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This is my life by Adri. «A» to «Z»

Adriana Is my name. I’m 16 years old. My favorite band of music is Paramore and Katy Perry. My favorite colors are pink and red. I love my family and my friends.

Carolina is my little sister. I love her! She loves go shopping, watch movies and dance a lot. She is like my daughter, She is very special for me .

Dior is a perfum that I like a lot. I like it because it smells delicious. The is container is very fashion.

Eduardo is my brother. He loves video games and He is so special for my! Is a good boy because he is responsible and he loves play soccer.

Family is the best that I have. I love my family. My family are my dady, my mom, my brother and my sister. They are so important in my life. I love them.

Grandma is the person that I admire and love her so much! My grandma’s name is Flora My grandma is very specal for me.

I like surf in Internet. I love download music, Facebook and watch music videos. I spend a lot of time in Internet.

Katy Perry is my favorite singer. She is so fabolous an d I admire her becuase she is very successful and she sings so good.


is my parrot’s name.

It’s my mom’s pet and my mom Love it so much. It’s sometimes sings and say «mama» It’s so pretty.

’’Nina’’ is the nickname of my friend Ary. She’s very funny and is a good friend. She is an excellent friend I love her.

Parents. My Parents are so special for my. They are the best that I have. They teach me my values and they give love and comprension. They are the best!!!

Quiara is my dog’s name. It’s a little rottweiler. It’s so special for me! It has 3 months of age It’s so playful and so loving with me and my family. It’s so obedient.

Red is my favorite color.. I love red lipstick , shoes, accesories, nails, bags and everything that the girls can use for look good.

Stephanie is my friend’s name. She is so funny and a good friend. I love laught with her and talk about us. I love her!

Vodka is my favorite drink. It’s delicious with juice and ice. I love drink it with my loved ones. My favorite vodka’s flavor is pear with tamarind juice!

A to Z adri  

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