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wings + horns Promotional Plan Report

Created by: Alicia Pampano Shadrack Uadiale Ryan Williams Stephanie Dawn Reid Jordan White

Submitted To Anne Cramer, FMPC 500 4

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013


Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Description of the Brand 2 wings + horns: Marketing Mix 4 Promotional Objectives 6 Target Audience 7 Promotions Mix 7 Budget 11 Conclusion 12 Appendix A-Q 13 Bibliography 30


Executive Summary The following report is a promotional proposal for the Canadian brand Wings + Horns. Wings and Horns’ promotional mix will utilize a mix of advertising, public relations, and a special sales promotion. In terms of advertising, we have a short video, which showcases the look book for the winter collection. This video will be released through all of our social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our website. The lookbook will also be given out as a small booklet at the opening night of the pop up shop, which is our second aspect of our promotional mix- pubic relations. We have a pop-up shop planned to run for 4 days. The first event will be held at Holt Renfrew on Bloor; a meet the designer event for fans of the brand. The next three nights will be held at Second Floor Events, with an exclusive, invite only opening night event. The first night will be a night of drinks, hors oeuvres, networking, and of course shopping. Invitees will include industry professionals including bloggers, editors and buyers. For our sales promotion, we are offering a special edition blanket, which will be sold online, at our flagship store in Vancouver and at the pop-up shop. To incorporate CSR into our promotional mix, we will be producing 1000 blankets; 500 of them will be for sale and the other 500 will be given to shelters in Vancouver for the homeless. Through the use of advertising, public relations, a special offer and corporate social responsibility we hope to increase the amount of retailers who carry our brand as well attaining overall brand awareness, brand equity, and increasing profits.

wings + horns: description When examining the current state of Canadian menswear, it is impossible to ignore the influence of Vancouver-based fashion company Wings + Horns. Craig Atkinson started the company during 2004 in Vancouver after spending the majority of twenties in Japan dealing North American vintage and acting as a buyer for a concept store in Japan (Snack, 2012). The Japanese market, with their obsession for quality and detailed design, played a tremendous role in shaping the 7

fundamental values and principles Wings + Horns would be built upon (Snack, 2012). Atkinson returned to Vancouver in 2004 and founded Wings + Horns with the goal to combine Canadian design with the Japanese attention to detail and provide a sleek, industrial, utilitarian aesthetic with the natural instinct to recreate the vintage garments Atkinson had become an expert in during his time spent in Japan (Snack, 2012). Since 2004, Wings + Horns has come an extremely long way and established themselves as one of the leaders in contemporary menswear, generating a significant amount of brand equity worldwide. CYC Design Corporation provided a history utilizing fleece and specializing in cut and sew knits that allowed Wings + Horns to develop understated, timeless collections. Their designs remained simple, straightforward, yet overwhelming effective. Wings + Horns grew in popularity due to the development of an online community of menswear consumers who became credible resources regarding information on new brands through the development of blogs related to menswear (Kan, 2010). Wings + Horns reached a younger, more modern target market who desired garments that were made with craftsmanship, with high attention to detail, and fit with the ethos of a newly developed niche market looking to ‘buy better, buy less’ (Kan, 2010). The organic roots of the company allowed for brand equity to be constructed on the company’s values and principles related to minimalist, quality, timeless garments. Wings + Horns developed classic core pieces acting as the foundation to their collections by maintaining utilitarian detailing and rugged fabrics in their signature garments such as their West Point twill chinos, military mac jackets, and utilizing their exclusive CYC-design tiger fleece fabrication into various styles (Snack, 2012). Brian Mendoza, head designer from 2006 until 2010, specialized in Canadiana heritage pieces and focus on monochromatic timeless designs. Since 2010 Davidson Manaloto, who holds a B. Sc. in mechanical engineering, has steered the company in a more fashionforward, directional path. Manaloto views both engineering and designing menswear as a method of problem solving that places tremendous significance on practicality and functionality (Wray, 2013). Manaloto strives to design garments that are extremely masculine in classic silhouettes that provided small modern twists that Wings + Horns’ target market can appreciate; with the main focus being the individual remaining comfortable (Wray, 2013). Wings + Horns emphasis on quality and attention to detail has built brand equity that relates the company to elevated simple garments such as chinos and hoodies allowed that close the gap between streetwear and 8

