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           LEANA  MULLANE     COCONUT,  LEMON  &  LIME  

Fashion bloger from Austrailia

WHAT IS YOUR FASHION BACKGROUND I have always loved being creative from a young age, not necessarily fashion but painting, craft and just simply making things. My nana was an amazing seamstress and so I would like to think I get some of my skills from that side of the family and my mum was also very creative, being from Norway she was an incredible knitter, my mums brother and dad were also good drawers. During high school i was doing Textiles and art and in year 12 completed Visual communication and Studio arts both with a garment designed and made as my final piece. From there now attending Whitehouse in Melbourne studying a bachelor of Fashion Design. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START BLOGGING Even before instagram and Facebook there was always something trending like Myspace etc and I have always found myself getting creative with photos and my outfits; I think it was always in me. After joining instagram over a year ago I first discovered Spell Designs and buying from them, I then starting taking photos in those pieces and creating flat lays with my favourite pieces, they would then repost the images and more people started to discover me. It was from my flat lays that continued on and my love for inspiring people that many asked why I didn't have a blog. At uni we were always reminded to network and put ourself out there, so one day I decided to make it happen and begin... Coconut, Lemon & Lime. I think it was also a way to help me express my style and figure out who I am and where I ma going, and it has definitely helped with that. It is such an incredible part of the industry to be apart and i have met the most inspiring and amazing people. To be apart of their journey and help make their dreams come true is truly magical for me. I couldn't have imaged to be here today doing this, but am so grateful that I am . HOW DID YOUR BLOG TAKE OFF? WHAT DID YOU DO TO ENSURE SUCCESS? My blog simply took off with the help of my already in place following from instagram. I also had a lot of support and guidance from amazing people and designers I have met on the way, am so appreciative of all their help and inspiration. And i guess just simply being yourself and good things will come... I have had a rough couple of years with personal things and I think this was such a positive thing for me so I put my whole heart into everything i do for my blog and instagram, it is apart of me now. So I think success means something different for everyone and for me being able to inspire others and help them get one step closer to their dream is success.

“My best

advice is to just be yourself, believe in yourself and do the best that you can. You are the one who can make something happen so go out there and start

making it happen” WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR CAREER GOALS? Right now I am about to start my last year in a Bachelor of Fashion Design and in some ways I still figuring out where I wish to go after that. I have an interest in fashion, styling and interiors so I still have a bit of discovering to do hehe. Right now i would love to finish my course and then just see where life takes me after that, I will continue to blog and see where that goes and maybe do some interning with labels and hopefully get a job. Whether my own label is in the future we will see :) I would love to just be happy and enjoying life doing something that i love :) DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR A FASHION BUSINESS STUDENT? My best advice is to just be yourself, believe in yourself and do the best that you can. You are the one who can make something happen so go out there and start making it happen. There are always going to people that may or may not like what you do so we just need to work hard and believe in ourselves and know that we can do it :) I also suggest networking, I believe it is an important thing in the fashion industry, get yourself known with people you may wish to work with one day, intern with companies and just put yourself out there, you never know what can come of that :)


Interview with Blogger Leana Mullane  

Interview I conducted with Australian based blogger Leana Mullane of Coconut, Lemon & Lime.