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2012 Annual Report


Letter from Board Chair This year was a truly impressive year at One World as we continued to build on a strong foundation and grow on all levels! Earlier this year, we defined strategic goals for the next couple years of $1 million plus in funding, 50 program Partners and 75 Champions. The November Luncheon, attended by over 400 people, gave us a fantastic boost towards these milestones and the motivation to drive full speed ahead to deliver on our unique “Champion” model and strategic goals. As Mama Lucy Kayiwa, our Partner at St. Vincent’s Children of Kibera, mentioned in her speech at the luncheon, we are a part of the "global village" that it takes to get children from poverty and insecurity to opportunity. During the year, we recruited Stephanie (Allie) Heckman as our Executive Director; grew to 35 grassroots Partners (ten new Partners, including ones in Ecuador, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo); had Katie Boswell join us in her new role to manage Partner programs and build on her contribution as a volunteer; raised over $750,000, over $4 million cumulatively since founding; and served more than 109,000 children. We also added 15 new Champions. In addition to Mama Lucy, we had a visit from our People First Educational Trust Partners Deepak Kumar and Nick Hansen. Our board and staff also visited grassroots Partners in the U.S., India and Nicaragua. 2012 was a transition year for One World, including the departure of our Board Chair and Treasurer. Frank Hathaway is now in place as our new Treasurer. We could not have made this transition successfully without the support of our board and committee chairs, Chitra Rajeshwari and Janet Greig. As we move into 2013, we will be building the Founders’ Circle, working on partnerships with institutional granters for long term capacity building, and continuing to build on our amazing community – including board, committees, Champions, Partners and volunteers. We’ll continue to use the values that have been our True North to bring together this global village to continue to raise children into a better world for them and for us. On behalf of the entire One World community, I want to thank all of you for your contributions towards the success and growth of our organization. To quote Wanjiru Kamau Rutenberg who, following her honor by the White House as a Champion of Change, told the One World staff, "You and the team at One World are the wind beneath our wings! Thank you for the many ways you help us soar!! We love you!!!" In Gratitude, Anand Chandrasekaran One World Board Chair One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


Letter from Executive Director Our 2012 Annual Report highlights the work of hundreds of global citizens dedicated to improving the lives of children who are affected by poverty. It shows that local, community-driven efforts produce sustainable and impressive results. It shows that when we are passionate about a cause, we can work together to create change and opportunity in the lives of children around the world. 2012 was our most successful year to date. One World’s 67 Champions raised more than $474,392. $499,995was granted directly to 35 grassroots Partners who served 109,210 children with education, healthcare, and shelter. We benefit from the multinational, skilled, talented and generous individuals who each play a critical role in creating a better world for the next generation. Each of us is bound by this vision and by the values through which we operate: Transparency, Respect, Generosity, Community, Compassion and Reciprocity In particular, I want to thank the board, staff, advisory board, volunteers, interns and committee members in guiding us through our current strategic plan. We are on track to partner with 50 grassroots Partners and 75 Champions by the end of 2014. Your hard work and input has ensured that we continue to not only meet, but exceed our goals. I thank the Champions, Founders’ Circle members and generous donors who have contributed to One World and our grassroots Partners. Your commitment and kindness inspires us and allows us to grow and serve more children. Finally, I thank the incredible communities; the men, women and children, who we partner with across the world. We work with the very best of humanity each and every day. They each made the courageous decision to improve the world in which we all live. I am excited to see what 2012-13 brings for us all! In Gratitude, Steph Allie Heckman Executive Director One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


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One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


One World Children’s Fund Our Vision One World envisions a world where we all act together as one global community, to ensure every child has education, healthcare, and shelter.

Our Model One World's Champion Model connects residents in the United States with effective grassroots organizations around the world. This year, One World’s 67 Champions raised $474,392 for 35 Grassroots Partners in 18 countries.

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


Education – Akili Dada, Kenya Zilpah’s Story “As an Akili Dada scholar, I have become a better leader and learned to live with all sorts of people from different walks of life.” In 2010, Zilpah joined Akili Dada as a Form One (9th grade) student from Ruai, where she lives with her foster mother and siblings. Now in Form Four (12th grade), she hopes to study Geomorphology and Fashion Design in university. Concerned about the pressing need for books and reading exposure for neighborhood children, Zilpah started a library using seed money from Akili Dada’s social change program to buy books and repair used books. Housed in a simple building that used to be her mother's store, Zilpah convinced her mother to give her the space and to run the library while she is in school. Known for her infectious smile, Zilpah’s project is aptly called “Bringing Back the Genuine Smiles.” Mercy’s Story “Being an Akili Dada scholar has unleashed the best in me and made me realize that if I want anything, I have to go for it no matter what the setbacks.” Mercy was part of Akili Dada’s mentoring program from 2008 through 2011, when she graduated from high school. Her top academic performance earned her a scholarship to the University of Nairobi to pursue a degree in Economics and Statistics but, while she waits to take her place there, she is also applying to universities and colleges in U.S. She currently serves as an intern in Akili Dada’s Nairobi office, gaining key professional skills and starting a mentoring club in a local day school in her community. This enables younger students to experience the crucial benefits of mentorship to which she attributes her own success. One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


Healthcare – Smaraami Foundation, India “I do this work because I believe every child has the right to a healthy life.” Chakradhar, Managing Trustee of Smaraami Foundation in Hyderabad, India, was unable to ignore the situation at Niloufer Hospital in Hyderabad. A government-run maternity and children’s hospital, Niloufer provides free treatment to thousands of women and children each year. A valuable resource for parents who would otherwise be unable to access healthcare for their children, the hospital lacked the resources needed to conduct routine lab tests in a timely manner. When the doctors didn’t have test results, they didn’t know what the medical issues were and couldn’t treat newborn babies in the first few days of the child’s life when timeliness is so critical. Each day 20 infants were dying on the Intensive Care Unit because the doctors didn’t have access to the information needed to provide the appropriate care. Smaraami Foundation has changed this. Their team of three local clinicians, who are based in the hospital, now provides round-the-clock lab services to patients and doctors. Any hour of the day you will find the team at Smaraami conducting malaria tests, routine lab tests to check the functioning of vital organs, and newborn screening tests that look for serious developmental, genetic and metabolic disorders. With these test results, the doctors are able to take immediate action to save the patient’s life. Thanks to the hard work of Chakradhar and his team, the infant mortality rates at Niloufer Hospital have been reduced by 75%. In real terms, this means that thousands of young children’s and infants’ lives have been saved. One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


