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The Open Heart

Lynne Harkes in association with Jeffreys Interiors presents

‘Angel Wings in Bloom’ Lynne Harkes is a local artist who specialises in flower paintings. Lynne’s work, mostly in oils, explores the intricate depth and colour of petals and leaves. The way the flowers vibrantly protrude out of the canvas adds an entrancing and hypnotic element to her work. Her paintings burst with colour and unveil the vital life force of nature, even in the relatively still world of plants. Lynne says: “My work is all about pushing some colours and shapes to the background and encouraging others to sprout forward until I capture the essence of my subject.” Lynne’s desire in all her paintings is to bring attention to even the tiniest, often overlooked detail and bring out its startling beauty. She explains: “When I’m behind my canvas, an energy and presence flows, especially towards the most modest specimens.” Lynne’s

paintings are an extension of her spiritual and engaging personality and convey her delight for life. ‘Angel Wings in Bloom’ is Lynne’s first solo exhibition in Edinburgh. The show will include all her recent works, many inspired by what she calls “the modest and magical Drummond Gardens.” Lynne has previously exhibited in the Sultanate of Oman, where she lived before moving into the depths of the African jungle in Gabon. Her paintings have been sold around the world. ‘Angel Wings in Bloom’ brings her back to her native and beloved city. She says: “This exhibition is a way for me to bring together some other elements which have a special resonance with me for the high quality and integrity at their core.” Lynne is delighted to have Edinburgh’s Jeffreys Interiors supporting her by furnishing the gallery

with their unique and elegant style, making a harmonious and comfortable space to showcase their combined creativity. ‘Angel Wings in Bloom’ is an exhibition not to be missed, as the organic quality and energy of Lynne’s magical paintings will leave a lasting impression with you long after you have left. Interview by Steph Macnaughton ‘Angel Wings in Bloom,’ Feb 23-28, Dundas Street Gallery, 6A Dundas St., Tues-Sat 10am-6pm, Thur 10am-8pm, Sun 10am-3pm Jeffreys Interiors Showroom, 8 NW Circus Place, Stockbridge, T 0131 247 8010,

Lynne in Drummond Gardens

FEB/MAR 2010



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