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How To Save My Marriage 2 Secret Techniques If youre wondering, How to save my marriage? then you only have to look around you to remember the things you did together when you were first married or first dating. Are you still doing those things today? If youre trying to figure out, How to save my marriage? then chances are youre not. Marriages get into trouble for a variety of different reasons. There are affairs, lies, boredom, changes people go through that make them more or less appealing to each other, moves, children, jobs.... All these things factor into a marriage and help determine whether its healthy or whether youll end up asking, How to save my marriage? If there are have been affairs or serious betrayals and lies, then probably the best thing you can do if you want to save the marriage it to go to counseling. This isnt one of the secret techniques, but its probably the only one that can really help once things like that have gone on. Through marriage counseling, you may be able to get at the heart of why there was cheating, and find ways to make sure it doesnt happen again. Counseling may also lead you to the painful decision that you dont want to remain in such a marriage where you may not be able to trust your spouse again (or yourself, if youre the one who cheated). Sometimes marriage counseling is very painful while youre going, but once the painful things come out its like a wound thats been cleaned out now it can start to heal. The secret techniques arent really secret either, but they might as well be because few people every try them and instead do the exact opposite. The first thing you can do when you find yourself asking, How to save my marriage? is to simply leave your spouse alone. Enjoy some me time without your partner. It doesnt have to be for very long. It can be just a few days. Just make sure your partner knows that it isnt practice for splitting up, youre just giving him or her a little breathing room. Sometimes marriages suffer because spouses spend too much time together. If thats the case in your marriage, some time apart can be a very good thing. If the problem with the marriage is that you spend too much time apart already, then you can make a difference in your marriage by taking some initiative. Vow right now to make some changes, and go and schedule a weekend getaway for you both. If thats too expensive, plan an outing for the day. Or plan three hours of dinner and a movie where its just the two of you, on a private and surprise date. Youd be surprised how these two secret techniques, when used at the appropriate times, can feel so good theyll take you from asking, How to save my marriage? to wondering why you hadnt been doing these things for several years.

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How To Save My Marriage 2 Secret Techniques