Shelter – Bitone Children’s Center & Troupe, Uganda “I was born in a family of 8 children. I was born in Nsaggu village. I started schooling in the village at a school called Modern Academy. My mother died when I was 4 years old. I started living with my father but he made me do a lot of things that were torturing me. When my sister learnt about what was happening to me, she brought me to town and I started living with her, but stopped schooling since my sister did not have enough money. My sister transferred me to two other relatives’ homes but the abuse continued. I was brought to Bitone Children's Center in 2007 where I have learned how to live in a big family that respects each other and works for the best. With my stable living situation, I have become a leader at my school and developed my talents in poetry, dance and values of self-respect, self-confidence and leadership. In the future, I want to become a medical doctor, an entertainer and a volunteer in children’s centers. Currenty, I represent Bitone Center as one of the Presenters on WBS Television on a Teen’s Club.” - Angel “I was born in a family of 12 children in Busoga, Eastern Uganda. My parents are missed many years without going to school. In 2008 I was spotted by Branco, Bitone Director, through a friend who knew about my plight and, luckily, I came to live at Bitone Children’s Center. I started going to school, receiving medical care, scholastic materials and all other personal care. I have just completed my Primary School. I am so happy for having achieved that success and for finishing primary level which has been so hard for me. My academic goal is to become an accountant and a part time musician. Life at Bitone is very sweet. We interact as a family and share everything as brothers and sisters. At Bitone, I have developed my talent in playing Ugandan musical instruments (xylophones, drums, bow harps and fiddles) and dancing. I love it so much especially when we go and perform at weddings and other functions.” – Augustine “I was born in Kiyana village in a family of four children. Unfortunately, when I turned 1 year old, I lost my dad to AIDS. This was the time when my life started to turn down. My relatives chased us away from the house where we were staying. We stayed in a little kitchen that was attached to the house but, sadly, my mom was tortured and eventually we moved away to save our lives. By that time, I was in primary school, but our family started running bankrupt because my mother did not have a job. In 2006 I was brought to Bitone Children's Center where I have learned how to work together with my brothers and sisters. It’s nice because we also play and pray together. At Bitone, I have learned how to dance, sing and make crafts. My dream is to become a worldwide model and also become the most experienced engineer. I want to finish my education and achieve my goals of being a successful lady.” – Jane Rose

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


Highlights of 2012 One World Children’s Fund     

Increased funding for One World Partners by more than 50%, disbursing almost $500,000. Grew from 25 grassroots Partners and 52 Champions to 35 grassroots Partners and 67 Champions Raised more than $4 million since the organization was founded. Partnered with One World Advisory Board member, Pankaj Agarwal, to develop 3-year Strategic Plan. Presented a global session at the EDGE Funders Alliance Conference – in partnership with Central American Women's Fund and Women's Earth Alliance.

One World’s Partners 

        

Akili Dada launched their Innovation in Leadership and Fellowship Programs. Founder and Director, Wanjiru Kamau Rutenberg was recognized by the Ford Foundation as a Champion of Democracy and by the White House as a Champion of Change. Bocas School Project launched a sewing center for students age 14 and older. Jagriti Vihara (Hospital for Hope) hospital has been built and will be opening in 2013. Mubarika Campus opened a new school building and can accommodate hundreds more students. Sister Mary, director of Nari Jagran Manch, has seen a significant reduction in family size by young mothers which has ensured that hundreds of young girls are able to finish school and go on to further education. Nirvanavan Foundation celebrated 10 years of Childline services, which provides for extremely vulnerable children who have been abused, abandoned or victims of trafficking and child labor. PNDO opened the children's home in Mae Hong Sun. People First Chairman, Deepak Kumar, received the Gem of India Award, presented by former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Anjna Patient Education Founder, Vineet Singal, was listed as one of the “Forbes 40 Under 40.” Zakat Foundation moved Happy Home Orphanage into a new building with improved facilities.

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One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


2012 One World Results 109,210 children served by One World’s Partners

35 Grassroots Partners

*Many Partners provide education, healthcare, and shelter services. In these instances, children are included in each category.

75,078 infants and toddlers (under 5) accessing

18 Countries

$499,955 Granted

medical care

7,898 girls educated 5,362 boys & girls receiving higher education

67 Champions Raised $474,392

109,210* Children




18,771 children

89,683 children

15,409 children

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


Letter from the Treasurer One World Children’s Fund completed our 2011-2012 fiscal year (October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012) in a record-breaking financial position. Our gross revenue of $769,010 was greater than our prior fiscal year’s by more than 30%, and we granted $499,955 to grassroots organizations around the world, which was 55% more than the prior year. We achieved these incredible results with only increasing Program, Administrative and Fundraising expenses by less than 1%. We continue to offer our services to all of our grassroots Partners and Champions without charging fees. This is possible due to our attention to efficient operations, which sees the organization being run by only 2 full-time and 1 part-time staff. Furthermore, the generosity of One World’s Founders’ Circle, whose commitment allows us to grow and build on a strong foundation, ensures that every penny raised by our dedicated Champions goes directly to our grassroots Partners. Our cash position of $352,771 was the highest we have ever had in our history. $100,000 of that cash position is set aside in an emergency Operating Reserve, and it will not be spent for any purpose unless absolutely necessary. It has been our good fortune that we have never had to touch the Operating Reserves. In looking ahead to our 2012-2013 fiscal year, we anticipate continual growth. We will as always strive to meet One World’s goals of maximizing funds to serve our Partners and minimizing expenses to run our organization.

Frank Hathaway Treasurer

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


The Champion Model Works! Grants Awarded Over Last 3 Years (in US$)

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


One World’s Grassroots Partners and Champions PACIFIC ISLANDS & ASIA

Helen Keller Institute for the Visually Impaired: Kerala, India The Helen Keller Institute rehabilitates visually impaired people, especially women, who are often considered social outcasts. They aim to make their beneficiaries self-sufficient through projects such as a fully functional Braille library, an organic vegetable garden, and a vocational training program. The Vocational Training Center helps the residents to become productive members of the community by teaching specific skills such as tailoring, typewriting and manufacturing mats. Champion: Balan Menon Hospital for Hope - Jagriti Vihara: Jharkhand, India Jagriti Vihara was established in 1974 to focus on reconstructing rural areas by motivating local villagers to play an active role in changing the social order. Hospital for Hope is currently constructing a hospital in an extremely under-served area of the rural Indian state of Jharkhand, where the population is over 100,000. Run primarily on patient fees, the hospital is being community planned and operated by Jagriti Vihara. Champions: Amit Garg, Arthi Chakravarti, Neil Kothari, Golda Philip and Melanie Kannokada Nari Jagran Manch: Bihar, India Nari Jagran Manch (NJM) provides microcredit loans to poor and largely illiterate rural women in Bihar so they can earn livelihoods for their families. The loans are given at low interest rates and have freed women from the trap of village money lenders. In addition NJM’s programs educate women in capacity building sessions on political participation, health-care, finance-management, leadership and women's rights. NJM has also invested in the education of girls by opening a school in the village of Mothiachak. Champions: One World Board Nirvanavan Foundation: Alwar District, India The Nirvanavan Foundation is a grassroots organization working in the remote areas of the Alwar district of Rajasthan to provide educational opportunities to children who live in areas where poverty is widespread and some girls are forced into prostitution. The main areas Nirvanavan focuses on are: child rights and