high fashion (Schelling, 2012). Schelling (2012) discusses this modern take towards casual men’s clothing in his statement: Creativity and commercialism, form and function, an artistic CEO, and a business-minded designer: these apparent contradictions and many others played critical roles in the development of a fashion brand whose very name calls out the divide between the divine and the damned. The reoccurring theme when discussing the Wings + Horns is their clean designs with an underlying industrial aesthetic. This presentation remains consistent amongst all of the brand elements involved in Wings + Horns marketing. Their logo provides a clean design in white American Typewriter font on a minimal black backdrop. All of Wings + Horns social media handles, along with the URL to their website, remain short and sweet and only utilize the brand name. Their website provides a white-brick backdrop and utilizes a muted colour pallet that corresponds with the Wings + Horns seasonal collections. The minimal aesthetic of all Wings + Horns’ brand elements reinforce the foundational principles the company was founded on during 2004 in Vancouver. Craig Atkinson retains a no nonsense approach to both the garments his company produces and the overall presentation of his company. The interior design of the brand’s headquarters at CYC Design Corporation in Vancouver also contribute to their branding through utilizing polished cement floors, refurbished wood beams, and glass walls that provide a refined take on an industrial space that echoes the minimalism of a modern art gallery (Schelling, 2012). Being vertically structured in terms of manufacturing allows Wings + Horns to be extremely involved in quality control; a quality that only strengthens their brand equity amongst consumers. Wings + Horns displays their clean, industrial aesthetic amongst all brand elements to provide a consistent brand image.

wings + horns: marketing mix Product(s) (Appendix M)


loyal and about as discerning as it gets when it comes to pulling the proverbial trigger on a specific article of clothing; thus, the brand’s design mindset; and quality of its garments. The brand’s renowned for its attention to detail; creating each piece uniquely through the use of custom fabrics and tailored for the perfect fit. Classic utilitarian styles are given contemporary twists and the results are timeless and luxurious designs. (Sharp for Men, 2013) Since its inception in 2004, the brand has continued to stretch its product category in depth considerably, season after season, to encompass virtually all pieces in men’s wear. Also, the brand has partnered up with other brands and hotels to create exclusive pieces such as bathrobes, etc. Wings + horns’ complete product categories as of 2013 are listed below: 1. Button-down Shirts 2. Crewneck sweaters 3. Cardigans 4. (Sneakers) 5. Blazers 6. Pea coats 7. Pants (denim, chinos, cargo, sweats, etc.) 8. Hats 9. Scarfs

Price / Market Level Strategy Based on our analysis of the brands products, we determined that wings + horns pricing and market level strategy is based on the Bridge Price Point model. With its prices ranging from, $70 for a basic t-shirt, to around $950 for a wool pea coat. Place / Distribution Strategy (Appendix N) Brick & Mortar/ E-commerce Strategy: Wings + Horns utilizes all necessary distributions channels to gets its products to the consumer: Its distribution strategy involves targeting the consumer through intensive online and brick and mortar retail outlets. Part of the brands strategy is to be stocked in some of the most 10

directional stores, with its highest distribution channel in Japan (41 retailers), followed by the US, and Canada, with 31 and 23 retail outlets respectively. Its website lists a combined number of over 100 stockists worldwide. (, 2013) This number includes online and brick and mortar retails store. In addition to these channels of distribution, the brand recently opened its first flagship store in Vancouver, and also launched its full-scale ecommerce site, in an obvious effort to create a platform where they could effectively tell their story and communicate directly with their customers. (Sharp for Men, 2013) Public Events: Over the years, the brand has also utilized pop-up shops as a means of distribution. It's most recent pop-up shop was a 3 day event held at one its New York based retailer's shop; Steven Alan. Where a capsule collection created exclusively for the retailer was unveiled and sold. (The Examiner, 2013) Past Marketing communications and promotional activities 1. Advertising: Wings+ horns rely heavily on paid advertisements as

its primary means of marketing. The brand utilizes various forms of paid advertisement platforms, high-profile magazines like, GQ, Complex Magazine, Sharp for Men, and Hype Beast to name a few. (Appendix O) Complex Magazine: Complex Media is the premier multi-media platform for the most influential young male consumers. This discerning audience is driven by style, music, sneakers, sports, games, gear and girls. (Complex Magazine, 2013) GQ Magazine: With an estimated 6.4 Million Print Audiences, 4.1 Million average monthly online audience, and 2.25 Billon Monthly impressions, wings + horns could not have chosen a better platform to bring awareness to its brand. HYPEBEAST: Hype Beast is the premier destination for men's fashion and culture on the web. Each month, over 5 million visitors log on to view the latest in men's fashion, art, design and music. Hype Beast has an estimated 384 MILLION PAGE VIEWS ANNUALLY, making it an ideal platform for wings + horns to advertise its products. (Hype Beast, 2013)


