make around 1,120,000. Of course Holidays and new buyers are constantly changing these numbers as JumpinGoat has seen large growth in sales recently. Demographics:


Jumping Goat targets online shoppers as well as tourists and locals of the Helen area through their retail store. Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world. According to the National Coffee Drinking trends study, 40% of the coffee consumed is gourmet. Also, 56% of adults drink coffee, and are the major coffee drinkers. There is information to show that 84% of coffee consumers have not changed their coffee habits during the recession. The National Coffee Drinking Study for 2010 shows that adults ages 60 and up are the largest consumers of coffee making up 74% of the market. Adults ages 40 to 59 make up the second largest demographic of coffee drinkers at 61% followed closely by adults ages 25 to 39 at 44% . The demographic that drinks the least coffee is ages 18 to 24 at 31% The population of Helen, Ga was 430 people in the last census. There were 208 households in the city and 112 families residing there as well. 75% of that population was older than 18. Partners: Habitat for Humanity of Northwest GeorgiaJumping Goat is brewing a special coffee blended specifically for Habitat for Humanity to sell at a fundraiser out of Helen, Georgia and online. Each year they participate in events to help Habitat for Humanity in their own mission by providing funds, volunteers, and coffee for various projects SmartCup Xpress Lid Jumping Goat is the first coffee shop to introduce the use of the SmartCup Xpress lid. This lid functions like a disposable french press and will revolutionize the way coffee is brewed and its portability for customers. Xpress Lid is a new small business just starting out and JumpinGoat is excited to work with an entrepreneurial set up. Rainforest Alliance Rainforest Alliance is a company that seeks to partner with other companies such as JumpinGoat to spread awareness to socially conscious businesses and customers about rainforest deforestation. They work with some of the coffee growing regions around the world and are committed to a better future for theses areas as JumpinGoat is. Fair Trade Certified Jumping Goat is a Fair trade certified company which ensures its coffee comes from ethical sources and ensures that local farmers maintain a profit on their crop. Thrive Farmers By far JumpinGoat’s newest and primary partner Thrive Farmers is a new coffee supply chain that pays coffee growers 10 times as much as Fair Trade does. Thrive Farmers and JumpinGoat seek to connect customers and companies directly with the farmers they buy coffee from. Thrive is also a new company that just launched their website. Their product is being sold int he JumpinGoat retail store and online at As this partnership continues


JumpinGoat Cofffee

JumpinGoat hopes to make the their primary partner in enhancing their socially conscious initiative. Their website is Competition: Retail Store Competition: These Coffee shops are based out of Helen, GA and the surrounding area. They pose direct competition by selling similar products in the same market as JumpinGoat. These shops are competition, but JumpinGoat is still the only coffee shop to sell gourmet, hand roasted coffee. The stores names are: •Hofer’s Bakery and Cafe - Located in downtown Helen, GA this coffee shop is a direct competition because they sell coffee and other novelties. •Higher Ground Coffee & More- Located on the fringe of downtown Helen, this coffee shop is similar to JumpinGoat by offering a mountainous take on their coffee. Mainly their branding is what draws people. •Sweetwater Coffee House- Located near downtown Helen, GA has an appeal to the mountainous region. •Cafe La Piazza- Located in the center of downtown Helen, GA. It sells food as well as various types of international coffee. •Cafe International Located in the Center of downtown Helen, GA .This doubles as a themed restaurant and coffee shop • Starbucks Cafe- Located in Cleveland, GA. It has more brand recognition with the local community than JumpinGoat. JumpinGoat Coffee remains the only coffee shop in Helen, Ga that offers hand roasted gourmet coffee that is located on the river. It is also the only coffee shop located two miles out of downtown Helen, GA in Nachoochee Village. Online Competition: JumpinGoat’s online Competition can be very vast. The number of websites makes it hard for JumpinGoat to be in direct competition with one store in many aspects. A couple of cites that JumpinGoat considers more competition than other coffee shops are listed below. these store are either socially conscious coffee shops or gourmet coffee shops. JumpinGoat never feels that they are pitted against the socially conscious coffee shops, but rather encourages the healthy competition to help out the cause and maintain market prices. •Land of 1,000 Hills •Starbucks Coffee •Gourmet Coffee Express •That’s Coffee Promotional efforts: Past