advocacy, education, ecology and the environment, and culture. They run 12 primary schools, as well as a 24-hour phone service which provides support and follow-up to vulnerable children in need of counseling and protection. Champions: Rucha Chitnis, Sai Kiran and Jeff Carino People First Educational Trust: Bihar, India People First works with marginalized children in Bihar through a network of village schools, a vocational training center, and its flagship project Rescue Junction. Rescue Junction, a shelter home for children in urgent need and street and platform children, focuses on the rehabilitation of these lost and abandoned children. People First provides shelter, care, counseling and education to these vulnerable children, as well as educating over 1,000 children every day in eight village schools. Champion: One World Board Prajna Vihar School: Bodh Gaya, India The Prajna Vihar School provides free education to economically disadvantaged children, who would otherwise receive no schooling. Founded by Buddhists, one of the core values embraced by the school is to celebrate the beauty and oneness of people belonging to all faiths. Many of the children belong to the vulnerable and marginalized Dalit communities. The newly constructed multi-story school currently serves more than 500 boys and girls. Champion: Shaila Catherine ShivaShanta Mother and Child Health Center: Coimbatore, India The ShivaShanta Mother and Child Health Center cares for children and their mothers from pre-birth to three years of age. The center provides pre-natal and post-natal care, free immunization, family planning, health and nutrition education, essential drugs, and appropriate treatment of common childhood diseases. About two thirds of patients receive 100% free services. Since opening in 1986, the Health Center has served 262,850 women and 334,485 children. Champion: Tanushree (Tina) Aggarwal Smaraami Foundation: Hyderabad, India Smaraami Foundation was established with the belief that every child has a right to lead a healthy life irrespective of economic status. The Foundation has partnered with government hospitals in Hyderabad to provide quality healthcare for underprivileged children. They provide free lab services, advanced clinical testing capabilities for life threatening diseases, epidemic screening facilities, and access to quality neo-natal and pediatric intensive care. Smaraami established a 24-hour emergency lab service at Niloufer Hospital that reduced the hospital infant mortality rate by 20% and is now expanding the program to other government hospitals including Gandhi Hospital. Champion: Kavitha Earneni

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report

22 AFRICA Zakat Foundation of India: New Delhi, India The Zakat Foundation of India (ZFI) serves people who are marginalized and affected by injustices in New Delhi and the state of Uttar Pradesh. The services include free clinics, a subsidized hospital, mobile medical dispensaries, microfinance, stipends for widows, and scholarships for students facing economic hardships. The ZFI programs, which shelter, educate and care for children orphaned by disasters, include the Happy Home Orphanage for boys and Fatima Care Home for girls. Champions: Saad Mahmood and Soumya Naidu Build a School in Burma (RDS): Kalaw, Burma Many villages in Burma do not have schools. Farm families often have 3 to 7 children and, lacking literacy and numeracy, they have scant future prospects. Build a School is committed to building schools in these underserved areas of Burma to educate children and give them a change for a better future. The first school was completed in 2011 in Nan Ouw village, Shan State. A second school in Inn Ta Lu village was completed in 2012 in partnership with the Karen Women Action Group. Champions: Robert Cornwell and Andrew Lederer Familia HOPE Orphanage: Gleno, Timor-Leste Familia HOPE Orphanage cares for orphaned children in Timor-Leste. After TimorLeste's successful vote for independence from Indonesia, many children lost both parents during a series of brutal uprisings in September 1999. Familia HOPE provides a safe and loving environment, nutrition and education for children who are orphaned and living in poverty. With support from Familia HOPE, children now attend primary and secondary schools and, through scholarships, universities in Australia. Champion: Jean Olson Mubarika Campus: Wazirpur-Marrara, Pakistan Providing a rich education to the poor, Mubarika Campus is situated 10 kilometers from Pakistan's border with India in an area devastated by poverty, with only one government-run school and a female illiteracy rate over 90 percent. Mubarika works to address the lack of education caused by great distances, lack of transport, and an inability of parents to meet school expenses. It built a school that now serves more than 700 students: boys through Grade 5 and girls through Grade 9. Champions: Nadir Minhas, Almaz Negash, Huma Zafar and Bridget Blomfield Pā-O National Development Organization (PNDO): Mae Hong Son, Thailand PNDO has been serving the Pā-O and other ethnic communities since 2002 and is committed to ensuring the essential health, education, and social needs of these communities. PNDO serves a total of 12,351 orphaned and displaced children (8,406 in Burma and 3,945 in Thailand) and supports 29 schools in Thailand and 77 schools in Burma. Champion: Bill Weidinger

Akili Dada: Nairobi, Kenya Akili Dada works to empower promising young women from underprivileged backgrounds to become the next generation of African women. They provide the funds needed to support students for the duration of their secondary schooling and connect young scholars with professional Kenyan women who volunteer to serve as mentors. The leadership training program equips these young women to become agents of change through community service projects in their own communities. All Akili Dada alumni have earned full scholarships to universities around the world! Champion: Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg Batsiranai Craft Project: Harare, Zimbabwe Batsiranai is a women’s handicraft project supporting mothers with severely disabled children living under challenging circumstances. The women’s artisan products, which are made from local materials and sold internationally, include greeting cards, dolls, aprons, baby products, jewelry and bags. Batsiranai has over 100 members. Its success has allowed them to purchase two houses that are used for daycare, physical therapy, workrooms, and housing for families. Champion: Lynn Poole Bitone Children's Center and Troupe: Kawempe Lugoba, Uganda The Bitone Children’s Center and Troupe’s goal is to restore the hopes and enhance the quality of life of disadvantaged Ugandan children who have been traumatized by the death of their parent(s), loss of home, war, disease and economic hardship. Currently the Center provides housing, food, medical treatment, psychological counseling and rehabilitation, and a nurturing family environment to 20 children 10 years and older. The children are educated in local schools, and the center provides training in traditional Ugandan dance, music, and theater. Champion: Sarah Heddon Center to Help Exploited Youth (CAMME): Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo CAMME’s mission is to help the youth of Congo live a future free of exploitation, maximize their potential, and help themselves. CAMME provides vocational training, education, medical care, food, and a sense of community to almost 500

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report

23 children every month. CAMME works with children living on the street, newly demobilized child soldiers, victims of sexual violence and orphans. The programs are facilitated by local staff and tradespeople, such as professional tailors and carpenters, social workers and health professionals, all of whom donate their time and expertise. Champions: Alex Tishman, Nathaniel Tishman and Pascal Bashombana El Shadai Family Foster Home: Jinja District, Uganda El Shadai Family Foster Home was founded by Stephen Wante, an orphan himself, who was determined to care for and educate street children and orphans whose parents had been victims of HIV/AIDS and faced rejection by the society. El Shadai currently offers shelter, care, counseling and support in a safe family-like environment to 35 children, from age 2 to 19 years. All children are currently attending school and four of eldest have completed university. The goal is to send every child to college and see that they get good jobs and thus live a respectable life in the society. Champions: Masha Maslova, Srijana Angdembey, Veronica Canton and Olivia Lizotte Hlomelikusasa: Eastern Cape, South Africa Hlomelikusasa mitigates the impact of HIV/AIDS on orphans and vulnerable children in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape. They register orphans in local schools and run a network of 15 nutrition drop-in centers which feed over 300 children daily using the produce from their permaculture plots. These centers, run by trained community healthcare workers, are a safe haven providing after-school programs, permaculture gardening, home-based care and treatment literacy for HIV/AIDS. Champion: Chianne Hewer Ilela and Ngelenge School Committee: Ilela and Ngelenge, Tanzania The villages of Ilela and Ngelenge sit in a river valley near Lake Nyasa in Tanzania and have no access to electricity or running water. The Ilela and Ngelenge School Committees are working to improve the learning environment for over 600 school children. They are currently renovating the two schools and raising funds to increase the number of books and classroom furniture to create a better educational environment. Champions: Paola de Cecco and Erik Bluvas Kusoma International (LMEF): Kuria District, Kenya Kusoma empowers impoverished and marginalized communities by enabling all children access to quality education, in order to develop their full capabilities and equip them to fight poverty, ignorance and disease. Kusoma offers scholarships and mentorship programs to bright young people from underprivileged backgrounds. They recently broke ground on a community library, which will house books in Swahili and English, offer classes in literacy, health, education, and basic computer skills and serve as a community gathering place. Champions: Sandra Darrow and Adam Brosamer