2. Sales

Promotion: The brand carries out sales promotions by offering a discount sale voucher promotion code on select items on its ecommerce website. Seasonal sales are also offered on wings + horns products, by retailers stocking its products.

3. Public relations: It`s public relations strategy are carried out

via inter internet and a number of social media platforms; the wings + horns website, its Facebook, Instagram and twitter accounts are all done in-house. While carefully scripted articles and features on various magazines and blogs are external PR strategies that wings + horns employs. 4. Direct marketing: Wings + horns strategy is to market directly to

its customers by email, through an account that its clients are required to create when making purchasing on its website. Customers are kept abreast on the latest offerings the brand has for the upcoming seasons, and all important product or company related information. 5. Personal selling (sales force): The brand has been able to achieve

this through its pop-up shops, meet the designer event s, and more so through the newly opened flagship store in Vancouver. Strengths and Weaknesses of the 4p’s Our analysis of the brand’s 4P`s shows that the brand has been strategic in its execution of the marketing mix. Its products are renowned for their quality and durability, its Bridge pricing strategy aligns properly, reflecting the quality of the products and superb craftsmanship employed, further enhancing the brand`s perception and customer loyalty. Its distribution strategy is robust, capitalizing on both Brick & Mortar and Ecommerce distribution platforms. This definitely provides the brand with a wider reach and presence in the market. However, its promotions strategy could be strengthened in the following areas. (A) Celebrity endorsement (B) Seasonal Fashion show (C) Bloggers with large following

Our research revealed that wings + horns does not participate in any local or international fashion shows; we are certain that with the immense publicity and press coverage these shows attract, the 12

brand will definitely stand to benefit from hosting a seasonal show at either, New York Fashion week, or Toronto Fashion week if it chooses to stay local. Additionally, the brand could use a PR company that can help place its products on select celebrities. The brand has been able to do this to an extent utilizing its relationship with GQ magazine.

Promotional Objectives Our most important objective is to gain brand awareness through our marketing campaign. We intend to do this using a pop-up shop, meet the designer event, and CSR promotion. The promotion plan will ensure beneficial business sales first and foremost through our pop-up shop. We will offer exclusive merchandise to entice our loyal customer base to purchase new goods, as well as gain the interest in new clientele. Our pop-up shop would open with an invitation only cocktail party. The invitations would be sent to buyers, bloggers, and loyal customers. This would create exclusivity as well as reach out to potential new customers via blogs and other shops across Toronto. The pop-up shop will also reflect our brand’s CSR objectives through the partnership with Reigning Champ to support the homeless community in Vancouver. Our goal is to satisfy all of our customers’ needs (Kotler et al., 2013). 1. Stated need: our customer is looking to expand his dope wardrobe with well-made, classic, on-trend pieces. 2. Real need: our customer expects value for his dollar. He expects well-made clothes worth their price tag 3. Unstated needs: the customer will expect great service from the sales teams and from our online shop 4. Delight needs: our customer will be donating to charity when purchasing from our exclusive collection


5. Secret needs: our customer expects to keep up his cool reputation when wearing our collection. Rare, trendy, minimalist pieces made in Canada. Looks cool without trying too hard.

Target Audience Meet Eddie, 23 years old. His primary VALS type is Experiencer, and his secondary type is Innovator. He is motivated by selfexpression, “young, enthusiastic, and impulsive consumers… they seek variety and excitement, savoring the new, the offbeat, and the risky,” (Strategic Business Insights, 2013). Eddie is our target demographic. • • • • • • • • •

Demographics: Age: 21-35 Location: Toronto, Vancouver, Tokyo, Brooklyn, etc. Gender: Male Income level: steady income, middle class Education level: post-secondary education Marital or family status: single; double income no kids Occupation: creative industries; business casual offices Psychographics: Personality: hardworking, stylish, social, hipsters Interests/hobbies: artistic, music, bar/nightlife scene, fashion, culture • Behavior: enjoys whiskey, live music, pubs, shopping, frequents Hypebeast, reads, etc. Works hard, plays hard, treats himself to well-made clothing. Enjoys a classic style with innovative details.