JumpinGoat recently was publicized on CNN, ABC World News, Fox News, and various other news outlets. This largely grew and promoted the company into a larger customer base. The stories were mainly focused on the success of the business and it’s founder Forrest Graves in the height of the recession. Their promotional efforts mainly stay on social media and occasionally through ads in the local papers. Social media has been the primary means of advertising and drawing a customer base with coupons and sales. They are a small coffee shop, and Graves does not have many plans for expanding JumpinGoat’s market right now. Present JumpinGoat launched a Youtube video for 2011 promoting their coffee shop online, and their retail store in Helen, GA. They continue to work through social media outlets such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, and newsletters to loyal customers. They are currently looking to be involved in more events but are not looking to expand heir current market at the moment. Graves wants to look into a more efficient roasting technique before he looks to expand JumpinGoat’s market. Primary Needs and Opportunities: 1 year goals: • To re-brand JumpinGoat to the press as a socially conscious gourmet coffee company rather than a business that was successful in the recession. • For JumpinGoat to share with their consumers a more personal connection to their socially conscious motives, and the socially conscious initiatives of the company. • Provide JumpinGoat with a larger advertising presence through social media, and look at possible television and radio outlets for the future. 5 year goals: • Present JumpinGoat with a larger advertising opportunity to reach multiple media outlets. • To differentiate JumpinGoat from other coffee shops that claim to be socially conscious. • Create a JumpinGoat app that would allow loyal customers to get discounts, and participate in the companies actions.

Action Plan Research and Implementation: 1 Year Plans: • Design a separate link on the website that allows consumers to see exactly where JumpinGoat is putting their social initiatives. • Interview customers in the JumpinGoat store, and produce a string of short interviews that describe why JumpinGoat coffee is so delicious, and their own perspective on the social aspect of the business. This would be distributed on Twitter, Facebook, and the JumpinGoat Website. It would allow customers to connect as a community through social networking rather than a vast array of customers. To connect online consumers, we can provide a contest for the most creative


JumpinGoat Cofffee

video about JumpinGoat coffee created by the consumer to be promoted on the website, and get a gift card. •The advertising campaign, on television or on YouTube would be a series presented by the JumpinGoat coffee to show the face of the farmers and roasters. This campaign would provide more of a human interest story to highlight the story of the coffee as well as its quality. • Create and Implement a more organized and comprehensive deck for all social media, blogs, newsletters, and the website to be easily accessible to the consumer. This could be done by the use of a sort of tweet deck on the website. 5 Year Plans: • Implement a strategy to create an advertising fund to promote JumpinGoat as a stand alone advertisement on television and radio within the Atlanta area. First start looking at small town airspace, to save on cost while still growing business, and move into the Atlanta major networks after enough funds have been gathered. • This solution goes along with the first, as the advertisement can improve upon the image of social initiatives, of course this could be a separate advertising campaign in itself. A production company, or source would need to be found first, and possibly on location shooting. • Organize data over the year to present a new section on the website that would present a comprehensive analysis of the progress and achievements of the goals of JumpinGoat. Graphics should be included as much as possible for easy readability. This will allow the customer to feel as if they are part of the company, and therefore create a more loyal customer. • Set aside funds to create an application for smart phones that would allow customers to check up on Jumpingoat on the go, order coffee, and gain rewards. This involves commissioning a company to create the app, and a small campaign to publicize the app through social media. Instrumnent: To conduct this research, I would do an online and in store survey comprised of 20 questions. I would present his survey in a manner of a contest to ensure that a big enough sample was taken. The questions would range from demographic questions, to service and awareness about aspects of Jumpingoat. I would also include questions asking about how they heard about JumpinGoat, if they respond on social media to JumpinGoat, and their favorite aspects about JumpinGoat. I would consider the results of these surveys before implementing the plans listed above. Target Audience: JumpinGoat has two main target audiences: online and in store. The demographics and availability of each are different.


The in- store target audience is mostly comprised of tourists visiting Helen, GA or JumpinGoat, and locals of the surrounding area. This target audience has a older age group and would have a slightly different appeal to the in-store atmosphere. The older demographic should be approached with more tangible information about JumpinGoat, as well as the story behind the product. The online target audience is comprised of more technology savy customers. Reaching out to them through social media, blogs, and online contets would be more appealing. This demographic is most likely a little younger and more interested in appearing socially conscious. This demographic will talk more about their experience and give JumpinGoat more publicity. Scope The scope of the campaign plan is to provide JumpinGoat Coffee with the resources necessary to gain more publicity through media outlets, their own website, social media, special events and word of mouth. Goals and Objectives: • To establish JumpinGoat Coffee as a delicious, gourmet, socially conscious coffee retailer that is committed to making the highest quality product with the highest socially beneficial outcome to the general public. • To expand JumpinGoat’s market and publicity through local media outlets and •To raise support for coffee growers connected with JumpinGoat and Thrive Farmers. • To publicize JumpinGoat’s website and retail location in Helen , GA. Key Objectives • Plan a major event that will promote JumpinGoat as major coffee retail and online store in a strategic and unreached location. • Present JumpinGoat with resources that are ready to be sent to the press as precursors for coverage. • To help rebrand JumpinGoat through resources that can be published in multiple media outlets. Theme The theme of this campaign will follow the goals and objectives listed above as well as stay in line with JumpinGoat’s primary mission. The campaign will also focus on New aspects of JumpinGoat Coffee that have not been publicized such as their socially conscious motives and hand roasting techniques. The creative theme for this campaign will follow the design of JumpinGoat’s logo. All resources and ads will keep in line with the color scheme of brow, maroon, and beige with the logo implemented on everything created. This allows for brand recognition. Key Message The key message of this campaign is JumpinGoat’s stance as a small business that is committed to a global impact through socially conscious efforts while maintaining the highest quality gourmet coffee fit to be called the perfect cup.


