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one: Executive Summary two: Situation Analysis three: Marketing Strategy four: Advertising Promotional Campaign five: Campaign Strategy To Write Love On Her Arms | Stephanie Inkhamfong

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Direct Marketing Summary


To Write Love On Her Arms is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to presenting hope and feeling for those who struggles with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. This organization exists only because of one person by the name of Jaime Tworkowski; in this organizations existence they are here to encourage, inform, inspire, and invest directly into treatment and recovery.

The advertising plan of To Write Love Her Arms is going to present awareness to those in the target market especially of those who want to have their voices heard and cannot seem to find a way of doing so. Being an outreach to those of the unheard, this advertising plan will be able to assist those in need of help. With the campaign running, the promotional strategy is to engage the target market and come forth with their issues. Marketing the campaign will take thought and time but with what information that I know from the situational analysis I can create a Bid Idea and see what strategies of campaigning that will be good for this nonprofit organization. With inspiration that Jaime had on this behind the scene story, I wanted to be able to campaign this issue among many young Americans, and let them be aware of your not the only one who struggles with this issue. It is normal; do not feel the need to be holding back on any

feelings and emotion. Portraying an advertising campaign for such an issue I believe this will open up the target audience mainly those who are struggling with sharing.


Marketing Strategy

To Write Love On Her Arms product strategy is basically where the organization wants to be able to make an impact amongst those in needs of help and making a comfortable environment for those who do not want to make their voices heard. The benefit for this organization and letting them know that there are others out there will make them realize rescue is possible and we do not know everyone’s story. The placement of To Write Love On Her Arms will be mainly seen in print, direct marketing, radio, and television. With where I have chosen the placement for this advertising campaign, the target market is geared towards the 13-25 year olds which mainly is young America. With the pitch of “Do We Know Everyone’s Story?” as the To Write Love On Her Arms campaign. When it comes pricing this advertising pitch, this organization would want to get as much advertising out there enabling more awareness to those who in need of help.


Advertising Promotional Campaign

Objective: Do You Know Everyone’s Story? Rescue Is Possible

Target Audience: those in need of help, getting awareness to those about what the organization is about

Your are not alone, we are here to HELP

Create awareness of the campaign in need of courage and hope

Let people out there who are just like you, just speak up about your issue

Increase understanding of the organization that they can benefit from letting us know

Impact one’s life and turn it into the right direction

Make a connection to those out there, ones in need for rescue


Campaign Strategy

Target Audience/ Demographics: young teenagers reaching the young adult. Ages from 13-25 year olds, no specific ethnic group. Either male or female. Those who struggle with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. Positioning Strategy: This strategy will determine where the campaign will be positioned in the advertising world and what position will be held upon in regards to the competitors and what emphasis we want to put on the campaign. First off the most important position for this campaign would have to be the amount of popularity it has upon the target audience. Being able to create the print advertisements will put the campaign at where we want it to be especially with the position in the music scene and with the music scene, there comes the print ad through the magazine of Alternative Press. With the competitors I believe it would be a different position because we are creating a position where TWLOHA portrays an organization of creating awareness. Big Idea: To Write Love on Her Arms purpose for the campaign is to create awareness to the target audience and that we are here to help. Being able to let others be aware of this organization will help those in need of help. Just being able to promote the organization and just simply create the awareness out there in order to be widely known across the nation for those to come out and not be alone in the world. Creative Strategy: Through the advertisement placements in print, radio, television, and direct marketing the appeals of the advertisements are going to be emotional and logical all at the same time. Being able to create that feel for getting the main message across will enable the audience to acknowledge the information from the advertisement and let them be able to intake all the information of what the purpose of the advertisement is about. Through the

publication of the advertisement, I am going to keep the artwork and message simple because I just want to get the message across to the audience. Beginning: To Write Love on Her Arms began in Orlando, FL in February 2006 as a (written) story, the true story of five days spent with a friend who was denied entry into a drug treatment center. The story was a look at those five days, and the t-shirts were printed and sold initially as a way to pay for our friend's treatment. The story is a two page that Jaime wrote about his friend Renee who was addicted to drugs and cut herself, the treatment centers didn’t think she would be able to detox. Getting Involved: benefits and fundraisers to raise awareness in communities, merchandise are supported through t-shirt sales, social networking through MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Tublr, street teams to promote TWLOHA, and websites:, eBay giving works,, Competition: other organizations or help centers whom do not want to associate with TWLOHA, health care centers, other non-profit organizations that are also trying to be similar to TWLOHA. Some competitors would have to be the healthcare centers because the organizations and help centers that TWLOHA list on their website are help centers for the specific struggle one is going through. Advertising: online through MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, merchandise, support from musicians posting banner ads on website, and magazine publications in AP (Alternative Press) The Mind of Target/Audience/Person: Do not be afraid to step out and speak up about your issue, you are not the only one who has to deal with there are others out there who are dealing and coping with the same thing you are.

