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The global proliferation of high definition video conferencing and Telepresence have driven strong demand for advanced IP video testing, network certification and call quality monitoring.

Meeting today’s demand is FATHOM HD, the only independent HD IP video testing, certification and call quality monitoring tool in the market. Designed by Applied Global Technologies (AGT) in 2004 as the industry’s first ISDN to IP migration tool, FATHOM HD today supports migration to HD and Unified Communications. With a seamless connection to an enterprise network, FATHOM HD provides accurate video quality measurements without the need for a complex integration or upgrade to existing video and network infrastructure. With more than 10,000 ports deployed globally, FATHOM HD is the trusted product of multi-national enterprises, government and international service providers.

BENEFITS Quickly identify and resolve IP video quality and reliability issues. Guarantees sharpness, clarity and high quality video. Monitor real-time call quality. Network certification prior to new technology migration. Supports large-scale Unified Communications video deployments.


IP Video Quality Testing and Troubleshooting FATHOM HD interoperates with all major video endpoint manufacturers to provide testing, analysis and troubleshooting of IP video. FATHOM HD places active test calls at speeds up to 6MB to video endpoints and between FATHOM HD appliances, and collects and displays jitter, latency and packet loss statistics in both directions to determine video call quality. Unlike predictive tools which use synthetic or simulated traffic to calculate video quality using assumptive measurements, FATHOM HD uses real traffic loading to inject video calls on the network to determine actual call quality.

HD Video System & Network Certification FATHOM HD testing and charting capabilities are used to perform certification of networks and individual video conferencing systems. Prior to a cutover to a new network, a technology migration, a large video roll-out, or simply bringing a new system online, FATHOM HD will certify readiness to guarantee high video quality.

Key Specifications ➤➤ Attaches

to existing Cisco and Polycom video infrastructures

➤➤ Interoperable

IP Video Call Quality Monitoring FATHOM HD interoperates with all major endpoint manufacturers to provide proactive management and call quality monitoring. FATHOM HD passively monitors IP video call quality endpoint status and call activity. FATHOM HD provides exclusive alerts for endpoint status, in-call failures and poor IP video call quality.

with Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Sony and Radvision endpoints

➤➤ 1U


➤➤ H.323

Standards Compliant

➤➤ Supports

SD and HD resolutions

➤➤ Available

for purchase or managed offerings

Testing Features

Monitoring Features

➤➤ Bi-directionally measures audio and video jitter, latency and packet loss for test calls

➤➤ Web based dashboard enables real-time awareness of active video calls

➤➤ Initiates test call speeds up to 6 MB ➤➤ Initiates up to seven simultaneous test calls

➤➤ Generates alerts upon immediate detection of poor call quality

➤➤ Web-based interface for scheduling automated test calls

➤➤ Monitors endpoint call status and alerts for call failures ➤➤ Automatic alerts for configuration changes

About Applied Global Technologies Applied Global Technologies (AGT) is the leader of scalable mobile video conferencing solutions, igniting B2B mobility with the world’s easiest video connection between networks. For nearly 20 years, AGT has designed award-winning technology and services from the ground up to improve the quality and performance of video conferencing across IP networks. AGT’s EncoreB2B Platform attaches to existing infrastructure and supports scalable mobile video conferencing and B2B connectivity with the Mobile Pathway Protocol. AGT’s FATHOM HD is the only independent IP video testing, certification and live call quality monitoring tool in the market. With innovative Managed and Cloud Services, AGT provides enterprises, organizations and partners with a cost-effective, scalable way to implement mobile video conferencing.

For more information on FATHOM HD, call 1-800-482-9385, or contact your AGT sales representative.

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