JumpinGoat Cofffee

Strategies • Create two target audiences that are very specific to the online market and the retail store. By specifying two target markets, two very different aspects of the business can be handled according tot heir needs. Customers will be able to more accessibly learn about JumpinGoat and feel more valued no matter which audience they belong to. • Rebrand JumpinGoat as a socially conscious coffee shop committed to the highest quality merchandise through a series of interactions with the media and public first in Helen, Georgia and then in Atlanta, Georgia. By rebranding and highlighting different aspects of JumpinGoat Coffee it creates a flexibility that is necessary for the media and for customers. The media is constantly looking for new material, by rebranding JumpinGoat there is a higher chance of media coverage. By rebranding, I mean to constantly highlight new aspects of Jumpingoat that keep up with the audiences expectation and the changing social climate. • Create brand recognition in the different target audiences through a centralized theme. Brand recognition is one of the best ways to get JumpinGoat publicized through word of mouth and in the media. A centralized theme will allow the public to recognize a JumpinGoat ad, merchandise, or event instantly. This theme will centralize the campaign and create a more presentable product to the public and media. Campaign Evaluation Q’s At the end of the campaign a Swot analysis will be run to see the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the campaign. It will evaluate the effectiveness of the plan and future prospects that would serve JumpinGoat better.


Research Questionnaire Research Question: Does JumpinGoat Coffee effectively reach it’s target audience? 1.) How did you hear about JumpinGoat? a.) b.) Twitter c.) Facebook d.) Friends e.) Other _______________ 2.) Do you know what programs JumpinGoat provides? a.) yes b.) no 3.) Do you receive JumpinGoat’s Newsletter? a.) Yes, by email b.) yes, by mail c.) no 4.) Do you prefer JumpinGoat Coffee to other coffee’s? a.) yes b.) no 5.) Which social media are you most connected to? a.) Facebook b.) Twitter c.) What’s social media d.) Other _____________ 6.) Do you buy JumpinGoat Coffee online or in store? a.) online b.) in- store 7.) How interested are you in socially conscious organizations? a.) Very interested b.) Interested c.) Neutral d.) Not interested e.) Extremely uninterested 8.) What do you normally purchase at JumpinGoat? a.) Coffee b.) Tea c.) Candy d.) Accessories e.) Other ____________ 9.) Why do you like JumpinGoat Coffee? 10.) Would you request JumpinGoat Coffee to friends? a.) Yes b.) No 11.) Did you know that JumpinGoat Coffee is hand roasted? a.) Yes b.) No 12.) Goats Discovered Coffee.


JumpinGoat Cofffee

a.) Agree b.) Disagree 13.) Where are you from? 14.) What is your age group? a.) 18-25 b.) 25-34 c.) 35- 45 d.) 46-55 e.) 60 + 15.) How would you like JumpinGoat to communicate with you? 16.) Would you attend an Event for JumpinGoat Coffee? a.) Yes b.) No 17.) What do you normally do while drinking JumpinGoat Coffee? 18.) Do you want to know more about where and who your coffee comes from? a.) Yes b.) I don’t care c.) No 19.) How did you hear about this survey? a.) Online b.) Instore c.) Social media d.) Email 20.) What is your favorite part about JumpinGoat Coffee? 21.) What is your gender? a.) Male b.) Female Thank you for taking the Survey. JumpinGoat values your Opinion. Visit our website for more information and chances to win. We will contact you by email about your chance to win.