FCB Model: TWLOHA lands in high involvement feeling where you learn, feel, and do also known as the affective model.


Media Placement

With the four various types of advertising of print, radio, television, and a direct marketing piece the placement of these advertisements are highly important due to the fact that To Write Love On Her Arms wants to create the awareness. With the four advertising media I have picked I believe these will create that awareness of what the campaign is going for. Being able to place the advertising campaign through the print, radio, television, and direct marketing these will cover the areas of where the target audience is doing. Now the question is where to place the print advertisement, first off I would place the print advertisement in magazines that associate with Alternative Press (AP) this is a magazine that is a publication where the honest word, the correct word, the authoritative word has been spoken on new music and youth culture. Placing this ad in this magazine will help with the gear of our target audience. With the music especially coming from the support from the bands AP will be a good placement for the print ad. With the radio advertisement I would place that probably on the 93.3 channel just because the similar bands that support TWLOHA will be listening to the music. I would air the ad probably around 12pm-2pm then once again late into the evening 5pm-8pm. As for the television ad that would difficult to aim at what time the commercial would air. As for the channel I would have on the music channel stations such as Mtv, Vh1, and Fuse, which of all are music channels that the target audience watches. Having the commercial spot play more than once through out the day would probably be enough like one before noon, then one later in the evening, and then one at late night. The

direct marketing piece I would include in this would have to be mailed to anyone and just having it be sent in the mail will increase the awareness of those who get mail. No specific area of where and whom I am going to mail the direct marketing piece to.

…Television Advertisement To Write Love On Her Arms “Rescue Is Possible” :30 TV 1. (DARK HALLWAY) BOY SITTING ON BED READING SISTERS JOURNAL












…Radio Advertisement

TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS “Do You Know Everyone’s Story?” : 60 radio SFX: SOFT JAZZ/ALTERNATIVE ROCK MUSIC ANNCR: Do you see the vision of that community and hope and help would replace secrets and silence. The vision is people putting down guns and blades and bottles. The vision is that we can reduce the suicide rate in America and around the world. Your vision is that we would learn what it means to love our friends, and that we would love ourselves enough to get the help we need. The vision is better endings. Your vision is the restoration of broken families and broken relationships. Your vision is people finding life, finding freedom, finding love. The vision is the possibility that your best days are ahead. You are the vision of hope, and hope is real. Your vision is To Write Love On Her Arms. SFX: SOFT/JAZZ ALTERNATIVE ROCK MUSIC FADES OUT ANNCR: Rescue is possible, you are not alone, and this is not the end of your story. Visit To Write Love On Her


… Print Advertisement … Radio Advertisement … Television Advertisement … Direct Marketing


Situation Analysis

To Write Love On Her Arms, an organization that was founded by Jaime Tworkowski with an up rise over the past four years this organization is become popular among everyone. Having been a start up organization, there was not much about TWLOHA that was widely known. With such a story and passion for presenting hope and finding the help for people struggling with depression,

addiction, self-injury and suicide; TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. Through the years this organization is becoming widely known for their support from musicians branding the organization through their products of t-shirt productions. Many of the client that TWLOHA associate themselves with are mainly musicians whom support their organization and with the history of being able to help a friend out with the depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide the support from specific musicians helps the organization with the influence of the target market that To Write Love On Her Arms is gearing towards. With the history, brand, and target market that To Write Love On Her Arms is wanting in their advertising I do support the organization and the audience that they are gearing towards does fit into the campaign target audience that I am also aiming towards. With the support from the musicians, helps the organization out because, when the band wears the tshirts that TWLOHA produces which markets and advertises the product enabling their aim at the target audience at concerts or online. The target audience that has been aimed for this organization are those who listen to the music of alternative, emo, screamo, electronic, and