Positive Innovation for the Next Generation (PING): Gaborone, Botswana A youth-led organization, PING addresses health and development problems by simultaneously using technology in an innovative way and creating problem solvers in the local population. It focuses on health and youth-related technology projects, along with intensive high school-age and college IT mentorship programs for orphans and vulnerable teenagers. PING’s Youth Leaders Mentorship Program trains young people to be the change agents of the future to help solve the challenges that their communities face, particularly HIV/AIDS. The organization is currently expanding its projects into other African countries. Champion: Carolyn Digovich Siyazigabisa Home of Hope: Tembisa, South Africa Siyazigabisa Home of Hope currently serves 20 orphaned, abused and abandoned permanent residents aged between 2 months and 18 years, bringing hope to these children by providing them with food, shelter, coaching and counseling. In addition, more than 1,200 children and women come weekly from the surrounding areas to take part in skills and literacy programs, counseling sessions, women empowerment workshops, and a HIV/Aids support network. Champions: Bernadette Frager and Nicole Frager St. Vincent's - Children of Kibera: Nairobi, Kenya A grassroots organization located in Kibera, St. Vincent’s serves the largest slum in all of Africa by working with caregivers to improve the lives of orphaned and underprivileged children. It provides early childhood development, food, health services, housing and school fees. The program, which also promotes the social integration of these vulnerable children, currently serves over 100 children. Champions: Christina Stellini, Diane Yongue and Carla Stellini Lundstrom Tunaweza Fund: Karagwe District, Tanzania Through its Community Based Rehabilitation Program, which is facilitated through mobile clinics, the Tunaweza Fund provides services to children with disabilities and promotes community awareness of disabilities through training and seminars. Currently operating in 15 villages, the program enables children with disabilities to receive treatment and specialist equipment and partake in local hospital services. It supports children with disabilities in pursuing education through special schools and vocational institutions, encourages income generating activities, and assists with opening bank accounts and obtaining loans. Each year the Tunaweza Fund serves up to 700 disabled children and reaches up to 700 community members. Champions: Kathy Hansen Sweeney and Melanie Bielefeld

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report

24 literacy among children and addresses their healthcare needs. It currently reaches out to nearly 800 families with programs such as a nursery, primary and secondary schools, and health and family support services for children and their families. Champions: Sharmon Hilfinger and Luis Trabb-Pardo

AMERICAS Bocas School Project: Bocas del Toro, Panama The indigenous Ngobe-Bugle Indians live on the islands of the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama, where many schools lack running water, electricity or sanitation facilities. The mission of the Bocas School Project is to improve the quality of education for these under-served children, many of whom do not attend school past fourth grade, and to build the capacities of their schools. The Project provides healthy meals to the students and supplies water and electricity to the schools when possible. Champions: Kai Frykman and Margo Carey COMPALCIHT Association: Tipitapa, Nicaragua The COMPALCIHT Association works with the people of Tipitapa to provide nutrition, health services and early childhood education to children 1 to 6 years old. It promotes sustainable community development in urban and rural neighborhoods. COMPALCIHT serves 250 children. Champions: Donna Katzin and Susan Browne Fundacion Denis Ernesto Gonzales Lopez (FUDEGL): San Ramon, Nicaragua FUDEGL's goal is to improve the living and working conditions of the most vulnerable sectors of the Nicaraguan society and to reduce poverty, hunger and unemployment rates. Its comprehensive programs focus on sustainable agriculture, women's empowerment, and pre-school education. Champion: One World is currently looking for a Champion for FUDEGL Global Chalkboard Project (Victor Hugo School): Gonaives, Haiti Victor Hugo School, the focus of the Global Chalkboard Project, is the first school of its kind in the Gonaives community. It represents an attempt by the local people to make things better for the next generation by giving an education and skills to children of all ages. The school currently has 71 students, 37 girls and 34 boys in ages ranging from 4 to 17. Champions: Grace Linderholm and Kyle Trujillo P.E.T.I.S.O.S.: Bariloche, Argentina P.E.T.I.S.O.S. began its work in 2002 with the primary objective of preventing and eradicating child labor through direct interventions with child laborers, their families and the community around the slums of Bariloche. The project advances

Tadeo Torres: Cuenca, Ecuador Founded in 1913, the Tadeo Torres Children’s Home provides for at-risk children from birth to 6 years old. Whenever possible and appropriate, Tadeo Torres works to reintegrate children with their family. For others, it cares for them until a legal adoption or transfer to another appropriate institution. While at Tadeo Torres, children receive holistic care that addresses their physical, social and psychological needs. Legal/adoption social workers, child psychologists, language therapists and early stimulation therapists provide children with what they need for their development. Champion: Kate Mead Anjna Patient Education: San Francisco Bay Area, California The first organization to specifically target underserved populations in free clinics through the use of innovative technology, the goal to reduce rates of chronic preventable diseases and empower patients to achieve strong, healthy lives, interactive games with touch screen interfaces motivate young patients to stay healthy through exercise, diet and good hygiene. The program currently reaches over 7,000 young people in the San Francisco Bay Area. Champions: Vineet Singal and Brian Driscoll Girls Helping Girls: Fremont, California Girls Helping Girls is an international nonprofit organization that empowers girls to transform their world by mobilizing them to engage in cultural exchange, gain a global education, and create and lead social change. Champion: Sejal Hathi Girls to Women: East Palo Alto, California Low-income, single-parent and immigrant families in East Palo Alto participate in Girls to Women’s after-school and summer youth development programs that emphasize academics, the arts, contact with nature, movement and fitness, and social development. The organization partners with community development agencies and local schools to provide a nurturing, multicultural, nondenominational environment. Each year it supports 45 under-resourced elementary and early middle-school girls' development. Champion: One World is currently looking for a Champion for Girls to Women Mind Body Awareness Project: San Francisco Bay Area, California The Mind Body Awareness Project is dedicated to teaching essential life skills to atrisk, gang-involved, on-probation youth through the practices of meditation and yoga. In juvenile halls, high schools and group homes, the Mind Body Awareness Project team meets with teenagers to offer them alternatives to substance abuse, crime, violence and, ultimately, jail. Champion: One World Board.

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


One World Team Staff Stephanie “Allie” Heckman Executive Director Stephanie Doering Finance and Administration Manager Katie Boswell International Program Manager Board of Directors Anand Chandrasekaran Chair Chitra Rajeshwari Vice Chair Michael Kilgroe Co-founder Patricia ‘Savitri’ Burbank Co-founder Frank Hathaway Treasurer

Janet Greig Secretary Karim Ajania Howard Garfield

Advisory Board Almaz Negash Anne Firth Murray Chip McIntosh Colleen LaFontaine Duncan Beardsley Howard Franklin Jeff Chow Jen Brokaw, MD Ken Becker Patricia Foster Pankaj Agarwal Paul Strasburg Pete Stanga Rachel Humphrey Ranjit Deshmukh

Ram Manchi Rucha Chitnis Sai Kiran Sally Lieber Shanti Cliff Soren Gordhamer Steve Player Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg Wylie Greig Yordanos Berhe

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


Events at One World Each year, One World hosts several fundraising events to support the organization so that 100% of funds raised by One World Champions can go directly to our grassroots Partners. The One World Annual Luncheon was held on November 16 at the Grand-Hyatt, Union Square in San Francisco. Attended by over 400 people, the luncheon featured an inspiring guest speaker, Lucy Kayiwa, Founder and Director of St. Vincent’s, Children of Kibera, Kenya. In May, over 100 people joined us at Trader Vics in Palo Alto to hear guest speaker Rucha

Chitnis share her passion for grassroots organizations and the One World Champion model. Together these two events raised over $150,000.