Promotional Mix Although Wings + Horns are promoted through all social media outlets, a pop up shop held in a rustic venue along with a chance to 14

meet the designer would be an aspect of the promotional mix, which will increase Wings & Horns brand equity. .On Thursday February 6th, 2014 we would be holding a ‘meet the designer’ segment for consumers as well as various media contacts. Our pop up shop would be held over a three-day span from Friday February 7th- 9th 2014. The first day of the pop up shop will be exclusive invite only and the launch of the second portion of our promotion: the sales feature. Our sales promotion will be introduced over the course of the weekend that our pop up shop is held. Wings & Horns will be selling 500 blankets, and for each blanket sold, one will be created and given to the youth oriented shelter “Iron Horse Youth Safe house” in Vancouver. We chose this specific shelter because it is targeted towards youth in need. Generation Z will contain the leaders and innovators of the future, which Wings + Horns is trying to support. This technique is not only a way to promote Wings & Horns’ Corporate Social Responsibility, but give consumers a chance to participate in supporting the youth community in Vancouver. Below are the intricate details of our Promotional Mix; Fashion Extra’s (Event) and Promotional Sales. Pop Up Shop Weekend Meet the Designer The ‘Meet The Designer’ portion of our promotional mix will give our current consumers a chance to interact on a social level with Davidson Manaloto, the designer of Wings + Horns. Along with the existing supporters of our brand, new consumers are welcome to join the festivities in order to gain insight on an interpersonal level with creator of this lifestyle brand. Date: Thursday February 6th, 2014 Time: 7-9pm Location Holt Renfrew will host this event. Holt Renfrew is also a Canadian based retailer, which carries the Wings + Horns line. Holt Renfrew is 15

known for holding events that showcase talented individuals from different aspects of the fashion Industry. Event List (Appendix A) This will be an open to the public event for current and new consumers. We will also be inviting current and prospective buyers from various boutiques throughout Toronto. Journalists, editors, and bloggers will also be encouraged to attend this event, which will in turn create publicity for not only Wings + Horns, but Holt Renfrew as well. Our Press Kits will be sent to various magazines, blogs and newspapers in order to inform and promote our ‘Meet the Designer’ event, as well as the rest of the Pop Up Shop weekend. Details The Designer of Wings + Horns will be set up at the front of the event space speaking to the crowd about the history, inspiration, and lifestyle of the brand. There will be a Question and Answer portion of the event for industry professionals and consumers to gain a thorough understanding of the brand itself. After this portion is over, consumers will get the chance to sit down one on one with the designer to ask further questions, take photographs an have any Wings + Horns merchandise signed. Promotions (Appendix K) In order to promote this event, we will be sending out a social media blast among various outlets. Twiter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Website will all be uploaded with a short simplistic video of Wings & Horns, Fall/Winter 2013 lookbook styles. We will also be including a small booklet with ten of the Fall/Winter 2013 lookbook styles in our Press Kit. This will give the industry professionals a chance to review the line in more detail and prepare themselves for the ‘Meet the Designer’ event. Pop Up Shop The pop up shop will be held in Toronto and showcase pieces from Wings + Horns Fall/Winter 2013 collection. This pop up shop will also be a way for Wings + Horns, industry professionals and targeted consumers to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the brand. Our goal of the pop up shop is to increase brand awareness and equity while expanding consumer knowledge on the brand in its entirety. All aspects of the pop up shop will be integrating the themes and lifestyle branding Wings + Horns is trying to represent. 16

