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Nook and Kindle are one of the best eBook readers available in the market. There are lots similarities between the two devices and offer some of the best features of an eBook reader. Many people are lining up to buy eBook reader with its popularity and often zero down to Nook Vs Kindle. If you can afford it, you might like to own both the devices but if you are buying just one then I may be able to help you. Kindle 3 and Nook both offers Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+3G models. They have comparable book libraries with their stores along with loads of free titles. Both Nook and Kindle provides a black and white E Ink display with 16 gray-scale for reading and is almost the same size with sleek looks. Integrated dictionary and directory organization capabilities are available with both the devices. It can be confusing to choose when you don't know what exactly you want in your eBook reader. Reasons to Buy Nook · The separate LCD touch screen to navigate and use virtual keyboard of Barnes & Noble's Nook is the primary reason for customers to choose Nook over Kindle. It looks more trendy and stylish than Kindle with the touch screen LCD. ·

Nook has MicroSD expansion slot for up to 16 GB for additional storage capacity.


The battery is user-replaceable.

· When you visit Barnes & Noble stores you can browse any eBooks for one hour in a day just like in a book store. · You can lend certain eBooks to friends and families for 14 days who have Nook or other compatible devices. During this period those books you lend out will not be available to you. ·

For file type, Nook support EPUB which are free and open eBook standard by IDPF.

Reasons to Buy Kindle 3 · The use of E Ink latest generation "Pearl" makes Kindle 3 perfect for reading long-form. The contrast is 50% better than Kindle 2 or Nook that uses the first Generation of E Ink. This make a lot of sense to buy Kindle because the whole purpose of an eBook reader is to read eBooks comfortably without eyestrain unlike LCD screen. ·

Kindle 3 is smaller, thinner and lighter than Nook by more than 3 ounces.

· Kindle 3 gives up to a month of battery life as compared to Nook's battery life of 5 - 6 days with the wireless turn off. · The internal memory of Kindle 3 is 4GB as compared to Nook's 2GB. With your Kindle you can store up to 3500 eBooks. · The Text-to-Speech facility available with Kindle can make the device read books, newspaper, magazine or any other content with the ability to switch back and forth between reading and listening from any spot. · Kindle operates on Linux platform and Nook operates on Android platform which makes the later slower to load books and navigating. ·

There is no glare even if you read in the bright sunlight.

· Kindle is priced at $139 for the Wi-Fi model and $189 for the Wi-Fi+3G model whereas Nook Wi-Fi model cost $149 and $199 for the Wi-Fi+3G model. My Choice Considering the basic purpose of an eBook reader my choice is Kindle 3. Kindle 3 is smaller, thinner and lighter with better contrast that gives book-page like experience while reading. This will ensure better experience while reading long-form along with the advantage of longer battery life. Nook is stylish and trendy with the touch screen LCD and there are some cool features like lending books and sharing EPUB formatted books which are not available with Kindle. However, how many of us would actually lend books and share files with others in the long run? I even find the bright LCD touch screen of Nook distracting while reading and it has a negative impact on the battery life.

Click the link for ONE STOP review of Kindle 3. More information on Nook Vs Kindle along with comparison chart and customer reviews.

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