Founders’ Circle Members enjoyed several exclusive events in the private homes of our closest friends. These events featured rare opportunities to meet with community leaders, Nick Hansen and Deepak Kumar from People First Educational Trust in Bihar, India; Lucy Kayiwa of St. Vincent’s in Kenya; and Christine Lunanga, Nathaniel Tishman and Pascal Bashombana of CAMME in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

One World Champions participated in a Champion Day workshop, which provided training and resources on major donor fundraising, building a fundraising plan, and cross-cultural sensitivity. Throughout the year, Champions attended sessions on various topics, including fundraising, international development, values, partnership and collaboration. This year, One World Champions Melanie Bielefeld and Kathy Hansen Sweeney from the Tunaweza Fund in Tanzania hosted a Foundation Funding Training session at the Foundation Center in San Francisco. One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


Thank you One World Champions Alex Tishman Allison Domicone Almaz Negash Amit Garg Andrew Lederer Arthi Chakravarti Balan Menon Bernadette Frager Bill Weidinger Brian Driscoll Bridget Blomfield Carla Stellini Lundstrom Carolyn Dygovich Chianne Hewer Christina Stellini Diane Yongue

Donna Katzin Gene & Fran Murphy Golda Philip Grace Linderholm Hosi Rosta Huma Zafar Jean Olson Jeff Carino Kai Frykman Kate Mead Kathy Hansen Sweeney Kavitha Earneni Kyle Trujillo Linda Kenny Luis Trabb-Pardo & Sharmon Hilfinger

Lynn Poole Margo Carey Masha Maslova Melanie Bielefeld Melanie Kannokada Nadir Minhas Nathan Stormzand Nathaniel Tishman Neil Kothari Nicole Frager Olivia Lizotte One World Board Paola de Cecco Pascal Bashombana Patricia Foster Robert Cornwell

Rucha Chitnis Saad Mahmood Sai Kiran Sandra Darrow Sarah Heddon Sejal Hathi Shaila Catherine Soumya Naidu Srijana Angembey Susan Browne Suzanne Cross Tina Aggarwal Veronica Canton Vineet Singal

Founders’ Circle Donors ($1500+) The generosity and commitment of our Founders’ Circle allows One World Children’s Fund to plan for the future and grow, so that we can serve thousands more children. If you are interested in joining the Founders’ Circle please contact Steph Allie Heckman, Executive Director at Alan & Penny Dunckel Anand Chandrasekaran & Tina Aggarwal Chip & Kay McIntosh Chitra Rajeshwari & Peter Lauer Ed & Linda DeMeo Frank Hathaway Howard & Liza Garfield

Irene Hoover Jake Silverstein Jamie Lockwood & Doug Parkes Jane Reece & Paul Ossa Jody Applebaum John Parker & Nancy Hardesty Joy Robinson

Karim Ajania Katherine Strasburg Kelly Keegan Ken Becker & Lillie Barrows Kiran & Priya Kamity Lorraine & Noble Hancock Michael Kilgroe & Patricia Savitri Burbank Pamela & Martin Krasney

Paul Strasburg & Therese Saracino Peter & Lisa Cracknell Spencer Commons & Marsha Gates Steve Gasner Tom & Judy Munzig Wylie & Janet Greig

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


Corporations, Foundations, & Partnerships Bigwig Video Production Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough Foundation Bio Metals Co Blende Dental Group BXA Logistics Cars4Causes Castilleja School Comerica Bank Houston Graphics Dunning Vineyards First Republic Bank Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres

Global Impact Google Giving Grand Hyatt Union Square Haas Center for Public Service at Stanford University Indians for Collective Action Insight Meditation South Bay John Brockway Huntington Foundation ISG – Information Services Group Intertek KAO Design Group, Inc. KCM Investment Advisors, LLC

Meckler, Bulger, Tilson, Marick & Pearson, LLP Mezimbite Magazine Parker Investment Management Pennbrook CAIB Insurance Services Porter Sesnon Foundation Rose C. Stone Foundation Silicon Valley Community Foundation Silverman & Light, Inc. The HOW Fund Wisdom 2.0 Women's Earth Alliance

Volunteers Amelia Fornes Ashlee Lenzi Barbara Hurwick Barbara Slone Chad Burton Daniela Lee David Ashworth Dena Aslanian-Williams Falguni Vora Frances Ho Gloria Upchurch Jacquelyn Omotalade

Janelle McKenney Joeva Rock Johanna Putnoi Joy Robinson Karan Raturi Karen Hagewood Kelly Keegan Kevin Erdman Kim Tibbitts Luba Botcheva Mary Coyne Michael Budwig

Monica Kottapally Monique Martineau Nell Connors Neale Gonsalves Nisar Shaikh Nkechi Emeruwa Numa Rai Patty Kwok Philip Huppe Preena Soni Ratul Narain Sabrina Urrutia-Pinto

Shabeen Ally Sharon Su Shellie Owens Sonam Sarawgi Stephanie Suzanne Bouc Stephen Zollman Tanvi Sikand Tejeswi Pratima Dodda Terry Morawitz Tish Campbell Winston Wang Zoe Walker

Adeola Bannis Akofa Tsiagbe Alaina Szostkowski Alan and Laverne Silverman Alan Austin

Alex, Karen and Peter Lenke Alexander Obana Alexandra Preston Alexis Jung Alfred and Elizabeth Dossa

Ali Raghib Alia Andrews Alisa Mullins Alison Peterson Allison Domicone

Individual Donors Abid and Shabana Mulla Abigail Manekin Adam and Rachael Ramsey Adam Brosamer Adam Sannicandro

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report


Almaz Negash Aman Kumar Amanda Postalakis Amie Roberts Amit Garg Amit Sharma Amna Ghazzali Amy A McDevitt Amy Matthews Anandarup Das Gupta Andre Jesus Andrea Hutchinson Andrew and Janet Lederer Andrew Evans Angella Goddard Anita Ostrom Ann and Karl Ludwig Ann Idzik Ann Lambrecht Ann Napolis Ann Walter and Derek Economy Anna Validzic Anne Adams Anne and Stephen Galli Anne Firth Murray Anne Sherwood Annette McGarr Annie Ooi Annie Rogaski Anthony Gima Anthony James Anthony Mari Anupama Mandadi Anurag Goel Anzer Mohamed Aravind Sundarraj Aria Ashton Arshad Matin Aruna Gambhir

Asha Kumar Ashfaq Minhas Ashlee Lenzi Ashley Walton Ashok Mohini Asieh Mansour Aslam Momin Astrid and Ronald Brown Atif Rahman Ayesha Khatoon Barbara and Peter Sapienza Barbara Christiani Barbara Hurwick Barbara Quick Barbara Slone Barbara Wallace Barbara Whiteside Barbara Zubrick Bartholomew Fusco Basil Stamos Bear Capron Beatrice Bland Becky Geist Ben Davis Ben Richard Benjamin Hernandez-Stern Betsy Kehoe Betsy Tullis Bettina Davidson Betty Burris-Wright Betty Carino Beverly Gervais Beverly Sum Bill Gekakis and Jan Stoner Bill Weidinger Binh Dao Bob and Gail Buschini Bob Cornwell and Cathryn Thurow Boon Hwa Lim Brad Sylvester

