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Brittany Ifft & Stephanie Clark Digital Media Strategies Spring 2014


“Creating good content – look into the style of content that the community uses, create original content that you can own, make it “bigger, richer and brighter,” get immediate members of your network to share it, make it “weird” & unique.”

SOURCE (AdWeek) FORMAT “RWD (Responsive Web Design) – content is visible on all devices.” SOURCE (AdWeek)



Spring Spectacle Creative vision & brand identity continued: -A Riff on William Shakespeare “A Winter’s Tale” -Lower ticket price ($30) will be more appealing to a wider range of people

-Performers: 5 Male, 5 Female -Each performance tells a story throughout the venue -Immersive, “experiential theater” -Audience members who take risks are rewarded with a new and exciting experiences -Iconic, fantastical Redmoon mechanicals are used to enhance the show

Intended audience:

-Chicago Socialites -Creative individuals interested in performing arts, who enjoy unique/innovative experiences


How does Redmoon’s audience engage with digital media?

Current audience: industry influencers, potential/current investors, creatives, performing artists They use social media (Twitter, Facebook) to share photos and videos of the performances and engage with the community Share media to Flickr, Vimeo, and local blogs/events calendars

Followers of Redmoon include filmmakers, artists, vocal/ theatrical performers, media professionals, event planners, etc.

Creative Content+ Development Redmoon promo video: -Mashup of a collection of Redmoon videos, giving viewers a glimpse into past performances

Opening slide: “This Spring…” Middle slide: “Experience Redmoon” Final slide: “Spring Spectacle: Bellboys, Bears, and Baggage.

May 18-June 18.”

#SpringSpectacle #TheRedmoonExperience

Network + Platform Strategy Plan for action: -Upload video to youtube and then share through Twitter and Facebook using hashtags #SpringSpectacle and #TheRedmoonExperience

Making it spread: -Share video with Redmoon, plus reach out to Chicago tastemakers via social media Examples: Candice Jordan, Kelly Ryan O’Brien; Chicago media reporters, bloggers, arts+culture editors, etc.

Redmoon Spreadable Media Campaign  

This is a PowerPoint presentation created for a Digital Media Strategies course, made to pitch a spreadable media campaign for Redmoon Theat...

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