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“Hey keyuties! With school recently starting, I hope everyone is enjoying their classes and school year so far. With that being said, we also had our very first meeting! I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed with the amount of people that came. It truly makes me happy how many of you have even considered joining. Did everyone that went to the Division 66 September DCM had a great time? I know I did! It was really great meeting everyone for the first time but now it’s time to start cracking on some volunteer opportunities! In the month of October, we will be participating in the homecoming parade, running shifts for our Key Club eagle bite stand, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, and more that are going to be announced. Remember we have 3 meetings in October. One on October 2nd, October 16th, and October 30th. Also, don’t forgetto turn in and pay your club membership form/due (membership is $15). The deadline for the membership form and due is on October 31st!” ~Club President, Tommy Nguyen

President: Tommy Nguyen Vice President: Darlene Xiong Secretary: Kalhia Yang Treasurer: Helen Nguyen Editor: Stephanie Hout

Faculty Advisor: Mrs.Haverkamp

Kiwanis Advisor: Mrs.Parsons

On September 16th, Centennial Key Club held their very first meeting of the year! The room was filled with pizza, donuts, and sweaty people. It was amazing over how many people showed up! With the help of friends from Division 62 and Clackamas Key Club, a thorough slide show was presented. The slideshow contained various information such as introductions of the officers, what division Centennial Key Club is a part of, the basics of Key Club, and more. To end the meeting, our Ltg. Brian Le gave our new and potential members a very warm welcoming and talked about the September DCM. Thank you to everyone who showed up to the meeting! We hope that you continue to join us in our future meetings and stretch out your interest in Key Club.

A friendly game of capture the flag was held by Lieutenant Governor Tran Hoang on September 21st. Centennial Key Club, along with friends from other schools and divisions, gladly joined in on this event! It was a sweaty and fun filled day competing against one another!

On Saturday, September 27th, the September DCM was held! The day was set to a perfect, warm, and sunny weather for everyone to gather at Imagination Station. To start the DCM off, several icebreakers were played! This gave an awesome opportunity for our new Centennial Key Club members to get involved and meet other key clubbers from different schools. Towards the end of the DCM, everyone wrote down 3 thank you notes as a service project. A total of $133.97 was raised during a Miracle Minute! This prevented 74 mothers and their future families from MNT. Shout out to everyone from Centennial Key Club for coming to the DCM. You guys are the real MVPS!

Oct. 1st - 31th: Get involved in one of the biggest events of the year to help support The ELIMINATE Project! Raise awareness and money by going around door to door.

Gather friends with you! Spread out in neighborhoods! Start TODAY by ordering a box here.

Did you know that in every 9 minutes, a baby dies from a disease called MNT? MNT (maternal and neonatal tetanus) is caused when tetanus spores, found in soil, come into contact with open wounds during birth. Both the mother and baby become affected due to this contact. Every day, MNT has claimed the lives of 160 babies. This equals to the deaths of nearly 60,000 babies each year including many women. To fight against this horrible disease, Kiwanis International and UNIFEC joined together in an effort to not only decrease the number of affected victims, but to eliminate MNT all together. Thus, the ELIMINATE Project came into play. Just a US$1.60 provides enough money for a mother to receive a vaccination for her and her future babies. As of now, only 25 countries remain with MNT. The campaign goal is to raise US$110 million by 2015. Through fundraisers, Miracle Minute, school projects, and many more joint efforts, we get closer and closer to fulfilling our goal! To find out on what you can do to help end this horrible disease, visit the Eliminate Project website or Facebook page.

“I was introduced into Key Club from my cousin because he was the president from his school in Southern California and recommended me to join if my school had a Key Club. So I did join. As I joined, I met more people and other friends that are in Key Club. So, I got closer to them. Going to the Divisional Council Meetings are really fun and great because I get to meet other members from different schools, get active, learn new games, and learn ways of being a leader. There are great opportunities from joining because while being social, I can meet new people, go around to places I’ve never been to before and help out the community.”

“Key Club has been amazing so far! Everyone that I’ve met has been friendly, enthusiastic, and fun! The DCMs are really fun because there are so many things to do such as games, icebreakers, and service projects. The DCM is a good way to make new friends and get updates on Key Club. The lieutenants of Division 62 and 66 have been great! They do a really good job of taking care and making sure that everything goes well. I like the fact that everyone is very helpful and friendly. Everyone from different divisions would show up at each other’s DCMs and I like that because it shows that there is unity and support from each division for one another. It will be awkward at first but I think that is one of the best parts. It’s getting to know one another and doing something good for the community and world. I’m really excited and looking forward to Key Club and all the upcoming DCMs and events!”

“Key Club is pretty fun so far even though I have only been to two events. However, ever since I joined, I have made many new friends and even got the chance to meet some of my old friends from the DCMs.”

“When I first heard about Key Club, I wasn’t really sure what it was or the purpose of it. But after experiencing the DCMs and another one of our meetings, I was totally pumped for it. I wanted to sign up right away! Key Club has helped me see the world in a different way and it’s a great way to meet people and make stronger connections. Not only that, but you get to help around your school and the community. Key Club is full of such great caring people! It’s definitely going to be a fun filled experience!”

“I joined Key Club because my teacher from viet school was a sophomore in it and said that once I get into high school, I should join Key Club. My teacher also mentioned it was about community service. At first I was unsure but when more of my friends joined, I decided to join too and I do not regret joining. It’s a fun experience meeting new people and helping out. You do all sorts of fun things like helping people and hanging out with friends. The thing I really like about Key Club is that I get to connect with friends from different schools.”

“The first club I’ve ever joined happens to be Key Club! When I first joined, I did not know what it was really about. Even though it has only been a couple of weeks, I already enjoy it very much. It’s a new club and it’s havening a great start. Going to DCMs and other events opens a new path to leadership and to new friendships. Everyone in each division are super nice!”

“Hey, Key Clubbers! How do you feel?!”

We feel good! OH! We feel so good! OH! Double it up! OH OH! Triple it up! OH OH OH!

One long uh! UHHHHHH! Rapper style! OH OH OH OH OH! *hold up division 66 sign and yell*


Centennial Key Club News: September Edition  
Centennial Key Club News: September Edition