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People used to say Bob lived on another planet. He was always distracted, talking and laughing to himself.

No one knew what was going on in his head. Literally.

The truth is that he had lots of hidden friends: hundreds of lice living in his long afro hair. They were his best mates and were always having fun together.

The lice were always telling funny jokes. That’s the reason why Bob was always relaxed and in a good mood.

Bob loved to sit at the beach and play the guitar for hours whilst the lice sang to his favourite tunes.

They were very clever and used to help Bob at the school tests. His teachers never noticed!

Sometimes, at night they got a bit hyperactive and started tap dancing non-stop, giving Bob a headache.

He used to spray a relaxing smoke to calm them down.

One day, Bob got a strange disease that made him lose his hair. And with his hair, he lost his best friends.

It was really hard for Bob to see them, one by one, going down the drain, being swept away by the wind, or left abandoned on his pillow.

He was devastated. He didn’t want to go to school anymore. For the first time in his life, he felt lonely.

The kids at school noticed he was very sad and prepared a big surprise to cheer him up.

They all dressed up as lice and put on a big show at Bob’s house.

They danced and sang Bob’s favourite songs, like his old mates.

Bob was happy again.

He had found new friends.

They had been there by his side all along and he had never noticed how amazing they were!

The Kids that Rocked  

Bob Marley

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