Brandon Jones Breda O'Neill Brendon Frye Brian Bershader Briana Shewan Bridget Blomfield Bruce and Jill Dallas Bruce and Roxane Van Nice Bruce Magnusson Bruce Potter Brynn Charlton Calvin Yeo Cameron Bianchi Camila Martin Cara Cataline Carl Conui Carl King Carla Stellini Lundstrom Carlos Paz Carmel and Annette Mifsud Carol Baker Carol Creighton Carol Laughlin Carol Schneider Caroline Cornwell Carolyn and Tony Tucher Carolyn Au Carolyn Maples Carrie Chan Casey Cook Casey Kho Casey McNamee Catherine Grossmann Catherine Locke Catherine Yeo Cathleen O'Brien Cecelia Cadet Charity Whiting Charlene Tan Charles and Patricia Weisselberg

Charles Giancarlo Charlie and Kathleen Stellini Charlie Nelson Charlie Stellini and Deborah O'Sullivan Cheryl Wilfong Chitra Shah Chloe Teo Chris Atwood Chris Bradshaw Chris Cook Chris Cornyn Chrissie Krener Christian Yang Christie Fraser Christina Mathers Christina Stellini Christina Weber Christine Dickey Christine Mathews Christopher and Cindy Greig Christopher and Neila Hansel Christopher Hooper Christopher McCluney Christopher Petersen Christopher Young Chun-Chieh Yang Chunilal Chatterjee Cici Chang Cindy and Mike Kamm Cindy and Ronald Morosco Cindy Liow Cindy Ng Claire Huang Clement Ramakrishnan Clifford and Connie Swisher Colette Auerswald Constance Adams Constance Mills Corbin Janssen

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report

33 Cory Ybarra Courtney Spellacy Craig Wiesner Cristiana Zarr Cristina Moy Cristina Olea Crystal Lee Curtis and Pat Luck Cynthia Oglove Daimee Talha Daisy Medici Daisy Ng Dale Wiley Dalilah Sa'ad Daniel Dumlao Daniel Klas Daniel Miranda Danielle Benigni Danny Chase Daphne Sim Dave and Sandra Roos Dave and Sherri Hunt David and Martha Arscott David and Nora Simmons David and Valdira Shevick David Beck David Fairley and Pamela Coxson David Franklin David Lakes Deanna Pedroli Debbie Pinkston Deborah Mytels Deirdre Daly Deivanai Kumar Dena and Ken AslanianWilliams Denisa Ford Dennis Janco Dennis Lopes Derek Ross

Dian Peggyprana Diana Brouwer Diana Cox Diane and Jerry Joyner Diane Bolman Diane Ross Diane Yongue Dianne Clouter Dina Ayala Dolly and Bill Verplank Dolores Garaventa Don Santa Donald and Joanie Dinsmore Donald Leonard Donna and Adrienne Diprima Donna Canali Donna Kirby Donna Shealor Donna Yongue Doris Lam Dorothy and Darrel Torgerson Dorothy Edwards Dorothy Maurer Dorothy Ruby Doug Frye Dulce Carothers Duncan Mayer Dwight Agan Dyann Thong E.B. Wienand Eduardo Semblantes Edward Sabatino Edward Storm Ee Han Chia Eileen Marrinan Elaine and John Culverwell Elaine Borden Chandler Elaine Elinson Elaine Salinger

Elaine Shannon Elaine Wood Eliza Lee Elizabeth Few Elizabeth Hagan Elizabeth Nichols Elizabeth Panico Elizabeth Prior Elizabeth Wells Hendrix Ella Kennedy Ellee Koss Ellen Rosen Ellie Mednick Emily Chiang Emily Wu Emma Mwangi Enid Bennion Eric and Lauren Wood Eric and Lisa Lindquist Eric Nelson and Wendy Remington Eric Pierre Eric Stein Erica Marcroft Ericka Leiva Erik and Edith Bergstrom Erik Bluvas Erik Schultz Erin Fairholm Erin Ratay Ernie and Rachel Showalter Ernie Lavorini, DDS Eugenia Durdall Fahad Anwar Faham Shaikh Fahd Bangash Falguni Vora and Sumit Gwalani Faraz Khan Fareeha Awan Fatemeh Eftekhari

Fatima Farheen Fayha Mubarik Fiona Hsu Florence and Tom Forrest Frank and Nancy Hall Frank Cliff Fred Morse Frederic Propas Gail Phillips Gail Richie Gary and Linda Petersen Gavin Vercoe Gayle Bradfield Gene and Fran Murphy Geoff and Colleen Tate Georg Rice George and Sandra Beckham George Biniek Gian and Angela Fiori Gianni Polo Gil Barrett Gildo Campesato Gina Pedroni Ginger McNally Glenda Wong Gloria Savid Gloria Schulz Gohar Mumtaz Gordon McNally Graceann Johnson Greg Haney Gregg and Nancy Kawczynski Gregg Kleiner Gu Li Yu Gwen Edwards Haiyan Hua Harish Kumar Harriet Pearlman-Devries Hassan Minhas

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report

34 Hassan Raza Heather Fowler Helen and H. Lee Van Nice Helen Park Hilary Robison Hillary Alberts Hillary Chu Hiu Ting Sham Holly Hogan Holly Huebel Howard and Susan Wells Howard Franklin Howie and Susie Anawalt Huma Zafar Hunter Nielson and Donna Wy Hussain Akhtar-Malik Hyunjung Noh Ian Nadel Ida Ismael Ileana de la Cruz Irene Kamau Irfan Kandaan Iris Harrell Isabel Stone J.L. Atkins Jack Foley Jackie Kubicka Jacqueline Tan Jacquelline Fuller Jacquette Ward Jai Nagel JaiBalaji Sithun Damodaran James and Carol Marquis James Church James Hildebrand James Richardson James Snyder and Barbara Reiss Snyder James Tobin Jamil Malik

Jan and Margaret Ysselstein Jan Gurley and Owen Linderholm Jan Meitzler Jan Nance Jane and Jerome Winters Jane and John Kroll Jane Drake Jane Heckman Jane Koepf Jane Phillips Janet Allen Janet and John Creelman Janet and Lester Loops Janet and Roger Stratford Janet F. Jennings Janet Phillips Janet Ritts Janet Taylor Janet Turan Janice Brody Janice Downey Janice Roudebush and Francis De Rosa Janice Tunder Janie Friend Jasmina Ragoobeer Jasmine Yap Jayne Booker Jean and Mark Farmer Jean and Thomas Harbeck Jean Gleason Jean Hamilton Jean Olson Jean Schram Jean Wheatley Jeanette Cosgrove Jeanne Schapp Jeanne Sloane Jeff Carino Jeff Chow and Shirley Chen

Jeffery and Linda Starr Jeffrey Odom Jeffrey Stein Jen Swezey Jen Turner Jeniffer Boldrini Jenn LeBlanc Jenna Wood Jennifer and Bing Heckman Jennifer Hall Jennifer Lin Jennifer Mansfield Jennifer Yun Jenny McGullam Jerald Schwarz and Jane Stern Jerry K Jerry Tinney and Carla Bliss Jervis Ferreira Jessica and Tony Manzi Jie Ru Ng Jill Koosmann Jill Wood Jin Tang Jingjing Liu Joan Flaherty Joan Marshall JoAnna Caywood Joanna Leon Joanna Savold Joanne Leavitt Joanne Wallace Joe Verghese Joel Carino Joel Wainwright Joelle Edler John and Barbara Berry John and Donna Kihlberg John and Marlene Adair John and Maureen Hickey John and Molly Scully