Client Contact Letter Public Relations Volunteer Stephanie Sorensen <> To: Mon, Sep 1, 2011 at 10:52 AM


Dear Mr Graves, I am very excited to be working with you and your company this semester. Is there a date that you would like to meet to discuss the project and details of what you would like completed this semester. I am very interested in Jumping Goat and Thrive and greatly appreciate the opportunity to grow in my knowledge of public relations from working with you. Please call or email me with a date and time to come meet you at your convenience. I am in class Monday through Thursday, but I could come up on the weekends. Again thank you so much for this opportunity! Sincerely, Stephanie Sorensen Forrest Graves <> Reply-To: To: Stephanie Sorensen <> Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 8:44 AM Hi Stephanie, Thank you for interest. Since Dec 2008 the JumpinGoat Story (My story) has been told several times via many National News Agencies and print media. To name a few: CNN, ABC, FOX Business News, Bloomberg, Wealth Magazine, SUCCESS Magazine, Georgia Magazine, The Martha Zoller Show and many Blog talk radio spots. The story (PEG) that has interested reporters is/was that I was laid off but found economic independence (SUCCESS) via a small business start-up in coffee (JumpinGoat). Historically the story (PEG) has not been about how good the coffee is, but rather, a back story to our coffee. One of the issues is that it would have been better for people to have known how great the coffee is, not my survival tendencies, but coffee by itself is less interesting that people surviving in this economy. Even still, we sold a lot of coffee as a result of the media attention that we received, but we would have realized greater profit if the story where more about the coffee, perhaps. The next public relations challenge, I think, is to pitch me as a social media black belt that sells the best coffee in the worst economy in 50 years using social media. Coffee and Social Media is my passion. The public relations push should really be just about coffee, but "just coffee" is a far stretch from where we entered media relations, because as previously stated...the Media PEG's historically started with a focus on how I recovered from a layoff. There is a significant level of trust that comes with a business being exposed on National News and since the name Forrest Graves has been tightly paired with that...there is no reason to try and separate it now. I have built significant level of trust with my consumers by being "publicly exposed", and that seems to work well. But again, the challenge is to bridge that gap...we need people to know we have great coffee! The reason I believe a public Relations piece on Forrest Graves Coffee Lover and Black Belt in Social Media would work well is because: Social Media/Marketing and Coffee are both trending exceedingly well. This public Relations focus will get me one step closer to a PR campaign that will be more about just "Great coffee" So, in summary...I think the campaign framework can embody background, pitch,& press release right away. That will give you material for any scripting Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sure. I would imagine that you will have questions that will ultimately form your content for the PR, and in many cases I am typically interviewed after publicist have time to investigate fully who I am and what I do, and everything they can read about JumpinGoat. Your investigations should evoke many questions and some ideas about how we arrive at our functional PR objectives. The good news is that


JumpinGoat Cofffee

everything is public (my story) (my content). If you can use can find just about anything you want to know about me or JumpinGoat. The one thing I will mention is that I have had the Atlanta Journal Constitution ask some peering questions, and they have mentioned that they do want to do a story, so we may have an opportunity to get you published here. Also, I do have a contact there for you to draft a letter to once you have finished your pitch, and I also have a contact at CBS as they have asked me to be involved in an hour long segment they are doing...Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not sure the CBS venue is right or that I will even be picked for it but they have interviewed me twice. There are potentially many other opportunities, and I would like to render a few ideas next time we speak. I hope this is enough backdrops to my thinking, and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sure you have questions, or perhaps some ideas as well, so please let me know your thoughts. Kind Regards, Forrest Graves Forrest Graves cell - 706-809-0143


News Announcement

Contact: Forrest Graves Tel :706-809-0143 E-mail:

For Immediate Release

THRIVE FARMERS TO PARTNER WITH JUMPINGOAT COFFEE New Supplier Leads to a More Socially Conscious Vision Helen, Ga- JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters is announcing their partnership with Thrive Farmers in an effort to revolutionize the way socially conscious coffee is brewed and produced. Thrive Farmers will launch its website as it prepares to join JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters in an effort to connect with coffee farmers on a personal level. Currently, coffee farmers earn very little money from their crop, but Thrive will give coffee farmers the opportunity to participate in the full profitability of the coffee value chain. JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters and Thrive Farmers are revolutionizing the way coffee is supplied. Thrive Farmers creates a unique opportunity for consumers to connect with the farmers for a mutually beneficial relationship. Farmers are able to produce a more sustainable farm from a reasonable profit and consumers receive the highest quality product while engaging in a relationship with the farmer. By working with Thrive, coffee farmers can make up to ten times as much as they can growing fair trade coffee. JumpinGoat values conscious sustainability, cultural dignity, and diversity. Their partnership with Thrive Farmers promotes sustainable coffee practices, as well as an economic increase in areas that are in desperate need of such. Socially conscious consumers will enjoy the best cup of coffee, not only for the premium grade brew, but also in knowing they have helped someone in need. Thrive Farmers connects the consumers directly to the farmers, consolidating the milling process and maintaining quality assurance of their coffee. By connecting the farmer directly to the consumer, the farmers profit at a higher level than that of fair trade, thus promoting sustainable practices for the farmers. Through JumpinGoatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s partnership, Thrive Farmers will launch their coffee supply chain into the coffee world. JumpinGoat strives to make an impact on the world one cup at a time. From growing into a successful coffee roaster in the midst of an economic downturn, to turning the best tasting cup of coffee into the most socially concerned brew, JumpinGoat continues to defy the norms of the trade for a better cup of coffee and a better world. ### Feature Pitch To: Toddi Gunter, Atlanta Journal Constitution From: Stephanie Sorensen, public relations representative for JumpinGoat Coffee