Dates: Friday February 7th, 2014 (Launch/ Exclusive/ Invite Only) 7-11 pm. Saturday February 8th,, 2014 (Open to Public) 4-8 pm. Sunday February 9th, 2014 (Open to Public) 12-4 pm. Location (Appendix I) The location for this event will be held at ‘2nd Floor Events’ at 461 King Street West in Toronto. We chose this building because of it’s industrialized and clean aesthetic which represents the theme of the Wings + Horns brand. Along with the visually appealing building Entertainment (Appendix H) On Friday February 7th, 2014, invitees will be entertained with Toronto based Media and Entertainment group called Itzsoweezee. We chose this group because they are a prominent group within Toronto and play a variety of modern hip-hop and dance music, which is reflective of the young, trendy, urbanite male customers Wings + Horns targets. Food/Drinks (Appendix D) Our food supply for this event will be catered by Noka, a Japanese cuisine which matches the signature aesthetic of Wings + Horns that places large emphasize on Japan’s heritage of quality and highattention to detail. We will have an open bar, sponsored by Jack Daniels. Event List (Appendix A) Friday February 7th, 2014 will be the launch of the pop up shop and an invite only event. We will be sending out invitations to this event through our Press Kit, which will be given to various Magazines, Newspapers and Websites. We will also be inviting current and prospective buyers of the Wings + Horns line, along with Torontobased menswear bloggers. Details The first night of the pop up shop will be an invite-only, exclusive event targeted toward industry professionals. The first evening will be catered along with a performance by a Toronto based Media and Entertainment group and an open bar. The second and third night of the pop up shop will be open to the public to come look at the clothing on display and purchase the items available. 17

Displayed on the racks and tables will be pieces from the Wings + Horns Fall/Winter 2013 collection. The garments will consist of the styles and silhouettes (width) and the various colours (depth) each style has. There will only be one size displayed on the floor, but a range of sizes stocked for purchase. During the three days the pop up shop is held, we will be allocating volunteers from Humber College’s Fashion Management and Promotions Program, as well as the Events Program. These students will be responsible for set-up and de-construction of the event, coat check, maintenance of the guest list including distribution of the lookbook booklets. Not only will students receive internship hours to go towards their placement, they will gain experience in brand presentation and event management. (Appendix) Promotions (Appendix K) This event will be promoted through all social media outlets including: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Wings + Horns Website. Flyers will also be distributed to boutiques carrying Wings + Horns clothing as well as posted around the city of Toronto (where permitted). Sales Promotion The Sales Promotion of our Promotional Mix is a way to contribute to the well being of the young residents of the ‘Iron Horse Youth Safe House’ in Vancouver. Corporate Social Responsibility is an important aspect of a company’s brand image. We decided to give back to the community that not only the brand was originated in, but core manufacturer of the brand as well. Vancouver is a city with a high homeless rate and over 30 shelters, with 8 of them strictly for youth (Greater Vancouver Shelter Strategy, N/D). These facts contributed to the idea of giving blankets to the shelter with every blanket purchased. This aspect will not only reflect the lifestyle values of the brand, but also bring attention to the homeless issue facing Vancouver and create stronger brand equity for Wings + Horns within Vancouver. (Appendix G) Date The launch of this promotion will be held at the ‘Meet The Designer’ event on Thursday February 6th, 2014 and continue until all 500 blankets are sold. Promotion 18

We will outlets already include

advertise this sales promotion through various social media as well on flyers, which will be given to the boutiques carrying Wings + Horns clothing. The Press Kit will also a brief description of the sales promotion.

Details Consumers will be able to purchase these blankets as well as in Wings + Horns new flag ship in Vancouver. The blanket designs being purchased and donated will be a limited edition and only 500 will be available to the public. This will create an exclusivity factor among the pieces, which will encourage consumers to purchase this item and aid in the charitable endeavor with Wings & Horns.


Promotional Budget: The specific budget method we have used is the objective and task method. We have decided to use this method as we feel as though it is the best method to ensure our goals of brand awareness, brand equity and increasing profits is met. We have budgeted approximately 20,000 for our pop up shop with our fixed costs just fewer than 18,000 dollars. This allows a small amount of funds to remain available for any unforeseeable variable costs that may arise. For our 10th year anniversary blankets, with 500 being donated to several Vancouver shelters, we simply covered the costs of manufacturing the blanket; which totaled at 47,500 dollars. Considering the size of our company, it can be argued that for a company of our stature, the only advertising budgeting method that makes sense from a logical and economic standpoint is the objective and task method (White, 2010). The advertising budget was set with the primary objective of our promotional campaign to be raising awareness of the brand and increase our brand equity amongst our existing clientele. By having the opportunity to set up a pop-up shop in Toronto and demonstrate our aesthetic, in addition to offering existing and potential clientele a chance to meet our designer, we are hoping to strengthen existing accounts and pick up new retailers to increase sales for our upcoming season. Therefore, the effectiveness of this campaign will be measured in upcoming seasons and the level of demand increasing. A company our size financial constraints are evident and limit our advertising budget. We have made use of volunteering individuals through providing an opportunity to gain internship hours towards their educational programs. By covering our costs of manufacturing the blanket, we are able to build brand equity and provide corporate social responsibility without utilizing our advertising expenditure. 19

Using the objective and task method of budgeting advertising is the best way to conservatively manage your expenses while providing an opportunity to increase your brand awareness in the market (White, 2010).

