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Welcome to Ghosting Collective.

Ghosting is a collective of artists whose aim is to bring attention to the talent and cultural presence of Milwaukee.

Our voice will orchestrate publications, local events, and a web presence which will lend itself as a telecommunicator for ours, and the voices showcased in our publications.

As of now we are few, but will soon be a numerous presence; our goal is to become an archive of visual, literary, and musical culture. As you work, so will we.

We are designers, artists, curators, and translators.

With your help, Ghosting Collective will create a name, representing the best of Milwaukee’s visual, literary, and auditory arts on as many planes as possible.

We are reaching out to you, now.

Contact email: Facebook page: Join the fb group as well if you’re interested in becoming more involved in the collective!

Ghosting News Our opening show, which is tentatively planned for late August/early September, will highlight select artists, writers, and musicians, and will serve as the release party of the collective’s first zine. If you are a Milwaukee artist of any kind and would like to be featured in the show and join in the collective, please check out the suggested prompt (on the back page) and feel free to email us anything: submissions, inquiries, gallery suggestions, fun songs you like, gossip, places to get free food, the digits of your social security number, etc at We want as many voices involved in the collective as possible. Accompanying the quarterly publications, we will be hosting events throughout the year. We need all the help we can get; this is just the beginning.

Prompt: Translation Our first prompt will function as an investigation of a theme that will continually be explored and revisited by the Ghosting Collective. The first publication will focus on the theme of translation. In this, we are looking at language, symbols, and relationships across aesthetic, symbolic, and audible medias. We are referring to semiotics, globalization, and other richly current and topical notions. These themes are dealt with by artists and writers like John Baldesarri, James Joyce, Martin Creed, The Books (music), Francis Baudevin, David Eggers, and Gretchen Bender. We want your submissions for publication in the zine and display at an opening show to be held before the end of August. For visual works, please include high quality images along with the title, medium, and date as well as any necessary statements or information. While Ghosting will be presenting most work on a two-dimensional plane, as a multimedia publication, we are willing to work with artists in multiple fields including but not limited to audio, video, sculptural, and performative work. We are equally interested in presenting literature in its many forms. All work will have the opportunity to be displayed in full during our opening show, which will be paired with the zine's release date.

Ghosting Collective Informational  

A short, information pamphlet detailing the Milwaukee artists' collective known as "Ghosting".