John and Patricia Jacobs John and Rita Stellini John Coxall John Hollis John Nair Johnson Hon Jon Derickson Jon Hoshizaki Jonathan Tan Joseph and Carole La Torre Joyce and Ron Castellino Joyce McKinney Juan Alvarez Yepes Judith Kurtz Judith Miller Judith Pottle Judy and David Daniels Judy Tyler Julia Joslin Julia Kringel Julia Larson Julie Frank Julie Freeman Julie Hayes Juma Crawford K Sue Giovanini KA Jaworski Kai Frykman Kaitlin Coley Kamne Thomas Karan Raturi Karen and Ellis Alden Karen Bartholomew Karen Bennett Karen Candito Karen Canty Karen Fluegge Karen Fournier Karen Hagewood Karen Lefton Karen Slater

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report

35 Karen Tan Kari Hayden Kari Suva Karim Ajania Karolyn Brosz Karolyn Vanden Bossche Kashif Hoda Kat Greene Katarina Ma Kate and William Duhamel Kate Linderholm Kate Mead Kather Rafi Ibrahim Katherine Ellyard Kathleen Dalgleish Kathleen Engrahm Kathleen Gill Kathleen Jaron Kathleen Schultz Kathleen Wilson-Chevalier Kathrin and Jarvis Smith Kathryn Gitch Kathryn Nasstrom Kathy Fitzgerald Kathy Hansen Sweeney Kathy King and Jerry Cahill Kathy Klausner Katie Barden Katrina Lewis Kavita Ramdas Kazumi and Joel Bowman Keiko Murase Keith Bruner Keith Purcell Kelli Hinz Kellie K. Saul Kelly Golden Ken and Ann Emanuels Ken Light Kenneth Polson Kevin and Valerie Erdman

Kevin Drinkard Khin Nyo Kim Tibbitts Kimberlee McClure Kimberly Curiel Kirk Hayes Kirti Sinha Kok Boon Ng Kristen Harrison Kyla Thomas Lacey Leverda Lainey Feingold Lakiba Pittman Lalitha Vaidyanathan Larry and Bernis Kretchmar Larry and Huei Chu Wu Laura Francis Laurance Lee Laurel Davis Laurel Geis Laurie Boyle Laurie Hurley MacKenzie Lawrence Dorfman Leah Glaister LeAnn Bjelle and Glenn Smith Lee Schlesinger LeeAnne McDermott Leona Chansingh Lia Roozendaal Libby and Jon DeMeo Libby Te Lilian Finocchiaro Liliana Cano Lillian Barrows and Ken Becker Lim Sze Min Linda Anderson Linda Buckingham Linda Chan Linda Kenny

Linda Larkin and Harold Widom Linda Leahy Linda Whalen Linden Willis-Kilgroe Lindsey Ritscher Ling Beng Grace Ng Lisa Applegate Lisa Cameron Lisa Rowson Lisa Serwin Lisa Wilson Liz and Pat Pounders Lod Morco Lois Hobbs Lolly Font Lonnie Zwerin Lorna Shafir Lorraine Stellini Louis and Elisa Stipkovich Louis Dibrell, III Louisa Akerfeldt Lourdes Martin Luba Botcheva Lucille Johnson Lucy Chua Luis Hernandez Lynn Anderson Lynn Freeman Lynn Smith Lynn Wagner Malwana Adalat Manahil Minhas Manaswini Sawant Mankee Min Mansha and Nisha Thapa Marci Shimoff Marcia Ward Margaret Ann Gramlich Margaret Gachoki Margaret Koh

Margaret Paul Margaret Woodworth Maria Sutherland Marian Mulkey Marie McGrath Marietta May Marilyn Knowles Mariquita West Mark and Shirley Kirchen Mark Bowling Mark Cairns and Amanda Martin Mark Conroe Mark Yocum Markus Walbaum Martha Mangold Martha Saavedra Martine Peetermans Marvin Edwards Mary Akullian Mary and Carl Culberson Mary Chandler Mary Clary Mary Dinauer Mary F. and Raymond Tong Mary Hicks Mary Kay Menees Mary Lloyd Mary Nichols Maryann Bowman Masood Minhas Masrur Patel Matthew Tolcher Maureen Guirdham Meg Young Megan O'Grady Greene Meighan McNameeMahaffey Melanie Turner Melinda Rathburn Melinda Sesnon

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report

36 Melissa Schaetz Melody Spradlin Melvin Chay Meredith Millender Merrilee Harris Merriman and Eric Mathewson Merrylen Sacks Micha Bitton Michael and Bonnie Hayden Michael and Sharon Lizotte Michael Bock Michael Budwig Michael Devlin Michael Dolan Michael Golarz Michael Leeder Michael Montague Michael Sesich Michealene Risley Michele Carroll Michele Sola Michelle Barbour Michelle O'Connor Michelle Ruprecht Michelle Titus Mike and Diane Naar Mike Jameson Min Liu Mindy Rosenberg Mirza MG Baig Mohamed Ahamed Mohamed Ubaid Mohammad Minhas Mohammad Siddiqi Mohammed Abdus-Samee Mohammed Arif Mohammed Jabar Mohd Minhajuddin Shaikh Monica McCubbin Stellini Monique Martineau

Morgan Gilhuly Mubeen Arbab Muhammad Nashrul Ngatijan Mukhiya and Smriti Gurung Mukhtar Ahmad Shaikh Munjal Thakkar Mustafa Fatakdawala Nadia Malik Nadiezda Shapiro Nadir Minhas Nalayini and Manohar Shanmugarajah Nameer Siddiqui Nancy and David Michael Nancy and Mark Shepherd Nancy Flowers and Ted Andersson Nancy Petranto Nancy Serrurier Nancy Walsworth Nancy Wells Narine Kerelian Natalie Harnish Nathan Roth Nathan Stormzand Nathanial Tishman Nazia Mohammed Nazim Akhtar Neeraj Chandra Neil and Patricia Ehrlich Neil Joglekar Nell Connors Ngiam Chee Mei Nicholas and Kelly Skupnik Nigel Ingham Nikki Heyer Nisha Zenoff and Steve Tennis Nita and Paritem Poonian Nora Johnson

Norm Lyons Olga Kay and Jack Bloom Oliver and Patricia Brown Olivia Lizotte Omar Malik Oscar and Pamela Salvatierra Ozair Usmani Pamela Balls-Organista Pamela Lynch Pankaj Agarwal Paola de Cecco Patrice Peterson Patricia Barton Patricia Foster Patricia Grieco Patricia Hanson Patricia Mainini-Storer Patricia Santa Cruz Patrick Fogarty Patrick Richardson Patty Kwok Patty Wipfler Paul and Annie Hudnut Paul and Judy Sherbo Paul and Mary Ann Hess Paul Coler Paul Huynh Paul Losch Paul McManus Paul Monasevitch Peggy and Lee Zeigler Peggy Barron Penny and Patrick Barrett Penny Dunckel Perry Irvine Perry Shimonov Peter and Holly Allport Peter and Lucy Donahower Peter and Marie Laugharn Peter and Sheila Cliff