JumpinGoat Cofffee

Dear Mrs. Gunter, I am a public relations representative for JumpinGoat Coffee. JumpinGoat coffee is a gourmet coffee roaster that is seeking to revolutionize not only the way coffee is roasted but the supply chain of coffee to incorporate a more socially conscious cup. JumpinGoat Coffee was started in the middle of the recession and since has grown into a successful global coffee business. JumpinGoat Coffee is a gourmet coffee roaster that uses only select 100% Arabica coffee from the six major coffee regions in the world. JumpinGoat Coffee recently partnered with Thrive Farmer - Know Who Grows to connect to a new effort in social initiatives to benefit coffee growers on a scale that is ten times more effective than the Fair Trade initiative.JumpinGoat is committed to a social, economic and environmentally conscious vision. As part of this new initiative JumpinGoat is striving to make the best quality coffee with the smallest carbon footprint. JumpinGoat Coffee is a unique coffee company because of it’s roasting styles. Though JumpinGoat has a global market, each batch of coffee is hand roasted so every batch has the attention to detail that makes JumpinGoat’s gourmet coffee the perfect cup. JumpinGoat’s success can be attributed to its commitment for quality coffee and it’s large presence though social media. JumpinGoat offers entrepreneur classes as well as social media classes to help other small businesses achieve the same success. JumpinGoat’s unique story and large appeal to audience in the 25 to 45 age bracket would be a good fit for your newspaper because it is relevant to your own target audiences. Many people drink coffee while reading the Sunday newspaper. If you would like to feature JumpinGoat in a story please contact Forrest Graves at Thank you, Stephanie Sorensen 678.570.9643 JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters Public Relations


Feature Release Stephanie Sorensen JumpinGoat 706.892.1207 SMALL BATCH ROASTER MAKES ‘THE PERFECT CUP’ JumpinGoat Gourmet Coffee Roasters Booming with Small Town Techniques December 7, 2011 ( Helen, GA) -- The hand roasting coffee shop JumpinGoat Coffee started in a small shop out of Helen, Georgia with one man and his love of coffee, but has now taken the global market by storm by offering a unique blend to their brew.When JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters opened in the midst of the recession, they chose to stick to their principle of making the perfect cup of coffee and since then each order of JumpinGoat coffee has been hand roasted to perfection. “ There’s a lot that goes into the perfect cup of coffee,” said Forrest Graves, founder of JumpinGoat Coffee. “Part of that is the roasting process. The beans require constant attention. At JumpinGoat we believe that roasting Coffee is both an art and a science.” JumpinGoat’s believes that people would rather experience a product made by hand rather than an automated system. They roast each order separately, by hand to ensure that each customer gets a roast that is worthy to be called the ‘perfect cup.’ Forrest and Debbie graves spent years searching for the perfect cup. They began trials and experiments with different coffees, roasting a brewing techniques to find the perfect combination. After years of research they finally found the right combination. “We’ve always loved coffee,” Said Graves, “ It was an experience going though all the trials, but it definitely paid off. I knew I would never find the perfect cup of coffee unless I tried to make it myself. Now I get to drink it every morning.” The small town coffee shop has started to gain clout amongst the international market as social media heightens JumpinGoat’s name around the world. One Twitter user stated “ Best cup of coffee I’ve had. I didn’t know that there were different qualities of coffee, then I tried JumpinGoat!” Clearly, JumpinGoat has a lot more to show the world. From a small town to the globe, JumpinGoat Coffee is here to stay. JumpinGoat Coffee is 100% Arabica premium coffee that is selectively chosen from the six major coffee growing regions in the world. Their commitment to the perfect cup starts with selecting the perfect beans, roasting then to perfect, and savoring the perfect cup. Go to for a coffee with a kick of flavor. JumpinGoat- A fresh day is brewing. ###


JumpinGoat Cofffee

Radio PSA: 00:00:30

“That’s right, goats discovered coffee, and they passed this delicious tradition to JumpinGoat coffee for a perfect cup no one can ignore. Our coffee is specially roasted and brewed to bring out the best flavors in coffee. For coffee with a kick of flavor try Jumpingoat coffee in the store, or online at JumpinGoat, a fresh day is brewing.”


