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Partner Highlights: Bitone Children’s Center and Troupe Grant Information Total funds received from One World since last report: $4,434.09 Time period in which funds were received From Jan. 2013

to Jul. 2013

Allocation of funds from One World Children’s Fund Expenses Feeding Education Medical Rent Utilities Operations

Amount $800 $2,010 $50 $840 $240 $320



The remaining balance will be used for food costs in August and in taking care of monthly bank fees. Program funds help send all children to school, provide them with shelter and basic meals.

Impact Children’s health and rehabilitation status have both improved significantly. Additionally the children have made advancements in their academic, leadership, and performing arts skills. Community engagement has increased through artistic workshops and performances. Lastly, Bitone Center has seen an increase in the children’s work ethic, discipline and motivation for accomplishing future goals.

Services Delivered DIRECT SERVICES

Describe services in detail

How many children and/or caregivers received services?

Provides tuition and


Describe results of services, e.g. exam results, health improvements Grade Completion, Students

1016 L i n c o l n B o u l e v a r d , San Francisco, CA 94129 Ph. (415) 255-3014


scholastic materials

Offer medical check-ups and treatment of various diseases Provide safe accommodations for children along with three meals, and clothing Musical instruction, training in singing and performing dances Hold planning and management meetings on a weekly basis

Healthcare Housing, food, clothing Skills Training Training Staff

graduation School Reports, and Certificates of Merit in academic and co-curricular ac activities Healthy livings, stability at school since children are sick less often Family values, work ethic, comfort, community and healthy living have all increased Self-confidence, leadership skills, cultural appreciation

20 20

20 5

Management skills

Target Population Children


 Adults

 Parents/caregivers

Number of Children/Youth Served

Number of Parents or Caregivers Served

Under 5 years

5-12 years

13-19 years

20-25 years


Mal e











 Community members



Number of other Community Members Served Male


This document provides a concise summary based on the Bitone Children’s Center and Troupe Annual Report submitted by Branco Sekalegga, and was edited by Alexandra Diachkoff.

1016 L i n c o l n B o u l e v a r d , San Francisco, CA 94129 Ph. (415) 255-3014

Partner highlights, Bitone children's center and troupe, Uganda  
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