Peter Johnson and Susan Neyer Peter Stanga Philip Cullinen Philip Smith Phyllis Sherlock Pooja Kapoor Priscilla Teow Qanitah Nasir Qudsia Abraham Rabia Khan Rachel Malina Rachel Williams Rachelle Bitton Rafae Bhatti Raja M Rajini Haraksingh Ralph McLeran Ralph Prince Ram Manchi and Padmaja Sastri Ramkumar Srinivasan Ramona Collier Ramona Doyle, M.D. Rand and Vicki Hobel Schultz Randy and Elizabeth Tinsley Randy and Shirlene Nakano Raymond and Maria Grech Raymond Bragg Raymond Pestrong Rebecca Shepherd Reeve Wang Regan Foust Regina McGrath Rhoda Wolfe Rhonda Brinkman Ricardo Betancourt Betancourt Richard and Deborah Probst Richard Schaper

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report

37 Richard Van Rooij Rik Center Riku Shan Ringo Shakya Rita Giles Rizwana Yahya Rob and Joan Barnwell Robert and Dorothy Mullin Robert and Jane Prantis Robert and Lucy Berman Robert and Maxine Cornwell Robert and Susan Calhoun Robert Boogaard Robert J. and Paula B. Reynolds Robert Judd and Kathryn Kelly Robert Krohn Robert Manekin Robert McIntyre Robin Rudnick Robyn Kaplan Rodney Robinson Rohit Lobo Roma Hammel Ronald Kovas Ronald Peyton Ronnie Parikh Ronnie Sue Jaffe Rosalyn Mahashin Rosanne Ryken Rose McNulty Roselyne Jones Rosemarie Sabatino Roslyn and Bruce Moore Roxana Wolosenko Roz Wagner Rucha Chitnis and Sai Kiran Rudyard Magallanes Russ Carlton Russel and Lesley Martin

Russell Quong Ruth Gross Ruth Tucker Ruth Wang'ondu Ryan Chu Ryan Panet Saadia and Iftikhar Ahmed Sabeer Anchemparuthy Sabiha Mahmood Sabita Furtado Sabrine Tan Saima Yaseen Sally Gradeniger Samin Sadique Ali Samir Mansuri Sandheep Surendran Sandra Florstedt and Bill Davidson Sandy and Bernard Magnussen Sanjay Rao Saqib Siddiqui Sara Brown Sara Evans Sara Kahoalii Sara Kahoalii Sara Katz and Dan Sharlin Sarah Heddon Sarah Peters Sarah Zeeshan Sasha Rabsey Satish Nair Satwik Kamtekar Saul and Gloria Feldman Sausan Bukhari Savinder Singh Schanze Syed Scott and Caroline Emery Scott and Catherine Blount Scott and Renee Dumont Scott Jones

Sean Russell Seema Handu Selina Tobaccowala Seth and Debra Strichartz Shabbir Motorwala Shahanaz Arjumand Shahul Hameed Shan Zhong Shanti Cliff and Paul Aurell Sharmon Hilfinger Sharon Rettig Sharon Schwartz Shaun Crampton Shazia Sohail Sheikh Iqbal Shelley Abramson Shellie Owens Shobana Narayan Shobeir Shobeiri Shoeb Khan Shweta and Bhavin Merchant Sidharth and Anta Seth Sidra Younus Siew Chuin Smita Joshi Sofia af Petersens Sonia Zafar Soren Gordhamer Srijana Angdembey Stanley Yung Starr Argyrakis Stephanie Heckman Stephanie Simos Stephen and Ellen Rosenblum Steve and Nancy Player Steven and Ellyn Hutt Steven and Karen Ross Steven and Susan St. Germain

Steven Price Steven Rothstein Stew Gall Stewart Hoi Stuart Pivnick Stuart Weiss and Alicia Torregrosa Sue Carlisle Sue Miles Summerlynn Burlew Sunil Joseph Sureshan Kannokada Suryo Wibowo Susan and Kenneth Gauci Susan and Tom DubinMcNeil Susan and William Grindley Susan Boyle Susan Cliff Susan Coler Susan Donnelly Susan Estes Susan Jacobson and Byron Sigal Susan Jepsen Susan Kauffman and Steve Kauffman Susan Light Susan Mall Susan Osofsky Susan Willis Susannah Bergmann Susie Robbins Suzanne Castle Suzanne Conklin Suzanne Cross Suzanne Danis Leon Suzanne Travis-Wilde Suzie Hilgeman Syed Ali Syed and Sadia Mahmood

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report

38 Sylvia Kamau-Small Sylvia Van Arsdall Sylvia Yee and Brian McCaffrey SzeLei Yeow Tabitha Doniach Tabreez Verjee Tahmina Rehman Taku Zhuo Tammy White Tan Ling Tanvi Sikand Tempe Javitz Teresa Ebert Teresa Mbagaya Teresa Whitney-Compaglia Terri Feinberg Terri Welch Terrica Maddox Terry Morawitz Tewelde Stephanos

Thanigaivel Munusamy Theodore Arabolos Thérèse Hjelm-Baer Thomas and Colleen Purwins Thomas Bowes Thomas Drinkard Thomas Sgrenci Thomas Steyer and Kat Taylor Timothy and Josette Reid Timothy Ciccone Timothy Lin Tina and Craig Anderson Ting Na Todd Miller Tracy Seeley Tyler Lenox Bush Valerie Morgan Valli Gupta Vanessa Remhof

Venkat Perungavoor Vera and Harold Stein Victoria Rivera Virginia Fauvre Virginia Steuber Vishwas and Arati Godbole Vivian Jang Vladimir Petkov Voo KowTze Walfredo De Los Reyes Walter Mieher Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg Warwick Bowd Wendel Nicolaus Wendy Bryden Will Becker William and Mary Jo Cramer William Johnson William Martin William Velasquez William Wagner

William Way Winston Wang Witney McKiernan Wynn Paculba Yamin Qureshi Yanina Abecassis Yasodara Aravinthan Yawar Minhas Yen Pham Yolanda Patterson Yu-Kuan Lin Yvonne Troya Zaheda Bhorat Zainab Adnan Zeeshan Hussain Zoe Walker Zorina and Terrence Wolf Zunaira Malik

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Design: Houston Graphics Photos courtesy of One World and One World Champions Cover Page: Nari Jagran Manch, India Back Cover: COMPALCIHT, Nicaragua Page 1: Anand Chandrasakeran Page 2: Stephanie “Allie” Heckman Page 4: Prajna Vihar School, India Page 6: St. Vincent’s Children of Kibera, Kenya Page 8: Akili Dada, Kenya (Mercyleft/Ziplah-right)

Page 10: Helllen Keller Institute for the Visually Impaired, India Page 12: Bitone, Uganda (Augustine –left, Jan Rose – center/Angel-right) Page 14: PNDO, Thailand Page 16: Mubarika Campus, Pakistan Page 17: People First, India Page 19: Build a School in Burma, Burma (top) Global School Chalkboard, Haiti (bottom)

Page 21: Mubarika Campus, Pakistan Page 22: St. Vincent’s Children of Kibera, Kenya Page 24: COMPALCIHT, Nicaragua Page25: People First, India Page 26: One World Luncheon Page 28: Various One World events Page 31: Katie Boswell at People First, India

One World Children’s Fund 2012 Annual Report

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2012 One World Annual Report  
2012 One World Annual Report  

Highlights of the year from One World Children's Fund