“ Want a cup of coffee that acts as good as it tastes? JumpinGoat coffee is carefully brewed to perfection for the perfect cup. JumpinGoat’s new partnership with Thrive Coffee strives to make our business as good as our coffee. Every purchase from JumpinGoat coffee benefits the coffee farmer directly, so you can be sure that your conscious as well as taste buds feel good. JumpinGoat Coffee, a fresh day is brewing.”


Television PSA: Time

Camera Direction



Close up of JumpinGoat Logo When Goats discovered coffee, the owners of JumpinGoat roasters set out to make the perfect cup.


two shot of Goat and Coffee After years of hard work, and gathering roaster roasting beans while coffee from the best growing regions in the the Goat nibbles some coffee world. beans.


Slow motion Close up of They packaged the perfect beans and Coffee spilling out of the cup. brewed it to perfection.


Long shot of JumpinGoat retail store with customers looking at coffee.

JumpinGoat’s new partnership with thrive coffee will make sure the cup goes farther to benefit the coffee growers.


Mid shot of coffee farmer putting his hand “ into the store” (cross cut) to the customer

When you buy a bag of jumpinGoat coffee, the farmers that grew the beans directly benefit from your purchase.


Long shot of coffee growers harvesting their crop.

On average they gain up to 10 times as much as fair trade coffee growers.


Mid shot of brewer and goat next to coffee barrel in the middle. Fade in of logo.

For a cup with a healthy conscious and a kick of flavor try JumpinGoat coffee at JumpinGoat, a fresh day is brewing!

Second TV- PSA: Time 00:00:30

Camera Direction


Long Shot of the JumpinGoat FORREST GRAVES: JumpinGoat Coffee retail store with Forrest and roasters opened their store in the middle of Debbie Graves standing the recession on the basis of family values. outside


JumpinGoat Cofffee


Camera Direction



Close up of Thrive coffee, V.O GRAVES: Their partnership with Thrive with the coffee grower and Coffee suppliers expanded their family. And his fields in the background. the roasters set out to revolutionize the Rack focus to grower supply chain of coffee.


Pan to show coffee growers V.O GRAVES: Thrive Coffee allows coffee harvesting coffee and growers to earn 10 times as much as fair packing it for sale. trade coffee does.


Mid shot of Graves next to roasting equipment sipping coffee at the end of V.O


Two shot of Graves and V.O GRAVES: JumpingGoat strives for the grower looking at coffee field. perfect cup with a social conscious.


Zoom in to a extreme close up of coffee cherries.


Extreme close up of coffee V.O GRAVES: JumpinGoat, A fresh day is beans being poured into a brewing. burlap bag. Fade in logo and text.

V.O GRAVES: At JumpinGoat, we believe the perfect cup of coffee should be as good as it tastes.

V.O GRAVES: For more information go to

The speech will be given at the beginning of the benefit concert event. It will be given by Forrest Graves, founder of JumpinGoat Coffee to tell the audience more about JumpinGoat, it’s partnership with Thrive, and it’s roots in entrepreneurship. The intended audiences for this speech are the people coming to the event, which would be coffee drinkers ages eighteen and up and socially conscious individuals looking to help out communities in need. This event will help draw the attention of nonprofits. This speech will help draw JumpinGoat coffee lovers to become loyal partners with JumpinGoat and Thrive Coffee in an effort to create a sustainable economy in coffee growing regions.

“ Hello, and Welcome to JumpinGoat’s first major event. We’ve come a long way since goats discovered coffee. From a small


town coffee shop to an international coffee brewery. I’m Forrest Graves, Founder of JumpinGoat Roasters. JumpinGoat started back in the economic downturn. I had just lost my job at Hewlett Packard because of the economic times and was left looking for something new to do. I had grown sick of the corporate world, but I knew that my skills were still marketable. I was lost. Like many people today I was searching for anything to do just to get by. I started thinking about my previous jobs in the corporate world and I came to the conclusion that I wanted more than just a job, I wanted to love what I did. After consulting with my wife it became clear to both of us that we had to act soon. I’ve always been a coffee lover myself and we set out in search for the perfect cup of coffee. I used my knowledge that I gained along my prior career path to help direct me on starting a company. Initially I thought I was crazy. I went from a lucrative job in the corporate world to starting a coffee company that I wasn’t even sure would get off the floor and about goats none the less. I was living the American 20

