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Pace On Earth Stephanie Kim // Thesis 1 // Fall 2011

Precedents Inspiration

I was most inspired by the connection between simple basic elements and/or natural environments and how we give into them. I want to focus on escapism and immersion and how we connect with earth in its natural environment. There is a recurring theme of meditation, traquility, and peace. This idea of going at “earth’s natural pace” is something that interests me as well.

Olafur Elliason’s “Feelings Are Facts”

Soylent Green Suicide Scene

Snorkeling in Cancun

Carsten Holler

Thomas Saraceno

Research Readings

“Silent Running”

Buckminster Fuller

The Way

We See Earth

New Perspective

“I believe in mental communication rather than verbal explanation. To be honest, I don’t think art can ever be fully explained in words. ...Just like the feeling visitors have when they see my works: it can’t be expressed in words.” -Li Hui


Kitty Kitty

Purr Purr

Kitty Kitty Purr Purr consists of several different cat purrs and waves crashing onto shore that are distorted, stretched, and mixed together to create a meditative sound drone. This is a very personal piece that is meant to examine why cat purring is so pleasant. I also researched about why these creatures emit these sounds and vibrations and yes, it is mostly from pleasure; however, cats in labor will also purr as well. There have been studies done regarding purrs: “Purring takes energy and cats purr not only when all is well but also when the cat is giving birth, is hurt or scared. There has to be a very good reason for the reason behind the energy expenditure.” I love the idea that once completely content, there is effort put into expressing it.

For me, the place where I feel most comfortable and “quiet” is when I am laying down with my kitten on my chest all cuddled up and I can hear him purring. The sound and vibrations that come from this natural creature always allow me drift into a state of thoughtlessness, enjoying how the world slows down for bit.


Isolation Tank

Being able to experience an isolation/sensory deprivation tank first-hand was absolutely incredible. Losing all feeling of your body and dissolving into “nothingness” is not only indescribable but also very relaxing. There are no worries at all and it is a great form of meditation since there is no light, sound, smell - anything. It feels as if you are floating into a sky of calmness.

While “floating,” sometimes the body experiences “the nothing,” (no sound, no light, no touch) and it begins to create spasms and lights of its own to generate some sort of stimulation. I love how to body can react like this whenalt, and water are provided- two very simple elements. The most important part of being in an isolation tank if you want to experience “floating,” is to relax and give into your surrroundings. As a first-time isolation tanker, this can be very difficult as you are in a moist, pitch-black, salt bath. It can be daunting or scary; however, one can never fully experience it if one does not give into the elements.

Journey From The Center Of The Earth

Inspired by HG Wells’ novel, I decided to think of an immersive, physically captivating piece that could literally have people experience a journey from the center of the earth, engaging them in heat, colors, textures, sand, smoke, etc. The user would crawling on their knees OR going through it by lying on a rolly backboard that automatically moves like an MRI. Depicted below is a small-scale model.

While touching upon the fact that our lives are becoming more and more accelerated at an unprecedented rate with technology, I would like to propose “Pace on Earth.” POE is an immersive product that can be kept at home or in the office. It is meant to create an engagement between the user and basic elements found on this planet to help channel “earth’s natural pace,” while relieving

Prototype 1.0 Direction

Would like to put natural elements in with user in isolation for this first protoype. I’d like to eventually venture into more optional social mediums but for now, this will be a very solo experience. The mirrors on the outside highlight the hyper-reality of our lives and how aware we are of ourselves. It’s all out “mememmememe.” With this, we can escape our jarring, unnatural surroundings and embody ourselves within natural elements.

Pace On Earth  
Pace On Earth  

Thesis Section: Jane Pirone