Conclusion Overall, the mix of advertising, public relations and sales promotions will increase brand equity and awareness, therefore increasing profits. Our “meet the designer� event will allow consumers to develop a personal connection to the brand, while our pop up shop and special event will allow us to emphasize and demonstrate our aesthetic while creating and enhancing relationships with current and potential retailers. Our 10th anniversary special edition blankets will provide an exclusive collector’s item for 20

existing clientele to strengthen their ties to the brand, while also demonstrating corporate social responsibility through our donations to a shelter in Vancouver. The overall impact of our promotional advertising campaign will be measured in the success of the upcoming wings + horns collections. The objective of our campaign is to strengthen existing brand equity amongst consumers and retailers accounts, while raising awareness and potentially adding new retail accounts to stock the wings + horns collections in Toronto.

Appendix A Event List Press Kits (Including Invitations to Meet the Designer + Pop Up Show Event) GQ (Editors, Head Stylist, Fashion Journalists) Complex (Editors, Fashion Journalists) Hype Beast (Editors, Fashion Journalists) Sharp (Editors, Head Stylist, Fashion Journalists) TSB (Blogger: Tommy Ton (Blogger: Jay Strut (Blogger: Invitations to Meet the Designer + Pop Up Shop Event Current Buyers (All Toronto Based) Nomad Holt Renfrew Jonathan and Olivia The Blu Concept Uncle Otis Prospective Buyers (All Toronto Based) Sydney’s 21

Harry Rosen Lost and Found Working Title Community 54 Clocks and Howl Serpentine Contraband Got Style The Future of Frances Watson Lavish and Squalor

Appendix B


We will be purchasing 500 5.5x8.5�/4x11� flyers to promote our pop up shop/meet the designer event for $137. These flyers will be placed 23

around the city and in the boutiques which currently carry wings + horns.


Appendix C

We will be purchasing 5000 impressions for the Top Banner, to run two weeks before our event.


Appendix D


Noka Japanese Catering Hiring: 3 chefs & 5 servers for 5 hours

Appendix E 27

*Purchasing 3 clothing racks

Appendix F


* Purchasing a total of 30 hangers


Appendix G










producing a blanket t-black

Appendix H


DJ’s for the opening night of our Pop up shop Rate: $125/hr.


Appendix I



2nd Floor events: 461 King St W Friday 7-11 Opening night event Saturday 4-8 Sunday 12-4 Open bar Friday 7-11 Overall cost: $10,500 (Quoted From Phone Conversation)

Appendix J



Appendix K

A budget of $1000 will be allocated to social media pay per click advertising. This advertising was chosen to be utilized as it is a way we can advertise to our target market directly.


Appendix L






Button-down Shirts



wings + horns wings + horns is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to aid in the preparation of our pop up shop! Preference will be given to current fashion students. Please send your resume and cover letter to . You must be available February 7, 4pm12am and February 9, 4pm to 6pm.







Button-down Shirts

Appendix N 42


Appendix O


Appendix P


Appendix Q


Bibliography 47

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wings + horns


Started in 2004 as a subsidiary to CYC Design Corporation located in Vancouver, British Columbia by Craig Atkinson


Brian Mendoza is hired in 2006. Mendoza is able to create and develop a signature aesthetic for the company that focuses on Canadian heritage and timeless garments


Wings + Horns launches their official website in 2007 to provide a more controlled, curated presentation of their brand 50


In 2010 Davidson Manaloto is hired to take over as head designer and expands on Wings + Horns aesthetic, pushing the company in a more fashion-forward direction


In 2012, Wings + Horns opens an e-commerce site to provide an online platform that allows their consumers to buy directly from the source

wings + horns fall/winter 2013 pop-up shop 461 king st. w feb 8 6-9pm 51 feb 9 12-4pm


wings + horns  

A collaborative promotional plan for Canadian menswear brand wings + horns.

wings + horns  

A collaborative promotional plan for Canadian menswear brand wings + horns.