JumpinGoat Cofffee

dream of entrepreneurship. I was risking my whole career on one small dream. Years later, JumpinGoat has grown to be a huge success surpassing even my wildest dreams in the first six months, and growing into an online sensation. Our commitment to quality gourmet coffee and implementation of new technologies put JumpinGoat on the map of socially conscious coffee businesses, of course, our’s tasted better. (* chuckle*) JumpinGoat’s strategies for success were constant change and the use of social media. Much of JumpinGoat’s advertising was through social media and word of mouth. Our online customers would post on Twitter or Facebook how delicious the coffee was and their friends would become interested. The secret to good publicity is to let people share what they love. JumpinGoat’s next move, and part of why this event was successful tonight is JumpinGoat’s partnership with Thrive Farmers- Know Who Grows. Thrive Farmers is a new type of supply chain for coffee shops that pays coffee growers market 21

price for their coffee. The Thrive system pays ten times as much as the Fair Trade coffee supply chain, and customers get to know where their coffee is from. No longer is coffee just a bean or a drink to keep you awake, it has a face, a heart, a whole new way of looking at coffee. JumpinGoatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s partnership with Thrive Farmers has given us a whole new perspective on what it means to be socially conscious. After meeting these coffee growers myself, I became convinced that coffee growers everywhere needed to be heard. Thrive Farmers opened our eyes to regions that could use a helping hand. With your help and donations tonight, JumpinGoat and Thrive can donate money to communities that will plant schoolsto enrich these regions with the same entrepreneurial knowledge it took to start JumpinGoat Coffee. Take a moment to think about the journey that those beans took to make you a delicious cup of JumpinGoat coffee. Most beans are from the equilateral regions, typically called the bean 22

JumpinGoat Cofffee

belt. Many of these regions are ones you know: South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a long journey just to make you a morning pick me up. Ethiopian coffee, for example is famous around the world, and our namesake. Legend has it that the Ethiopian goat herder Kaldi discovered coffee from observing his goats jumping after eating the coffee beans. Out of this legend JumpinGoat Roasters was born. Still over 25 percent of the population depends directly or indirectly on coffee for their livelihood in these coffee growing regions. In other regions, clean drinking water and clinics are even hard to come by. Some of the most renowned coffee in the world is harvested in regions that have sparse resources and living situations. This benefit concert is more than just a social gathering for the sophisticated coffee lover. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about giving hope to a coffee growing community and making every cup of JumpinGoat coffee count for more than money. By donating tonight, you are partnering with JumpinGoat to improve the lives of people in 23

need. They’ve given us the perfect cup, let’s help them reach a better way of life. As you walk around tonight and enjoy a cup of JumpinGoat coffee know that you are helping someone in need. Some of the farming communities are featured at TV stations around the park. Thank you for partnering with JumpinGoat and Thrive Farmers to help make a difference one cup at a time. Special Event Overview JumpinGoat Coffee will host a social benefit concert in Atlanta to help rebuild Thrive coffee growing communities that are impoverished. To connect to Jumpingoat more there will be an event in Helen as well with broadcasts alternating to the different places online. A percentage of the proceeds will go to funds or charities that support building schools and medical centers. To satisfy their online customer base JumpinGoat will broadcast the concert on their website. Online viewers and participants will pay $2 to be included in a video contest. The contest will be a short video under one minute answering the question “How do you do coffee?” The winner of the contest will be chosen by Forrest Graves and will win the prize of free JumpinGoat Coffee for one year. At the event in Atlanta, donation will be taken at the door and throughout the event. Forrest Graves will speak on how he started JumpinGoat and his entrepreneur pointers. The concert will be held in Centennial Olympic Park in late spring so that the weather will be slightly chili and good for a cup of coffee. The event will be held on April 13, 2012. JumpinGoat Coffee will be free at the event and there will be videos playing about the communities the coffee is from and the money would be benefiting in side tents apart from the concert as well as a video about how jumpingoat started. The bands that will play will be a mixture of small town bands just starting out, as well as a major headliner that would be willing to work for cheap, or donate their time. More research will need to be done to get consent of the band early enough to plan the event. Target Audience This event will target a mix of generations. The concert will appeal to a slightly younger audience around the ages of 20 to 35. This age group are new coffee drinkers, and have more of an impulse to spend money at events like this. The Atlanta area is comprised of a very diverse population with a younger crowd looking into more socially conscious initiatives with a high 24

