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context on site maps

perspective sketches

vegetation site sketch

explorative sketches


shading & lighting

explorative sketches

retaining wall on site noise


grass on site

road (decipitated) nature

path to site

grasses on site


boundary on site

analysing the surroundings allowed for a full understanding of how all elements interact and work together as a whole in the given environmnet

context major site plan

contouring trace of the site contours

site contours in rhino at 1:200

scale 1:1000



users and issues users: families - mothers with prams, picnics, children general public - relaxing, reading, veiwing, leasure joggers - throughfare, excersize skateboarders - around the site, create constant noise issues: wind - create a shelter or roof system?

sunlight - no shade

minimal seating

acsess to site - not popular area - create entrance points

presentation model

agenda initial agenda to attract by-passers in an interactive manner without the use of photographs and videos design startergy use a theme to attract attention - water fire and ice; elements of the earth that can be related to the natural form of the site - light projection; evoke feelings connected to water fire and ice - three seperate forms; each with their own type of projection that only project when they sense movemnet in the area

- sound projection; that projects in a particular 1x1 metre radius of either water, fire or ice depending where it is situated



water projections


form - metal (soft)


form - metal (sharp)

water wall

ice cube seating


option one more sensors therefore busy may detract from environment

option two less going on thus not as distracting to the natural environment

agenda refined and final agenda to create a deign that encapsulates the idea and form of an image carried by pixels that interacts with individuals on site design startergy - pixilation in the form of dots, squares or cubes - create a pattern that relates to connection - capture the idea of flow and dispersion: similar to that of an image being projected - projection ideas: 1. shadowing 2. sound 3. pixelating by passers 4. floating cube projections 5. sound projection

refining ideas pixelation and pixels the creation of an image through projection allow individulas to walk through and around the design

refining ideas idea one

idea two

refining ideas idea three

idea four

refining ideas types of projection one: creating a natural projection through the form of the roof system as the sun takes its path through the day

two: projecting the image of the person on site in a pixelated form on the screen

three: in floor projectors that project the image of ‘floating pixels’ small white polymer blocks raised invisibly (clear poles) from the ground each illuminated by in floor projectors “the flow of light over these cubes feeds data back into a control system, providing information about each of the roughly 3.5 million ‘pixels’ that the volumetric space represents“ kimchi and chips: assembly - design to the left

project design 1:200 sections

project design 1:200 with presentation model

projection wall floor projection space mesh roof design wooden boundry posts palm trees small brittle trees section line bushes grasses small various vegetation

project design airial view

final model on site with presentation model

perspectives photo montage one with presentation model

TAKE NOTE: the screen on the projection wall can be lowered into the ground to create an open space for users of the area

photo montage two with presentation model

designing final presentation  
designing final presentation  

last and final