punk genre. Having attended shows with musicians who play in this genre, pretty much sums up the characteristics of the audience that TWLOHA is gearing towards. Connecting with the “emo” kids TWLOHA is able to get this audience to open up and let them be aware of this organization and how they can help the word “emo” deriving from emotional is mainly where this audience is where they hold things in and just get their anger out on self-injury. Key factors that influence the audience would have to be the support that To Write Love On Her Arms gets from their band support and street team, having people represent it will influence those in the audience and open them up and get help with what they need. With every campaign there are strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that come along with everything. To Write Love On Her Arms strong points as an organization would have to come from that this start up was all based on one person’s story and that one person’s story impacted the beginning of this non-profit organization. Having that said, being based off a story that Jaime had written up and printed on t-shirts made an impact and opened many eyes up. On the other hand some weaknesses that this organization has is not only does it aim only at certain targets, the only people who seem to support this is those who only listen to the musicians that support the organization. I believe TWLOHA should be able to open the door and get better known out to others. Recently, the organization is getting a news spread in USA Today, which is really great because this will show the impact it has among everyone. With this the opportunity of impacting and spreading the word of this organization will get more recognition out to those out there in the world. Having the opportunity to be on any major news program or even newspaper is pretty big for the organization. Even though the start of this was so small to begin with. Not all organizations are perfect there are threats

that come with it as well. For To Write Love On Her Arms threats that might come towards them would have to be those from groups that do not believe in this program and just think it is a complete hoax. Believing that the this non-profit is not suitable for those they are aiming for and that the purpose is not to help but just to get those out there to come out and let everyone know about their conflict and issue. In regards to what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats To Write Love On Her Arms is an organization that will just have to deal with it and step up the game to keep this successful organization have an impact on many lives.

Campaigning Strategy/ Strategy Statement Organization: Big Brothers Big Sisters Target Audience: actively involved mentors, role models, figures who have a influential impact either in a positive/negative way. Volunteers college educated 20-35 years old who live in same environment placement, with an aim at minorities who are willing to help being able to show them success. Innovators, Makers, Thinkers Positioning Strategy: Think about all the kids out there who are not successful? How did you get in the position you are at now? Getting the guilt feeling and making that volunteer think about how they got here currently and also getting the “who was your hero” across their mind. Majority of getting into the mind of the audience is making them think back to the time they had a hero or still have a hero. Big Idea: “Be A Hero” make an influential impact on a little, showing them anyone can have a hero, make them connect and benefit your volunteer time, show them that there is more to life and anyone can be a hero and be successful. Being able to make an impact on a community. Creative Strategy: •

Appeals that BBBS puts out are going to be both emotional and logical, being emotional, we won’t make someone cry over the ad but have an emotional impact where it touches the audiences heart, to where they consider volunteering and getting more information about volunteering. A logical appeal should gear towards

how anyone is able to help in ones future, not everyone is successful as you think, and they need guidance and a hero to help them out. •

Art: First off incorporating the capes into our advertisements is a plus. Giving it a humor touch to the big idea of “Be A Hero”. The ads will have a feel and look of being more interaction among a big and a little. Being able to get the message across to the audience through the advertising placements of print, television, billboards, direct marketing piece, social networking, capes, and community outreach. Through our campaign we can articulate the “Be A Hero” headline, making our audience draw an attention to a headline that can be universal but then narrow it to volunteers of those would make good “Bigs” for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Marketing Strategy Organization: Big Brothers Big Sisters Big Brothers Big Sisters product strategy is based on having a community connection among a volunteer the “big” and the child “the little” giving the ultimate bond and benefit between the two. Being able to change the one’s life through the, “Be A Hero” campaign. The placement of Big Brothers Big Sisters will mainly be seen in print, television, billboards, direct marketing, and social networking. Being able to put placement that is seen and geared towards our target market of 20-35 year olds, is the aim for the “Be A Hero” campaign for Big Brothers Big Sisters. When it comes to pricing our organization would want to get as much advertising out there enabling more awareness leading to more volunteers in our audience.

Advertising/ Promotional Campaign Objectives Organization: Big Brothers Big Sisters •

Objective: Be A Hero, Change someone’s life

Target Audience: actively involved mentors, role models, figures who have a influential impact on community

Create awareness of the campaign in need of volunteers

Increase volunteers and introduce that anyone in target market can volunteer

Better community and society with the affects benefitting


Make a connection to those out there, the Volunteers we want

“Capes” –Be A Hero depict through advertising schemes

Be able to tell stories, testimonials from the “littles” through a social networking site


To Write Love On Her Arms | Stephanie Inkhamfong 5/6/2010 one: Executive Summary four: Advertising Promotional Campaign three: Marketing Str...


To Write Love On Her Arms | Stephanie Inkhamfong 5/6/2010 one: Executive Summary four: Advertising Promotional Campaign three: Marketing Str...