JumpinGoat Cofffee

quality. The metro area would be considered a secondary audience around the same age group. Goals and Objectives This event will establish JumpinGoat as a major name in the socially conscious coffee industry. The goals for this event are: to expand JumpinGoat’s market and publicity, To raise support for coffee growers, and to publicize JumpinGoat’s website and retail Location in Helen , GA. People will be able to taste JumpinGoat and learn more about the company while they attend the concert and participate in helping people in need. By helping the Framers From Thrive, JumpinGoat is showing the public that they are committed to actively helping out their social initiatives. The location for Atlanta is perfect because of the international and socially conscious market. Also the location is central to much of the metro area and will draw a different market than that in Helen. By having a portion of the Event in Helen and connecting them, JumpinGoat is keeping to its roots while advertising their retail store and serving their market in both areas. Primary Message JumpinGoat Coffee is a delicious gourmet, socially, conscious coffee retailer that is committed to making the highest quality product with the highest socially beneficial outcome. Theme The Theme will center around coffee and the socially conscious aspect. Theme Colors are brown, a burgundy red, and beige to keep in line with JumpinGoat’s logo. The JumpinGoat logo will be placed on all merchandise, signs, and pamphlets. Timeline Four Months Ahead: Dec 12 Talk to Thrive about event Dec 13 Create budget for event Dec. 14 Reserve Centennial Olympic Park, Coordinate dates and times for April 13, 2012. Dec 16 Coordinate Music Headliner (could be lesser known artists)-Equipment for the concert? Dec 26 Coordinate advertisements-appearance, time, location Jan 4, 2012 Coordinate seating, Tables, TV/ Monitors for the event Jan 6 Write Press Release announcing event Jan 10 Formulate a plan for syndication from Helen to Atlanta and on the Web Jan 20 Design ads for web Jan 24 Gather footage about farmers (through Thrive Farmers) Feb 3 Edit video into a long streaming loop about 30 min at least to play on TV’s Feb 6 Plan food for the event- Coffee like, set up online payment for video contest Feb 9 Coordinate tents and decorations for Atlanta and Helen Feb 10 establish advertising in Helen and establish correspondent Feb 12 Create back up plan in case of weather or band cancelation Feb 17 Talk to coffee manufactures about planning for a large crowd


Feb 20 Create JumpinGoat banner’s for event- set up tables crafts and music at JumpinGoat in Helen Feb 15 Design and order t-shirts with JumpinGoat logo. Feb 17 Order extra JumpinGoat merchandise to sell at the event Feb 30 Create JumpinGoat intro video March 3 Coordinate videos advertising charitable acts March 9 Create relevant and centralized media list March 15 Send out Press Releases, fact sheets etc. about the event March 20 Release ad campaign online via website and announce contests March 25 Create radio PSA’s March 27 Send out PSA’s and Confirm reservation with location and food April 1 Send out second wave of press releases with a fact sheet on the event April 4 Organize Photography for event April 5 Send personal invitations to all members of JumpinGoat and Thrive and influential guests April 6 Launch second ad campaign online on April 10 Place flyers around Centennial Olympic Park April 11 Put all Decoration in one place close to the event April 12 Put another promotional and coupon if members come to event April 13 Morning Full set up and sound check with band. Check correspondence in Helen Afternoon Tabled set up and decorations in place. Video check for syndication on Web.Event run-through with live TV set up Evening Food arrival one hour before event and set up at different stations with information. Coffee brewed and set up. 9:00 p.m. Event commences Timeline During Event 9:00 p.m. 9:10 p.m. 9:30 p.m. 9 :45 p.m. 10:00 p.m. 10:25 p.m. 10:45 p.m. 11:00 p.m. 11:15 p.m. 11:20 p.m. 11:30 p.m. 11:40 p.m. 11:45 p.m. 11:55 p.m. 12:00 p.m.

Forrest Speaks Band plays Videos on Farmers Thrive Speaks Band plays Correspondence from the Web Band plays Winner Announced from contest Correspondence in Helen Winning video played Band plays Forrest announces how much raised Band plays Closing Remarks End of event. Informational movie on JumpinGoat as people walk out


JumpinGoat Cofffee

Budget: Atlanta: 10 Tables: $100 Park Rental: $200 Food: $500 Coffee: Donated by JumpinGoat Live band: $2,000 Chairs: Donated, or no chairs Projectors/ Monitors: Donated from News stations. Projectors donated. Lights: $100 T-shirts: $600 Helen:Crafts: $50 Live Music: Local and donated Coffee: donated Goats: Donated Online Prize: Donated from JumpinGoat Coffee Estimated cost: $4,000.00 SWOT Analysis Strengths: What are JumpinGoatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Strengths? What do people in your market see as your strengths? How did the Campaign play to JumpinGoatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Stregths? Was the Campaign effective? Weaknesses What were the weaknesses in this campaign? What could JumpinGoat improve upon? What does the public perceive your weaknesses are? Opportunities What are Good opportunities that JumpinGoat should take advantage of? What interesting trends are you aware of? What opportunities did you discover through the campaign? Threats What obstacles do you face? What are your competitors doing? What did the campaign reveal?




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