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A bus stop bench in Houstan, TX will be replaced by an elegant bathtub with towels and an attractive shower curtain. On the wall of the bus stop will be a sign with the HGTV logo along with the time Divine Design airs. This sign is placed in all of the ads. On th e curb, there will be the Divine Deisgn logo.


It will be placed in Minneapolis, Minnesota’s busy downtown area. The motivation people will have to open the dishwasher is mere curiousity. On the front of the dishwasher there will be the Divine Design logo. When you open the dishwasher there is an image of a kitchen designed by Candice Olsen, along with the HGTV sign.


An elevator at the New York: Designer Kitchen and Bath will have a sticker on the front to make it look like it has an ice/water dispenser like a refridgerator. Other details on the front of the doors would be the Divine Design logo. Inside, the back wall will be painted to resemble one of the kitchens designed by Candice Olsen. The three stools in front of the image will make it look like people are sitting at the counter. The same HGTV flyer is placed on the wall near the elevator buttons.


Divine Design: Guerilla

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